Quentin Tarantino I'll Sign Your Stuff, Paps ... But After That, So Long & GTFOH!!!


Quentin Tarantino will do the line-of-autographs thing, but don't push your luck ... 'cause he's got no problem telling you to screw off and to never bother him again. All love though.

The acclaimed director -- who's clearly still riding out the high of winning big at the Golden Globes this past weekend with "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" -- was making his way out of a hotel Wednesday in NYC ... and was met with a crush of paps and Hancock hounds.

He played along pretty well, jokingly telling the swarm of photogs to cool it and to stop following him everywhere. After that, he went down the line with a pen in hand and signed a bunch of memorabilia, making sure no one double-dipped with security in tow.

You gotta see how QT goes about talking to the mega-fans here ... telling a lot of them he never wants to see them after this, and also ... to GTFOH with their BS questions.

It's pretty hilarious, and kinda classic Quentin if you ask us. His acceptance speech on Sunday was in the same vein, humorous and a little cocky. All in good fun, of course.

Now, just imagine how he'll act if he cleans up at the Oscars in a month ... oh, boy!

'Atypical' Star Graham Rogers Best Subway Seat??? Guys Gotta Spread Out 🤷🏽‍♂️


The new year's greatest debate (non-Iran related, anyway) is what's the best seat on an NYC subway -- and Graham Rogers has the perfect answer ... for men, anyway.

We ran into the "Atypical" actor in WeHo and asked him to weigh in. He did and made the pick a lot of other dudes probably would too. His reasoning's all about fellas needing space to spread out, 'cause ... y'know. Biology.

ICYMI ... the question was posed toward the end of 2019, and it's spread like wildfire online.

It's funny ... we try asking his lady friend for a woman's perspective, but she deflected back to Graham. Not a big subway rider, apparently!

Anyway, check it out, 'cause Graham's also got a backup option for his needs -- but if you think about it ... his choice could actually backfire if anyone plops down next to him.

Which Seat is the Best???

That said, we just have to ask ... where are you parking your caboose on a Subway?

Nicki Minaj I Love My Wax Figure ... Approved it Back in 2015!!!

TMZ/Getty Composite

Nicki Minaj's wax figure unveiling in Berlin has drawn the ire of the Internet, but here's the thing -- she gave it her stamp of approval ... more than 4 years ago.

Turns out, the "new" Nicki wax figure at Madame Tussauds Berlin isn't new at all ... it's the same one unveiled in August 2015 at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas. We're told Minaj's wax likeness was moved to Germany because the museum loans statues out frequently to mix up the attractions at its various locations.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Also, for all the haters claiming Nicki's being disrespected because the figure doesn't look anything like her ... she disagrees. Our sources say, her team actually worked with the museum on the project in 2015, and she signed off on it before it went public.

Disso Queen Laura Wasser Dern's Character's a 'Dick' in 'Marriage Story' ... Not Like Me At All!!!


Laura Dern's "Marriage Story" character isn't anything like the real-life divorce attorney she's supposedly based on ... so says the woman herself, who's kinda salty about the portrayal.

We ran into Disso Queen Laura Wasser Tuesday night at Craig's in WeHo and asked how she felt about the movie ... which many have speculated is not-so-loosely based on director Noah Baumbach's 2013 divorce from then-wife Jennifer Jason Leigh, who used Wasser.

Check it out ... Laura says there's not much similarity between herself and Dern's feisty Nora Fanshaw, who reps ScarJo in the movie and comes off as deceptively aggressive. Spoiler alert ... she ends up winning on behalf of her client, but the way she gets there sorta sucks.

LW has a funnier way of putting it -- she's a bit blunter in describing how LD was depicted, and she says it couldn't be further from the truth in how she handles her biz.

Finally, Laura offers up some sage advice to people who are actually going through a real divorce -- and it pretty much ends with her NOT getting hired. Interesting ...

Lisa Vanderpump Shades Bravo For Being Cheap ... New Costar Bankrolls Party


7:22 AM PT -- A source at Bravo tells us the network rarely throws premiere parties and it's usually up to the production company to sponsor one. We're told Bravo did have a party for the show's first season ... but Lisa was simply making a joke Monday night.

Lisa Vanderpump just couldn't resist taking a swipe at Bravo for skipping out on the tab for a "Vanderpump Rules" party ... but fortunately, the newest cast member has deep pockets.

Check out this video from Monday night's bash at Hyde on Sunset, where the cast was celebrating the 8th season of "Vanderpump Rules" ... Lisa grabs the mic and puts the network on blast for refusing to foot the huge bill. Shots fired!!!

Our sources say Randall Emmett, who is joining the show this year -- along with his company Emmett Furla Films and 310 Nutrition -- stepped in and dropped about $50,000 to throw his new cast members a lavish party complete with tons of food and an open bar.

Randall's engaged to "Vanderpump Rules" star Lala Kent, and he just produced "The Irishman."


Too Short even showed up for a short set thanks to David Weintraub Entertainment. ... we're told the two are super close.

Seems Randall's already endearing himself to the cast -- money and famous friends will do the trick. Lisa certainly likes him, a lot more than she likes those cheapskates at Bravo.

Originally published -- 12:30 AM PT

Larry David I Told Jets To Draft Lamar Jackson ... Didn't Listen To Me!!!

Breaking News

Lamar Jackson put on an MVP caliber season in 2019 and NOBODY saw it coming ... that is, nobody except Larry David, who says he personally called the Jets and told them to draft the QB in 2018!!

And, guess what then-GM Mike Maccagnan did after David gave his two cents??? HE LAUGHED.

Of course, the "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" mastermind is a HUUUUGE Jets fan ... and joined "The Michael Kay Show" on Tuesday to talk all things New York sports.

That's when David pointed out his beloved 7-9 Jets might have had a better season if the team had taken his call seriously.

"I did call Mike Maccagnan before the 2018 draft and I recommended that he draft Lamar Jackson. I have a witness," David said ... and Maccagnan's reaction has gotta put a bad taste in NY fans' mouths.

"He kinda gave me the most condescending ... he laughed at me. But, who can blame him?"

David admits he's guilty of calling the team in the past -- he also recommended the Jets draft Reggie Bush in 2006. They didn't.

As for Jackson, he led the Baltimore Ravens to the top playoff seed in the AFC and posted incredible numbers -- passing for 3,127 yards and 36 TDs ... and rushing for 1,206 yards and 7 TDs. Some would say that's "pretty, pretty, pretty good."

Cue the "Curb" theme music.

'Ink Master' Star Oliver Peck Leaving Show Over Blackface Pics


"Ink Master" star Oliver Peck is packing up his tools and saying goodbye to the show in the fallout after his blackface scandal ... TMZ has learned.

Peck says his exit is a mutual decision, telling us ... "After filming 13 great seasons of Ink Master, the producers and I have decided it’s best to part ways." He also acknowledged the blackface pics, saying, "The offensive photos of me which recently surfaced from many years ago can only be a distraction to the amazing show I have loved being a part of and its many talented artists."

He ended on a conciliatory note, saying ... "I want to thank the show’s cast, crew, contestants and awesome fans. It’s been a blast and an honor and I wish my friends and colleagues the very best in whatever the future holds." He's been on as a judge since 2012.

Peck's now ex-employers at Paramount Network also denounced the scandal, saying ... "We, like many others, were appalled when we saw the photos of Oliver. We were glad to see his apology and accept that he is taking full responsibility for the damaging impact of his actions."

'Bachelor' Peter Weber Kissing Victoria F in Hometown ... Despite 'WLM' Controversy


'Bachelor' Nation might do a double-take at this -- one of the Victorias from this week's premiere went quite a ways with Peter Weber ... but probably not the one you thought.

The pilot stud was recently spotted hand-in-hand with contestant Victoria Fuller, who made her debut to the show during Monday night's episode kicking off the 24th season, to mixed reviews. Welp, it looks like she stayed in the game long enough for hometowns.

TMZ obtained video taken from this past October showing Peter walking along with the 25-year-old Medical Sales Rep and former model. We're told this was shot in Victoria's stomping grounds of Virginia Beach ... which means she was one of the last 4 girls.

Funny enough, a ton of fans seemed to think Victoria P would actually be one of the final four. It's possible she still is, but we know for sure VF went the distance herself.

Now, in the clip, you see the pair walking their dog, whom we're told is hers and is named Buxton. Later, you see them embracing in a kiss after a live band plays at a bar called The Shack. Clearly, VF left her mark ... even though she comes with some controversy.


As soon as Monday's episode aired, old modeling photos of Victoria F circulated ... showin' her rocking gear for a White Lives Matter campaign on behalf of the White Marlin Marina.  Fact is ... this White Lives Matter is designed to bring awareness to conservation of marlins.

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston No Romantic Link ... We're Just Friends, Seriously!!!


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston being in the same room will get anyone talking about a possible reunion, but their most recent run-in will leave Brennifer shippers disappointed.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... Brad and Jen didn't get the chance to chat much during Sunday night's Golden Globes show and the goings-on afterward. We're told they did exchange greetings and pleasantries at the after-party they both attended, but that's about it.


Fact is, the two Hollywood heavyweights have a lot of mutual friends in the biz -- and they do cross paths from time-to-time because of that, especially during big parties like this.

George Lopez Secret Service Wants to Talk ... For Trump 'Bounty' Quip


George Lopez said he and others would take out President Trump for half of Iran's reported multi-million dollar bounty on his head, and now ... he's got the attention of the Secret Service.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the U.S. Secret Service is aware of George's remark, and we're told they're working to see if his words carry any legitimacy as a threat.

We're being told part of the process in making this determination will include an interview with GL in some fashion, preferably a face-to-face. One source tells us George can probably expect a knock on his door soon, and he'll be finding agents on the other side.

The comedian made headlines this weekend after leaving a controversial comment on an Instagram account which regurgitated a story that Iranian officials supposedly recently put out an $80 mil offer for DT's life. GL responded to the news, "We'll do it for half."

He came under fire from both sides of the aisle -- especially conservatives -- with many saying he'd crossed a line with his quip. And, even if he was joking, as he later claimed, the death of an American President is obviously no laughing matter.

Once again, the feds feel the exact same way.

Mama June & Geno Booted From Georgia Hotel ... Over Unpaid $2k Bill


Mama June and her boyfriend, Geno, are keeping their nomadic lifestyle alive and well -- 'cause they just got kicked out of one hotel ... and are on their way to another.

Sources tell TMZ ... MJ has been renting a couple different rooms for herself, Geno and some friends at the Residence Inn Marriott in McDonough, GA since around Thanksgiving time -- and recently, her tab started running up to the $2,000 mark ... which went unattended.

We're told on Saturday, the staff notified Mama June -- who's apparently been in and out, as we've seen her pop up elsewhere in the area -- it was time to pay up, but that she refused. Or rather, we're told she couldn't pay it off in full ... coming up shy a few hundred bucks.

Our sources say Mama June and co. were told they had to scram ... and, apparently, announced they were heading to another joint down the street. We're also told the rooms were a mess, but have since been cleaned. Unclear if there was as much damage as there was at the FairBridge Inn & Suites, where we're told they recently crashed at ... allegedly leaving a room in ruins after a fight.


Of course, this is just the latest chapter in Mama June's spiraling story since she first linked up with this guy, whom her family really, REALLY wants out of her life.

Doesn't look like she's ditching him just yet though. Until next time, we suppose ...

U.S. Drone Strike Iran Hits Back w/ Hack & Threats ... Thousands Mourn in Ahvaz

Breaking News

12:09 PM PT -- According to reports, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad -- where Soleimani was killed -- has been hit in a rocket attack. It's said to have been the second such attack in days. No word yet on any American casualties, but civilian casualties have been reported in the area.

Iran has already given a taste of its promised retaliation against the U.S. for killing one of its top military generals -- and it seems more and more threats are pouring in by the day.

For starters, a U.S. government website for the Federal Depository Library Program appeared to have been hacked Saturday by folks claiming to be working on behalf of Iran. They posted a photo-shopped pic of Trump getting punched by an Iranian fist, leaving him bloodied.

The hackers also left an ominous message on the page ... "Hacked By Iran Cyber Security Group HackerS ... This is only a small part of Iran's cyber ability! We're always ready."

Director Terry Gilliam Criticizes #MeToo ... Stop Blaming White Men for All of It!!!

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Terry Gilliam let it rip in a no-holds-barred interview in which he BLASTS #MeToo, defends white men "taking blame" ... and misidentified his gender and race in jest.

The director, writer and former member of the Monty Python comedy team recently sat down for an interview with The Independent, and rather than discuss his new movie ... more so, he wanted to air out his grievances over being a victimized white male in 2020.

Reading the entire thing in full is worth it, but just to give you a snapshot of Terry's stance on social issues ... he says stuff like #MeToo is nothing more than a blame game.

Of a female character in his flick, "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote," who becomes an escort, he says ... "In the age of #MeToo, here’s a girl who takes responsibility for her state. Whatever happened in this character’s life, she’s not accusing anybody."

He goes on ... "We’re living in a time where there’s always somebody responsible for your failures, and I don’t like this. I want people to take responsibility and not just constantly point a finger at somebody else, saying, 'You’ve ruined my life.'"

Then, Terry moves on to the alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein, many of whom he dubs "ambitious adults" who made choices while trying to come up in the industry.

Of the disgraced movie mogul, Terry says ... "There are many victims in Harvey’s life, and I feel sympathy for them, but then, Hollywood is full of very ambitious people who are adults and they make choices." Terry worked with HW in 2005 for 'The Brothers Grimm."

Adele Now Fans Say She's Getting Too Thin ... Can't Please Everybody 🤷🏽‍♂️

Adele is living her best life on vacation right now, but even as she tries to unwind -- fans continue to be overly concerned with her appearance ... now saying she's too thin.

The singer was spotted hitting the beach Saturday in the Eastern Caribbean -- specifically, she was in the British territory of Anguilla with none other than Harry Styles and, apparently, James Corden as well. Quite the trio of talent, we must say ... especially with A and HS.

As excited as many fans were to see the two artists hanging -- with the possibility of a future collab looming in their minds -- some folks simply couldn't resist piping up in on Adele's body ... a topic of much discussion and scrutiny over the years for her.

Now, people are saying she looks too skinny -- and are openly wondering whether fans should be worried. One user tweeted, "IS THIS ADELE?!?! someone feed her pls she looks so skinny and not really that healthy .... we should be worrying about her omg."

Sean Stewart My Dad and I Are Innocent ... The Security Guard Started It


Sean Stewart is not worried about his arrest New Year's Eve -- along with the arrest of his dad, Rod Stewart -- because he says the guy they allegedly attacked was the instigator.

We got Sean Friday night leaving SHU restaurant in L.A. ... and he was not sweating the incident that will land them in a Florida court next month. As we reported, they were at the Breaker's Hotel in Palm Beach celebrating the new year with the fam, when a security guard named Jessie Dixon tried to block the Stewarts from entering the children's area of the hotel.

Dixon told cops the Stewarts got super loud and refused to back off. He said Sean then got nose-to-nose with him and shoved him backward. Dixon says Rod then threw a punch, striking him in the rib cage area.

Dixon said he wanted to press charges, so both Sean and Rod were charged with misdemeanor battery.

Sean -- who was out with buddy David Weintraub -- says the truth will come out, but not quite yet.

Bhad Bhabie Puts Adrien Broner On Blast ... Stop Hollering, I'm 16!!!

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1:53 PM PT -- Adrien Broner is offering up an explanation ... calling the whole thing an "honest mistake."

"Nobody want to date a kid," Broner told The Shade Room ... "but I fault Instagram for not having people’s age on they profile."

"I thought she was grown the way she out here moving."

This is bad.

Bhad Bhabie -- AKA Danielle Bregoli -- is publicly shaming boxing star Adrien Broner for trying to slide into her DMs.

She's 16 years old. He's 30.

Not a great look.

Bregoli posted a screenshot showing an Instagram notification from Broner which reads, "Text me crazy girl."

She attached a video of the Akon song, "Locked Up" -- a clear shot at Broner for hitting up a minor.

Bregoli's fans immediately went after the boxer on social media -- lighting up his page with comments saying he should go to jail ... and even tagging the FBI and Atlanta Police.

Earlier in the day, Bregoli created a social media buzz by posting a video in which she's modeling a crop top. Broner's message seems to be in response to that clip.

We reached out to Broner for comment -- so far, no word back.

It's the latest misstep for Broner who was just ordered to pay more than $700k to his sexual assault victim stemming from a 2018 incident at a Cleveland nightclub.

Originally Published -- 12:10 PM PT