'LHHH' Star Masika Kalysha My Fake Kidnapping Stunt Worked ... We're Talking About It, Right?!


Masika Kalysha still believes faking her own kidnapping served a good purpose, so she has no regrets about that ... but her apology stands for those she offended.

The former "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star was leaving Craig's late Tuesday night when we asked her about her publicity stunt, and she says ultimately it brought awareness to something she's passionate about ... so mission accomplished.

Masika tells us even though she didn't intend to trigger anyone -- so she's sorry for that -- she suggests the ends justify the means ... because she's opened up a dialogue about sex trafficking.

She even goes as far as calling out those who are upset with her for not doing more themselves to bring light to the important subject ... and says you can't be afraid of pissing off people.

As we reported ... Masika expressed some similar thoughts when she issued her apology last week, saying she "got caught up in the excitement of the moment" while filming her show on human trafficking but was pleased she brought awareness to it.

However, her distasteful act resulted in her being fired from the "Double Cross" TV show, anyway ... and she was rebuked by the founder of the sexual exploitation nonprofit -- the R.O.S.E. Organization -- with which she falsely claimed to be working.


What she's yet to address ... is why she promoted her own OnlyFans account and asked for money during her fake kidnapping video.

It sure seems she could have gotten the point across without doing that. Like she's admitted ... her delivery was far from perfect.


Ukrainian Plane Passenger Strolls on Wing!!! Just Needed a Cooldown


A Ukrainian woman was waiting in the wings for her chance to shine after a family vacation, and took it in a bizarre way when their plane touched down.

Check out this passenger aboard a Ukraine International Airlines flight that had just returned from Turkey this week -- she just had to get off the plane one way or another, and opened an emergency exit to do just that ... John McClane style.

In the video, the woman literally pops out of the exit and starts taking a little stroll along the plane's wing, not looking to jump or anything ... but to simply stretch her legs and get some fresh air.

That's what she told airport authorities anyway when they questioned her about this ... that she was hot and wanted to cool down. Doesn't seem like the folks at UIA bought it though, because apparently her own kids were reportedly already deplaned when she did this.

So, in other words ... it may very well have been a stunt for kicks. In any case, the woman is banned from flying with them ever again -- the captain also apparently called in the cavalry to deal with her ... airport security, border patrol and airline cops, the works basically.

Just goes to show, when you're gonna dabble in this sorta thing ... you're doing so on a wing and a prayer ✈ (Sorry, that was awful)

Boat Explosion Blast Sends Woman Airborne ... Kaboom!!! (Italian Style)

A woman went flying into the air when a boat exploded in Italy ... and ya gotta see the video.

The blast happened recently in the Italian port of Ponza, an island in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with the boat bursting into flames while it was getting refueled.

As you can see, the woman hands the fuel hose over to a gas station attendant moments before the explosion, which catapults her off the stern, into the air ... and eventually crashing down into the water.

The attendant was also thrown by the blast and had to hop into the water to avoid flames. Another man and woman aboard the boat had to leap to safety as the vessel kept burning.

It's pretty incredible ... Italian newspaper La Repubblica says everyone escaped without serious injuries -- just bruises for the 2 people on board.

Unclear what caused the explosion, but Italian police and coast guard are investigating.

President Trump Cops Who Shoot ... They're Like Golfers Who 'Choke'

Fox News

President Trump says cops who use deadly force and shoot someone are exactly like nervous golfers who can't sink the last shot ... seriously, he compared the two.

DT sat down for an interview with FOX News' Laura Ingraham Monday night, and while discussing high-profile police incidents lately -- especially with Black men -- Trump brought up Jacob Blake ... saying the officer who fired 7 times might as well have been Tiger Woods on a bad day.

Raysean White via TMX.news

It was so outrageous and tone-deaf, even Ingraham tried to steer him away, but Trump stuck to his guns ... and said cops who use lethal force are like golfers who "choke."

Trump did question whether the Kenosha officer, Rusten Sheskey, could've done something else other than shoot -- like tackling him -- but the comparison he made is still shocking and utterly lacking in empathy. As you know, Blake is paralyzed from the waist down.

As if that's not bad enough ... Trump's going to Kenosha Tuesday, ignoring the advice of state and local officials who desperately want him to stay away.

Racist Clerk Hurls N-Word at Customer ... Circle K Responds


12:35 PM PT -- 9/3 -- A rep for Circle K tells TMZ ... they're taking the accusations very seriously and add it does NOT condone racism or discrimination of any kind. The rep goes on to say the convenience store has "investigated this incident and are reaching out to the customer to let him know we are taking appropriate action." They wouldn't say what kind of "appropriate action" they're taking.

A gas station clerk in Texas allegedly refused service to a Black man for having an out-of-state ID and hurled a racial slur at him -- and the video proves every retail transaction is an adventure these days.

This altercation went down at a Circle K in Cypress after midnight, where we're told the pissed off customer was trying to buy tobacco products.

The person recording says the clerk -- an older white woman -- asked for his ID, then asked him to remove his mask, but refused to sell to him anyway ... purportedly because he had a Nebraska ID.

That's when all hell breaks loose, and when the vid begins the customer is yelling at the clerk, threatens to "pop" her and accuses her of calling him the n-word.

His anger escalates and he begins to throw items around the store and on the floor, and as the clerk tells him to leave ... she also calls him a "f***ing n****r."

We're told the customer left and it doesn't seem like cops were called, but we've reached out to law enforcement to confirm. Circle K declined to comment about the incident.

Unfortunately, this is just the latest example of racial tensions in America leading to another disturbing altercation. No such thing as a boring sale anymore.

Originally Published -- 9/1 7:55 AM PT

British Prankster Backlash Over Prank Too Far ... Dyed GF's Skin Blue!!!

kristenhanby123 / TikTok

A British TikTok and YouTube star totally blue it with his latest stunt he pulled on his GF ... and while he thinks it's hilarious, he's getting a ton of backlash from just about everyone else.

Kristen Hanby "pranked" his girlfriend, Jasmine Woodward, by pouring a bunch of blue fabric dye in her bath ... which, of course, left her looking like Smurfette.

After sharing the video of himself cracking up while pulling off the bathtub prank with his millions of followers, Hanby sparked outrage as many felt it was just plain stupid at best ... or totally humiliating to Jasmine, at worst.

Many pointed out the harmful effects the dye could have on Jasmine -- both physically and mentally -- and called it "low-key abuse" instead of a good-humored prank.

Others pointed out even if the prank was fake or Jasmine was in on it -- as she's been for several other Hanby vids -- pranks like this normalize hurtful behavior that clearly oversteps personal boundaries.

So, what do you think?

Hanby's Prank ...

White Cop Suspended for Repeating N-Word ... Rant Caught on Video

@bonniekate_ / Twitter

A white police officer in South Carolina dropped the n-word twice during an absurd argument -- claiming he was justified to say it because a Black man used it, and now he's been suspended.

The cop -- Sgt. Chad Walker -- went on a tirade against a group of patrons outside a bar Saturday night after being called out for the way he was treating some of the people of color ... specifically, the Black guy he claims called him the n-word.

After loudly repeating the n-word twice, Sgt. Walker doubles down on his belief it's okay for him to say it ... despite protests from the crowd for him to stop saying it. He was finally led away by another cop.

The full body cam footage shows Sgt. Chad in the bar, ordering a few patrons to put their drinks down and leave or face arrest ... while enforcing the governor's order to stop serving alcohol at 11 PM amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As one table leaves, the cop accuses the Black man in the video of being "colorblind" for directing the n-word at him, though it's not clear that he did.

Sgt. Walker's been suspended by the Columbia PD and its Chief has apologized, saying the officer failed to fulfill the standards of the department.

The Chief added ... "The repetition of the racial slur and failure to de-escalate the situation were inexcusable." Sgt. Walker will remain on suspension until the department concludes his disciplinary conduct review.

Alaskan Anti-Masker Epic Meltdown at Walmart Staff ... 'You Cannot Stop Me!!!'


An Alaskan who refused to wear a mask at his local Walmart didn't go quietly ... he left the building practically kicking and screaming -- and it's absolutely bonkers.

Check out this guy -- a Texas Longhorns fan, no less -- being escorted out of a Walmart last week in Anchorage, where he tried doing a little shopping without a face covering. That's a big no-no at just about any establishment these days, so the staff asked him to leave.

Just as he was getting near the door, this old fella completely lost it and started screaming in people's faces at the top of his lungs ... with droplets of spit presumably launching in the air.

He starts talking about his rights as a consumer and how they can't refuse his business -- certainly they can -- but then goes on this whole thing about they aren't going to stop him from yelling. A real freedom fighter this one is ... he even squares up a few times to a couple of staffers, one of whom is a woman -- who completely kept her cool. Well done.

One last thing -- before he eventually storms out, he tells the Walmart crew they can get back on their highway to hell ... and to get out of a godly man's face.

Living easy, living free ... season ticket on a one-way ride!!! Damn, now we got it stuck in our heads too.

Sylvester Stallone I'm Scrapping Paulie's Robot From New 'Rocky IV' Cut

Sylvester Stallone is re-releasing "Rocky IV" with a fresh set of eyes -- in his own pure vision, no less -- but one thing that won't be in the new version ... Paulie's iconic maid robot.

Sly made the announcement Sunday on Instagram, saying he's gonna be putting a director's cut of the '80s cult classic film ... which sees his character fighting Ivan Drago in Russia to avenge the death of Apollo Creed. Oh, and that's a big spoiler alert too BTW ... sorry!!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Stallone writes, "For the 35th anniversary Rocky 4 Is getting a new DIRECTORS cut by me. So far it looks great. Soulful.. Thank you MGM For this opportunity to entertain."

Fans flooded his comments to show their excitement, but also their curiosity. Folks wondered whether he'd be adding new scenes, deleting old ones ... and possibly giving more of a backstory to the relationship between Rocky's right-hand man Paulie and his AI love interest in the flick, SICO ... which has been widely panned, but also revered over time.

Well, don't plan on seeing that robot in the Sly's cut ... 'cause the guy says he's scrapping it from the plot completely. In fact, it sounds like he straight up doesn't like SICO at all.

Sly responded to some fans' queries about the bot, and he says, "The robot is going to the junkyard forever. No more robot," while adding to another fan, "I don't like the robot anymore." So, yeah ... it would appear Stallone's getting rid of that subplot, which was campy anyway.

The interesting thing about that robot is that it actually played a role in Sly's real life ... with his own kid, no less. The robot's actual designer, Robert Doornick, said as recently as 2016 Sly caught wind of the robot (before production on "Rocky IV" had started) and hit him and his team up, wondering if it could help with his son Seargeoh, who is autistic.

According to Doornick, they loaned the Stallone family the robot ... and supposedly, it was a huge hit with the kid. So, as a favor to his boy, Sly wrote the robot into the movie for a cameo role. He also cast his other son, Sage, as Rocky's son in the flick.

We're sure Stallone appreciates everything SICO has done, but hey ... it ain't crucial to the story. No harm, no foul ... we think?

Coronavirus Anti-Masker Tries 'Serving' Store with Fake DOJ Document

TikTok / @wittlelizzy

An anti-masker with an attitude refused to leave an Orange County, CA grocery store, saying she was determined to serve the store's manager with a fake Dept. of Justice document, accusing the store of violating the law by requiring masks.

The woman clearly doesn't understand she's not "serving" a document ... rather, she's pushing a phony flyer and other docs she claims are from the DOJ.

The Dept. of Justice has issued several warnings about these fake documents -- some embossed with the DOJ emblem -- which purport to say people with disabilities don't have to wear masks.

Fact is ... the courts have not squarely ruled on whether people with disabilities can enter private stores without masks. In normal times, they might have a case, but given that the coronavirus doesn't overlook anyone, it seems likely a court would rule in favor of public safety.

These fake DOJ cards are floating around the Internet, and various people have tried using them to gain entry to private business without wearing masks. For the most part, store owners aren't buyin' it.

Bella Thorne To Normie OnlyFans Folks My Bad, I'll Try to Fix This Screw-Up!!!

Bella Thorne realizes she screwed over a bunch of ordinary OnlyFans users who now can't make as much money after her no-nudes fake-out ... but she's promising to fix it ASAP.

The one-time Disney star turned Jack-Of-All-Trades entertainer just posted a lengthy apology for the uproar she stirred up in the online sex worker community last week ... when she appeared to have milked OnlyFans for every penny it's worth, thus affecting everyone else.

She writes, "PT1 Remove the stigma behind sex, sex work, and the negativity that surrounds the word SEX itself by bringing a mainstream face to it that’s what I was trying to do, to help bring more faces to the site to create more revenue for content creators on the site."

Bella went on to explain that she has tried a few different times in her career to normalize sex and sex work, but notes that it's often blown up in her face ... like it did this time.

She continues, "...I am a mainstream face and when you have a voice, a platform, you try to use you in helping others and advocate for something bigger than yourself. Again in this process I hurt you and for that I’m truly sorry." There's more -- BT wants a solution.

Bella says she's actually going to be meeting with some OnlyFans honchos soon to get to the bottom of their new changes that drastically limit what people can make, how soon they can get paid ... which immediately came on the heels of Bella's $1 million-plus publicity stunt. OnlyFans says their changes aren't the result of any one person (aka Bella), but most people are calling BS on that, theorizing they're strapped in having to pay her.

Welp, whatever the truth is ... hopefully, Bella can get a legit answer from these folks and force them to do a U-turn. Maybe she should even forfeit the money they owe? That'd probably go a long way for the normie nude posters out there.

McDonald's I'm Lovin' It ... 24-Year-Old Burger and Fries!!!

@aly.sherb/Tik Tok

A woman put a McDonald's burger and fries in a shoebox 24 years ago and tucked it away ... revealing what it looks like nearly a quarter-century later, and ... well, we think it's impressive.

The fries look like they were made 30 minutes before, but the real shock is the burger. The bun has zero mold and the meat looks like it did at Micky D's back in the day.

So, here's the question ... WHY? Why didn't it rot? Why isn't there mold? What's the deal with the burger and fries?

It seems legit ... the bag certainly looks 24 years old.

So ... if someone gave you $1,000, would you chow down the happy meal?

'LHHH' STAR MASIKA KALYSHA I'm Sorry For Faking Kidnapping


12:50 PM PT -- Masika just apologized for faking a beating and kidnapping in a shameless promo ... and she says she now realizes the video was "distasteful."

MK says she "got caught up in the excitement of the moment" while filming her show on human trafficking and she's saying sorry to anyone offended or hurt by the video. She's also been fired from the project "Double Cross" ... though her team says no one from the production has reached out yet.

Masika Kalysha's blunder doesn't seem to be an issue for the sexual exploitation nonprofit she falsely claimed to be working with -- the org still has serious celebrity support.

The former "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star faking a kidnapping and beating to promote her OnlyFans account was triggering and could have diminished the good work being done by the R.O.S.E Organization ... but fortunately, the opposite is happening.


We're told celebs are making sure the org's good name and hard work is not being sullied by Masika.

Tisha Campbell, Angela Rye, Charlamagne tha God, T.I. and Tiny, Angela Yee and DJ Envy, Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey, Sheila E and Mr. Michael Eric Dyson have all come out in support of R.O.S.E in the wake of Masika's stunt ... R.O.S.E. founder and president Toni D. Rivera tells TMZ.

We're told the celebs made it clear they know how hard Toni's worked to build her organization from the ground up and help free countless women and children from the clutches of sexual trafficking and exploitation ... and they won't let Masika undo it all.


Remember ... Masika later claimed she was trying to raise awareness for sex trafficking and needed a "shock factor" to grab people's attention. She also claimed she was working with R.O.S.E but that turned out to be fake too.

Many R.O.S.E. supporters expressed disappointment when they thought Masika was working with the group -- but fortunately, lots of folks are seeing straight through her BS.

@r.o.s.e._organization / Instagram

Bottom line ... Toni and R.O.S.E have been doing great work for victims of sexual exploitation and that shouldn't be lost in the shuffle.

Originally published -- 12:50 AM PT

Dell Loy Hansen MLS Team Owner Accused Of Racist Incidents ... 'It's Like Donald Sterling'

Breaking News

Horrible allegations of racism being hurled at Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen -- with former players and staff describing him as an n-word-dropping racist, akin to Donald Sterling.

Andy Williams -- a former RSL player, who later worked for the team -- told The Athletic, "He's a f**king racist, to be honest."

"I’ve been in situations where it’s like Donald Sterling. He says something, and it’s like, ‘Oh my God, what did he just say?’ It’s Donald Sterling part 2."

"It’s just unbelievable. It’s crazy how he doesn’t see that the stuff that he says affects people."

The bombshell report also describes a 2014 incident in which Hansen used the n-word twice when speaking with the team equipment manager.

Two years later, The Athletic reports Hansen made racially charged comments to FC Dallas player Kellyn Acosta, who scored a goal in the club's victory over RSL.

After the game, Hansen allegedly told his general manager, "When are we gonna lynch this guy?" while directly in front of Acosta.

Former RSL defender Aaron Maund described another disturbing incident when Hansen saw him wearing a hoodie on an elevator in the stadium and told him, "Oh my God, I thought you were a thug."

As we previously reported, Hansen has been under fire over the past few days for comments he made about protests and demonstrations surrounding the Jacob Blake shooting.

Hansen compared watching the protests to being stabbed and said the player demonstrations had "taken a lot of wind" out of his sails.

NBA star Donovan Mitchell was furious about DLH's comments ... and publicly called for him to sell the team.

We've reached out to RSL ... and the team declined to comment.

'Vigilante' Rifle Owner Cordial Run-In w/ Cops Pre-Shooting ... Same Team???


The so-called rifle-toting "vigilante" in Kenosha seemed pretty chummy with law enforcement before his alleged shooting spree -- receiving water and even praise from cops ... which could explain a lot.

The guy, Kyle Rittenhouse, who was seen firing rounds at protesters in the street Monday night appears to be part of an extremist militia group that set up shop at a few places in town, including some sort of car dealership ... where a cameraman caught him on film before the madness erupted.

You clearly see it's the same guy with the backward hat -- he's standing guard at the facility with another rifle-bearing man ... and they both say they're locals doing their duty.

Shortly afterward, the camera catches a few armored police vehicles rolling by and seemingly telling the militia group to scram, specifically telling them to move south. However, the cops don't let these boys leave without some replenishment first ... as in a few water bottles.

Check it out ... you see the "vigilante" in question run over and interact with some officers to retrieve some water for the crew -- and you even hear a cop say they appreciate what these guys are doing. Hard to say if they were actually teamed up in a concerted effort to ward off would-be looters, but the cops certainly sanctioned this set-up, unofficially at best.


This connects to later that same night ... when the same man -- who allegedly shot at multiple people, and killed two -- ran up to and eventually past these same armored vehicles, and wasn't stopped or apprehended. If anything, they seemed to recognize him.

If this is the protocol going forward, we're in for more bloodshed ... that much is almost guaranteed.

Bette Midler Goes after Melania Trump Calls Her 'Illegal Alien' with Bad English

Bette Midler is under fire for making xenophobic comments during Melania Trump's RNC speech, tweeting, "Get that illegal alien off the stage!" and "Oh, God. She still can't speak English."

The First Lady gave her speech in the rose garden of The White House, something that has never been done before. There has always been a figurative wall between 1600 Pennsylvania and campaign speeches. President Trump also appeared during the broadcast in The White House, and he drew fire dragging the military into the campaign. Two members of the military opened the doors as Trump made his entrance.

As for Midler's comments ... she is in fact an American citizen. As some pointed out in reacting to Midler ... Mrs. Trump speaks 5 languages, Slovenian, English, German, French and Italian.

Melania Trump was the only speaker so far at the RNC who addressed the suffering millions of Americans are dealing with in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

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