Khabib Nurmagomedov Shot Down 'Ultimate Fighter' Season with Conor ... Manager Says


Khabib Nurmagomedov wants NOTHING to do with Conor McGregor -- turning down a rematch AND a chance to coach against the Irishman on an upcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

It's all according to Khabib's manager, Ali Abdelaziz, who tells TMZ Sports his client thinks Conor is nothing more than "human trash" and never wants to work with him in any capacity ever again.


Here's the deal ... Khabib is set to fight Justin Gaethje for the lightweight championship on Oct. 24 at UFC 254.

Ali -- who reps both Khabib and Justin -- says Dana White called him up recently to discuss post-fight plans, including the next season of the reality-style competition show, "The Ultimate Fighter."

"Last week, Dana White called me, said Ali what do you think about if Khabib wins, him and Conor will do the 'Ultimate Fighter' on ESPN?"

Ali says the plan would be for Khabib and Conor to coach separate teams of aspiring MMA fighters on the show, which would ultimately lead up to a Khabib vs. Conor rematch in the Octagon.

But, Ali says Khabib wouldn't even consider the idea ...

"Khabib turned it down," Ali said ... "He said, 'This man is a human trash. He’s garbage.'"

"When you touch sh*t, you smell like sh*t. [Conor] hasn’t earned the fight."

Ali says Dana made the same 'Ultimate Fighter' offer to Justin Gaethje if he beats Khabib.

There's more ... Ali also ripped Conor for posting private direct messages between Conor and Dana White on social media.

FYI, last week Conor posted messages from February asking Dana to set up a fight with Justin Gaethje.

Ali says Justin had been gunning for a fight with Conor for YEARS -- but Conor repeatedly turned him down.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

By the time Conor finally called for Gaethje, Ali says Justin was already prepping for a fight with Tony Ferguson in May in hopes of earning a title shot with Khabib.

Justin won that fight and got his wish. Ali essentially says Conor missed his window.

Meanwhile, Conor "retired" from MMA back in June -- though nobody really believes the 32-year-old is done.

In fact, Conor has claimed to be putting together a boxing match with Manny Pacquiao in Saudi Arabia in Winter 2020 -- AND he's talking with Dustin Poirier about an exhibition match in Ireland in December.

Since Conor is still under contract with UFC, it seems he would need the organization's blessing to participate in either event ... and from what we're being told, Conor shouldn't hold his breath.

Also, Ali tells us he's been talking with high-powered friends in Saudi Arabia who say Conor would NEVER get the green light to fight there because of the things he's said about Muslims in the past.

Ali even tweeted to Conor calling BS -- saying, "Who the hell advising you you saying you fighting in Saudi Arabia and promoting your proper 12 trash drink Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country they don’t allow alcohol dumb ass."

Meanwhile, Conor is still dealing with legal issues in Corsica stemming from a September incident. He's accused of attempted sexual assault and indecent exposure -- though McGregor insists he's innocent.

Bottom line ... Conor is all over the place with his career. It's unclear exactly what he wants and why he's so out of step with Dana White and the UFC.

But, if he truly wants to fight again, he needs to do two things -- stay out of trouble and get on the same page with Dana and the UFC, ASAP.

UFC's Paulo Costa Demands Israel Adesanya Rematch After Humping Incident

@borrachinhamma / Instagram

UFC middleweight Paulo Costa wants another crack at Israel Adesanya ... calling the champ "human trash" for air humping him after Saturday's fight.

The Last Stylebender easily handled Costa with a 2nd-round TKO ... and promptly hit him with an NSFW celebration by getting on top of him and thrusting.

Costa says he had no idea what Izzy was doing at the time ... but now that he was able to see the footage, he's demanding revenge in a vicious video with the caption, "Adesanya is human trash. This has become a grave situation !"

"I disapprove 100%," Costa said in the video. "To me, this is mortal now. Nobody can stop me.

"I want my rematch and you know I will wait for you."

Costa goes on to say "something happened" before their big fight ... and he will be fully prepared the next time around.

"I'm not [making an] excuse here to my people, to my fans. but I will be 100% to fight him and to make him pay. That's my words. Save my words."

So, will Costa get his rematch?? That's up to Dana White. But, given how their first bout went ... don't hold your breath.

Mike Tyson I Could've Been A Great UFC Fighter ... But Here's My 1 Weakness


Mike Tyson says if he would've gone into mixed martial arts -- instead of boxing as a teenager -- he would've been a helluva MMA fighter ... as long as no one stepped on his feet!!

Yes, one of the most ferocious men the world has ever seen has a weakness ... and it's having his feet stomped.

TMZ Sports talked to 54-year-old "Iron Mike" -- a huge UFC fan -- about how he would've fared if he dedicated his life to a different combat sport.

"I could of done all that stuff," Tyson says.

"I could of done all that stuff but once someone stepped on my foot, I would of tapped out. My feet are my weak spot! You step on my feet, I'm gonna tap out!"

FYI, if you're not familiar with MMA rules ... stomping on your opponent's feet IS allowed.

Tyson -- who has recently worked with fighters like Francis Ngannou and Rashad Evans -- started boxing at an early age ... and became the youngest heavyweight champion of all-time at 20 years, 4 months when he beat Trevor Berbick in 1986.


UFC 1 didn't take place until late-1993 ... while Tyson was in prison.

Still, ya gotta wonder how Tyson -- with his insane natural ability and work ethic -- would've fared if he chose the Octagon over the squared-circle.

Dana White Jon Jones Vs. Israel Adesanya Fight ... Could Still Happen!!


Dana White says Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya may still fight -- despite Jon saying he's going to heavyweight -- meaning the dream matchup is still alive!!

TMZ Sports talked to White from Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, where the UFC honcho is gearing up for UFC 253 ... which Dana says will be one of the best selling cards ever.

We asked Dana -- with all signs pointing to Jones moving to heavyweight -- does that mean the chance of a JJ and Izzy super-fight is over?

His answer ... nope.

"Jon hasn't moved up to heavyweight yet. We don't know what Jon's gonna do," White told us.

"If you're Jon Jones right now, you probably sit back and watch what happens this weekend, see who wins, how they win, and maybe make them defend the title and then you come back and try to regain it."

Dana continued ... "Or you move up to heavyweight. Or if Adesanya wins this weekend, you fight Adesanya, I don't know. Jon Jones is in a really good position right now."

Of course, beef between the fighters was ignited last April when Izzy -- talking about Jon -- told us, "I already killed one G.O.A.T. and I'm hunting the next."

APRIL 2019

The G.O.A.T. he "already killed" was Anderson Silva ... who Israel beat in February 2019.

Since then, the fighters have gone back-and-forth ... promising to beat the hell out of each other.

So, Jon has a ton of options ... but before Izzy can think about Jones or anyone else ... he has to deal with 29-year-old undefeated Paulo Costa.

If he beats the beast from Brazil ... just maybe the world gets to watch while Jon and Izzy settle the score.

UFC's Dominic Reyes I Don't Give A F**k About Jon Jones ... I Just Want The Belt!!


"I don't give a f**k about Jon [Jones]. This is about Dominick Reyes and my journey and the gold belt."

That's 30-year-old UFC star Dominick Reyes plainly saying he could not care less about Jon Jones ... or the fact he isn't fighting Bones for the Light Heavyweight title at UFC 253 on Saturday.

Reyes -- whose only career loss was a very controversial decision to JJ in February -- says his sole focus is on becoming a champion.

"As long as I get that gold, that's all the matters to me. That's all that ever mattered to me," Reyes says.

"With Jon, it was cool because I would be knocking off the greatest light heavyweight of all time, ya know? It would of been really cool and freaking awesome, but it is what it is."

Dominick continued ... "We turn the page, ya know? It's my challenge in front of me. I gotta serious serious f**king threat in front of me. So I gotta do my work and show the world that I'm best light heavyweight in the world."

Of course, Jon relinquished his LHW title a few months back ... and is likely moving up to heavyweight.

Meanwhile, the only thing standing between DR and being anointed the best light heavyweight in the world is 37-year-old, 6'2", 205 lb. UFC star Jan Blachowicz.

Win, and the belt ... it's his.

Conor McGregor I'm Boxing Manny Pacquiao ... 'In The Middle East'

Exclusive Details

1:17 PM PT -- TMZ Sports spoke with Dana White just minutes prior to Conor's announcement that he's fighting Pacquiao ... and the UFC honcho said he had SOMETHING in the works with McGregor ... but was adamant it was not related to a fight.


Conor McGregor says he's got his next fight on deck ... and it's not in the Octagon -- it's a boxing match against Manny Pacquiao!!!

So ... is this real, or is the dude blowing major smoke??

Here's the deal -- Conor went on a mini-rant on Twitter on Friday ... posting Instagram DMs with Dana White that seemingly show he was begging for a fight prior to his retirement in June.

"I was pushing hard for the season," Conor says. "Multiple opponents, multiple dates offered throughout. All to take place back to back."

He added ... "Then when covid hit and the talk was that I would have to wait for crowds again, I walked away from the situation. I was waiting long enough at that stage."

This all came to a head after Hall of Famer Diego Sanchez said he wanted his retirement fight to be against McGregor ... which Conor seemed to be down with back in February, according to the DMs.

Nothing was able to come to fruition ... and now Conor is telling his 8.2 million Twitter followers he'll be back in the fight game ... just not for UFC.

"Anyway all water under the bridge who gives a fook," Conor tweeted. "I’m boxing Manny Pacquiao next in the Middle East."

While the news is extremely exciting, it must be taken with the biggest grain of salt on the planet -- Conor has been known to use his platform to express his frustrations in the past.

It IS pretty interesting, however, that Conor recently posted footage of himself training in the ring ... so, coincidence??


White has also previously spoken on the possibility of setting up a Conor vs. Manny fight -- saying, "I don’t care about that s**t."

So ... there's that.

Story developing ...

Originally published -- 11:57 AM PT

Amanda Nunes & Nina Ansaroff Welcome Adorable Baby Girl ... Raegan Ann Nunes

Breaking News

UFC stars Amanda Nunes and Nina Ansaroff just welcomed their 1st baby ... a precious baby girl, Raegan Ann Nunes!!

The 32-year-old women's G.O.A.T. made the announcement on social media, saying ... "Speechless ❀️ Raegan Ann Nunes 9/24/2020 7:15 am #happydaughtersday #love #mylittlefamily"

Reagan was born Thursday morning in a Florida hospital.

34-year-old Ansaroff -- the #5 ranked UFC strawweight -- posted their very first family photo, and wrote ... "I am so in love! I can’t wait to show you the world! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•September 24th 2020"

So, how's the couple doing?? We just talked to Dana White -- who was preparing for UFC 253 from Fight Island in Abu Dhabi -- and he told us the new moms are ECSTATIC!

The UFC honcho -- and father of 3 -- shared a photo sent by Nunes ... along with some parenting advice for the couple.


Now, the question is ... when does Nina -- who has won 4 of her last 5 fights -- return to the Octagon?

In June, Ansaroff told us she only wanted to take off 6 months after giving birth ... while Amanda wanted her fiancee to sit out a little longer!


A quick return to the Octagon isn't impossible. Remember, Mackenzie Dern fought only 4 months after giving birth to her daughter.


UFC's Khamzat Chimaev I'll Fight Israel Adesanya or Costa This Wkend On Fight Island


Khamzat Chimaev SMASHED another opponent just 4 days ago ... but the UFC phenom says he's ready to fly to Fight Island and fight Israel Adesanya or Paulo Costa for the title.

TMZ Sports talked to Chimaev ... and asked if he'd fight Adesanya or Costa this weekend in Abu Dhabi if either of the men were unable to participate in the UFC 253 main event.

That might sound crazy ... until you consider the 26-year-old undefeated fighter fought and won twice -- only 10 days apart -- back in July.

Khamzat's answer? Well, you probably already know.

"Yes, 100%, I'm ready," Chimaev said.

"Of course, 100%, for the title, I'm always ready. I would be so happy to be given the chance to jump in there. 100% gonna take this."

Chimaev -- who has been hit a grand total of 2 times during his 3 UFC fights -- also laid out his hit list ... the guys he wouldn't mind beating down while he pursues the UFC strap.

"My dream is title, but I can fight with everybody. Demian Maia, Jorge Masvidal, Diaz brothers, Conor McGregor, everybody, everybody, I can smash everybody. Doesn't matter."

Then, Khamzat threw one more dagger at The Notorious ... the guy who once called him "rat lip."

"People talk about him, Khabib smashed him, brother. Already, everybody knows what I'm about. [Conor's] not on my level. Khabib showed that to everybody."

"It's gonna be the same. I take him down and smash his face."


UFC's Khamzat Chimaev Would Put Conor McGregor In A Wheelchair Says Manager Ali Abdelaziz


"Khamzat would put Conor McGregor in a wheelchair, and he would drink from a straw for the rest of his life."

That's Khamzat Chimaev's manager, Ali Abdelaziz, detailing what would happen to McGregor if he ever stepped in the Octagon with the UFC's hottest fighter.

Chimaev only needed 17 seconds to brutally KO Gerald Meerschaert Saturday night in Vegas ... his 3rd win in 66 days. In 3 fights, KC's been hit a grand total of 3 times.

TMZ Sports talked to Abdelaziz about Chimaev's next opponent ... and it's crystal clear he thinks it'd be a TERRIBLE idea for McGregor to fight him.

"I'm not looking for Khamzat to fight a mentally unstable fighter. Conor McGregor is mentally unstable. I wish him the best of luck," Abdelaziz tells us.

"Khamzat would kill him. He would really kill him."

Of course, McGregor previously talked smack to Chimaev, calling him "rat lip" ... in a Tweet Conor later deleted.

So, who's next then?

Abdelaziz says he doesn't believe Demian Maia stands a chance in hell of beating Khamzat ... so he'd rather see him scrap with Jorge Masvidal or Nate Diaz.

Though, AA says they don't stand a chance, either.

"Nate Diaz, Masvidal, some of these guys, I think he'd mop the floor with them too. I think he'll beat the shit out of these guys. These guys are a little bit older, they're veterans, they're great fighters, but I think they're levels to this."


Colby Covington, Kamaru Usman Nuclear Exchange as Trump Calls In

If you think the Presidential election has gotten ugly, check out the intensely angry exchange between 2 UFC fighters ... and Donald Trump makes it clear whose side he's on.

Colby Covington had just defeated Tyron Woodley Saturday night when he appeared on the post-show with his arch-enemy ... Champion Kamaru Usman, who defeated Covington last December for the title. Covington, who was enraged the fight was stopped, is demanding a rematch.

And, that's the backdrop for some trash talking ... the likes of which you haven't heard in a while. The 2 men are talking at the same time ... Covington threatening Usman -- "When I see you, you're dead" -- while Usman laughs it off, claiming he broke Covington's face when they fought.

Covington invokes Trump's name, saying, "I got the President of the United States, dragon energy." And, soon after that, Trump called Covington to congratulate him on beating Woodley. Trump says, "I just made a big speech to 35,000 people and said, 'Oh, I've got to get home now and watch Colby.'"

Dana White clearly heard all of it, so a rematch seems pretty certain.

Dana White Haven't Heard from Brock Lesnar 'Just Don't See Him Coming Back'


Bad news for Brock Lesnar fans ... Dana White says the former UFC champ has NOT taken him up on his offer to put together a fight with Jon Jones.

And, Dana says he doesn't expect it'll ever happen.

Remember, White previously told us he would be down to make a fight between the ex-heavyweight champ and Jones if both guys really wanted it to happen.

Dana even invited Brock to call him so they could talk out a deal.

So, when we spoke with White we had to ask if Brock has reached out -- and unfortunately, it was crickets.

"Not a word," White tells TMZ Sports.

"The guy has had a long killer career. He actually came in and became a UFC heavyweight champ and the guy's made a lot of money. I just don't see him coming back over here again at his age."

White says he would love for Brock to call just so they can talk anyway -- "I'd love to hear how he's doing and how his family is, stuff like that."

But, White says, "I think that's gonna be the extent of the conversation with him."

As for Jon Jones, he's moving up from light heavyweight to the heavyweight division -- but when we asked Dana if there is a fight on the horizon ... again, crickets.

"Nope. Nothing. He's out doing his thing and ya know -- nothing."

If Brock really decides to walk away forever ... it was a pretty solid career -- he beat Randy Couture for the heavyweight belt in 2008 -- and defended against guys like Frank Mir and Shane Carwin.

Colby Covington Squashes Beef with Ali Abdelaziz ... Thanks to President Trump


They almost fought in line at a Vegas buffet in 2019 -- but UFC star Colby Covington and fighter manager Ali Abdelaziz have buried the hatchet in 2020 ... with a little help from Donald Trump.

First, some backstory!!!

Ali represents some of the biggest names in MMA -- from Khabib to Justin Gaethje, Kamaru Usman, Henry Cejudo and more.

Back in early 2019, Colby was trying to set up a welterweight title fight with Kamaru ... and the trash talk got so personal, things came to a head at the buffet at The Palms in Vegas.


Colby was in line ... and Ali gets in his face -- and Kamaru had to hold Abdelaziz back! Intense!!!

So, what happened since?

Ali -- along with Henry Cejudo and Justin Gaethje -- were invited to hang with Trump at his rally in Nevada on Sunday ... where Covington was also a VIP guest of the President.

Ali tells us ... since the two men were forced to hang out, they made the best of the situation and talked things out. And, as of now, they're cool.

"I don't hate the kid, I don't have no ill will towards him. He was there to represent the President, I was there to represent the President. If he fought Kamaru or Gilbert or any of my guys again, he becomes the enemy again, it's simple."

"But, right now he's not the enemy. He's a guy trying to make a name for himself."

As for meeting Trump, Ali says it was one of the highlights of his life -- and says Trump treated him like one of the boys!

There's more ... Ali also talked about the upcoming matchup between Kahbib and Gaethje (both are his clients) and explained why it could be one of the greatest fights in MMA history!


UFC's Kamaru Usman Breaks Down Woodley Vs. Covington ... I Beat 'em Both!!!


Who better to analyze the Tyron Woodley vs. Colby Covington fight than the only guy who beat 'em both -- Kamaru Usman!!

So, here's the reigning UFC welterweight champ telling TMZ Sports why this fight could be epic ... while not wearing a shirt.

Don't hate. Be honest -- if you were shredded like this dude, you'd do interviews without your shirt on, too.

Funny moment when he's reflecting on his match with Colby -- telling us, "What a jaw-breaking performance that was, wasn't it?"

Get it?! Because he broke Colby's jaw! Good times ...

But, we digress ... besides breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters, Kamaru also reveals he'll be in the building at the UFC Apex center in Las Vegas for Saturday night's big fight!

"If any one of these guys wanna get flippant at the mouth, ya know I'll be right there front and center. So they can say it to my face."

You pumped yet!?

Tyron Woodley Colby Covington Is a Total Fraud ... Political Schtick Is an Act

Tyron Woodley says Colby Covington isn't really a "MAGA" poster boy at heart -- claiming it's all an act for attention.

Tyron and Colby go back years -- they used to be teammates at American Top Team before becoming enemies.

Now, they're set to settle their beef once and for all on Saturday -- and Colby has been promoting the fight as a Republican vs. Democrat throw down.

"You got red versus blue," Colby said Thursday ... "You got me, capitalism, versus him, communism. And, you got me, MAGA, versus him, maggot."

You may have seen Colby hanging with President Donald Trump over the weekend -- POTUS showered Covington with praise.

But, Tyron says the REAL Colby is NOTHING like the character he pushes to the public ... insisting he used to be a "culture vulture" who was "in my gym doing the Nae Nae"

Tyron says Colby "created this entire image and culture based upon trying to get my attention ... and guess what, now you got it."

So, who's the real Colby?

"Colby Covington is a lost soul," Woodley says ... "He's a selfish individual. He's burned so many bridges. Burned a bridge with Jon Jones as a roommate, Jorge Masvidal as a roommate, a teammate and friend, myself, American Top Team and the list just goes on."

Tyron says he's excited to finally stop the talking and fight it out on Saturday. #CantWait

Check out more Hollywood Beatdown on the TMZ Sports YouTube channel.

Conor McGregor and Fiancee Do We Look Worried?!

Breaking News

United front from Conor McGregor and fiancee Dee Devlin in the wake of some serious criminal allegations in Corsica ... posing together in a waiting room in Italy.

Neither Conor nor Dee look bothered in the pics -- they still seem to be in vacation mode, despite the police investigation over an alleged attempted sexual assault earlier this month.

Worth noting ... the sign above the couple says (in Italian) they're in a waiting room at a doctor's office (an ear specialist). Hopefully, everyone's okay.

The McGregor family has been busy over the past few weeks -- French officials say the UFC star was detained and questioned over the alleged Sept. 6 incident.

Just the other day, Conor declared in a social media message that the allegations against him are "bullish*t" and that he refuses to pay a dime "to anyone coming at me with vicious lies."

Conor and his family -- including his children and his parents -- have been sailing around the Mediterranean on his yacht.

He was supposed to participate in a water bike race with the Princess of Monaco this past weekend but backed out due to his legal issues.

Dana White has since said the UFC has been talking with Conor about "doing some stuff" together in 2021 ... but says the plan is not necessarily a fight.

Tyron Woodley Clowns Colby Covington 'Make Racists Catch The Fade Again'

Breaking News

Tyron Woodley is trolling Colby Covington before their fight on Saturday -- mocking CC's trademark MAGA hat with a red cap of his own.

"Make Racists Catch The Fade Again"

38-year-old Woodley's fashion choice was no accident. Colby -- who's 32 years old -- has been a very vocal Trump supporter who was a VIP guest at the president's rally Sunday in Henderson, Nevada.

Before that, Trump has thrown his support behind Colby ... inviting him to the White House, and calling Covington to congratulate him after his 2019 victory over Robbie Lawler.

Tyron -- the former UFC welterweight champion -- is NOT a Trump supporter ... and has been very critical of the president for years.

Politics aside, Tyron and Colby -- have been beefing for a very long time.

Covington is 15-2 as a pro, and is coming off a loss to current welterweight champ, Kamaru Usman. Woodley -- the former 170 lb. champ -- is 19-5-1 and also coming off 2 tough losses to Gilbert Burns and Usman.

They are former teammates who had a bad falling out and have been trying to settle their issues in the Octagon since 2018.

Now, they'll finally get their chance on September 19 ... and it seems obvious POTUS will be watching.

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