Bhad Bhabie Watch My Celeb Pals 'Do It Like Me!!!'


Bhad Bhabie -- just dropped a new music video for her first single since finishing rehab ... and she's got some big names helping her out.

Here's the deal ... the 17-year-old rapper, previously known as Danielle Bregoli, made a quarantine version of her "Do It Like Me" music vid, featuring special appearances from her celeb support system, including Demi Lovato, Blac Chyna, Pia Mia, Chief Keef, Charlie XCX and Lexy P.

As you can see ... her famous friends are singing and dancing from home for the new track -- her first since a 30-day rehab stint in June.

Sources close to Bhad Bhabie tell TMZ ... she's had an amazing support system sticking with her through her dark time, and all the celebs in the video believed in her and stood by her during rehab, which helped her get sober.

As we first told you ... Bhad Bhabie was focused on music and business after getting out of rehab, and quickly went to work on her new single.

Our sources say her friends wanted to show support for her sobriety ... so they recorded the clips used in the music vid.

Sounds like treatment and the support system are doing wonders for Danielle ... our sources say she's looking way better physically than she was before rehab.

Logan Paul On Mayweather ... I'd Whoop His Ass in a Street Fight!

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"If I caught Floyd with one punch -- one punch -- I would snap this f**ker in half."

That's Logan Paul GOING OFF about how he would wreck Floyd Mayweather if they ever got into a "real" fight ... while insisting he's still down to fight the G.O.A.T. in a boxing ring, too!

Paul was out at Boa Steakhouse in L.A. over the weekend when he was asked if there's been any progress in a possible Logan vs. Floyd boxing match in the near future.

As we previously reported, 43-year-old Mayweather was recently approached with the idea of having an exhibition bout with 25-year-old Paul ... but no deal has been signed.

Paul was tight-lipped about the plans when we saw him back in September, but now he's calling out Floyd publicly ... and talkin' a TON of trash in the process.


"Let me tell you this, if I caught Floyd in a real fight, street fight, whoop his ass! No question," Paul said ... "MMA? Octagon? Whoop his ass!"

"The only place I think Floyd is safe obviously is the boxing ring, but to be honest, I don't give a f*ck! I don't give a f*ck! I would fight Floyd anytime, anywhere, any place. Doesn't f*ckin' matter to me."

Paul continued, "I'm 8 inches taller, I'm 40 pounds heavier, I'm half his age, I'm 2 times as hungry and 10 times as smart. I'm used to beating up people weaker and shorter than he is. I grew up with Jake!"

When asked why Mayweather won't sign the contract, Logan offered up this explanation.

"Bro, think about it. He's got everything to lose, I've got nothing to lose. Mr. Money wants a money fight!? Let's f*ckin go."

Floyd hasn't fought professionally since beating up Conor McGregor back in 2017 ... though he has taken at least 1 exhibition fight since then, destroying Japanese fighter Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018.

Halloween 2020 COVID-Unsafe Party Shut Down by Cops ... Tik Tokers, YouTubers Skedaddle


A Halloween party packed to the gills with TikTokers, YouTubers and many others was unceremoniously broken up by cops after numerous complaints that the bash was COVD unsafe.

It went down Friday night in swanky Bel Air, CA., with scores of partygoers crammed together in tight spaces ... most of whom are not wearing masks.

Cops showed at around 2 AM after receiving multiple complaints from neighbors about noise, COVID restrictions and parking issues.

Police broke up the party without incident and the costumed partygoers got up and left ... many with drink still in hand.

No arrests were made and it's unclear if the owner of the house was cited.

6-Year-Old Sam Watch Me Rap The ABCs of J-O-Bs

More Sam / YouTube

The future is bright for this young man and his fellow youth ... he's rapping about careers A through Z with a fun take on the ABCs.

Ya gotta see the video ... 6-year-old Sam is running down a list of cool occupations using every letter of the alphabet, and he literally doesn't miss a beat.

Sam's got serious flow and he's inspiring kids to be anything they want when they grow up with his #YouCanBeABCs ... and his dad's hyping him up and laying down a solid beatbox.

Architect, biochemist, computer software developer ... it's all on the table. Heck, he even rhymed gastroenterologist!!! This kid is AWESOME.

YouTuber Andre Abram I Forgive Racist Who Called Me the N-Word


Andre Abram -- the Black man who was told "This is a no n***er zone" by a man named Paul Ng -- says he's dealing with difficult mental aftershock from the incident going viral ... but he's not holding any grudges.

Abram tells TMZ ... last week's confrontation with Ng in Scottsdale was extremely upsetting for him, and he's having a tough time reliving it over and over as the media replays it.

Abram says he's using breathing and relaxation techniques to stay calm, but admits it's been emotionally taxing. He says he has a strong support system of friends and family ... and he won't hesitate to seek more help if needed.


As for Ng ... Andre says he forgives the guy for his actions, but stresses that he needs to understand what he did was wrong and unacceptable.

As we first reported ... Ng was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for his interaction with Abram. He allegedly told cops he was looking out for his community and suspected Abram and his friend of casing the area. In actuality, they were recording an episode of Abram's podcast.

Ng also got fired from his job, and Abram tells us he believes the guy's been punished enough. He also says he'd be willing to meet 1-on-1 with Ng to discuss the incident as part of the healing process ... if Ng is interested.

'90 Day Fiance' Larissa Lima Magic Show Star ... First Gig After '90DF' Split

Jack Alexander

Larissa Lima's landed another entertainment gig ... and just like magic, she's already back in the spotlight after splitting from the '90 Day Fiance' universe.

The Brazilian reality star's the leading woman in magician Jack Alexander's new edgy reality TV show, "Jack Alexander: Magician Exposed" ... and we got a little sneak peek.

Larissa appears out of thin air in a metal cage and walks out on stage to strut her stuff and show off her expensive Kylie-esque makeover with some sexy dance moves.

Larissa eventually gets back into another cage and disappears ... and we're told she was legitimately nervous Jack would make her vanish forever!!!

As we reported ... Larissa announced last month TLC released her from her '90 Day Fiance' contract, and she indicated her CamSoda performance was the last straw.

Didn't take her much time to find a new paying gig ... we're told Larissa trained for the part for several weeks and her only request -- no tricks with fire, after learning Jack was originally planning on having her appear from a box engulfed in flames.

The magic show's launching today and streaming through Jacks' YouTube channel ... and we're told he's interested in bringing Larissa on the road with him when he starts touring the world again.

Of course, those negotiations might be complicated ... because we also learned ICE could be gunning to deport Larissa after last month's brief detainment.

Byron 'Reckful' Bernstein Pro Gaming Star's Death Ruled Suicide


The Travis County medical examiner has wrapped up its investigation into the death of pro gaming star Byron Bernstein -- aka "Reckful" -- and determined he died by suicide.

Bernstein's ex-girlfriend broke the news of his death on July 2 on social media. No details were released at the time. Officials in Travis County, Texas subsequently launched a probe to find out exactly what happened to the 31-year-old.

Now, the M.E. has released the findings of its investigation -- which say emergency responders raced to the scene of the incident and tried to resuscitate Bernstein, but to no avail. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials say Bernstein had been under significant stress ... including dealing with money problems and a breakup with a former girlfriend.

The investigators also noted Bernstein had a history of depression, and had previously attempted suicide several years ago.

Bernstein was a legend in gaming, especially at "World of Warcraft" -- where he was the #1 ranked player in the world for 6 straight seasons.

He famously won the Major League Gaming "WOW" tourney back in 2010.

He later became a streaming sensation on Twitch -- where he amassed a following of more than 900,000. He also developed a big following on YouTube and Twitter.

Bernstein had talked publicly about his battle with depression in the past, saying it started when he was 14.

Just last year, Byron appeared on the HealthyGamerGG show to talk about his issues and revealed he was diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 as a child. He also said his brother took his own life after a battle with depression years ago.


If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling 1-800-273-8255 ... or clicking here.

Tana Mongeau YouTube Verification's Gone ... Booty for Biden Promo to Blame?!?

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YouTube star Tana Mongeau's lost her verification just days after offering to send free nudes to people who could prove they voted for Joe Biden ... and that could explain it.

Fans noticed Tana's YouTube channel -- which boasts nearly 5.5 million subscribers -- seemingly had its verification status removed recently ... which could spell big trouble for her in terms of racking up views and money.

Though it's unclear for sure why she lost her verified checkmark, many believe it's due to her latest controversy ... which includes a possible violation of U.S. electoral law.

Here's what happened -- on Sept. 30 Tana tweeted she'd send her Onlyfans followers a nude for free if they sent proof of voting for the Democratic nominee. She added the hashtag #bootyforbiden.

Problem is -- making an expenditure for a vote -- also known as vote-buying -- is a felony under federal law. So ... Tana was arguably committing a crime, but it's not 100 percent clear.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, her loss of YT verification could also just be a technicality over her recent name change -- if you recall that whole Jake Paul wedding fiasco -- or a host of other reasons.

Still ... very interesting. We've reached out to Tana ... no word back yet.

'Family Guy' Youtuber Arif Zahir the New Cleveland ... Spot-On Impressions

"Family Guy" showrunners have found their new Cleveland Brown voice -- it's a Black YouTuber who can handle the role with ease, and probably a few others on the show too.

Arif Zahir has been cast to voice Cleveland for the 19th season come 2021-2022. The former longtime white voice actor for Cleveland, Mike Henry, will have his last go-round for the 18th season, which premieres Sunday. He announced in June he was dropping the role.

Zahir is a great pick ... for one, he's African-American, something 'FG' producers and Henry himself wanted in the new actor to take up the mantle. More importantly, the guy's spot-on with his impression ... something he's showcased on his channel for a while now.

He's famous for his impersonations, which include Cleveland, Obama, Trump, Ted, Stewie Griffin, 21 Savage ... and others. In case you didn't catch it -- that's THREE characters in the MacFarland-verse that Zahir can pull off no problem -- and he could probably do Peter just as easily. So, if Seth was ever sick during a recording day, Arif could potentially fill in.

The point is ... the dude's a catch-all talent, and Henry himself acknowledged as much. He says of the casting, "I welcome Arif to the Family Guy team. Arif’s vocal talent is obvious, but his understanding of Cleveland and his respect for the character give me confidence that he is in the right hands." He adds, "I look forward to getting to know Arif and working with him to make sure Cleveland stays every bit as awesome as he has always been."

Arif himself said he was eternally grateful for the opportunity, and promised fans not to let them down. The change comes on the heels of several animated shows -- including "The Simpsons" -- committing to casting actors of color for roles that coincide with their race.

Ron Paul Hospitalized After Medical Emergency ... During Online Broadcast

Ron Paul Liberty Report

Ron Paul is recovering in the hospital after suffering an apparent medical emergency while doing a live online broadcast.

The former 12-term congressman from Texas and three-time presidential candidate was in the middle of his "Ron Paul Liberty Report" live stream Friday when he suffered what appeared to be a stroke, though that has not been confirmed.

Watch the video ... the 85-year-old was opining about the economy when he suddenly started slurring his speech. His co-host was clearly dismayed as Paul struggled to speak before the video cuts out.

Paul was taken to a hospital reportedly for "precautionary reasons." Not long after the scary episode ... Paul took to Twitter and told his nearly 675k followers, "I am doing fine. Thank you for your concern."

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul -- one of Ron Paul's 5 children -- later tweeted, "Thank God, Dad is doing well. Thank you for all your prayers today."

Gigi Gorgeous J.K. Rowling Disses My Community ... So, She's Dead to Me!!!


Gigi Gorgeous says 'Harry Potter' used to mean something to her, but on the heels of a new anti-trans controversy involving J.K. Rowling ... that's all changed.

The popular trans influencer was leaving Delilah in WeHo when we asked her about Rowling promoting an online store that sells transphobic merch. Gigi told us enough is enough with the author's continual acts of disrespect and dishonor to her community.

As you'll recall ... even 'Harry Potter' himself, Daniel Radcliffe, ripped Rowling a few months back over her incendiary tweets about gender identity.

Rowling has also offered opinions about, and against, transitioning and bathroom rights for trans people in the past.

The latest backlash she's getting stems from tweeting a link to a shop that sells a witch-themed t-shirt she likes ... in order to support women-owned businesses.

Problem is ... that same shop sells merchandise featuring anti-trans statements as well, including "Transwomen are men," "Woman is Not a Costume," and "F*** your pronouns."

Floyd Mayweather Approached for Logan Paul Boxing Match ... No Deal Yet


Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul?! Maybe ...

Sources close to Mayweather tell TMZ Sports the undefeated legend has been approached with an offer to fight the YouTube star sometime in 2020 ... but as of now, no one has signed on the dotted line.

We're told the fight was not pitched as a sanctioned bout -- but rather an exhibition.

Paul has been looking for a big name opponent ever since his last fight against KSI back in Nov. 2019.

Remember, Paul was in talks to fight Antonio Brown ... but things fizzled mainly due to issues in AB's personal life.

Now, there have been rumblings about 43-year-old Mayweather stepping in to take on 25-year-old Paul ... but we're told it's far from a done deal and right now Floyd is leaning toward "no."

We saw Logan at LAX on Wednesday and asked him about the situation -- and while he was mostly tight-lipped, it's clear he wants the fight to happen.


"You know I can't say sh*t right now," Paul says ... while noting his hands are still up to date.

Meanwhile, Logan's younger brother Jake Paul has a high-profile boxing match coming up soon ... he's taking on ex-NBA star Nate Robinson on the undercard of the big Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight in November.

Floyd hasn't fought professionally since beating up Conor McGregor back in 2017 ... though he has taken at least 1 exhibition fight since then, destroying Japanese fighter Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018.

Caitlyn Jenner Joe Rogan's Trans Joke Falls Flat ... Inaccurate & Hurtful!!!


Caitlyn Jenner is angry at a joke Joe Rogan told about her transition, claiming it's simply transphobic and hurtful to the entire trans community.

Caitlyn's on "TMZ Live" Wednesday ... talking about Rogan's podcast last week, in which he recounted a bit he once told in 2016 about her transition ... and likened it to her being driven crazy by living with the Kardashian women, whom he calls "crazy bitches."

Joe broke down his joke-writing process to Tim Kennedy about the Caitlyn bit that he used in his Netflix special, "Triggered," explaining in his eyes some people are born trapped in the wrong gender, while and others become that due to their environment.

He joked Caitlyn might be the latter ... using the "he" pronoun and calling her "Bruce." Caitlyn's upset at that, but even more upset at Joe's characterization of her daughters.

Caitlyn takes her own shots at Joe -- who is super successful -- saying her daughters have done better in every department.

BTW, Caitlyn just launched her own YouTube channel. It's seriously worth a watch.

Anyway, as for whether she'd go on Joe's show, Caitlyn says she would.

Jackson Mahomes TikTok Helped Me Blaze My Own Path ... Out Of Patrick's Shadow

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His brother is Patrick Mahomes. His father is a former MLB pitcher. Even his godfather, LaTroy Hawkins, threw in the big leagues as well.

Jackson Mahomes -- Pat's little bro who isn't a pro athlete -- says living in that shadow wasn't easy at all ... and claims it was TikTok that helped him get out from under it.

The younger Mahomes said in a video Thursday, growing up as someone who wasn't in love with a sport like the rest of his family was SUPER hard on him.

"I loved basketball, I played it for so long, but I wasn't in love with it when I had the opportunity to go to college," Jackson said. "So, after that, I was very, like, lonely, upset. I didn't know what I was going to do with my life."

But, Jackson says once he began creating content for TikTok ... everything changed.

"Growing up, in everything I did, it was always like, 'Oh, look, it's Patrick Mahomes' brother,'" Jackson said.

"I'll never forget the first time that I was at a football game or at a store when people came up to me noticing me as Jackson from TikTok and not just Patrick Mahomes' brother."

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Jackson is now a verified user on TikTok with nearly 1 MILLION followers ... and he just started up a YouTube channel that already has 18,000 followers as well.

Jackson says he's now created a clothing brand celebrating his new path ... and, he's decided to call it "Unathletic."

"I found my most confident self when I realized that it's OK to be unathletic," he said.

Paris Hilton Babies > Billion$ ... I've Got New Priorities!!!


Paris Hilton still loves her Boss Babe title but it seems as though she's eyeing a new role that may trump it all -- Boss Babe with a Baby ... as in MOM!!!

The OG influencer talked to our fearless reporter, Charlie, and revealed these days she's prioritizing family and relationships ahead of her business. When Paris is straight-up asked if she'd rather talk baby over billions ... Paris flashed her billion dollar smile and said yes.

Now, this isn't to say Paris is ready to get pregnant right now, but she certainly makes it seem like the conversation may be steering that way. In any event ... Paris makes it crystal clear she's focused on what really matters and is focused on the next phase of her life.

These are just some of the many topics she'll cover in her upcoming YouTube Originals documentary, "This is Paris" ... slated to be released Monday. The hotel heiress and entrepreneur also talked about how happy she is in her current relationship with businessman and family friend, Carter Reum.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Check out the video ... Paris -- who just released her 27th (!!!) fragrance -- also talked about regret when asked about her infamous sex tape. You'll recall her ex-BF, Rick Salomon, filmed a sex tape with her in 2001 and released it 3 years later and just before Paris' TV series, "The Simple Life," aired.

Paris says the video still brings an incredibly sour taste when she thinks about it ... adding she wishes she had never met Salomon, whom she ultimately sued for releasing the tape.

In any event ... sure seems Paris has put all of that behind her and has grown for the better. It helps that she looks like a billion bucks.

Carole Baskin I Got My Moves from YouTube ... Get Ready 'DWTS'!!!


Carole Baskin studied hard, and cheaply, before "Dancing With the Stars" ... picking up her ballroom basics by watching video tutorials online.

Sources close to Carole tell TMZ ... she immediately turned to YouTube for help after finding out she was going to be on the upcoming season of 'DWTS' -- and she started with the biggies: salsa, cha-cha and the Venezuelan waltz.

We're told she also enlisted the help of a cool cat ... or kitten -- one of her Big Cat Rescue members teaches dance, and gave Carole some tips.


Let's be real, she needs all the help she can get ... other than her infamous dance clip submission for the Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande music video, we're told Carole has zero dance experience.

Our sources say Carole also signed up for a virtual training app in June, with the music-based training helping her get used to being on tempo. Turns out that's important for dancing.

Carole's looking slim at 'DWTS' rehearsals ... our sources say she lost 20 lbs since shooting 'Tiger King' and is down to 165.

We're told Carole has been on a vegan diet and only eats 2 meals a day. She's also riding her bike 10 miles a day, 7 days a week, and doing a lot of squats, lunges and leaps ... and seeing results.

All that health and fitness might help Carole feel like an L.A. local. She's moved to LaLa Land temporarily for 'DWTS.' Her husband, Howard, and daughter, Jamie, are staying home in Tampa to tend to the big cat sanctuary.

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