Senator Tom Cotton Slavery was 'Necessary Evil' to Founding Fathers

Senator Tom Cotton has just out-Trumped Trump, calling slavery "a necessary evil" that allowed America to develop, and he wants to retaliate against schools that teach the real history of slavery.

The Republican Senator from Arkansas put it this way ... “As the Founding Fathers said, it was the necessary evil upon which the union was built, but the union was built in a way, as Lincoln said, to put slavery on the course to its ultimate extinction."

So, in essence, what he's saying is that slavery was needed because it served a purpose but the plan was to eventually end it.

It gets even more outrageous. Cotton wants to withhold federal funds from public schools that promote an initiative by the New York Times called the 1619 Project. It was established in 2019 to mark the 400th anniversary of enslaved Africans coming to America. The point of the project is to tell the real story of slavery and the contributions of African Americans ... something public schools don't do at all.

Cotton says he rejects the notion systemic racism in America is engrained in America from the beginning to the present ... something that otherwise seems firmly established.

The Senator has called the sentiment attributed to him "fake news" ... "I said that the Founders viewed slavery as a necessary evil." You decide if his quote embraces the sentiment.

Coronavirus Couple Wears Swastika Masks at Walmart ... Triggers Angry Confrontation

Raphaela Mueller / Facebook

We are on the brink folks ... the latest is a couple that thought it was a good idea to make their point by going to a Minnesota Walmart wearing masks with Nazi swastikas emblazoned on them ... and thankfully, other shoppers called them out in a big way.

The 59-year-old man and 64-year-old woman say they're not Nazis, but rather they are warning people what will become of America if Joe Biden is elected. So, in other words, telling people to wear a mask in their book is equivalent to genocide ... INSANE.

Well, they got schooled plenty, as shoppers tore into them, calling them un-American.

Cops were called and showed up Saturday, and the officers slapped the couple with a trespass notice, prohibiting them from shopping at Walmart for a year.

In the video, the swastika-wearing duo is confronted by bystanders offended by their use of imagery associated with Nazi iconography employed during WWII.

Marshall PD says they responded to the incident around noon on Saturday, on reports that the couple's masks were causing a disturbance.

As for Walmart, they said ... “What happened today at our store in Marshall, MN is unacceptable. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable shopping environment for all our customers and will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in any aspect of our business."

The statement went on ... "We are asking everyone to wear face coverings when they enter our stores for their safety and the safety of others and it’s unfortunate that some individuals have taken this pandemic as an opportunity to create a distressing situation for customers and associates in our store.”

Insane times.

Rhode Island 'Karen' Loses It On Guys in Pickup Truck ... 'There's Gonna be Hell to Pay!!!'


A belligerent, maskless Rhode Island woman chased down a couple guys in a pickup truck, and screamed bloody murder because they ... wait for it ... drove past her house.

The latest 'Karen' -- AKA a sign everyone's losing their minds -- pulled up to the Apponaug Marina in Warwick, RI and went on a profanity-laced tirade about the truck ... "I don't care how fast you were going, stop driving past my house with that piece of s**t!"

She added ... "I bet you live in a s**thole too. Do you live in your f***ing truck, you piece of s**t?!"

The collateral damage here is a poor guy named Barry, who "Karen" apparently knows -- she turned her rage on him, demanding he be responsible for keeping the men in the pickup truck away from her neighborhood.

She even told Barry if he didn't, there'd be "hell to pay!"

When Barry didn't budge, she called the police ... and mistakenly thought she knew the 2 men. We reached out to the Warwick police, who tell us cops did receive a call for a "motor vehicle offense" and interviewed the parties involved. There were no arrests or charges, and everyone left.

Still no explanation of her pickup truck phobia.

Grocery Store Tirade Totally Losing it on Aisle 12!!! Maskless Ass Rages on Clerk


This guy unleashed his anti-mask fury on a poor Smart & Final employee -- flipping out like a maniac, but he changed his tune real quick when cops showed up in force.

The maskless man's meltdown happened in Paso Robles, CA -- a normally chill town known for its wineries -- and everyone in the store probably needed a drink after witnessing this public freakout.

According to reports ... the guy entered without a mask, so the female employee you see in the video gave him one, but he refused to put it on.

When she followed and demanded he wear it -- as required by California state order -- he decided to make a scene, screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs ... RIGHT in her face. Maskless too.

He was a real tough guy ... incredibly aggressive, and even lunged toward her -- but watch how quickly he piped down in the face of cops.

Settle in, folks. Masks aren't going away soon, and neither are tools like this, we'll bet.

AOC Rep. Yoho Messed with the Wrong Woman ... Standing Up to 'Misogyny'

Exclusive Details

12:40 PM PT -- We just got AOC on Capitol Hill and she told our photog she feels good about what happened on the House floor because she was able to stand up against what she sees as a misogynistic culture in Congress, in the GOP and in the world.

AOC says colleagues from both sides of the aisle are giving her their support, but she wants Republicans to go one step further and share their message not just with her, but with the women in their lives and around the globe to set an example.

The congresswoman says the incident is proof there remains an enormous culture of objectifying and demeaning women, particularly minorities, and tells us what Yoho did is no coincidence.

It's a pretty powerful clip ... AOC's sending a strong message to folks out there, and tells us why Yoho messed with the wrong woman.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just ripped into a colleague who allegedly called her a "f***ing b*tch" after a heated debate over a crime bill, saying she is someone's daughter and by not squarely apologizing, he is not a decent man.


AOC took to the House floor Thursday with an impassioned speech on the impact the words of Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Florida) had on her, her family and other women.

The congresswoman choked up when she said she's glad her dad, who is not alive, did not hear Yoho's comments. But, she says, her mom did, and what Yoho said cuts to the core.

Yoho offered an apology -- of sorts -- Wednesday, saying he regretted "the abrupt manner of the conversation," but never apologized for the words attributed to him by others. He had earlier denied saying it, but some people on the floor say they heard it, loud and clear.

AOC offered this ... everyone says things they regret from time to time, but when the words go beyond decency, a decent person apologizes, and Yoho did not.

She also took issue with Yoho's comment that he has 2 daughters. AOC said she's someone's daughter too, although Yoho didn't seem to care.

Originally published -- 8:51 AM PT

Pizza Shop 'Karen' Flips Out Over Mask and Her Constitutional Pie Rights!!!

J Love/Facebook

Give her pizza or give her death! This no mask-wearing "Karen" blasted the staff at a Papa Murphy's pizza joint for refusing her service, insisting the founding fathers would back her up.

Of course they wouldn't, but that didn't stop her from throwing a fit at the pizza shop in Kennewick, WA when she was told, earlier this week, to get out because she didn't have a face covering.

This "Karen" believes -- as so many others do for some reason -- that the law is on her side. So, she spews a bunch of BS about how it's her right to go maskless due to the "American Disability Act" ... something that's just blatantly false.

She took it a step further by claiming she's hard of hearing, adding ... "I have a right to speak my mind, and I have a right to see your lips." So not only is she maskless, but she wants the workers to remove their masks too!

Fortunately, the cashier was steadfast in refusing service, as the woman continued to spout off make-believe rights ... including a Constitutional right to pizza.

"Karen" finally retreated when an employee offered to bring the pizza out to her truck -- and, naturally, her husband was out there offering free First Amendment lessons.

God bless America.

Boxer James Hawley Spews Anti-Gay Garbage on TikTok ... Fired By Management Co.

Breaking News

An undefeated pro boxer was AXED by his management company Wednesday after the fighter went on a disgusting homophobic rant on TikTok.

Meet James Hawley ... a 21-year-old fighter from the U.K. -- he's 6-0 and was signed with MTK Global, which reps huge boxing stars like Tyson Fury, Carl Frampton and Billy Joe Saunders.

Hawley decided to do a little Q&A on TikTok recently and was asked, "Do you support LGBT?"

His response ... "I one-thousand, one-million percent do not agree with this stuff."

Hawley said he appreciates hot lesbian chicks -- but gay dudes and transgender people just rub him the wrong way.

What a renaissance man, right?

Hawley continued to spew a bunch of super offensive and graphic stuff that we're just not going to include in this article.

He ended with, "I feel sorry for your families."

The rant caught the attention of a "RuPaul's Drag Race U.K." star named Baga Chipz -- who reached out to MTK Global to find out why they would represent someone with such a hateful message?

To MTK Global's credit, they responded to Baga Chipz almost immediately -- saying they cut ties with Hawley after seeing the clip.

"The management team have made the decision to terminate Mr. Hawley's contract with MTK Global with immediate effect and will no longer be representing him in any format."

"MTK Global does not in any way condone, or support the views that were shared in any way, nor will these comments ever be considered as acceptable from any of our fighters hence the decision that was made by management."

After his release, Hawley made a video addressing the move -- and sort of (but not really) apologizing.

Hawley's defense is that he was being sent graphic photos and videos from gay people and lashed out in a fit of anger.

Hawley says he is the victim of abuse by those people -- and isn't backing down.

Of course, Hawley also offered up the "I have gay friends" excuse.

We reached out to MTK Global to see if they'll listen to Hawley's explanation -- so far, no word back.

KFC Hot 'Food Ambassador' Tries New Veggie Chicken

You know KFC means business when it sends a "food ambassador" -- apparently a really hot person who likes food -- to try out a new plant-based fried chicken.

The Colonel's messaging is pretty clear ... eat this and look like model Nicole Williams. We're not vouching for that, but Nicole was looking good at a KFC food truck in Southern California this week for the veggie chicken debut.

All jokes aside ... the new item comes courtesy of a partnership with Beyond Meat that's been about a year or so in the making.

They tried Beyond Fried Chicken in Atlanta in 2019 -- to some reported success -- and then expanded it to Nashville and Charlotte. Now, the faux pollo is coming to SoCal ... with the new menu item becoming available in locations throughout L.A. Orange County and SD.

Anyway, back to Nicole here -- who was decked out in some type of two-piece leotard outfit, complete with a luxury purse and Yeezy Boost 700s to boot. She doesn't exactly fit the typical drive-thru customer mold. Just sayin' ...

Verdict's still out if the new grub is just as finger-licking good as the OG -- nothing's impossible though, we suppose.

Jennifer Lopez Goes Rogue with Dune Buggies!!! ... Hamptons Beach Trip Turns Into Tow Yard Visit

Jennifer Lopez said love don't cost a thing, but getting her dune buggies out of the tow yard's another story ... as she quickly learned when her trip to the beach got cut short.

So, here's what happened ... J Lo and her crew were dressed and ready for some fun in the sun Tuesday in the Hamptons but instead of soaking up some rays they all ended up needing a ride to the tow yard after the 3 dune buggies they drove in got towed.

It turns out J Lo, wearing her mask and riding in the lead dune buggy, didn't see the parking lot attendants at the entrance checking permits or she completely ignored them. It turns out ... ya need the proper permits to park at the beach. J Lo, it turns out, didn't have any permits to show.

According to eyewitnesses, cops were called and the dune buggies were towed away. J Lo and her crew barely enjoyed the scenery before they had to call a friend to get picked up -- in A-Rod's blue Bronco, no less -- for a ride to bail out the dune buggies.

Moral of the story ... better to ask for forgiveness than permission?

Racist in Brooklyn Yells N-Word ... Attacks Guy Recording


8:31 AM PT -- 7/22 The man yelling the n-word has been ID'd as Joe O'Brien, also known by his adult film stage name, Dustin Gold. Gay porn company, Helix Studios, says he was one of their models 6 years ago ... but will not be working for them again in wake of the video.

11:35 AM PT -- Police are aware of the video and looking into it. According to the NYPD ... a politician notified them of the incident and they're trying to locate the precinct where it occurred. We're told a victim has not come forward to file a report.

A despicable man spewed a racist epithet at someone he felt was blocking his car ... then turned his vitriol toward the guy recording his disgusting behavior.

Check out this video from Brooklyn ... the racist gets out of his car and screams at a person to get out of the middle of the street, then unloads with the n-word.

He then realizes a guy walking by is recording the incident, and he seems surprised and pissed off, and then launches into a homophobic tirade followed by a full-on physical assault. The racist steals the man's phone and slams it on the ground.

The racist dude insists he doesn't care if the video gets posted online -- he even says he'll win fans because of it.

Sadly, that may be the case.

Originally published -- 7/21 9:01 AM PT

Violent, Racist Rant Man Yells N-Word, Spits at Verizon Employees


Get a load of this tool ... completely losing his mind, hurling the n-word at 2 Verizon employees all because he apparently hated their prices.

The disgusting incident went down July 15 in Stafford, Virginia where a Verizon employee recorded this man named Robert Colonna going berserk. Colonna was so pissed about something not working -- and its cost -- that he hurled a loogie at the closed door, and then started dropping n-bombs as he screamed at the workers.

The staffer who posted the video explained it this way ... "[He] assaulted me before entering store throwing phones inside store then picking them up leaving the store claiming he had something else for us. I IMMEDIATELY locked the door behind him."

The employee, who is heard on the phone with either cops or corporate, goes on to say, "He used racial slurs and spit at me. I know his name is Robert. Robert initially pulled up to the store in a company truck making a hard stop in front of [the] store before jumping out and assaulting me while I was holding the door for an elderly man. He was only charged with Disorderly conduct. When police arrived I asked about assault charges. Robert stated he tripped before he hit me..true but his intentions before he tripped was to hit me I you can see what I mean."

We've reached out to the Stafford County Sheriff's Office and a police report confirms Robert was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Harriet Tubman's Relative If It Weren't For My Aunt ... Kanye Would Be on a Plantation


Kanye West would be a slave were it not for the likes of Harriet Tubman ... so says her great-great-great niece who is outraged by Ye's comments on Sunday at his fundraiser.

Tina Wyatt is extremely upset Kanye dared to say Harriet Tubman did not free slaves. She says her legendary relative was actually free when she risked her life to save others, so she finds it beyond offensive Kanye made such a comment. Fact is ... Kanye's dead wrong.

YE 2020

Check it out ... Tina thinks Kanye's in desperate need of a basic history lesson. Once African Americans were freed, they actually flourished -- starting businesses and even getting elected to office -- until Jim Crow segregation laws and black codes were enacted to create racist policies that held black people down.

Tina says Kanye needs to start uplifting people if he wants to be in the public eye, and what he did at the rally she believes was nothing but destructive.

Wild Video Woman Climbs into Gator Pit with Son ... Just to Get Her Wallet!!!

Exclusive Details
Ashlynn Curtis / Facebook

A woman climbed into an alligator pit with her young son, who wandered freely near dozens of gators while she tried to fetch her wallet ... and a bunch of kids watched in horror.

The wild scene played out at Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, Minn. with stunned onlookers watching the mother and son risk life and limb. As you can see, the woman's wallet was floating Saturday in the middle of a small pond, chock full of gators ... and her daring son was dangerously gung ho to get it back.

The kid came up empty, but momma stormed in to make the rescue -- and about the only smart move she made was figuring out a way to distract the sharp-toothed animals long enough to grab her floating wallet.

Fortunately, mother and son survived, so we can all have a good laugh now about someone else's kid yelling "s*** happens" to sum up the adventure.

The zoo's not laughing though.

Sources close to the wildlife park tell us staffers did not know about the incident until the video started going viral, and park honchos are very disturbed. We're told the zoo wants to press charges against the woman for child endangerment, if she's identified.

One particular thing ruffling the zoo's feathers -- we're told the park has fences and signs not only to protect guests, but also the animals.

Kanye West Kardashians, Friends Seriously Concerned, Upset ... Over Wild Campaign Appearance


Kanye West's off-the-rails campaign stop Sunday in North Charleston, South Carolina may not only hurt Ye politically, he has concerned, upset and alarmed many of his friends and the Kardashians ... sources connected to Kanye tell TMZ.

Our sources say those around him believe Kanye is in desperate need of professional help and is in the middle of a serious bipolar episode, but he won't listen to them.

We're told they also believe Kanye is tanking some of his businesses, if not all of them, with rants like when he went on about Harriet Tubman, claiming she did not free slaves. His family and friends know comments like these are the things that trigger boycotts.

YE 2020

Suffice it to say ... we're told the family is upset that Kanye talked about Kim's first pregnancy and how they discussed abortion, something he says he wanted. Then he blurted out that Kim might divorce him for saying that, but even if she does, he'd thank her for having North.

It's curious he mentioned divorce ... it's usually a topic married folk don't say out loud unless it's been discussed. Whether it was or not ... between Kanye's Forbes interview and Sunday's rally ... you gotta think it puts a strain on the relationship.

BTW ... we're told there's not much concern that Kanye's comments will adversely affect Kim's businesses. We're told their money is separate and her and Kanye's brands are distinguishable.

Finally, we're told his family and friends are also upset because they feel Kanye is a distraction to what is a very important election.

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