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Antonio Brown Domestic Violence Case Pics Show Minor Scrape

2/21/2019 12:50 PM PST

TMZ Sports has obtained the injury photos cops took of the woman who claimed she was physically attacked by NFL star Antonio Brown ... and they show a very minor scratch on her forearm.

As we previously reported, the woman -- who has a child with Brown -- went to the Hollywood Police Dept. on January 18, 2019, to report an incident where Brown allegedly shoved her while they argued at his home on Jan. 17. 

Cops took a report and photographed the alleged injury on her left forearm. According to the police report, the woman said her wrist was in pain and she was scraped from Brown pushing her.

Cops described the injury as "an abrasion with some scabbing."

A short time later, cops say the woman had a change of heart and asked to "cancel" the initial police report -- and stopped cooperating with officials. 

Cops explained they could not "cancel" anything -- and had to include her initial statement and the photos in the case file. 

For his part, Brown adamantly denies any wrongdoing, and his attorney has said he will pursue legal action to get primary custody of their child because he believes she's an unfit parent. 

Brown has not been arrested or charged with a crime. 

Kim Kardashian Unfollows Tristan and Jordyn ... Khloe Wipes Pics

2/20/2019 1:11 PM PST

5:18 PM PT -- Khloe has followed suit, deleting all recent photos of Tristan on her Instagram.

Kim Kardashian feels betrayed by Tristan Thompson and Kylie's best friend, Jordyn Woods ... so now, they're dead to her on Instagram.

Kim pulled the plug -- unfollowing the 2 on Instagram -- in the wake of TMZ's story that Khloe split with Tristan after he hooked up with Jordyn over the weekend at an L.A. house party.

As we reported, Khloe broke up with Tristan over the latest cheating scandal, and this one has a twist with a ripple effect through the entire Kardashian fam.

The big question now ... what's Kylie gonna do? We're told at first she didn't believe the story, but after talking with friends she's come around. As you know, Kylie and Jordyn have been inseparable ... Jordyn even lives in Kylie's guesthouse. 

Kim has 127 million followers on Insta and now only follows 120 folks. 

Rich the Kid's Estranged Wife He Needs to Pay More, But He's Ghosting Me, Legally Speaking

2/20/2019 12:39 PM PST

Rich the Kid's playing hard to get in his divorce case ... so claims his estranged wife who wants the judge to make him pay for being a pain in the ass.

Antonette Willis has filed new legal docs claiming she's been trying to serve the rapper with papers, but he's nowhere to be found. And, in her multiple attempts, she's racked up tons in legal fees and wants him to pony up some of the dough to pay her lawyers.

In the docs, Antonette says Rich has been shelling out $4,500 for her rent and around $3k in other expenses. She says she has no income and her expenses -- which includes $1,225 per week in a luxury car rental -- makes it hard for her to pay her lawyers. She wants $30k from him to help with her legal bills.

She says Rich can afford it cause he makes well over $100k per month.

This is just the latest in their ongoing divorce. TMZ broke the story ... Antonette filed for divorce in March 2018. She claimed he forced her to have multiple abortions and alleged he was violent.

Rich the Kid and Antonette have 2 kids together, whom the rapper hardly sees, according to her. We've reached out to Rich the Kid's camp for comment, so far, no word back.

Kylie Jenner Relationship with Jordyn Uncertain In Wake of Tristan Cheating Scandal

2/20/2019 1:00 AM PST

Kylie Jenner is having enormous trouble processing the revelation her best friend was involved in a cheating scandal with her sister's baby daddy ... and she doesn't know if her relationship with her BFF is worth saving. 

TMZ broke the story ... Khloe Kardashian ended her relationship with Tristan Thompson for good after he allegedly hooked up with Jordyn Woods over the weekend ... making out with her at a house party.

Sources connected to the Kardashian klan tell us, at first Kylie didn't believe it but then, after doing some recon, it sunk in ... that her best friend may have crossed the line. We're told somehow Kylie got in touch with others who were at the party and her doubts evaporated.

The question now ... what happens to Kylie's relationship with Jordyn? The two have been inseparable ... socializing, doing business together and even living together at times. The reality ... at the time of this post, Kylie doesn't know what to do. 

As for the rest of the Kardashians -- our sources say none of them are the least bit surprised Tristan did it again. We're told the family warned Khloe about taking Tristan back after last year's cheating scandal ... but ultimately backed off because it's Khloe's life and her decision. 

What they weren't expecting, much like Kylie, is Jordyn's role. We're told it would've been less painful if it was a random chick, like the times before.

Even if Khloe's done for good, everyone thinks she'll still maintain a civilized relationship with Tristan for the sake of baby True.

Lil Xan GF Only 5 Weeks Preggo ... We're Really Hoping for a Boy!!!

2/19/2019 12:30 AM PST

Lil Xan and his GF refuse to bow to old traditions ... which is why they announced she's expecting their first child, even though she's only 5 weeks pregnant.

The rapper and Annie Smith told us ... initially, they wanted to wait to share the news, but Xan was so overcome with joy he couldn't keep the secret. Typically, expectant parents wait until the end of the first trimester, just to make sure the pregnancy's going smoothly.

Xan says he cried tears of joy after Annie surprised him with her at-home pregnancy test results, and it all came pouring out Sunday night on the Internet. Turns out, Annie and the 22-year-old rapper had been trying to get pregnant but were still shocked they pulled it off.

They also aren't shy about what they want -- it's a boy ... they hope.

Check out the vid ... Xan -- who left a rehab facility in December and finished his treatment at home last month -- says he's motivated now, more than ever, with a little one on the way.


Kylie and Travis Baby #2?

2/3/2019 8:35 AM PST

 9:00 AM PT -- Kylie was apparently screwing with people, because she just commented back to someone who asked if she was pregnant, "no lol."

Kylie Jenner may be telling a joke about being pregnant, but maybe she isn't.

Kylie posted this pic of her and Travis Scott embracing with the caption, "Baby #2?"

It could be a joke, but the timing of the post is curious. Kylie announced she had given birth to Stormi on February 4 last year, during the Super Bowl game.  

The new post is 2 days shy of the exact one-year mark of the birth announcement.

What's more, Stormi just had her first birthday last Friday.

And, there's this ... Travis is about to take the stage in ATL during the halftime Super Bowl show ... and an announcement would then go out to the world.

Then again ... she could just be screwing with everyone. 

Tekashi69 Baby Mama Says ... His Snitching Puts Us in Harm's Way!!!

2/1/2019 1:39 PM PST

Tekashi69 is hanging his 3-year-old daughter out to dry by diming out his fellow gang members to the feds ... this according to the mother of his child.

6ix9ine's ex-GF, Sara Molina, joined us on "TMZ Live" shortly after she was blindsided by the news the rapper pleaded guilty to 9 counts ... including racketeering, conspiracy, firearms offenses and narcotics trafficking.

As we reported, Tekashi spilled the beans to feds about how and why he got into the Nine Trey bloods ... and also named names of other gang members allegedly involved in a slew of crimes.

Sara says Tekashi's left behind yet another mess for her to clean up ... but she's especially worried, because she believes little Saraiyah is in danger. Sara says she'll protect her family at all costs, even if that it means keeping Saraiyah away from Dad. She makes no bones about it ... she won't allow Tekashi's baggage near her daughter.

The rapper -- who admitted to selling a kilo of heroin and paying someone to shoot at a rival gang member, among many other crimes -- remains behind bars and will be sentenced January 24, 2020.

Fetty Wap's Baby Mama Arrested After Fight for Telling Cop ... 'Suck My F***ing D***!!!'

1/28/2019 12:20 AM PST

Fetty Wap's baby mama was beaten and left with a busted-up car after a massive brawl, but the reason she got arrested was her potty mouth.

According to the police report ... cops talked to Lezhae Lowder last week after they were called to a New Jersey White Castle over a vicious fight. They say when they showed up there was no fighting but noticed there had been a car accident  ... and Lezhae said the whip was hers.

Cops claim she became irate while they were investigating and began yelling vulgarities. She allegedly told one of the officers ... "Suck my f***ing d***."

At that point, she was placed in cuffs and arrested for disorderly conduct/improper behavior.

We broke the story ... the melee was caught on video, and appears to show a group of people attacking Fetty's BM and her friends. Lezhae's seen on the ground covering herself at one point, before someone floors it in her vehicle and crashes into the fast food joint.

The violence erupts again after that, as the crowd rushes the car and smashes it to hell.

The fighting allegedly stemmed from a tiff earlier in the night at a bar ... between Lezhae and Fetty's other baby mama, Alexis Skyy.

XXXTentacion Girlfriend Gives Birth to Son ... 7 Months After Murder

1/27/2019 6:45 AM PST

XXXTentacion's legacy lives on, in the form of a baby boy who was born 7 months after his tragic death.

X's girlfriend gave birth Saturday to Gekyume Onfroy. The kid already has a nickname -- Yume! Gekyume is derived from a word X created. It means "a different state" or the next universe of thought. X's mom and girlfriend say X himself chose the name for his firstborn son.

Both mother and child are healthy.

Yume was born 3 days after what would have been X's 21st birthday.

TMZ broke the story ... X was murdered in his car last June in Broward County after 2 men were lying in wait as he left a motorcycle dealership. Four men were arrested and are awaiting trial.

Chris Brown's Baby Mama Nia Guzman's Home Burglarized ... While She Was Next Door!!!

1/24/2019 12:40 AM PST

Chris Brown and his baby mama are both having a difficult week, because a day after Breezy was arrested for allegedly raping a woman in Paris, Nia Guzman had her Los Angeles home burglarized ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to Chris' baby mama tell TMZ ... someone entered Nia's apartment Tuesday night and stole a ton of designer bags and shoes belonging to Nia, her oldest daughter and the former couple's daughter, Royalty

And, get this ... we're told Nia was visiting her mom in the apartment next door when the heist went down.

Our law enforcement sources confirmed the burglary ... and we're told LAPD is investigating, but there aren't any suspects or leads yet.

It's interesting ... we're told Nia believes someone's been watching her routine, because they struck while she was at her mom's place. We're told Nia left the lights and TV on while she stepped out, but her door was unlocked. 

As for Chris ... he's been released from custody in France and plans to sue his alleged rape victim for defamation.

Fetty Wap's BM Massive Brawl Caught on Video

1/20/2019 7:50 AM PST

It was a brutal scene outside a White Castle in Paterson, NJ early Friday morning -- and the new video clearly shows it -- as a group of people appear to be attacking Lezhae Lowder, Fetty Wap's baby mama and her friends. 

Alexis Skyy was there, laying low inside her Benz Truck, which you can see in the drive-thru while the melee occurs ... at least that's what Lezhae tells TMZ.

Lezhae and Alexis allegedly got into it earlier in the night at a bar. According to Alexis, she and her friends then went to the White Castle where Lezhae pulled up and tried to confront her with a knife.  

Although there are no signs of a knife in the video, you see the violence ... someone is stomped and punched repeatedly before being dragged by the hair. At one point you see Lezhae on the ground, covering herself.

The most frightening moment comes when a car tries to drive through the crowd, almost hitting multiple people before crashing into the side of the White Castle. The violence erupts again as the crowd rushes the car, smashing the back windshield.

Lezhae was arrested for misdemeanor reckless endangerment for involvement in the brawl.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Makes Zero Effort to Contact Family ... Says His Baby Mama

1/12/2019 12:40 AM PST

Tekashi69 is ghosting his kid since getting locked up -- making no attempt to reach out to her, according to the child's mother.

We got Sara Molina, 6ix9ine's baby mama, out in NYC and she says it's been radio silence since the feds took the rapper into custody, and he was indicted on racketeering charges. As we first reported, his 3-year-old daughter, Saraiyah, didn't get any Christmas presents from dear ol' dad.

That might be understandable -- since he's behind bars -- but Tekashi's GF, Jade, got to unwrap a G-Wagon. She also got a Rolex for her 22nd birthday. Sooo ... not a great look for him with the fam.

The fact he was all cozied up with Jade during a recent visit ... has also gotta sting for Sara.

You'll recall, just last October Tekashi seemed to be embracing his role as Saraiyah's papa. A lot's changed since then -- but still, Sara stopped short of trashing her baby daddy.

In fact, she has some advice for him on how best to use his time in lockup. Hint: It doesn't involve handsy photo ops with Jade.

Lonzo Ball Baby Daughter Sits Courtside ... Daddy Balls Out!!

1/10/2019 7:04 AM PST
Breaking News

Lonzo Ball was a human highlight reel Wednesday night ... and he had his biggest little fan in the front row cheering him on the whole time!!

Zo's baby mama, Denise Garcia, brought 5-month-old Zoey -- decked out in her own little Ball jersey -- to the Lakers vs. Pistons game at Staples Center ... and they picked a great one to go to.

Ball had a handful of incredible plays in his 11-assist game that had everyone -- including Baby Baller -- going crazy. The Lake Show ultimately beat Detroit in a 113-100 butt-kicking. 

We broke the story ... Zo and Denise welcomed Zoey into the world back in July.

Unclear if this was Zoey's first time watching her daddy at work ... but it's great to see the fam together after the whole "deadbeat" drama.

Other celebs at the Laker game include Charlize Theron, model Kaia Gerber and Andy Garcia.

But, if Lonzo plays like this every time his daughter's in attendance ... expect to see her a LOT more from now on. 

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