Real Life 'Bridezilla' Ambushes Fiance in Target Put Up or Shut Up, Marry Me Now!!!

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One woman must've had Elvis lyrics in her head as she stormed into a Target, hunted for her fiance in a bride's dress and demanded his hand in marriage ... it's now or never.

Check out this video of a gal on a mission to walk down the aisle, but first having to peruse other types of aisles so she could confront her Target employee hubby-to-be with a minister in tow. Eventually, she finds him stocking something ... and it pops off.

Customers recorded the awkward scene, and you can make out the gist of what's happening here. Bridezilla tells her man she wants to get married right there and then, or she's ending things between them for good. The ultimate ultimatum.

She says he put an engagement ring on her finger 2 years ago -- but hasn't pulled the trigger yet ... and she's sick of waiting. The dude is clearly uncomfortable, and asks her if they can talk outside. The woman agrees, but it sounds like her mind is made up.

It's funny too, as the caravan of people passes the photog ... you can hear the fiance say something to the effect of, "Could someone had told me then?" Sounds like he was caught as much off guard as anyone else witnessing this bizarre love blitz.

Now, we should note ... some people are saying this a set-up stunt. If so, BOOO ... but it's still pretty crazy to see it play out on video. Assuming it is real, good luck? No question who's the dominant one for this happy couple.

Donald Trump How 'Bout Another White House Event ... For Black/Brown People?!?


Donald Trump went back to the scene of the crime -- AKA a public event at The White House -- to host Black and brown people ... while he's still recovering from COVID-19.

Our COVID-riddled POTUS threw a campaign event Saturday along the South Lawn of the White House, which was meant to cater to supporters of his who are POC ... a group that, statistically speaking, has been unequally infected by the virus -- and often worse.

Trump came out to a terrace-like area with a waiting podium to address the crowd that had formed below -- almost like Mussolini from the balcony ... it seriously had that type of vibe.

Anyway, his remarks were brief -- but it was definitely in the spirit of a traditional Trump rally ... which was an odd scene, considering Trump is usually pretty polished whenever he does White House gigs. Here, it was about as unhinged and off-the-cuff as he might get at a stadium somewhere, except the backdrop of the White House was front and center.

Trump rambled about how his administration had done more for Black and Latino people in this country than probably any president in history -- stuff we've heard him say before -- and he also threw some lines out jabbing at Joe Biden and the "socialist" Democrats. He told his audience -- which were decked out in light blue shirts and red hats -- that they needed to vote the other party to oblivion come Election Day ... which drew cheers from everyone.

He also said he felt great health-wise, and again referred to COVID as the "China virus." Trump went on to promise to eradicate coronavirus all over the world once a vaccine was developed here at home ... something he assured them was right around the corner.

While it's unclear exactly how many people were in attendance -- it's fair to say it was around a few hundred or so. Almost similar to the Amy Coney Barrett event which became a super-spreader event 2 weeks ago to the day. The White House is now riddled with 'rona.

Frankly, today's event was reckless ... even if Trump was far enough from the crowd. No one will be tested, there will be no mandatory mask-wearing and, based on history, there's not likely to be social distancing. Trump did call this a "protest" ... but it's one that could potentially leave people sick or dead -- the White House is a hazard area these days.

The event was organized by ultra-conservative Candace Owens, who launched a "Blexit" campaign urging Black voters to leave the Dems. The theme -- "Remarks to Peaceful Protesters for Law & Order."

Trump will speak from the Truman Balcony. It's unclear if he'll have a face-to-face reception before or after, like he did with the Amy Coney Barrett event.

Although Trump says he feels "perfect" ... there are lots of deep concerns. He clearly still has a cough -- you could hear it when he spoke with Hannity -- and no one at the White House will say if Trump's still testing positive for the virus.  He's also on steroids, which mask symptoms.

Trump is doing everything most doctors say a COVID-positive patient should not be doing. He is not self-isolating, he is exposing himself to an untold number of staff, he is not wearing a mask, he is not resting.

In fairness ... the White House has "instructed" guests to wear masks, but ultimately it seems like it's optional, because the invite goes on to say attendees are "strongly encouraged" to follow CDC guidelines ... including wearing masks and socially distancing. They won't be tested ... just temperature checked.

Although the number of guests are expected to be in the hundreds, 2,000 invitations went out.

Trump will be hitting the road ... making various campaign stops in battleground states.

Altered States Archbishop Burns Altar ... After Priest Has Sex in Church

Archdiocese of New Orleans/YouTube

The Archbishop of New Orleans is outraged that a priest allegedly had sex inside a church, so he's doing an exorcism of sorts by having the altar removed and burned!!!

Archbishop Gregory Aymond called the act "demonic." As for how it went down ... someone called the cops after allegedly seeing the priest at the Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church, saying they saw the man of the cloth with 2 high-heeled women wearing corsets. He was dressed in his priestly issue ... well, only partially. The witness shot video of the encounter and went to cops.

The priest and the 2 women were arrested for allegedly violating an obscenity law that prohibits people from having sex in public view. What's bizarre here ... the only way the witness could have seen it was to peer through the windows.

As for burning the altar ... the Archbishop said it was the only way to restore the sanctity of the church, adding, "I am infuriated by his [the priest's] actions. When the details became clear, we had the altar removed and burned. I will consecrate a new alter tomorrow."

Lindsey Graham Young Black People and Immigrants ... So. Carolina's Safe If You're Conservative

News 19 WLTX

It's a breathtaking comment ... Senator Lindsey Graham said South Carolina cops don't pose any problems for Black people and immigrants ... as long as they're of the conservative persuasion.

Graham dropped the comment during a debate of sorts between him and his rival, Democrat Jaime Harrison. The Senator said the killing of George Floyd "was wrong and people should pay the price." BUT ... Graham said there's a war in America -- a war against police. He said, "Do I believe that our cops are systemically racist? No. Do I believe that South Carolina is a racist state? No."

And, then he said this ... "If you are a young, African American, an immigrant, you can go anywhere in this State. You just need to be conservative, not liberal."

It's a bizarre comment. Is he talking politics, and if so, is the idea to show cops you're a card-carrying Republican? And, why aren't liberals free to roam without fear in S.C.?

The race is super close according to the polls ... Graham and Harrison are tied at 48%.

President Trump Screw COVID ... See Ya at Monday's Rally in Florida!!!

Fox News

3:00 PM PT -- Well, looks like Trump will indeed hold a rally. His campaign team announced it'll go down Monday night at Sanford Orlando International Airport, one day after the prez self-diagnosed himself as not "contagious at all." He was supposed to have a rally there last Friday ... before his COVID-19 diagnosis. The campaign also said all attendees will get temperature checks and will be encouraged -- but not mandated -- to wear masks.

Trump's also reportedly going to speak in front of hundreds at the South Lawn of the White House Saturday. He's expected to address the attendees from the same balcony where he took off his mask for a photo op after he was discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center.

President Trump says he feels "so good" and doesn't think he's got much of the coronavirus left in his system, so -- despite the absence of a negative test -- he's planning a rally Saturday night.

The Prez joined his buddy, Sean Hannity, Thursday night to discuss his condition and his aspirations ... to hold a rally in Florida ... barely a week after he tested positive for COVID-19, and then another in Pennsylvania Sunday.

Trump continues to suggest he's recovered from the virus thanks to all the great care he's received from his doctors, while seemingly ignoring health experts precautions and quarantining recommendations following COVID diagnosis. He's been in the Oval Office this week, despite most doctors saying a COVID-positive patient should be in self-isolation for at least 10 days, and given Trump's age and struggle with the virus ... as many as 20 days.

Fox News

Trump didn't sound like he was cured when he was on Hannity's show Thursday night ... he was coughing during the interview. And, BTW, the high-dose of powerful steroids he received has all but certainly masked underlying symptoms.

And, there's this ... Trump's own doctors have been sketchy when it comes to revealing his condition -- they won't even say when he last tested negative -- so Trump has decided to be evaluated on TV Friday night by a Fox News contributor -- Dr. Marc Siegel -- who will conduct his own medical evaluation.


Originally Published -- 6:42 AM PT

Jackie Robinson's Daughter Rips Trump For Using Dad's Image In Ad ... 'Insulted'

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Jackie Robinson's daughter says she's straight-up "insulted" her father's image was used in a campaign ad on Donald Trump's official YouTube page ... and she's now demanding the president remove it immediately.

POTUS' team posted a pro-Trump campaign video Tuesday featuring some iconic pictures of legendary Americans ... including Martin Luther King Jr. and Jackie Robinson.

The ad -- titled "Say What You Will About America" -- urged citizens to vote for Trump ... and as of Thursday afternoon, it had over 5 MILLION views.

But, Sharon Robinson says she's LIVID the president would even consider using her dad's image in the video ... explaining there's no way in hell the baseball legend would have supported a re-election for Trump.

"Jackie Robinson’s family strongly objects to the use of Jackie Robinson’s image in a Donald Trump [ad]," she said Thursday.

"The Trump campaign is in opposition to all that Jackie Robinson stood for and believed in. We’re insulted and demand that his image be removed!"

Meanwhile, MLK's daughter, Bernice King, also found Trump's use of her father's image in the ad "beyond insulting" ... and she demanded the president remove the photo as well.

Brad Pitt I Never Contacted Woman Suing Me ... Smells Like a Catfish

Exclusive Details

Brad Pitt says he doesn't know the woman suing him for allegedly taking thousands of dollars to appear at charity events, and it seems she might have been duped by a fake Brad.

Pitt's been sued by Kelli Christina, a Texas woman who claims Brad contacted her a couple years ago about helping him raise money for his Make It Right Foundation ... which has been rebuilding New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward since Hurricane Katrina.

Christina claims she established a working relationship with the actor, agreed to help his charity ... and even had a personal relationship that included "discussions of marriage."

Yeah, the marriage part sounds like a giant warning sign she wasn't really dealing with Brad. In fact, he denies ever having any contact with Kelli or communicating with her in any way. Further, in his legal response to her lawsuit ... he says he never asked her for payments, nor did he authorize anyone to do so on his behalf.

According to Kelli's lawsuit, first published by DailyMail ... she sent Pitt $40,000 over a 2-year period with the agreement he'd show up to fundraising events, but he failed to make it to any of them.

She says once she stopped sending payments, Brad cut off contact and it was impossible to reach him or Make It Right. She's suing him for breach of contract and fraud to get back her money back ... plus additional damages.

Again, Pitt says he never had any connection with or knowledge of Kelli ... that is, until his lawyer got a "demand letter" from her in March 2020. He says his legal team informed her she was mistaken ... but she sued anyway.

Morgan Wallen Axed as 'SNL' Musical Guest ... After Maskless Partying


3:45 PM PT -- Morgan's no longer the musical guest on this week's 'SNL' -- he says the show informed him he broke COVID-19 protocol and won't be performing.

The country singer admits his actions this past weekend were "short-sighted," and put people at risk, and he seems contrite about losing his opportunity and letting his fans and country music down.

He says the ordeal has made him reflect on some areas of his personal life he says need improving, and he plans on taking some time away to work on himself.

The good news -- Wallen says 'SNL' honcho Lorne Michaels was kind and encouraging, and told him they could possibly have him on in the future ... so, something for him and his fans to look forward to.

@ashleighludlam/@emily.kinsbruner/Tik Tok

Country music star Morgan Wallen -- set to be this week's musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" -- was super unsafe over the weekend, and now the question ... will 'SNL' pull the plug on him?

The "This Bar" singer was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the football game against Texas A&M Saturday, and became the star of several TikTok videos afterward as he got very up close and personal with celebrating fans.

The clips show him in a bar -- taking shots and kissing women -- at a house party, in the backseat of a fan’s car and more ... and in all of them, he's without a mask and ignoring social distancing.

Wallen immediately came under fire online for reckless behavior during the pandemic -- and coronavirus case numbers again on the rise -- with people suggesting he's "gonna spread COVID to every gal at Bama."

Morgan's supposed to be the musical guest in just days when 'SNL' shoots the second episode of its 46th season, which premiered Saturday.

The country star's clear lack of taking COVID-19 safety precautions raises questions of how 'SNL' will keep its cast and crew safe in studio 8H ... and keep the Bill Burr-hosted show from becoming the next Rose Garden ceremony.  The real question ... will Morgan be allowed to perform in studio?

We've reached out to 'SNL' ... no word back so far.

Originally Published -- 7:08 AM PT

James Corden Burns Trump with McCartney Parody ... 'Maybe I'm Immune'!!!

James Corden did his best Paul McCartney to make fun of President Trump's coronavirus crisis -- and some people are saying he deserves a Grammy for this biting little diddy.

The 'Late Late Show' host opened Tuesday night's show with a musical segment, playing a song parody on McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed" -- with James sitting at a piano and belting out tweaked lyrics to the '70s hit. JC aptly titled his rendition ... "Maybe I'm Immune."

You gotta watch it for yourself -- James weaves in lots of recent Trump-y 'rona topics that are both timely and hilarious ... like Trump's doctors saying he's responding very well to treatments, Trump's trouble with breathing, his bizarre drive-by outside Walter Reed and, of course, his offhand remark he might be immune to the virus after just a few days.

BTW, James kills it on both the keys and in the vocals department -- dude is seriously talented ... he seems to be playing live and is definitely singing his heart out. Sir Paul, or his publishing company, would approve!

Corden wrapped up the tune with a look into the not-so-distant future ... as in, Nov. 3. Just watch ... we're thinking POTUS would NOT approve.

Boosie Badazz Stupid Nephew Wrecked My Jag!!! Anybody Got $75k???


Boosie Badazz has a deal for you, if you're looking for a brand new car ... that also happens to be freshly damaged by Boosie's nephew!!! Hey, we didn't say it was a good deal.

The rapper shared this amusing family drama Monday, saying ... "My nephew's stupid ass wrecked my Jag," which he claims is a one-of-a-kind 2021 model with only 2,000 miles on it.

Boosie, who sounds like he'd just rolled outta bed, said he's pissed off, tired, and looking to unload the car for a cool $75,000 ... despite a big dent and scratches over the front driver's side wheel well.

He doesn't say how much he paid for the brand new whip, or even which model it is -- so it's hard to tell if his list price of $75k is a deep discount. He also doesn't seem to know the extent of the car's damage either.

Okay, used car sales just ain't his thing.

Boosie says if he can't find a buyer soon, he's going to trade in the Jag for something else. Seems like he's not down with contacting his insurance provider or waiting around at a body shop.

BTW, anyone actually seen Boosie's nephew? Just checkin'.

President Trump Goes on Twitter 'Roid Rage' ... Go Out & Vote (For Me)!!!

President Trump was up and at 'em this morning with one message on his mind that he felt the need to repeat over and over and over AND OVER again -- America, vote ... MAGA.

DT sent out a barrage of tweets early Monday, and they were all different versions of the same sentiment -- here's why folks oughta punch their ballots in for him ... with his signature all caps font, of course. In all, he had about 15 or so bullet point reasons to vote Trump.

Just to name a few of the most amusing ... 401(k), LAW & ORDER, STOCK MARKET HIGHS, STRONGEST MILITARY EVER, PRO LIFE, FIGHT THE CORRUPT FAKE NEWS MEDIA ... and, of course, SPACE FORCE!!!! There's more, but you get it, we're sure.

He also had a friendly reminder for residents in key swing states he needs to win to defeat Biden (who's ahead in the polls in a lot of these places). He told people in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Arizona and Texas Monday was the last day to register and offered a link so they could sign up ... a link that leads to a site that literally pushes you to vote for Trump.

We'd give him credit for promoting the democratic process, but since he's leading would-be voters right to his own punch card ... we'll hold off on the kudos for now. One last note we'll make about Trump's back-to-business mentality on Twitter ... some are calling it "roid rage."

As you mighta heard, Trump's now on a steroid called dexamethasone, which helps fight off inflammation in the body caused by disease and/or viruses. While there are different reports on the potential side effects, one that keeps getting brought up is the possibility of "delusions of grandeur" and general outbursts or acts of anger -- y'know, 'cause of the 'roids and all.

While we could maybe buy that, this type of erratic online behavior seems right up Donnie's alley, so who the hell knows.

President Trump Working Hard or Hardly Working??? Blank Paper Photo Raises Doubt

President Trump is still hard at work while batting COVID-19 at Walter Reed, or at least that's how it seems at a quick glance -- but a closer look at a photo of him signing a document has some folks skeptical.

The White House released photos of the President working in his suite at the hospital Saturday night, his second night of hospitalization after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Two of his kids, Ivanka and Eric, shared the pics on Twitter, with Ivanka saying ... "Nothing can stop him from working for the American people. RELENTLESS!" and Eric adding ... "If only all elected officials had this work ethic."

Soon after, though, eagle-eyed viewers noticed Trump appears to be signing his name in the middle of a blank piece of paper ... suggesting it was all staged.

Furthermore, Jon Ostrower -- the editor in chief of an aviation publication -- pulled data from the 2 photos shared by The White House and revealed they were taken 10 minutes apart ... despite being in 2 separate rooms with Trump wearing different clothing.

So, signs are there it might have been a PR setup... which only prompts more distrust of the administration about the President's health ... and other stuff.

As we reported, Trump says he's doing well ... well enough, apparently, he could be discharged Monday. However, these pics create lingering questions about whether his doctors are being straight with the American people.

Kart Driver Luca Corberi Throws Bumper at Rival During Race ... Video of the Madness!!!

Italian kart driver Luca Corberi took road rage to another level and put racers' lives at risk ... when he threw a temper tantrum and a bumper on the track as they flew by.

The insane incident went down at the FIA KZ World Championship Sunday after Corberi was reportedly disqualified for coming into contact with another driver.

Instead of bowing out like a professional, Corberi chose to stand by the side of the track with a bumper that had fallen off ... and waited to throw it at a passing driver.

Problem is, it seems he missed his target, and the bumper pinballed around on the track before striking another driver. Luckily, it looks like nobody was hurt, and nobody lost control of their karts due to Corberi's bumper toss.

The announcer was baffled by his behavior, and said ... "I'm sorry, that is absolutely unacceptable."

@EstagiariodaF1 / Twitter

The angry 23-year-old driver wasn't done though, and physically attacked the racer he initially threw the bumper at after the race was over. This led to a brawl involving several other drivers until everyone was separated.

Already, kart racing fans are calling for a lifetime ban for Corberi's actions ... which certainly could have killed someone.

Tana Mongeau YouTube Verification's Gone ... Booty for Biden Promo to Blame?!?

Breaking News

YouTube star Tana Mongeau's lost her verification just days after offering to send free nudes to people who could prove they voted for Joe Biden ... and that could explain it.

Fans noticed Tana's YouTube channel -- which boasts nearly 5.5 million subscribers -- seemingly had its verification status removed recently ... which could spell big trouble for her in terms of racking up views and money.

Though it's unclear for sure why she lost her verified checkmark, many believe it's due to her latest controversy ... which includes a possible violation of U.S. electoral law.

Here's what happened -- on Sept. 30 Tana tweeted she'd send her Onlyfans followers a nude for free if they sent proof of voting for the Democratic nominee. She added the hashtag #bootyforbiden.

Problem is -- making an expenditure for a vote -- also known as vote-buying -- is a felony under federal law. So ... Tana was arguably committing a crime, but it's not 100 percent clear.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, her loss of YT verification could also just be a technicality over her recent name change -- if you recall that whole Jake Paul wedding fiasco -- or a host of other reasons.

Still ... very interesting. We've reached out to Tana ... no word back yet.

Trump Supporter Punches Man in Face For Playing 'F*** Donald Trump'


7:35 AM PT -- 10/4 Jason Lata was arrested on a charge of assault causing bodily injury late Saturday night, according to Denton police. Lata's bail is set at $15,000.

Four weeks before Election Day and the song "F**k Donald Trump" is a serious trigger for at least one Trump supporter, who sucker punched a man over it.

The violence went down outside a Buc-ee's in Denton, TX and the video shows a couple of maskless Trump supporters telling another man to beat it and stop playing YG's political anthem on repeat.

As you can see, one of the Trump supporters yells "turn it off" in the guy's face and suddenly throws an unprovoked punch, clocking the guy right in the face and sending him to the pavement.

In the video, you hear people threatening to call the cops ... and then the Trump supporters walk away. All while, YG's track keeps playing in the background.

The guy who got punched says he's fine, but he did go to a hospital. Unclear if cops ever showed up.

Originally published -- 10/3 2:32 PM PT

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