'Penis Man' Cop Blocked!!! Alleged Graffiti Artist Arrested in AZ

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The graffiti artist dubbed "Penis Man" could be facing hard time after a SWAT team took him down in Phoenix ... potentially ending a looooong string of vandalism. Yes, crime size matters.

Cops in Tempe, AZ say 38-year-old Dustin Shomer is behind the "Penis Man" spree -- the words have been tagged all over Arizona State dorms, local businesses, municipal buildings and even the famous "A" landmark above the campus ... dating back to November.

Shomer was arrested last weekend, and charged with 16 counts of aggravated criminal damage, 8 counts of criminal damage and 1 count of criminal trespass in the first degree.

The suspect says he was taken in a pretty ballsy raid -- 25 heavily armed SWAT officers swarming his apartment complex before arresting him at gunpoint.

However, the alleged "Penis Man" says he's getting the shaft ... because he claims he's just a copycat, and the REAL "Penis Man" is still at large.

He told the Phoenix New Times, "I'm not the original. There are hundreds of copycats with very distinctively different handwriting."

Translation: Cops grabbed the wrong penis, man.

If we had a nickel!!!

Mississippi Prison Riots Inmate Vid Shows Violence & Filth ... Yo Gotti Asks Feds to Intervene

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Team Roc, Roc Nation's philanthropic arm, is releasing video it says graphically illustrates the inhumane conditions inside a notorious Mississippi penitentiary ... as Yo Gotti continues fighting for federal assistance.

These videos and photos were shot by inmates using contraband phones, according to Team Roc. The images include what looks like a knife fight between 2 prisoners, gruesome injuries and horrific filth inside a cell.


TMZ broke the story ... Yo Gotti, with Team Roc's support, is taking legal action over the conditions seen in the video. Most recently, they've filed for an emergency protective order in federal court -- on behalf of dozens of inmates -- and they've now added some of these photos to that filing.

Felicity Huffman Catch Me If You Can, Coronavirus!!! ... Sophia Masks Up Too

Felicity Huffman wasn't able to escape to the U.S. criminal justice system, but she is trying to make a clean break from the coronavirus ... which has apparently made its way stateside.

The actor was out Saturday at JFK with her daughter, Sophia, who was roped into the college admission scandal last year. They were both wearing face masks, seemingly to combat the spreading super-germ, which has at least a couple confirmed cases here at home.

Looks like Felicity isn't taking any chances as she travels with her flesh and blood. We've been seeing that a little bit here in L.A. too -- Kristin Chenoweth was also rocking a mask just this past week ... and for good reason. This thing can be fatal in humans.


If you haven't heard, the virus reportedly starting breaking out in China first -- but, as we mentioned, there've been some folks within our borders that have contracted it.

Supposedly, it mimics a cold at first ... and then turns into a full-blown respiratory infection. And, if you're unlucky, it might even kill you.

Better safe than sorry!

Diddy Sparks Donations For Cancer Patients ... 100 iPads for Sick Kids


Diddy is helping shine a light on a group of children battling cancer ... and now the kids are getting brand new iPads.

Here's the deal ... former celebrity weed dealer Milk Tyson launched a viral campaign to get Diddy to join their crusade to help kids fighting cancer, and get them a segment on the 'Ellen Degeneres Show.'

The children at Miami-based nonprofit Fighting All Monsters appeared in a viral video with Snoop Dogg, dancing to Diddy's hit song "Bad Boys For Life" and asking him to vibe with them.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Diddy caught wind of the initiative, and blasted the video out Thursday to his nearly 16 million Instagram followers, and now the group says tons of folks want to get involved.

Massachusetts Woman Alleged Parking Lot Pooper ... Busted By Cops

A Massachusetts woman accused of repeatedly taking dumps in a parking lot is s**t outta luck ... she's finally in custody after essentially getting caught with her pants down.

Cops in Natick, Mass. say they've arrested 51-year-old Andrea Grocer after she allegedly made a habit of pooping outside a sporting goods store. She's being charged with 8 counts of wanton destruction of property.

Police say they started investigating the woman's alleged dirty habit in December after the store owner claimed he routinely found mounds of human feces in the parking lot.

Cops say they initially believed an animal was doing the damage, but investigators eventually found toilet paper and wipes in the area. Plus, the bowel movements were caught on surveillance footage, according to police ... but they say Grocer's license plate was always shielded from camera.

Police increased patrols in an effort to catch the serial pooper redhanded, and officers say they caught Grocer preparing to poop in the lot Wednesday morning around 7 AM.

You'll remember, a female jogger dubbed "The Mad Pooper" terrorized a Colorado neighborhood back in 2017 with her sneaky poops ... unclear if she served as any inspo.

JB Smoove I'm No Larry David ... Here I'll Even Sign Your Neck, TMZ!!!


JB Smoove had something to prove on the streets of New York -- he ain't as grouchy as Larry David is with autograph seekers, and we know this because he put pen to flesh.

We got the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Wednesday afternoon as he was greeted by a swarm of fans and autograph hounds chirping for signatures. JB kept it pretty real with them, saying he couldn't sign all of 'em. He held firm too.

Of course ... this reminded our camera guy, Ezra, of his costar Larry David's recent L.A. run-in with an autograph brigade that ended with a super-heated confrontation and scolding.


Ezra tried to ask JB about it, and he cut us off ... insisting he didn't have as much of a problem with it as LD does. Then, he took it a step further ... signing for Ezra -- ON HIS NECK!!!

Check it out ... it seems like the skin game brought these two fellas damn close in the end. They even made a pinky-promise of sorts to each other.

We'll say this -- one particular TMZ employee might wanna load up on body spray.

Lala Kent & Randall Emmett Meryl Streep Big Timed Us at SAG!!! But for De Niro, So ...


"Vanderpump Rules" stars Lala Kent and Randall Emmett can wear it like a badge of honor now, 'cause the way they got subtly dissed by Meryl Streep ... turned out to be pretty epic.

Lala and her fiance were on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and we asked them about rubbing elbows with Meryl Sunday night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. If ya missed it, Lala was giddy about getting seated near Meryl and Adam Driver inside the Shrine Auditorium.

Her social media totally blew up when viewers saw her proximity to Queen Meryl -- but Lala and Randall told us things went a little south when they tried to get up close and personal.

You gotta see them describe the moment Randall tried to make an introduction. Not every day your moment gets hijacked by the likes of Robert De Niro!!!

Turns out producing "The Irishman" -- as Randall did -- is a lot easier than producing a pic with Meryl.

The good news ... Lala and Randall still got their photo op, even though it was just in the background of Iain Armitage's pic with Meryl.

Lala and Randall are hoping they get a second shot with their new podcast, "Give Them Lala ... With Randall." They have a few Oscar winners on their wish list of guests.

Watch the clip to see Lala prove she's ready for an Al Pacino sit-down!

If they can keep De Niro away, that is.

Justin Bieber Serves Up Grilled Cheese & Fish Tacos In 'Yummy' Food Truck


Justin Bieber has a promising career as a food truck vendor if he ever gets sick of writing music and touring the world.


Bieber and James Corden were slinging grilled cheese sandwiches and fish tacos from the Yummy Food Truck Wednesday in Los Angeles. The cost for each product was only $1.00 and proceeds benefit the L.A. food bank.


As for the official menu hanging outside the truck, it was a spin on a couple of Justin's singles ... "Where Are You Now That I Need Cheese You?" for the grilled cheese and "Despacitotacos" for the fish tacos.

Cameras for Corden's late show were on hand to get the whole thing as more than 100 people showed up to get some grub, so it's clear neither of them has fully quit their day jobs.


It appears Justin and Corden also shot a segment for James' "Carpool Karaoke" ... they were seen tooling around in an SUV with a ton of cameras mounted around it.

Dr. Oz Going Balls to the (Soy Sauce) Wall?!? Snip This TikTok Craze!!!


Dr. Oz doesn't get testy when it comes to TikTok's latest so-called "Taste Challenge" ... he just laughs it off for what it is -- RIDICULOUS!!!

We got the doc out Wednesday in NYC and wanted to get his take on the new craze taking over the social media platform ... where guys are -- we're not kidding -- dipping their testicles into soy sauce to prove whether testes have taste receptors.


You gotta see Dr. Oz's reaction ... it's what you'd expect from any decent human being, especially one with a medical license. In fact, the good doctor dropped some knowledge on us about the dangers of pulling off the stunt. He also clowns whoever came up with the idea.

BTW, our camera guy tells Oz there are bigger ramifications we must face after this TikTok craze, and ... we agree.

Netflix's 'Cheer' Producers Turned Down Daytona Footage ... Varsity Co. Claims


Netflix's doc about a Texas cheerleading program lacks professional shots of THE big competition, and that's the studio's own damn fault ... so says the gatekeeper to the event.

Varsity Spirit -- which is briefly featured in the docuseries -- tells TMZ ... they did, in fact, shoot down Netflix's request to film the competition with their own cameras, but offered a compromise they insist Netflix wasn't interested in ... event footage from Varsity itself.


ICYMI, the streaming giant's new docuseries, "Cheer," is all the rave ... but at one point -- SPOILERS AHEAD!!! -- producers switched to iPhones to capture the Daytona cheer tournament that their subjects, Navarro College's cheer team, work toward through 6 episodes.

The reason (per Netflix) ... Varsity denied them access to film on the grounds. No official reason was offered, despite Varsity somewhat alluding to it.

They spelled it out for us, however, and basically say they don't allow outside production teams to film during the proceedings, mostly to avoid unnecessary distractions for the athletes. As for why Netflix and co. allegedly turned down Varsity's own footage ... unclear.

There is good news though for fans of the breakout series -- there seem to be signs of future installments. Varsity tells us they've been in talks with Netflix since this little headbutt -- and apparently, the two behemoths have already discussed working together again.

In other words, more flyer, stunter and tumbler drama to feast your eyes on. As Jerry might say ... YASSSS, GET THAT B***H UP!!!

Netflix's 'Cheer' Cast Sandra Bullock For The Movie ... And Get Us In A Music Vid!!!


The real-life stars of Netflix's "Cheer" documentary want to put their newfound fame to good use ... and they've got ideas for potential movie adaptions and pitches for music videos!!!

We got the cheer squad from Navarro Community College in Texas after they touched down at LAX and asked how they're feeling about going Hollywood.

Coach Monica Aldama is hoping their story finds its way into a movie script ... and she wants Sandra Bullock to play her on the big screen!!!

As you know ... everyone is raving about the super fun doc, and the cheerleaders are getting shoutouts from all types of celebs and athletes.

Jerry Harris tells us his favorite famous fan, and his answer might surprise you ... sorry, JJ Watt, being the best defensive player in the NFL just ain't cutting it for Jerry.

Speaking of sports stars ... these cheerleaders say people better recognize -- they are definitely athletes.

A music video makes perfect sense for the cheer squad ... and while Lexi Brumback wants to collab with someone from the EDM world, her peers are pulling for Drake.

Let's make it happen!!!

Wild Elephant Freely Roams Hotel Master Suite, Please!!!


There's no ignoring this elephant in the room, especially because he's taking over multiple rooms ... in a hotel!!!

Ya gotta see this unbelievable video of a wild elephant roaming around the Jetwing Yala hotel in Sri Lanka. As you can imagine, it gets a wide berth upon entering the joint ... no one's rushing him at the check-in line. Yes, he packed his own trunk ... and as you can see, used it to poke around the place.

Best of all, the full-grown Asian bull elephant, -- named Natta Kota by locals -- is a repeat customer!!! The hotel says he's been wandering in from time to time since 2013, spending days napping in the shade and stomping through the resort's walkways.

The pachyderm used to be a seasonal visitor, according to the hotel, stealing fruit from vehicles and grub from the kitchen -- but now he's got a permanent residence at Jetwing and he's left in peace.

No word if he's racking up rewards points, but he's definitely a bull (elephant) in a china shop. Someone's gotta pay for that lamp!!!

Michelle Obama I'm Working Out in 2020 To Clean Versions of Old Tunes!!!

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Michelle Obama is taking a wholesome approach to the new year -- clinging to the past by working out to songs that are a few to several years old ... most being curse-free.

The former first lady put out her 2020 workout playlist Sunday, and it features a bunch of oldies but goodies ... for millennials, that is. She's got songs on there that date back to 1990 all the way up to this past year. Most of her tracks are smack dab in the 2010s.

Mrs. Obama tapped stuff like "Feels Good" (1990), "Feelin' So Good Remix" (1999), "Lose My Breath" (2004), "A God Like You" (2011), "3005" (2013), "Lay Me Down" (2013), "Godspeed" (2016), "Slide" (2017), "Toast" (2018) and lots of other tracks spanning the decades.

Space X Spectacular Space Flight!!! ... To Test Astronaut-Worthy Rocket

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Space X

SpaceX had a great day Sunday ... its Crew Dragon spacecraft performed flawlessly in a maneuver critical to manned space flight.

The Falcon 9 rocket blasted off at Kennedy Space Center in Florida at around 10:30 AM ET.  The point of the unmanned mission ... to test the in-flight abort system. 84 seconds into the flight, when the spacecraft is 60,000 feet above mother Earth, the mission gets scrubbed and the rocket separates from the crew capsule, propelling it at warp speed away from the rocket.

It worked flawlessly, and it was a beautiful sight.

The crew capsule came down in about 10 minutes, parachuting safely to Earth so the folks at SpaceX in Hawthorne can study the data.

Elon Musk and co. are expected to send an astronaut into space sometime this year.

Bhad Bhabie Suck It, Trolls!!! Diamonds Cure My Blues


Bhad Bhabie is fixing her social media woes with some good old-fashioned retail therapy ... shedding dollars instead of tears.

The "Hi Bich" rapper announced last week she was taking a break from her social accounts thanks to some serious trolling. She wrote, "I'm sorry. I'm not sure what for but whatever y'all are so angry at me for I'm sorry."


Our BB sources tell us she went right from her phone to the jewelry store, scooping up $65,000 in bling in one stop.


The rapper bought a $45,000 Rolex watch with a baby blue dial and 16.5 carats of colorless VVS diamonds. She also got 2 $10,000 diamond bracelets. In other words, she's iced out and then some. Nothing fixes the online blues like some real-life livin' and ballin', huh?

Anyway, there's no official timetable for the rapper's full return to social media ... but when she does, she will certainly come back shining thanks to the new bling.

Big Bear Lake Family Falls Through the Ice ... Pulled to Safety


A family fell through the ice of a frozen lake in Big Bear this weekend, and the rescue footage is pretty wild.

The scary moment happened Saturday on Big Bear Lake, where a throng of ambulances, fire trucks and police cruisers blocked off traffic to save a family of 3 that had somehow made their way onto the frozen surface ... and fell in after the ice gave way.

We're told it appeared the group -- which we're told comprised of a mother, a father and their young daughter -- had apparently wandered out there despite signs clearly saying to stay off the ice. It's unclear how long they were immersed in the freezing water.

Luckily, they were all pulled to safety -- but the way it happened is nothing short of dramatic. Ropes with small flotation devices were tossed across until each one could catch it and be dragged to shore. The child was first, the mother 2nd and eventually the man.

A cautionary tale without a doubt ... if it says do not cross, DON'T!!!

Old news is old news!
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