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Tyrann Mathieu Proposes To Longtime GF ... With Epic Diamond Ring!!!

5/21/2019 7:00 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Honey Badger don't give a crap ... about ring prices -- 'cause Tyrann Mathieu just got a massive engagement ring for his GF that we're to is valued around $250,000!

TMZ Sports has learned the new Kansas City Chiefs safety decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Sydni Paige Russell ... so he hit up ZoFrost in Houston to get some ice for the big occasion.

The ring Mathieu decided on is epic ... it features a 6-carat emerald cut center stone with 3.35 carats on the band.

All totaled up, we're told it's worth a quarter of a million dollars!!

Of course, Mathieu can afford the bling ... the guy just inked one of the richest safety deals in the history of the NFL, signing for $42 MILLION!!!

As for Sydni -- who's the step daughter of former Jets head coach Todd Bowles -- she certainly seemed happy with the rock ... their proposal video is awesome!!!

Morehouse College Grads Getting New Bling To Commemorate Smith's Student Loan Gift

5/20/2019 3:30 PM PDT

9:40 PM -- The jewelers at Jadelle are producing the cufflinks for Morehouse's class of 2019 on their own, and the Smiths will not be involved.

We're told Hope was contacted, but only to request a family logo Jadelle wanted to include in the design.

Morehouse College's class of 2019 is getting another amazing gift to commemorate the Robert F. Smith covering their student loans -- and this one involves a Bev Hills jeweler.

Sources connected to the billionaire couple tell TMZ ... Hope Dworaczyk Smith was contacted by Jadelle Beverly Hills about creating a custom pair of cufflinks for the 396 graduates. We're told the jewelers plan to make something that includes gold, silver, diamonds, the school name and, perhaps most importantly ... the Smith family name.

We're told Jadelle will be footing the bill, which is expected to be around $250k.

Our sources say the jewelers -- a fave spot of Kim Kardashian, Sofia Richie, Jamie Foxx and Justin Bieber -- were inspired after seeing Robert surprise the grads with his plan to pay off their student loans.

We're told Jadelle hopes to deliver the goods to the grads in August. 

The cufflinks won't help 'em pay their bills, but will remind them of the guy who is saving them thousands upon thousands of dollars!

Future to Baby Future Here's a Rolex for Your 5th Bday, Son Uhhh ... Thanks, Dad?!?

5/19/2019 10:54 AM PDT

Future gave his son, Baby Future, a brand new Rolex for his 5th birthday -- and now, he's kinda getting dragged for it online over the kid's reaction ... which might be a tad harsh.

The Atlanta rapper posted a ton of photos and videos of the epic superhero-themed bash he threw for his and Ciara's son Saturday, which was basically a child's dream come true.

One of the clips Future threw up showed BF opening the box to a Rolex ... which seemed to leave the young tyke somewhat underwhelmed as he responded with a half-hearted "Thanks." It's a pretty hilarious reaction, but folks are really letting Future have it.

The general reaction to papa's gift -- the kid's 5 ... what's he gonna do with a Rolex??? He wants toys, man!!! Not sure if that's totally accurate, seeing how Baby Future was rocking it.

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“It was somethin bout that rollie when it first touched my wrist” -Meek

A post shared by Future Hendrix (@future) on

Also worth pointing out ... DJ Khaled gifted his own son -- who was only A YEAR OLD at the time -- a $100k, diamond-studded watch that he wouldn't be able to wear for years to come. DJK didn't face nearly half the backlash for that ... so people should really cut Future a break here. At least his kid can actually put the watch on, and he looks great with it too.

Meanwhile, Ciara and Russell Wilson appeared to throw a birthday party of their own for young Future around the same time frame -- which also looked pretty sweet on camera.

Gotta say, the dueling birthday parties reminds us of Blac Chyna and Tyga's competing birthday bashes for little King once upon a time. It's a win-win for the kid in either case, really. Double the presents and cake ... and a whole lot of fun. 

Happy birthday, BF!!!

Kodak Black I Got a Baby Binky ... For $180,000!!!

5/6/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Kodak Black is taking his "Project Baby" nickname to a whole new level ... because he just threw down an insane amount of cash for a pacifier covered with diamonds!!!

We're told the "ZEZE" rapper plunked down 6 figures on a new custom chain complete with a blinged-out binky ... spending a whopping $180,000 to freeze his neck and fill his mouth with ice!

Kodak Black hit up celebrity jeweler Eliantte for the pacifier charm dangling from a Hermes link chain ... and Eliantte tells us the bling features 98 carats of blue and white diamonds.

We're told Kodak Black and Eliantte have been talking about creating this custom piece for a few years ... and it's finally come to fruition. KB doesn't have his baby bling yet, but we're told it's about to be delivered. 

Now that's one seriously ballin' baby!!!

Floyd Mayweather Jewelry Store Dispute Over Pricey Stone ... Cops Called

5/3/2019 8:03 AM PDT

A routine jewelry shopping spree turned into high drama for Floyd Mayweather on Thursday -- when things got heated with a store owner over a VERY expensive stone and cops were called, TMZ Sports has learned. 

We're told Floyd was shopping at the Diamond Club fine jewelry shop inside the Seybold Building when Mayweather zeroed in a stone. 

Our sources tell us ... a verbal altercation broke out between Mayweather and the shop owner -- and things got so intense, someone inside the shop called police. 

By the time cops arrived, we're told Mayweather had already left the shop. 

We reached out to Mayweather and the shop owner -- but everyone is being VERY tight-lipped about the situation. 

We also contacted Miami PD -- and a rep would only confirm that cops responded to the shop regarding an issue involving a "high profile celebrity" ... but wouldn't get into specifics. 

Unclear if cops are investigating or if the matter is considered closed. 

Remember, Mayweather spends MILLIONS of dollars at jewelry stores all over the world -- so you'd think Floyd showing up at your shop would be like hitting the lottery. 

But, that's clearly not what happened here. 

Tyga Lawsuit I'm Coming After Your Jewelry!!! Says Promoter Out $111k

4/24/2019 11:17 AM PDT

Tyga's shine is about to go away ... if a promoter gets his way in court.

First a little backstory ... the rapper's on the hook for $111k after he failed to respond to Z Entertainment's lawsuit claiming he allegedly breached its contract. He'd been signed to perform at Body English in Vegas in 2015 and he wasn't allowed to perform anywhere else in Vegas a week before the concert and a month after. 

Problem was ... Tyga got up onstage at another venue the night before his scheduled gig. Z Entertainment sued him and won a default judgment because Tyga was a no-show in court.

Fast forward to now ... Z says Tyga hasn't paid a dime of what he owes. There's even a warrant out for his arrest for failure to show up to a hearing post-judgment. But, now Z Entertainment's filing a motion asking the judge to give the L.A. and Orange County Sheriff's departments the green light to take his jewelry, cash and other valuables to pay off the debt.

The promoter also wants the Sheriff's Dept. to be able to enter Tyga's cribs and take valuables to cover what he owes. Tyga, of course, is no stranger to showing off expensive jewelry.

As we reported ... Tyga recently dropped a whopping $500k for a new chain for himself AND his crew. He's also bragged about a new Rolls and Lambo. Meanwhile, Z Entertainment says it's struggling to cover its payroll thanks to Tyga failing to pay up.

NFL, NBA, MLB $12 MILLION IN FAKE TEAM RINGS ... Seized In Customs Bust!

4/23/2019 1:19 PM PDT
Breaking News

Nearly $12 MILLION worth of fake championship and team rings are now OFF the market ... so say U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials -- who say they just seized 177 counterfeit pieces!

CBP officials announced Tuesday they found nearly 200 fake rings during an inspection of a March 11 shipment from China to the U.S.

The faux bling included Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots Super Bowl rings, New York Yankees World Series rings and much more.

And, we gotta say ... they do look pretty awesome.

But, officials say they caught the stuff before it could be sold to Americans -- claiming they saved U.S. consumers $11.7 MILLION with the seizure!!!

"This most recent interception of counterfeit sports rings demonstrates the ongoing vigilance and commitment to the mission by our CBP Officers and Import Specialists," officials said.


Floyd Mayweather 4 Gold Chains at Warriors Game ... Meek Honors Nipsey

4/19/2019 6:39 AM PDT
Breaking News

Floyd Mayweather gave his neck a workout at the Clippers vs. Warriors game at Staples Center on Thursday ... busting out 4 HUGE GOLD CHAINS to floss in front of a star-studded crowd. 

Mayweather -- who paired his chains with some funky checkered shorts -- sat courtside to watch Steph Curry and Kevin Durant put the smackdown on L.A. in a 132 to 105 blowout in Game 3 of their NBA playoff series. 

There were a TON of celebs at the game ... including Meek Mill, who wore a shirt honoring rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Terrell Owens was also in the building along with Billy Crystal, Scottie Pippen, John Calipari, Maverick Carter and more. 

Game 4 is set for Sunday back at Staples Center -- a huge game for the Clippers if they have any hope of winning the series. 

Dina Lohan Online BF Buys Engagement Ring Relationship's Back On!!!

4/17/2019 1:54 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Dina Lohan is getting back together with her online boyfriend ... and she's got an engagement ring in her future.

It's another strange twist in Dina's relationship with Jesse Nadler ... they broke up last week after getting into a huge argument over another woman, but now their long-distance love is back on!!! 

Jesse tells TMZ ... Dina reached out to him on Sunday night and they hashed everything out. He says she apologized for wrongly accusing him of chatting up another lady, and now everything's fine and dandy. 

And, get this ... Jesse tells us he bought Dina an ENGAGEMENT RING, and he's going to give it to her when they finally come face-to-face for the first time. Talk about cutting to the chase. 

Of course, Jesse tells us he and Dina still don't have a date for when their big in-person meeting is finally going down. They've been kicking that can down the road for a while. 

Dina isn't the only one being lavished with gifts ... Jesse tells us Dina sent him a huge box of memorabilia from the 'Wendy Williams Show.' Dina was on a recent episode, and Jesse says she hooked him up with robes, mugs and other swag from the show -- plus some stuff for his mother, who is battling cancer. 

We'll see if these 2 ever meet for real for real -- and, as for the engagement ring. Sorry, Dina ... spoiler alert?

Soulja Boy Home Burglarized During Jail Stint Suspects Bragged On IG Live

4/17/2019 12:50 AM PDT

Soulja Boy's home was burglarized a few days after he was thrown in jail for a probation violation ... and the suspects allegedly used his stolen iPhone to brag about the crime on social media.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a caretaker for Soulja Boy's Agoura Hills home called police Monday night to report a burglary. We're told thieves made off with tons of jewelry, cash, a phone and other personal items. 

Sources close to Soulja Boy tell us the stolen jewelry is worth over $500,000 -- a mix of chains, earrings and luxury watches ... and the burglars cleaned out the safe in his room, stealing another $100,000 in cash. 

We're told the thieves broke into Soulja's home shortly after we first reported the rapper was back in custody after violating his probation.

And, get this ... cops say a group of 5 men went on Soulja's IG Live bragging about the theft, and police believe these are their burglary suspects -- and they gained access to SB's Instagram through his stolen phone. 

We're told the men from the video have also been reaching out to Soulja's celebrity friends ... telling them they're his new artists, claiming Soulja wants their music video posted on the celebs' IG accounts and hounding them for features.  

And, because Soulja's behind bars, we're told he hasn't heard a single thing about the burglary.

Tyga $500k for Chain of my Dreams!!!

4/16/2019 1:58 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Tyga's flaunting some incredibly expensive new bling that serves as a reminder to his haters ... you've been defeated, JUST LIKE SATAN!!!

The rapper dropped a whopping $500,000 for this insane Archangel chain ... featuring St. Michael trampling on Satan. Straight outta the New Testament! Tyga commissioned Ben Baller and IF & Co. Jewelry for the 18k white gold masterpiece, which weighs a little over 4 pounds.

How's this for attention to detail ... St. Michael's halo features a pear-shaped solitaire of VVS clarity diamonds. Ben also added baguettes to the feathers of his wings. The Cuban link is also one-of-a-kind, featuring two different sized diamonds, and check out the vid -- the cross is a gem.

According to Ben ... Satan getting stomped represents Tyga's haters being defeated. Tyga's new chain is also a nice gift after his huge comeback in 2018 -- in the music world, anyway -- with his track "Taste" helping him climb the charts.

While he was at it, Tyga splurged on his boys too ... scooping up 10 extra smaller versions of his chain for his crew. It pays to roll with Tyga! Unless, of course, you're Ferrari or Rolls-Royce.

BTW ... Tyga just dropped a new single "Goddamn" and the track's cover art features him wearing the new bling. 

A-Rod I Do's at Yankee Stadium ... Hmmmm

4/6/2019 7:29 AM PDT

A-Rod hit up his go-to lunch place Friday PM, and as he left our photog planted a seed in his mind for a wedding venue.

J Lo's fiance chowed down at Nello in NYC and laughed at our suggestion ... Yankee Stadium might be an awesome place for a wedding. Something tells us they could easily fill the stadium.

And, speaking of baseball, A-Rod's undaunted by the struggling Yanks and Red Sox, essentially saying it's a marathon and not a sprint.

As for the 7-2 Seattle Mariners, well, we asked but a big 'ol car door got in the way. 

Jalen Ramsey Birthday Rolex For My Baby Mama ... 'Icier Than Me!'

4/5/2019 8:09 AM PDT
Breaking News

Forget being the best DB in the NFL ... Jalen Ramsey is gunnin' for best BF honors -- 'cause the Jacksonville Jaguars superstar got his baby mama a DOPE Rolex for her birthday!!!

Of course, JR is famously dating Giants WR Golden Tate's sister -- Breanna Tate -- and for her cake day ... he got her some ICE for her wrist.

Unclear which make and model the Rollie is ... but similar gold & diamond Rolexes run in the $35,000 range!!!!!

"My Queen gon stay fresher & icier than me I PROMISE," Ramsey wrote of the gift.

24-year-old Jalen and Breanna have been going strong for a while now ... and the two just had a little baby girl together last summer.

In fact, Jalen missed a portion of Jags training camp last season for the birth of their child, writing, "family is among the most important things in my life."

Listen, all you other NFL BFs out there ... STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!

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