George Floyd Light Hologram Going on Tour ... Through Southern States

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George Floyd's memory, and the worldwide movement his murder started, is being honored with a new hologram that will be on full display across several Southern states. partnered with the George Floyd Foundation to create this hologram image of George along with his name ... all in glowing yellow light. The image was unveiled Monday night in what some might call the most fitting place possible.

Several of George's family members gathered for the ceremony where the Jefferson Davis statue used to stand in Richmond, Virginia. The hologram was projected right where the President of the Confederacy had been honored before protestors tore down his statue last month.


On Tuesday night, the hologram will appear again in Richmond -- but this time ... it will be projected where a Robert E. Lee statue used to stand. City officials took that one down.

From there, the George Floyd hologram will be on the move ... making stops at five other sites between North Carolina, Georgia and other states -- pretty much following the same route as the 1961 Freedom Rides during the Civil Rights era.

George's family said they wanted his hologram displayed in places they felt needed to see it most right now.

NFL 'Justice for Stephon Clark' Spotlighting Police Brutality Victim in New PSA

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Courtesy of NFL

The NFL is buying TV airtime to run a PSA about Stephon Clark -- an unarmed Black man who was wrongly shot to death by cops in his grandmother's backyard, TMZ Sports has learned.

It's the latest in the NFL's Inspire Change initiative -- which aims to raise awareness about the need to create positive change and end systemic racism.

Clark's story is heartbreaking -- cops believed he had been breaking car windows in the area ... and tried to hide out in his grandma's house.

Multiple officers entered the home and opened fire -- believing Clark was brandishing a weapon.

Turns out, all he was holding was a cell phone. No gun. No weapon.

Clark was shot 8 times -- 6 of those shots struck him in the back.

Stephon's mother Se’Quette Clark tells his story in the new PSA -- walking the audience through that horrific night in the hopes of forcing major changes that will help prevent tragedies like this in the future.

Viewers can check out for more info.

The spot is 5th PSA created through a joint initiative involving the NFL and Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

Rodney King Beating Camera Up for Auction ... Starting Bid, $225,000!!!

The camera used to videotape LAPD officers beating Rodney King is about to go up for sale to the public, but this piece of history is gonna cost ya 6 figures.

Auction house Nate D. Sanders will put the original Sony camera up on the auction block this Thursday, and the opening bid is set at $225k -- which means they expect it to fetch wayyy more than that.

George Holliday used the camera on March 3, 1991 -- when he shot the horrific scene from his apartment balcony in L.A. What he captured eventually set off the 1992 L.A. riots ... after the 4 white cops involved were acquitted in the criminal trial.

Holliday referenced the significance of his camera and how it's more relevant today than ever, saying ... "I hope this video camera inspires people to use their power to record events that they find troubling." He added, "Don’t be afraid to use it."

It's unclear if the original videotape of the Rodney beating is included in the auction piece -- but Holliday has said that people to this day still seek him out to obtain and use it. It was most recently featured in a Netflix documentary about the riots.

Although King wasn't victorious in criminal court, he won on the civil lawsuit in 1994 -- with a jury finding the city of Los Angeles liable for his injuries, and awarding him nearly $4 million.

He died in a 2012 accidental drowning.

Restaurant 'Ken' Confronts Black Mom ... Over 1-Yr-Old Fussing in Public


Two white guys in Las Vegas told a black woman her baby girl needed to pipe down 'cause she was annoying them -- and she recorded the whole disgusting encounter.

This went down at a Japanese joint Monday, where the mother started filming the two men -- we'll call them Kens (Karen gets a day off) -- from across the restaurant. She feels one of the guys was being racist because he'd said something about her 1-year-old daughter making noises -- ya know, like babies tend to do.

The men never say anything racist on camera, but the mom claims they said something before the video started. When the men realize she's recording, they whip out their own phones, and the older guy got out of his chair and accosted the mom and the 2 kids at her table.

Thankfully, one of the staffers finally stepped in and told the old guy to go back to his seat ... and then later, it looks like they're both asked to leave.

Crazy Video Woman Arrested for Arson in Firey Explosion ... After Allegedly Torching Jeep


A woman in Michigan is now facing the music after setting a Jeep on fire ... as she now sits injured, behind bars.

Sydney Parham made news for all the wrong reasons last week in the Detroit suburb of Harrison Township ... where she's allegedly seen on video dousing a black Jeep with gasoline and setting it on fire. When the jeep ignited in flames, Parham got more than she bargained for as the explosion of flames knocked her back.

Parham was arrested for arson and is in jail in lieu of $20,000. As for why she torched the Jeep ... the owner of the SUV, Avery Stephens, says he's got no idea.

Stephens reportedly said he is NOT Parham's BF but he does know her. Still ... has no idea what motivated her to torch a Jeep he's owned for just a couple of months.

Gary Busey Flippin' & Floppin' on Quarantine ... I Love It & I Hate It!!!


Gary Busey can't make up his mind about quarantine life -- one minute he says it's the best thing to happen to him ... and the next, he's calling it prison.

We got GB Monday at the Malibu News Stand, where he chopped it up with us about how he's holding up during the pandemic ... and more specifically, how he's dealing with being locked down indoors (for the most part, anyway).

First, Gary here starts out by telling us quarantine shouldn't be viewed as a bad thing -- he says it's giving people QT with their loved ones, and he even has a new way to describe F.R.E.E.D.O.M. ... as only Gary could.

No more than a minute or so after his glowing review of quarantine, he seems to change his tune severely when we ask him about his kids and if they're going back to school in the fall.

Watch ... he goes after Gov. Gavin Newsom, and then starts talking freedom again, in the more traditional sense. He's nothing, if not unique. Don't go changing, Gare!

50 Cent Apologizes to Meg thee Stallion For Mocking Gun Incident

50 Cent's doing what he hardly ever does after one of his troll jobs -- he's saying sorry ... and it's none other than to Megan Thee Stallion, who made it clear his jokes were hurtful.

Fitty hopped on the Gram Monday to issue a mea culpa following Meg's tearful video, writing ... "👀Damn I didn’t think this shit was real,🤦‍♂️It sounded so crazy @theestallion i’m glad your feeling better and i hope you can accept my apology. I posted a meme that was floating around. I wouldn’t have done that if i knew you was really hurt sorry. 🤷🏽‍♂️"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The apology comes on the heels of Megan herself going into more detail about the gun incident, which left her with bullets in both her feet and required surgery.

During her IG Live sesh, Meg was fighting back tears as she tried speaking about it ... explaining it was a serious situation, and she didn't appreciate all the jokes and mocking from scores of people on social media in the immediate aftermath.

That includes 50, who put up two different memes making fun of the scenario. One of them portrayed Meg running away from a car as Tory Lanez chased her in a car -- a screengrab from a scene in 'Boyz n the Hood' with Meg and Tory's faces Photoshopped in -- and another showed Tory as MiniMe from 'Austin Powers' holding a gun. Both have been deleted.


It's rare that Fitty ever apologizes or takes back his jokes -- which he often makes at the expense of others. Looks like this one was serious enough to make him do a double-take.

Benedict Cumberbatch Comic Book Store Visit Dressed as Doctor Strange!!!

@scottderrickson / Twitter

Benedict Cumberbatch knows how to make friends and influence Marvel fans -- try walking off the street into a comic book store while in his full Doctor Strange costume.

Scott Derrickson, who directed the movie, posted a never-before-seen clip of the lead star popping into a Manhattan comic book store while filming back in 2016. It was all done in the spur of the moment, and you can tell no one in the store expected it by the way they reacted to seeing Doc Strange.

He kept it caj, chatting it up with shoppers and having a little back and forth with the guys behind the front desk, who were clearly starstruck. He even posed for a picture with them.

Benedict jokingly asked if he could have a job there if the movie flopped -- it didn't, "Doctor Strange" went on to gross over $670 million, in the U.S. alone -- and the comic boys said yes ... but only if he rocked an American accent. True pro that he is, Ben switched up right on the spot and got into character as Strange immediately. It's pretty freaking awesome to see.

Again, it's an old clip ... but Scott decided to share it just now, maybe to lift Marvel fans' spirits after a slew of blockbuster delays across the industry amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It's not a 2-hour flick, but we'll take it.

NY Yankees MLB Investigated Alleged Sign-Stealing Video ... No Violation


MLB launched a probe into a video that allegedly shows Yankees staffers illegally recording another team during the 2018 season ... but we're told the Yankees were ultimately cleared of wrongdoing.

The video has been quietly making the rounds for about a month -- and this week, began to surface on social media.

The footage appears to show a person with a high-end camera recording an opposing team's catcher.

We were told there are multiple players who strongly believe the footage is smoking gun proof of the Yankees stealing signs from the Boston Red Sox during a 2018 ALCS playoff game.

But, our MLB sources are adamant that's just not the case -- telling TMZ Sports the league investigated the footage and found a couple things.

First, we're told the video is NOT from the 2018 ALCS. MLB believes it was shot during a regular-season game in May 2018 -- and the opposing team was NOT the Red Sox,.

Second, a league source tells us the MLB probe ultimately "found nothing in violation of our rules."

Bottom line ... the video may be new to you, but it's old news to the league -- and the Yankees are in the clear.

Gayle King Warned by Security ... Bear Outside of Oprah's House!!!


Gayle King had some breaking news brought to her for once -- she got told that a bear was roaming around outside of Oprah's house ... and no, she couldn't sneak a peek.

The CBS News anchor is quarantining at O's pad in Santa Barbara, and as such ... she documented the message delivered to her by mogul's own guards who are standing watch at the crib. Long story short ... there was a black bear outside, and they wanted her to stay put.

You gotta watch how Gayle receives the word though -- it's pretty freakin' hilarious. While she seems shocked at hearing there's a fully-grown bear out there, she also sounds equally intrigued.

Unfortunately, the security personnel stands firm ... telling her she really shouldn't venture out to get a look. And, don't worry, Oprah herself was notified as well -- doesn't appear she was home for the bear scare ... a phenomenon we've been seeing a lot more of lately.

@BBCabinda / Twitter

Maybe the fact people are cooped up indoors is reason enough for these fuzzy creatures to be a little bit bolder these days. That, or maybe they just got a whiff of some leftover grub.

That usually brings 'em out ... even to the homes of the rich and famous, apparently.

90-Year-Old Man Comes Out To Gay Daughter ... 'I'm Free!!!'

A 90-year-old man in Colorado just lifted a huge weight off his shoulders he'd been carrying around for many decades ... he just came out to his gay daughter.

Kenneth Felts says he used his time in quarantine to write a series of memoirs, which opened the flood gates to some old memories locked deep away ... and he finally decided to tell his daughter his truth.

It's super touching ... Kenneth says he finally feels "free" after opening up to his daughter, Rebecca, about his very first love -- a man named Phillip.

And, get this ... Kenneth is coming out 25 years after his daughter told him SHE was gay.

Part of his newfound freedom, Kenneth says, is proudly wearing rainbow shirts and hoodies ... and sprucing up his graying hair with a little dash of blue.

Kenneth says he spent most of his life as a straight man, and never planned to come out ... until lockdown gave him a chance to reflect.

Rebecca says she's just happy her father can finally be himself, something Kenneth admits he had to hide because homosexuality was illegal in the 1950s, when he met Phillip in California before his marriage.

Kenneth says his religion won out over his heart, and he kept his love for Phillip a secret for all these years ... but now he's ready to "embrace" his truth.

The Joker Taking a Gotham Break ... With Jet Skiing Tour Around NYC!!!

@KrissyLionz / Twitter

Because Gotham hasn't been through enough in 2020 ... the Joker's popping up his colorful head for some summer hijinks. Naturally.

Somebody dressed as the Clown Prince of Crime himself was spotted this morning riding a jet ski on the East River, in broad daylight no less. He cruised up to a group of bystanders who were recording him this weekend and flaunted his ride, his costume and makeup -- which we're on point -- then sped off.

As for which iteration of the Joker this fella went with -- probably the most popular among today's Batman fans ... Heath Ledger's portrayal from "The Dark Knight." He did it on camera more than a decade ago, but the look still holds up today.

If 2020 hadn't already brought a real-life pandemic that's killed nearly 20,000 in NYC alone, the sight of the Joker arriving in town might have fazed more citizens.

BTW, fun fact -- it seems like this jet skiing Joker has an annual tradition of hitting the water, assuming it was the same guy riding out on the East River with the same exact outfit in 2019.

He was spotted by some other New Yorkers around this time last year, and actress Olivia Wilde even seemed to confirm that she, too, had seen the Joker zipping along out there.

Maybe next time we can get a little hero versus villain water show, stunts included. Any takers for Bruce Wayne?

UFOs Long Beach Sighting??? Zooms by at Lightning Speed


Take this with a big grain of salt, BUT ... we may have a legit UFO sighting on our hands here, people. Give it a gander and decide for yourself.

This footage was taken Sunday out in Long Beach, CA -- about 25 minutes south of central L.A. -- and it appears to show a UFO-like object in the air bolt across the sky at lightning-quick speed and disappear out of frame -- all while of-this-world fighter jets fly above.

The person who shot this insists it is not altered or edited at all -- if you buy that, then you gotta ask what the hell it is that zips across the camera's frame if only for a moment. Watch it as many times as you need to -- we even slowed it down/paused it for a close-up view.

If you look (and listen) carefully, you can see a black dot -- perhaps in a saucer shape, although it's hard to tell by how high it is -- flash across the screen and disappear.

At first glance, one could argue this looks like anything but a flying saucer -- could be a raisin, a fly or nothing at all. OR ... it could very well be aliens checking in on us (again?).

As for the jets you can hear in the background as well, we're told they were out there in LB flying around for no apparent reason for about 10 minutes or so. Unclear if their presence had anything to do with this alleged UFO sighting, but hey ... they could be related.

There's been other purported sightings in that area too of late -- about a couple weeks ago, someone posted another video of a strange object flying in the sky around sunset. They claim this was shot from about 2 miles away and at a height of 1,000 feet, more or less.

The YouTube user also says the thing disappeared on him when he stopped filming, but you don't see any of that on camera. Could just be a kite on a super long string -- or ... ALIENS!!

One last thing to consider ... the New York Times did a story this past week about Pentagon bigwigs working in their UFO Unit (yes, they have one of those). One of the subcontractors who used to work for the feds told the paper he recently briefed a Defense Dept. agency about "off-world vehicles not made on this earth" that they'd retrieved over the years.

The Pentagon also said they plan to make some of these findings public in the near future. So ... this might not be so far-fetched if Uncle Sam's ramping up to have a talk with us 👀

Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher Tossed from Game Manager Masks Up to Yell at Umpire!!!

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One of the first "YOU'RE OUTTA HERE" calls of the 2020 MLB season just went down in St. Louis, and the usual faceoff between manager and umpire is so very 'rona-hilarious.

Pitcher Derek Holland got tossed by home plate umpire Jordan Baker Sunday in the team's game against the Cardinals, because he was sitting in the stands. That pissed off his manager, Derek Shelton ... who stormed out to the field to give the ump a piece of his mind.

Watch though ... before Shelton and Baker get into each other's faces, they both remember to throw on their face masks before barking at each other. You can even see Shelton step away from Baker as they square up, seemingly trying to keep his distance.

It's pretty hilarious ... normally, managers and umpires are touching noses over an on-field decision like this, but because of the MLB's strict new guidelines, they can't even do that anymore.

We're all adjusting, aren't we?

Portland Protests Feds Pepper Spray Vietnam Vet ... Point-Blank in the Face

@andrewkimmel / Twitter

A Vietnam veteran took a nozzle-full of pepper spray right to the face as he confronted federal officers in riot gear who've now taken to the streets of Portland.

The incident was captured Saturday night by journalist Andrew Kimmel, and it shows Mike Hastie peacefully confronting the authorities -- some of whom are said to be Homeland Security Border Patrol agents recently deployed by the White House.

Mike is telling them about his service in 'Nam, where he says he was a medic ... and where Americans committed atrocities against the Vietnamese people, something he says the agents and their generation know nothing about. He was keeping his distance and being peaceful -- simply voicing his opinion to the squad in front of him. Not being threatening at all.

And yet, that didn't stop one of the agents from pepper spraying him right in his face, point-blank and walking off like nothing happened. It went down almost like a hit of sorts.

Mike retreated -- clearly injured by the spray, which was all over his face and eyes -- but he kept up his rant, continuing to get his message across as the officers shipped out. We gotta say for someone who just got a dose of that in their eyeballs, the dude stood tough.

This is just a small example of the chaos that has overtaken the streets of Portland over the past week or so -- where cops and feds alike are deploying tear gas and pepper spray to break up the civil unrest that's been unfolding. In most cases, like this, the method is completely unnecessary and a blatant use of excessive force ... which can be heinous.

The problem ... because of how wild it is right now, there's little to no accountability. And, a lot of these officers are wearing gas masks, fatigues and riot gear, so it's hard to identify them.

Memphis Putt-Putt Center 300-400 Kids Dropped Off ... All Hell Breaks Loose Over Refund

What's Good Memphis / Facebook

A mini-golf complex got flooded with hundreds of kids after a mass parent drop-off, who then started wreaking havoc when they couldn't get their money back ... so say cops, anyway.

This went down Saturday night at the Putt-Putt Fun Center in Memphis, where police officers responded to call for service over reports of chaos breaking out after several different parents left upwards of 300 to 400 children at the facility, who began destroying the joint.

The staff told cops the sheer number of people put them in violation of local COVID-19 regulations, but that was the least of their worries based on this video.

One of the teens ripped up the plexiglass at the front desk and threw it at the workers, and then proceeded to hurl even more objects ... which helped kick off a stampede and more destruction. There was even a firework that was set off -- just pure mayhem, really.

Cops say witnesses told them the girl on video chucking crap was fed up because she couldn't get a refund. People online who say they were there claim some of the Putt-Putt Center's gaming machines were faulty and taking people's money ... without playing time.

It appears when this girl was given the cold shoulder, she just lost it. When cops arrived, they gave her a juvenile summons for disorderly conduct. The staff was left to clean up the mess left behind after everyone left.

Just another day in the 'rona life, right?

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