Conor McGregor Lights Out in Hollywood

8:27 AM PT -- A source close to Conor tells TMZ ... Conor was with his managers and left the club early due to his leg and was really feeling some major discomfort. This wasn’t alcohol induced.

Conor McGregor knows a thing or 2 about putting people's lights out -- being a UFC champ and all -- and Thursday night he got a taste of his own medicine after a night of hard partying.

Conor lay passed out in his car outside Delilah ... where there was a listening party of sorts for Drake's new album.

On the way to the club, Conor posted, "I’m on the way to @delilah right now to have them play it on blast." Well, that he clearly did.

As you know ... Conor is nursing a gruesome leg injury he suffered during a UFC fight against Dustin Poirier. His leg snapped, and that led to an almost 4-hour surgery to repair the damage. His leg needed the works ... a rod, a plate and screws.


Nonetheless, we got Conor out and about ... boasting he was way ahead of schedule in his recovery. He said, "Five weeks, five days since the surgery and they told me I wouldn't be able to cycle until eight weeks, And, he just told me just here today that I can cycle again!"

Conor didn't really miss a beat ... hanging with Justin Bieber, getting in lift sessions at the gym ... even hitting up Universal Studios on crutches.

He's gonna feel it today ... for sure!

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Giga Chikadze Calls Out Max Holloway I'll Beat You Inside 2 Rds.


"Finally, you know my name. You see what I've done to Edson Barboza. It took me just 2.5 rounds, and if you step inside the Octagon with me, I'm sure I will finish you in 2 [rounds]."

That's rising UFC star Giga Chikadze -- 7-0 in the UFC (14-2 overall) -- throwing down the gauntlet ... right at the feet of featherweight G.O.A.T. Max Holloway.

33-year-old Chikadze knows a little something about beating legends ... he rather easily handled Barboza at UFC Fight Night on Saturday -- and is now the 8th ranked fighter in the division.

Giga -- who has called out 29-year-old Max before -- believes Blessed has been dismissive of him in the past ... and Chikadze is ready to prove he's more than a worthy opponent.

"Guess what, I'm not just a kicker guy, I kick the s**t out of the people, I mention this. I want to face him inside the Octagon and tell him what's up."

However, there's an issue ... Max has a fight scheduled against Yair Rodriguez in November at UFC.

Bottom line, Giga wants to fight Holloway, and prove it's him who is actually the best in the division.

"If [Max] thinks he's the best 145'er, that time has gone, now is a different time," Chikadze says.

"Now, it's Giga's time."

Dave Chappelle Loses It At Paul-Woodley FIght 'Do It For the Culture!!!'


"Tyron, let your hands go! F*** it!!!"

If you were wondering what Dave Chappelle was yelling during the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight, TMZ Sports has you covered ... 'cause we just got video of the comedy legend in the stands Sunday night -- and it's hilarious!!!

Of course, DC had ringside seats for the big event ... which means his every move was picked up by cameras on the Pay-Per-View broadcast -- from yelling to clapping and REALLY getting into the fight.

No matter how loud Chappelle was cheering, there was no way the mics were gonna be able to pick up exactly what he was saying ... but after checking out these vids, taken by Anthony Jones, we wish they did!

Before the fight, DC led an Ohio State-classic "OH-IO" chant -- after all, the fight was in Cleveland ... so we're sure there were plenty of Buckeyes in the stands.

Next, he took his focus to the fighters ... giving out some hilarious advice.

"Jake, grab his cheeks!!!," DC said, which is a reference to Paul recently complimenting Tyron's "big booty" and saying he wanted to squeeze his ass.

DC was then shouting for Woodley to let his hands go and throw some punches ... saying, "From Ferguson, Missouri, let them hands go!"

"This is for the culture, this is for the culture!!!"

Chappelle's cheerleading didn't really help, though ... as Jake secured a split decision win.

But, DC didn't seem too worried about it -- he actually linked up with the Paul bros after the fight and said he wanted free tickets to the rest of their fights!!!

@jakepaul / Instagram

Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley Fans Land Violent Haymakers ... In Wild Brawl In Stands

Just before Jake Paul won his boxing match over Tyron Woodley on Sunday ... several fans beat the hell out of each other in the stands at the arena -- and the scrap was VIOLENT.

The melee took place just prior to Paul and Woodley's walkouts ... when a fan in a white T-shirt could be seen screaming at another -- appearing to yell, "f*** you."

Footage from the scene shows the screaming guy was then punched in the face ... and then all hell broke loose.

You can see in the video, two other fans joined the fracas ... with everybody throwing -- and landing -- wild haymakers.

It's unclear what started the fight or how it ended ... but we're guessing security was ultimately called to the scene to break it up.

Not clear if any arrests were made ... we've reached out to cops -- but so far, no word back yet.

As for the fighting in the ring ... Paul was very impressive in his fourth-ever boxing match, beating Woodley via a split decision.

The two fighters seemed to agree to a rematch afterward ... with Paul giving Woodley another shot if the former UFC champ got the "I Love Jake Paul" tattoo done.

Here's to hoping the fighting actually stays in the ring in their next bout.

Jake Paul on Tyron Woodley Channels Mike Tyson ... 'I might eat this man on Television!!!'


Interesting conversation with Jake Paul ... who did his best to channel Mike Tyson when talking to TMZ Sports, threatening to eat Tyron Woodley when they fight this Sunday.

"I might eat this man. I might eat this man on television."

Yes ... serious shades of Tyson vs. Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield.

Lucky us, there's more ... 24-year-old Paul sent a message to the 39-year-old future UFC Hall of Famer.

"Hey Tyron, hope you're not afraid of hippo tigers, because I'm a hippo tiger and you just pissed me off. And, when a hippo tiger is pissed off, he does crazy s**t."

It's reminiscent of Iron Mike's epic tirade in 2000 ... when Tyson, talking about Lewis, uttered the now-infamous phrase ... "I want your heart. I want to eat his children."


We also talked to Jake about the verbal altercation between his squad and Woodley's mom, Deborah ... and The Problem Child told us there's plenty of blame to go around.

Bottom line -- Paul and Tyson finally get to put hands on each other this Sunday ... when they square off on Showtime PPV.


Jake Paul Logan Would KO Myles Garrett ... 'Stick To Football'

Jake Paul is sending a warning to Myles Garrett ... saying the Cleveland Browns star better not get in the ring with his older bro, Logan -- 'cause he'll get KNOCKED OUT!!!

The 24-year-old YouTube superstar is responding to Garrett's recent comments to Complex ... in which he claimed he would "beat the brakes off of Logan Paul" if he were to ever take a celebrity fight.

Jake -- who is a Browns fan -- gave his two cents on the matchup ... saying there's no doubt in his mind Logan would whoop the defensive end's ass.

"Stick to football, my friend," Paul told the "3 Things to Know" podcast.

"I like Myles. I have nothing against him, he’s an amazing player. But you saw what happened when Nate Robinson from the NBA tried to step into the ring. People don’t realize it’s a whole different sport."

Of course, 6'4", 272-lb. Garrett is no stranger to fighting -- remember, he was suspended in 2019 for ripping Mason Rudolph's helmet off and swinging it at him.

He's also spent time with ex-UFC champ Stipe Miocic ... who said the guy is insane in the gym.

With that being said, Jake isn't convinced Garrett would stand a chance against 6'2". 180-lb. Logan.

"My brother sparred against all of the Gronkowski brothers, who are 6’5", 6’6", 6’7" and he took them all down in the same sparring session."

"People don’t realize this is a sport where time and experience is really the only thing that gets you better. So long story short, my brother would knock him out, no question. But nothing against Myles."

Garrett may be busy trying to win a Super Bowl, but Logan DID just fight Floyd Mayweather ... so don't count out this bout just yet.

Henry Cejudo on Gable Steveson Can Beat Ngannou, Jon Jones W/ 2-3 Years MMA Training


Olympic wrestling champ Gable Steveson CAN beat Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou in a UFC Octagon ... all he needs is a few years of MMA training, according to Henry Cejudo.

If anyone knows what it takes to make it as a wrestler-turned-mixed martial artist, it's Cejudo. Henry won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling (just like Steveson) in 2008 ... and then became a 2 weight class champion in the UFC.

So, when TMZ Sports talked to Triple C, we asked how Gable would fare in the UFC.

"I do believe, like within the next couple of years, he could beat a guy like Jon Jones or even Francis Ngannou. He's like, he's the biggest threat because of his wrestling pace, which is extremely scary," Cejudo told us.

But, Henry made it clear, Gable couldn't just walk into an Octagon right now, without any training, and beat 2 of the biggest men on the planet.

"He's a real heavyweight. But, right now, if you were to put him in there right now, Jon Jones would hurt him. Francis Ngannou would hurt him," Cejudo says.

"And I've been there before when I first fought Demetrious Johnson. And I, you know, I had already had stand up and whatnot, and I got knocked out at 2 minutes and 36 seconds. So, you do have to respect the game."

FYI, Henry started his UFC career 4-0 ... before facing the champ, Mighty Mouse. Johnson beat Cejudo at UFC 197 in 2016 via TKO. Years later, in 2018, HC won a rematch against DJ -- becoming flyweight champion.

Of course, 21-year-old Steveson -- who just won a gold medal -- has options on top of options.

WWE is reportedly interested in the wrestling star (GS will be at Summer Slam this weekend). Gable also says he's been hit up by multiple NFL teams. And, then there's the UFC.

Dana White recently told us he planned to meet with Steveson this weekend in Las Vegas ... to discuss potentially signing him to a deal.

There's more ... we also talked to Cejudo about his fighting future -- and while taking shots at Alex Volkanovski and T.J. Dillashaw -- Henry gave us the latest on whether he'll ever fight again.


UFC's Jared Cannonier Decisive Win Over Gastelum ... Could Get Me Title Shot Vs. Adesanya


Jared Cannonier -- the #3 ranked UFC middleweight -- believes his next fight could be for the 185 lb. title against Israel Adesanya, that is IF he can secure a dominating win over Kelvin Gastelum Saturday night.

TMZ Sports talked to 37-year-old Cannonier ahead of his UFC Fight Night scrap with Gastelum ... and we asked him if he believed beating Kelvin could catapult him past Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa in the rankings -- and set him up for a fight with Izzy.

"It definitely can, given the state of the division. You know, there’s only one clear-cut contender outside of Robert, you know, well there’s two. You know, me, Paulo, and then all the other up-and-coming guys," Jared says.

Cannonier continued ... "But, so you know, that top 3. Me, Paulo, and Robert. So, winning over Kelvin, I’m sure a dominant win over Kelvin, would definitely send that message, 'Hey give this guy a title shot.'"

JC is a beast in the Octagon ... with wins over the legendary Anderson Silva and Jack Hermansson.


We also talked to 29-year-old Gastelum -- the #9 ranked middleweight (Kelvin doesn't agree with his ranking) -- and he also believes a win over Cannonier would put him right back in title contention.

Of course, outside of Jan Blachowicz, Gastelum gave Adesanya his toughest fight back in April 2019 ... and that's a fight Kelvin would LOVE to run back.

Conor McGregor I'm Three Weeks Ahead Of Schedule ... In Leg Rehab


Conor McGregor says he's absolutely crushing his leg rehab ... telling TMZ Sports he's three weeks ahead of schedule!!!

The UFC superstar shared the great news following a visit to the doc's office in L.A. on Thursday ... giddily explaining that he's been cleared to ride a bike nearly a month earlier than medical experts initially expected.

"Five weeks, five days since the surgery and they told me I wouldn't be able to cycle until eight weeks," Conor said. "And, he just told me just here today that I can cycle again!"

It's a very positive update from the 33-year-old ... 'cause back on July 10, he snapped his leg in gruesome fashion in his fight against Dustin Poirier that many believed could alter his life permanently.

You'll recall ... the leg bent in a way no leg every should -- and he needed hours of surgery just days later to repair the damage.

But, Conor's been in great spirits ever since going under the knife ... and he showed us again Thursday that he's genuinely pleased with how the injury is progressing.

"I can cycle again, my man!" Conor said before driving off from his doctor appointment. "Three weeks ahead of schedule!"

As for who he wants to fight when ultimately makes his return ... Conor clearly ain't ahead of schedule in that department -- telling us, "we'll see what happens."

2022 can't get here soon enough.

Dana White Meeting Gable Steveson ... This Weekend In Vegas


Gable Steveson could be one step closer to signing with the UFC ... 'cause Dana White tells TMZ Sports he's planning to meet with the Olympic wrestling superstar this weekend in Vegas.

21-year-old Steveson was one of the breakout stars at the 2020 Olympics ... and has expressed interest in everything from the NFL, to WWE, to the UFC.

So, we asked the UFC prez if he had interest in Steveson ... and that's when White revealed he planned to link up with the gold medalist.

"[Gable] will be in town this weekend, and I think we're gonna hook up and talk."

Steveson -- who recently got an offer to train from WWE superstar Seth Rollins -- is gonna be in Sin City for SummerSlam.


FYI, Gable is a BEAST on the mats. He won the NCAA title this year at the University of Minnesota, as well as the championship at the Pan American Games. Gable hasn't lost a single match in 2 years.

But, just 'cause Dana's meeting Gable, doesn't mean a signing is guaranteed.

"Obviously there's a lot of work for him to do before he could make it to the UFC, but we'll see what happens."

If Steveson does ultimately sign a deal with the UFC ... fellow Olympic gold medalist turned UFC double champ Henry Cejudo recently told us he believes Gable -- with 2 or 3 years training -- could beat top heavyweights like Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou.

Either of those fights would be HUGE. But, first step is White and Steveson's Vegas meeting.

Stay tuned ...

Dana White Tresean Gore Injured, Out Of TUF 29 Finale Fight ... Urbina Stepping In


Dana White says The Ultimate Fighter 29 finalist, Tresean Gore -- the man many expected to win the show AND a UFC contract -- is OUT of the finale fight after suffering a knee injury.

The UFC prez broke the news while talking to TMZ Sports ... announcing 27-year-old Gore was recently injured, forcing him out of the scrap.

"Bryan Battle versus Tresean Gore. Nobody knows this yet, TMZ is breaking it. Tresean Gore is injured. It looks like his meniscus," White says.

Gore, a 3-0 fighter out of Georgia, arrived at the show unbeaten ... and has been super impressive ever since.

In fact, many thought Tresean was going to win the finale fight vs. Battle on August 28 at UFC Vegas 35 ... and the UFC deal that comes along with winning the show.

"I think a lot of people figured that this kid could win it. You know, obviously a great fight with him and Bryan Battle. Gore is out, probably gonna be out for 6 months. Now, Bryan Battle will be facing Gilbert Urbina."

FYI, 25-year-old, 6-1 Urbina lost to Tresean in the semifinals ... via a 2nd-round knockout.

Bad news for Gore ... but there's a silver lining.

Dana says Tresean will "100%" get a shot on a future UFC card ... once his knee heals.

"Brutal for this poor kid, you know? But, what we’ll do is when Tresean Gore is healthy, does he fight Bryan Battle if Bryan wins the fighter? You know, I don’t know. We’ll see how this thing plays out. But, yeah, Gore is out."

Speaking of middleweights and TUF, we also talked to Dana about Kelvin Gastelum's fight with Jared Cannonier Saturday night at UFC Fight Night ... a matchup White predicts will be a "badass fight."


Brendan Schaub Saved 3 Children Involved In Fatal Car Wreck ... Driver Charged W/ Murder

The Fighter and The Kid

Brendan Schaub -- former UFC star and comedian -- saved 3 children from a terrifying car wreck last week ... after their father allegedly drove the wrong way on the highway, killing the kid's mom in a fatal collision.

38-year-old Schaub was driving to a restaurant with his girlfriend on August 12 around 7 PM... when he saw an 18-wheeler and a mangled 2003 Lincoln were involved in a serious accident.

Schaub says he saw a child sitting on top of the vehicle, screaming for assistance ... so he pulled over and immediately sprang into action, rushing to the car to help.

At the same time, Brendan says he saw a shoeless man run from the smashed-up car, across the highway ... where he was hit by another vehicle, leaving him stunned on the ground.

When Schaub got to the wreck, he had to bust out a window and remove the kids from the car. He says the big rig's gas tank was punctured, spilling gasoline all over the road.

According to an incident report, obtained by TMZ Sports, there were 4 kids in the vehicle when it crashed.

Tragically, Brendan says the mom of the kids, who was sitting in the front seat, died before he arrived ... and he made sure her children did not see the traumatic scene as they left the car.

Schaub talked about the experience on his podcast, "The Fighter and The Kid," getting emotional while breaking down about the harrowing situation.

We've also learned that the 31-year-old shoeless man who ran across the highway was the father of the kids ... who was subsequently arrested for murder.

According to docs, the man -- who was not seriously injured in either of the crashes -- was combative with cops, according to law enforcement, and had to be tased.

Thankfully, the children only suffered minor injuries.

The family of the deceased mom has started a GoFundMe -- already over $46k -- to raise money for a funeral.

"My niece Aimee García (26) was Killed In Wrong-Way Driving Collision With Big Rig On 101 Freeway In Encino. She leaves behind four beautiful children all under the age of 8," the fundraiser profile reads.

"She was a loving, caring mother unfortunately she was a victim of domestic violence for many years and yesterday the aggressor fulfilled his objective and enter the freeway the wrong way intentionally killing my niece. Thank God the children are fine but very traumatized."

Schaub was one of the best heavyweights in the world as a fighter ... beating guys like Matt Mitrione in the UFC.

Story developing ...

WWE's Seth Rollins Olympic Wrestling Champ Gable Steveson ... I'll Train You To Wrestle In WWE!!


8:46 AM PT -- Gable says he's going to be at SummerSlam this weekend -- now, the only question is ... will we see him in the ring!?


Those are three of the lucrative options U.S. Olympian Gable Steveson reportedly has on the table after winning a gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the 2020 Games.

TMZ Sports ran into Seth Rollins at LAX ... and we asked the WWE Superstar if pro wrestling would be a good career move for 21-year-old Steveson.

"I mean, we’d love to have him. He seems like an incredible athlete, and decent dude. And, you know, we've had some luck with Olympic gold medalists before, so why not?" Rollins said.

Seth is referring to Kurt Angle ... who won a gold medal in wrestling at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta before ultimately joining WWF (now WWE) in 1998 -- where he became a legend in the squared circle.

But, freestyle wrestling and pro wrestling are VERY different sports ... which is why Rollins is offering Gable some assistance.

"I do have a wrestling school, Black and Brave Wrestling Academy, so if he wants to move to Davenport, Iowa for three months, we'll get him ready."

Of course, since defeating the #1 seed in the gold medal match in Tokyo with fractions of a second remaining, 6'1", 260+ lb. Steveson says he's received interest from the NFL (Ravens, Bills), UFC, Bellator, and WWE ... to name a few.

Gable hasn't ruled out signing with any of the organizations ... making it clear if they write a big enough check, he's interested in football -or- wrestling -or- fighting.

If Vince McMahon backs up the Brinks truck, Rollins -- former WWE heavyweight champ -- is more than willing to train the Olympic champ.

Halle Berry Ex-UFC Fighter Sues Over 'Bruised' ... You Snaked Me!!!

Halle Berry is getting dragged into the legal ring by a former UFC fighter ... Cat Zingano is suing, claiming Halle offered her a movie role but was ultimately snubbed.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Cat claims she met with Halle back in July, 2019 to talk about a movie HB was directing, "Bruised," and says Halle told her she was perfect for the project.

Cat claims Halle told her to keep her schedule clear because film production was on the horizon, but she says the UFC came calling soon thereafter with a big fight offer.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In the docs, Cat claims she talked to Halle about the fight offer and claims Halle advised she pass on the fight if she wanted to be in the film, citing liability concerns from the movie's insurer.

Cat claims she agonized over the decision -- the movie versus the big fight -- and says she ultimately turned down the fight.  She says the UFC then released her from her contract.

According to the suit, Cat claims she looped Halle in on her decision not to fight and her subsequent release from the UFC, and says she was shocked and dismayed when Halle told her she could no longer be involved in the movie because she was no longer fighting in the UFC. She claims she was told the movie could only work with UFC fighters.

Cat -- who's currently a Bellator fighter -- claims Halle has cut off all communications from her. She's suing for damages, claiming she relied on Halle’s promise and ended up getting screwed.

We reached out to Halle's camp ... so far, no word back.

Conor McGregor Gunning For 2022 Return To Octagon 'I'm Improving Rapidly!!!'

A gruesome leg injury will NOT end Conor McGregor's fighting career ... so says the UFC superstar himself, who announced Sunday he's gunning for a 2022 return to the Octagon.

Just about a month removed from having serious surgery to repair a broken leg ... Conor told fans during a social media Q&A he's still trying to fight again.

"I'm improving rapidly!" McGregor said. "Working with the best team money can buy! I'll be back in no time, lock loaded!"

If his actions in L.A. since his surgery are any indication ... it ain't hard to see Conor making that goal an easy reality.

McGregor has been out and about all over the city post-surgery ... crutching around hotspots, hanging with Justin Bieber, putting weight on his leg, and appearing to be in great spirits.


In fact, just a few days ago, he ensured TMZ Sports his recovery was going to be an epic one.

Conor also started a bit of a tiff with Kamaru Usman during his social media sesh with fans on Sunday night ... suggesting he'd "spark" the welterweight champ if he returned to the octagon at 170 pounds.

"I fight for the 170lb title I will spark him too," Conor wrote.

Usman, though, fired back Monday morning ... saying, "Spark who?? You must be talking about that pipe you’ve been smoking. Unlike you, if I'm gonna talk shit ill @ U. Now be quiet before I call Poirier or Khabib or Diaz to finish you again."

Between Usman, Dustin Poirier and everyone in between, it sure seems like Conor will have no shortage of potential opponents when he does make his return to the UFC.

Here's to hoping that's in 2022 like Conor wants.

Jake Paul Training With Floyd ... 'Disadvantage' For Tyron Woodley


Jake Paul says Tyron Woodley training with "The Best Ever" could be the worst thing ever for the UFC star ... telling TMZ Sports it'll be a HUGE "disadvantage" for their fight this month.

Paul and Woodley are set to face-off in the ring in Cleveland on Aug 29 ... and "The Chosen One" has been in the gym with Floyd leading up to the bout -- something Paul believes he'll regret.

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"I think it's a disadvantage for him, actually," Paul says. "Him like hopping around with different coaches, trying to learn different styles. That's not how you progress in this sport."

"Floyd didn't even have a strategy to go in and beat my brother. So, how is he going to tell Tyron what to do?!?"

Paul says the only reason Mayweather's even training TW is because he still feels some type of way about the "gotcha hat" incident ... as well as his jealousy over the YouTube superstar's rising success in boxing.


"He sees what I'm doing in the sport and he wants to put an end to it."

"He's a very greedy guy. He doesn't want anyone to be more popular or more claim than him."

Paul added, "I think he wants to see me lose. He wants to see this whole train get stopped."

But, the 24-year-old says that ain't gonna happen with this fight -- telling us he's gonna give Woodley the Nate Robinson treatment.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Tyron don't let your kids this man, you're gonna be in the unconscious on the canvas bleeding out!!!"

"I said the same thing to Nate Robinson and I'm gonna say the same thing to you!"

FYI, fans are actually betting on Woodley to lose ... and you gotta hear why Paul's "not surprised" he's the favorite against a UFC fighter.

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