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Ariana Grande Remembers Mac Miller on 27th Bday ... 'miss u'

1/19/2019 11:31 AM PST

Mac Miller would've turned 27 on Saturday, and one very important person in his life definitely didn't forget the occasion ... Ariana Grande

Mac's ex paid tribute to the late MC on social media just after the clock struck 12 on what would've been his next birthday. She tweeted at 12:13 AM ... "miss u."

She also posted what appears to be a personal photo of the two of them on her Instagram story, where it looks like they were hanging out in a studio and goofing around.

It's been 4 months since the tragic passing of Mac Miller -- and Ariana has been mourning his death ever since ... both in song and in her personal life. Just last month, she posted a photo of his hands on a keyboard ... but quickly took the post down.

We've been told Ariana is still grappling with his demise to this day ... and her latest tribute is clear evidence of that. 

TMZ broke the story ... Mac died of an accidental overdose in September after ingesting a fatal combination of fentanyl and cocaine. 

He might be gone, but he's certainly not forgotten. 

Ray J Bday Car Buying Spree Good for Me ... And Charity!!!

1/19/2019 12:30 AM PST

Remember the insane shopping spree Ray J went on for his 38th birthday? Turns out, he didn't stop with treating himself to a brand new Maybach and Lincoln -- he also splurged on a classic car ... for a good cause.

We broke the story ... the R&B singer dropped $410,000 on whips for himself and his wife, Princess Love, at Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. in Scottsdale, AZ on Wednesday.

According to sources close to Ray, he opened up his checkbook again. We're told he and his pal RD Whittington, owner of Luxury Auto Collection, split a $165k tab on a yellow 1967 Chevy Camaro ... and all the cash goes to charity.

We're told the money for the classic ride will be donated to Childhelp, a foundation that helps victims of child abuse.

As for the plan for the whip moving forward ... Ray's manager, David Weintraub, tells us they'll bring the car to 60 Years of Miracles: Drive The Dream Gala in February to continue to raise awareness for Childhelp.

Gotta love it when a birthday plan comes together ... and has an extra happy ending.

Ray J 38th Bday Wish Comes True $400k of Maybachs & Lincolns, Baby!!!

1/17/2019 2:32 PM PST

Ray J rang in his 38th birthday with the best gift possible -- a couple of new 4-wheel treats for himself and his wife, Princess Love ... for which he spared no expense. 

Sources close to the R&B singer tell TMZ ... Ray went car shopping Wednesday at one of the best pit stops for the filthy rich -- Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. in Scottsdale, AZ, where he was given the VIP treatment by none other than CEO Craig Jackson.

Jackson guided Ray on a tour of the facility along with his movie producer pal, RD Whittington, where they saw just about every type of classic car you can imagine.

By the end of it, Ray was ready to buy and we're told he went with something a little more modern than a Model T -- like a 2018 Mercedes-Benz Maybach and 2019 Lincoln Navigator! Total cost ... a cool $410,000. Easy money, if you're RJ.

Our sources say the Maybach was the pricier whip of the two, running him $320k, while the Lincoln cost $90k. Of course, he couldn't help but pose with his new prized possessions.

Like they say ... treat yourself.

Betty White You Bet I'm Celebrating #97 ... It's Poker Night!!!

1/17/2019 10:21 AM PST

Betty White's been on this earth for 97 years, but she'll never stop hustlin' ... especially when it comes to playing cards.

The Hollywood legend's celebrating her 97th birthday today, and sources close to her tell TMZ she's using the special occasion as a reason to hook up with some friends Thursday night and play poker.

We're told Betty's poker pals go way back -- she's been anteing up with them for decades.

As for her health -- we're told Betty's feeling great and happy as ever. She was spotted out on a rainy day in Beverly Hills Wednesday, and as always ... she had nothing but smiles for her fans as she ran errands, accompanied by her driver.

As we told you ... the 'Golden Girls' star worked on her bday a couple years ago, but took it easy at a nice dinner with friends for her 96th.

Cheers to another year, Betty! Happy birthday!!! 

Chrissy Teigen Meet Mini-John ... But, Which One's Better???

1/12/2019 4:09 PM PST

Chrissy Teigen's throwing a birthday bash for her hubby John Legend tonight, and she's asking for help from her fans on what to wear ... for her son.

Chrissy shared a couple beyond adorable shots of the couple's 7-month-old son Miles in a black tuxedo and a white one, adding ... "need your help dressing mini-john. Which one!"

She also added a poll -- which as of now has nearly 400,000 votes -- and the baby white tux is ahead big time with 67 percent.

John's 40th bday was actually in late December, but the family's celebrating Saturday night ... and there's no doubt Miles' outfit will be a hit.

No word if Luna is dressing as mini-Chrissy ... but we wouldn't doubt it.

R. Kelly Cops Called to Nightclub ... During Wild Bday Party

1/10/2019 5:19 AM PST

Cops showed up at R. Kelly's birthday celebration at a Chicago nightclub, responding to a call about a warrant for the singer's arrest ... TMZ has learned.

Kelly was partying his ass off at V75 Chicago early Thursday morning when cops say someone dropped a dime ... calling them to say Kelly was there, and had a warrant for his arrest. Check out the police dispatcher putting the call out to Chicago PD units.

Law enforcement confirmed to TMZ they did indeed go to the club and made contact with Kelly -- however, once they determined there was NO actual arrest warrant ... Kelly was free to go about his business.

It's unclear if the caller was just pranking Kelly, or if the person really thought there was an arrest warrant ... but cops tell us they routinely respond to such calls ... just to make sure.

As for Kelly's party ... it was a pretty wild scene.

View this post on Instagram

R. Kelly stopped in to celebrate his Birthday wit us @v75 the personal shit aside the talent is undeniable !!!!!

A post shared by Arthur Reed (@arthur1014) on

He was surrounded by screaming fans as he grabbed the mic and declared, "I don't give a f**k about what's going on!!" -- a clear reference to the controversy swirling around him after the airing of "Surviving R. Kelly."

Strange as it sounds ... Kelly had tons of fans on hand gassing him up as he sang the opening to "Bump N' Grind."

Cuba Gooding Jr. Bags Up 51 w/ 'No Diggity' Karaoke

1/9/2019 9:35 AM PST

Cuba Gooding Jr. -- who's got class, style and street knowledge by the pound -- rang in 51 with an awesome night of karaoke, and we gotta say ... he killed it.

The actor celebrated his birthday by singing karaoke last weekend at Il Piccolo Verde in Brentwood. His song of choice was Blackstreet's "No Diggity." True classic, for sure.

He was standing side by side with his longtime producer pal, Will Luke, who provided backing vocals. But, it was Cuba who was shining ... belting out the chorus. We're told this all went down around 1 AM Saturday ... so, fair to say he was partying hard for his big night. 

Funny enough ... he flew to NYC shortly after, where he kicked off a month-long Broadway run as the lead in "Chicago" this past Monday.

Dude's a machine ... no diggity, no doubt.

Daniel Cormier Picks Up $300 Bill at Restaurant For Woman Battling Cancer

12/29/2018 12:15 AM PST

Daniel Cormier is proving why he's the champ in AND out the Octagon -- the UFC star footed a $300 dinner bill for a woman who's battling Stage 4 cancer. 

Pete Guzman and his mom, Rosario, were eating dinner at Sapporo Japanese restaurant in Monterey, CA on Thursday when in walks his favorite MMA fighter, Daniel Cormier. 

Cormier was with his own family -- and, as fate would have it, they were seated with Pete and Rosario at the hibachi table.

Pete tells TMZ Sports ... Cormier and his fam couldn't have been nicer people. They had a great conversation and even posed for pics afterward. 

And, since it was Rosario's birthday, the Cormiers busted out their singing voices for a rendition of "Happy Birthday." 

When the time came to pay the check, the wait staff told Pete and Rosario their bill had already been covered ... by the reigning UFC heavyweight champion of the world! 

"My mom was loving every second of it," Pete tells us.

Oh, and get this ... Pete says Cormier didn't know Rosario was battling stage 4 cancer (she never mentioned it at the table). But, the gesture provided so much happiness during this difficult time. 

To top it all off ... Cormier even gave Rosario a handwritten birthday wish and autograph!!

C'mon ... even Jon Jones has to give Cormier props for this one!!!!

Pleasure P Busted for DUI Allegedly Asks to Call Shaq from Police Station

12/28/2018 2:10 PM PST

2:09 PM PT -- According to the police report -- obtained by TMZ -- PP was spotted weaving in and out of traffic in an SUV at a speed estimated to be over 100 MPH. Cops say they pulled him over and ordered PP out of the vehicle and cuffed him ... he then stated his name was Pleasure P from Pretty Ricky.

Cops say PP reeked like booze, and it was so bad, they had to roll down the windows of the police car to air it out. The report says the singer was given a breath test once back at the station -- where he blew a .176 and then a .175 -- more than twice the legal limit. 

And, get this -- cops say while he was getting booked, PP asked to call Shaq and the rapper Flo Rida -- a request that was denied. 

Pleasure P -- a member of the R&B group Pretty Ricky -- joked about telling the devil to go back to hell 'cause he had some birthday celebrating to do ... and hours later he was busted for DUI.

Pleasure P, who turned 34, was busted in Miami Friday morning and booked for DUI, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving and resisting an officer. Pleasure P -- who left the group in 2007 for a solo career -- was released after posting bail.

It's interesting ... Pleasure P posted a video on Instagram to thank his more than 325k followers for the birthday wishes. He captioned it, "My birthday started off a little slow which is why I haven't been posting the devil was trying to work, but I told his ass to go back to hell because I got some celebrating to do."


Originally Published -- 1:32 PM PST

Donald Trump Jr. Gets Strip Club Offer ... Ring in Your 41st with Aubrey O'Day!!!

12/20/2018 8:50 AM PST

If Donald Trump Jr. doesn't have plans to celebrate his 41st birthday on NYE, a Vegas strip club is willing to throw him a party ... hosted by none other than his alleged ex, Aubrey O'Day.

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in Sin City is extending an invitation to DTJ to ring in the big 4-1 later this month in the company of his alleged one-time mistress -- who strongly implied, one way or another, they hooked up in 2011 while she was a cast member on 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

The ex-Danity Kane member is set to perform 3 songs at the shindig, and even share face time with certain guests. That could be Trump Jr. ... if his heart desires! Although, we're pretty sure his current GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle, ain't gonna be down for this. 

The club's GM actually went through Jr.'s dad ... sending a letter to Prez Trump, cordially inviting both him and his boy to party. He wrote, "You and your family have done so much for this country that we at the Hustler Organization want to show our appreciation by throwing [DTJ] a birthday he will never forget."

Sure, flattery will get ya everywhere with 45, but clearly this whole thing is a total troll.

Aubrey's famously pissed at DTJ for blowing her off -- and Larry Flynt famously hates the Prez. He offered $10 mil for any dirt to get him impeached.

Anyway, Aubrey's performing ... with or without the Trumps' presence.

Ex-Marlins President Flips Off And Trolls Hecklers ... 'F*ck You!!!'

12/18/2018 4:07 PM PST
Breaking News

Ex-Miami Marlins president David Samson egged on hecklers at a party this weekend ... flipping off the crowd, bragging about his team's sale and then screaming, "F*ck you!!!"

It all went down at ESPN personality, Dan Le Batard's birthday party in Miami ... where Samson -- one of the biggest sports villains in the city -- got up onstage for a speech.

The dude -- who many blame for making the Marlins a mess and forcing city's taxpayers to foot the bill for their new stadium -- was boo'd relentlessly before he could even open his mouth.

Samson's message to his haters??

"Thank you so much. Thank you very much. Here's why I love when you guys boo me. Right? I want you guys to keep booing me. Because guess what? $1.2 BILLION! F*ck you!!!!"

Of course, Samson's reference represents the amount of cash he and former owner Jeffrey Loria were able to sell the Marlins for, to Derek Jeter last year.

For their part ... both Samson and Le Batard say the whole thing was a joke, with Samson writing on Twitter, "Actually,not at all how it happened. All on tape and all in good fun. And, all for Lebatard’s birthday. No bragging, no fleecing."

Added Le Batard, "These bleeping fun suckers. Samson was playing the heel wrestling manager. No one would seriously wear that jacket. I was booing Samson before taking the mic from him. You don’t get the show."

Begs the question ... how many Marlins fans laughin' at this one??

Samuel L. Jackson Best. Birthday. Party. Ever. Celeb Friends EVERYWHERE!!!

12/17/2018 8:34 AM PST

Samuel L. Jackson practically had all of Hollywood under the same roof to celebrate his birthday ... the star-studded guest list was truly incredible.

Samuel doesn't turn 70 until Friday but he kicked things off over the weekend with a bunch of famous friends. The shindig went down Sunday night at Cipriani in NYC ... and the place was flooded with tons of celebrities -- LL Cool J, Cedric the Entertainer, Magic Johnson, George Lucas, Judge Judy, Whoopi Goldberg, Sugar Ray Leonard and Hall of Famer Dave Winfield are just some of the people who showed up to honor the legendary actor.

As if that list wasn't already impressive enough ... Stevie Wonder performed for the crowd and sang "Happy Birthday" to SLJ. Remember ... this was just the pre-birthday party. Imagine what Samuel's got in store this weekend. 

Offset Lookin' Like a Tired Zombie ... After Bday Weekend, Cardi Rejection

12/17/2018 6:59 AM PST

Offset looked like a dude who hadn't seen much sleep as he capped off his birthday weekend with a final club stop ... and it also seems like he had Cardi B on the brain.

We got the Migos rapper heading into the Argyle nightclub in Hollywood Sunday night -- day 3 of this birthday festivities -- and our photog tried peppering him with questions about Cardi and his failed attempt to publicly get her back during her Rolling Loud set. 

He stayed mum, but his face says a lot here ... I'M F***IN' TIRED, BRO!!! That's what we're seeing, anyway. Makes sense -- he's been partying since at least Friday.

Just the day before, he was covered in a diamond-crusted face mask and surrounded by his best pals at another venue ... this right after he'd ambushed his wife onstage. And, of course, Offset was also celebrating the day before that too (his actual birthday) ... rounding out the trifecta. 

As tired as he appears, we're gonna take a leap and say he might've also been feeling bummed about the Cardi sitch, for which he got dragged online after many folks accused him of hijacking her moment to selfishly satisfy his agenda ... begging for forgiveness. 

Second thoughts, mate?

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