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Khloe Kardashian Cavs Good Luck Charm? 'Obviously!'

1/14/2019 6:17 AM PST

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally broke their 12-game losing streaking against the Lakers in Los Angeles on Sunday -- while Khloe Kardashian was in the stands cheering on her man Tristan Thompson

Coincidence? She thinks not! 

Khloe and TT were leaving Craig's after the game -- all smiles in great moods -- where they jokingly took the credit for the big 101-95 win over the LeBron-less Lakers at Staples Center. 

In all seriousness, Tristan had a solid game, posting a double-double (15 points, 14 rebounds) -- and he's having a pretty solid year overall. 

No sign of their daughter True out last night -- but there was definitely baby on brain for our photog ... who asked the couple if they were planning on having any more adorable kids in the future. 

They didn't say no ... 

Steph Curry College Jersey Won't Be Retired ... Until He Graduates

1/14/2019 12:40 AM PST

Steph Curry is the most famous person to EVER play basketball at Davidson College (by far!) ... so, why hasn't his jersey been retired?!

Simple -- Steph's gotta get his degree first. Seriously. 

Remember, Steph is a LEGEND at Davidson, where he was a consensus 1st Team All-American and famously led the Wildcats to the Elite 8 in the 2008 NCAA Tournament. 

So, when we spotted Steph's old college coach, Bob McKillop out in D.C., we had to get an explanation for why Steph's old #30 jersey ain't hangin' in the rafters. 

"I think he's in the process of completing his degree," McKillop told us after heaping TONS of praise on his old player. 

We followed up with the school and athletic director Chris Clunie told us that Steph is still actively working on his degree ... and as soon as he completes his education, boom -- the jersey gets retired. 

Clunie says the school is extremely proud of all that Steph has accomplished on and off the court. They love the guy. 

By the way, during his college days, Steph listed his major as sociology. Unclear if he's still pursuing that major or if he's changed it like a ton of other kids. 

Shaq If I Were a Young Star ... I'd Sign With Knicks

1/13/2019 12:40 AM PST

Forget Los Angeles ... Shaq says if he were a young baller in today's NBA -- his next free agency contract would be with the Knicks!!!

"If I was a youngster, Madison Avenue would be turning into Shaq Avenue."

It's interesting ... seeing as EVERY big-name free agent over the last several years has passed on the Knicks for other (mostly Golden State-colored) pastures.

But, the Diesel tells us he doesn't understand why dudes aren't just lining up to play in Madison Square Garden.

"People always talk about business and business after basketball. Knicks don't have a star player, so any superstar that comes there, Madison Avenue is going to open up them doors."

That could change soon ... while the free agent market ain't exactly warm for NY next summer -- a high draft pick could be in the cards.

Does that mean Zion Williamson could be the next Knicks superstar?? We know one guy who'd love to see that ...

Michael Irvin Julio & Antonio Should Join Forces ... That's What Stars Do These Days

1/12/2019 2:15 PM PST

The times they are a-changin' ... which is why a legendary NFL wide receiver thinks Julio Jones and Antonio Brown should team up to win it all.

TMZ Sports got Cowboys HOF'er Michael Irvin outside of Catch in Weho Friday night, and he tells us he'd like to see the Falcons WR and the Pittsburgh WR -- who's on the outs with the Steelers -- get together to win a Super Bowl ... because neither one of 'em has won anything yet.

We broke the story ... Jones rejected the notion of A.B. coming to Atlanta, saying his team was good as is. But, Irvin thinks if LeBron can hook up with D. Wade, and Durant can hook up with Steph to get a ring ... Julio should be a little more open to the idea.

As for whether Michael would have welcomed Jerry Rice to be his tag team partner back in the day ... he's not going that far. Besides ... they both did fine on their own.

Byron Scott Divorce Advice For Jeff Bezos ... Take It From Me!!

1/12/2019 12:20 AM PST

Byron Scott knows what it's like to go through a nasty public divorce ... so here's the ex-NBA coach giving some very valuable advice to Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos!!

The ex-Lakers star was leaving Craig's in WeHo when we broke the news to him that Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are calling it quits after 25 years.

Scott can relate -- he called things off with his wife Anita after 29 years of marriage back in 2014. The divorce wasn't exactly the friendliest split ... they went to war over everything from mansions to clothing and even hair care. 

Byron's divorce became official in 2015 after a yearlong battle -- so we had to ask if he had any pointers for Bezos. 

"Tell him I said, 'good luck' ... AND GET A GOOD LAWYER!!"

Hear that, Jeffy? Take it from Byron ... dude knows what he's talkin' about.

Auburn Women's Hoops Causes 'Uproar' W/ Locker Room Dance ... Awesome Moves

1/11/2019 1:01 PM PST
Breaking News

Need that extra push headin' into the weekend?? Here's the Auburn women's basketball team to get you hyped ... with one of the best locker room dance-offs you'll ever see!!

The Tigers turned their locker room into to a dance party with an incredible choreographed dance to Lil Wayne's "Uproar" ... and they went OFF!! ... with a mashup of all the best moves.

Dougie, shoot, Harlem Shake ... you name it, they killed it.

The girls clearly took their time to plan it all out ... and the results are incredible.

Your move, Bama.

Shaq Defends Kevin Hart 'He Apologized, Move On'

1/11/2019 10:03 AM PST

Shaquille O'Neal is calling for people to back off Kevin Hart ... saying he shouldn't have to keep apologizing for his old homophobic jokes and wants everyone to "just move on."

"Some people feel he made a mistake," Shaq said ... "He apologized for his mistake. I always thought comedians were allowed to crack jokes."

"Anyone that knows Kevin Hart should know that anything he said was never malicious."

Of course, Shaq is referring to some of Hart's tweets and stand-up bits from 2009 to 2011 -- when the comic described how he'd react if he found out his son was gay. 

"Yo if my son comes home & try's 2 play with my daughters doll house I'm going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice ‘stop that's gay,'" Hart tweeted in 2009. 

The material resurfaced after Hart was named the host of the 2019 Academy Awards -- and after a backlash online and a demand for renewed apologies, Hart pulled out of the show and only apologized after stepping down. 

"He shouldn't have to keep apologizing," Shaq said ... "He apologized twice."

"People should just move on. Everyone makes mistakes."

Of course, Shaq and Kev go way back -- Hart was a headliner Shaq's All-Star Comedy Jam back in 2009 and they've been friends ever since. 

Shaq's not the only big star who's come to Hart's defense -- Ellen DeGeneres also went to bat for the comic ... backing Kev's stance that he's evolved and said it's his right to host the Oscars. 

High School Basketball Star Maori Davenport Can Play ... Judge Rules

1/11/2019 9:23 AM PST
Breaking News

High school basketball superstar Maori Davenport will be ALLOWED to play in her game Friday night after a judge called off her suspension. 

Davenport's story became national news when athletic officials in Alabama ruled her ineligible after learning she received an $857 check from Team USA basketball for playing in a tourney back in August. The check covered lost wages and expenses. 

The check was sent to Davenport as the result of a clerical error -- she never sought out the payment. 

Davenport initially cashed the check under the assumption it was a standard operating procedure for people playing for Team USA. When the organization realized the error, they asked for the money back and she returned it the next day. 

Still, officials in Alabama believed cashing the check violated the rules -- and deemed her ineligible for her senior year. 

It's a big deal considering 6'4" Davenport is one of the best players in the country -- and committed to attend Rutgers next year. 

Huge stars like Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Billie Jean King and more spoke out in Davenport's defense -- calling the suspension ridiculous and insisting she did nothing wrong. 

An emergency motion was filed in Pike County Circuit Court and on Friday the judge decided to repeal the suspension -- pending the outcome of a hearing on the matter. 

Translation, Davenport can play with her high school team for now. 

Enes Kanter To Turkey President: Jail Threats Don't Scare Me!

1/11/2019 8:03 AM PST
Breaking News

Enes Kanter says he won't be bullied into silence by the President of Turkey -- saying jail threats against him and his family are only inspiring him to be MORE critical of Recep Erdogan

The NY Knicks star is doubling down on his decision to remove himself from a team trip to the U.K. -- claiming he's more susceptible to Erdogan's hit squad overseas. 

"If I'm in America, I'm safe. I feel very safe," Kanter told CBS News. "But, if I step outside of America,  it will be a very dangerous situation."

Kanter says he's been under fire from Turkish officials for years for insulting Erdogan publicly -- even calling the guy the "Hitler of our generation."

Other U.S. officials, including Rep. Peter King, have told TMZ Sports ... Kanter's fears are warranted because Erdogan is a bad dude and runs Turkey like a police state. 

Kanter has been labeled a terrorist for his comments -- and says officials have even locked his father as retribution. 

"If you speak out against Erdoğan, that means you're a terrorist. If he cannot put you in jail, then he will take your family away and put them in jail and say, 'if you don't stop running against me, then I'm gonna keep your family in jail.'"

"That's what he's trying to do, did that to me, that he tried to put my dad in jail, so he thought that I was gonna stop talking, that made me even talk about this more so the world can see it."

As we previously reported, ex-NBA player Hedo Turkoglu -- who's also from Turkey -- ripped Kanter on social media ... saying his claims against the President are baseless and reckless

Then again, Turkoglu also serves as an advisor to Erdogan. 

Jalen Rose Melo's NBA Career Is Over, Unless ...

1/10/2019 9:17 AM PST

It's gonna take a minor TRAGEDY to get Carmelo Anthony back in the NBA -- so says Jalen Rose who thinks Melo's pro hoops career is over unless a team loses a player to injury. 

34-year-old Anthony hasn't played in the league since parting ways with Houston earlier this season -- but there have rumblings he'll team up with LeBron James on the Lakers before the All-Star break next month. 

Rose ain't holding his breath ... unless an NBA team loses a player to injury and they could plug Melo in to fill the role. Still, Jalen explains why it's complicated. 

"He can still contribute. It's just ... finding the right opportunity is tough because unless there's a major injury, a contender team probably wouldn't add him. And then, a lottery team is probably looking to 'Stop tryin' for Zion,' so they're tanking in a lot of ways."

"Maybe an injury happens and he gets back in the league."

Rose says Melo is a surefire NBA Hall of Famer -- and he really doesn't want to see his career end after a less-than-memorable 10-game stint in Houston. 

"He deserves better."

Lonzo Ball Baby Daughter Sits Courtside ... Daddy Balls Out!!

1/10/2019 7:04 AM PST
Breaking News

Lonzo Ball was a human highlight reel Wednesday night ... and he had his biggest little fan in the front row cheering him on the whole time!!

Zo's baby mama, Denise Garcia, brought 5-month-old Zoey -- decked out in her own little Ball jersey -- to the Lakers vs. Pistons game at Staples Center ... and they picked a great one to go to.

Ball had a handful of incredible plays in his 11-assist game that had everyone -- including Baby Baller -- going crazy. The Lake Show ultimately beat Detroit in a 113-100 butt-kicking. 

We broke the story ... Zo and Denise welcomed Zoey into the world back in July.

Unclear if this was Zoey's first time watching her daddy at work ... but it's great to see the fam together after the whole "deadbeat" drama.

Other celebs at the Laker game include Charlize Theron, model Kaia Gerber and Andy Garcia.

But, if Lonzo plays like this every time his daughter's in attendance ... expect to see her a LOT more from now on. 

NY Congressman Backs Enes Kanter 'Erdogan Is a Dangerous Person'

1/9/2019 2:40 PM PST

Turkey president Recep Erdogan is a dangerous person and NY Knicks player Enes Kanter sounds justified in fearing for his life ... so says U.S. Congressman Peter King

Remember, Kanter just backed out of an upcoming team trip to the U.K. because he believes Erdogan has access to assassins in England who would "easily" kill him for his constant criticism of the regime. 

Kanter -- who's been labeled a terrorist in his home country -- has repeatedly called Erdogan as the Hitler of our generation. 

The criticism has pissed off fellow Turkish NBA player Hedo Turkoglu who blasted Kanter in the media ... saying Enes is spreading false information to damage Erdogan.  

So, when we saw Rep. King [R-NY] out in D.C. we asked if he thinks Kanter's fears are legit. 

"I do know that Erdogan runs a police state, that he's capable of violence," King told us.

"And, if a player for the Knicks or any person here working in the U.S. thinks there's a real threat to his life, I can understand why he wouldn't wanna go over."

King notes that Erdogan is a "dangerous person" -- and "based on what goes on in Turkey, I can understand Kanter's position."

Floyd Mayweather Face Off With Manny Pacquiao ... at Clippers Game

1/9/2019 6:53 AM PST
Breaking News

This is how it started last time ...

Floyd Mayweather came face-to-face with Manny Pacquiao at an NBA game on Tuesday -- begging the question ... are they finally going to rematch?! 

Manny was a VIP guest during "Filipino Heritage Night" at the L.A. Clippers game at Staples Center ... where Floyd happened to be sitting in his usual courtside seats. 

By the way, Floyd chartered his private jet from Vegas to L.A. specifically for the Clippers game -- and then flew back immediately after it ended. 

Seems the point of the trip was less about taking in the game and more about that photo op with Manny to hype a potential rematch ... a rematch they've been talking about for months. 

Remember, back in January 2015, Floyd and Manny had a similar face-off at the Miami Heat game -- where they exchanged numbers and really kicked the negotiations into high gear. 

They ultimately fought in May 2015 ... with Floyd getting the dub in a pretty underwhelming 12-round snoozefest. 

Manny has a big fight coming up against Adrien Broner on Jan. 19 -- but he's previously told us he wants Floyd after he gets through AB. 

As for Floyd, he just pummeled Tenshin Nasukawa in a bizarre New Year's Eve exhibition match in Japan ... and while many question if Tenshin took a dive, Floyd looked pretty good.

As for the game ... Clips beat the Charlotte Hornets 128-109.

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