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'Borat' Star Passenger Flips Out Mid-Air ... Luenell Records Takedown

5/24/2014 12:30 AM PDT

Comedian Luenell Campbell was on a flight from hell this week after a guy flipped out and started speaking in tongues ... so of course, the "Borat" star rolled on the whole crazy scene.

The mid-flight scare went down Thursday afternoon on a flight from L.A. to Miami ... when the man started screaming from the back of the plane and flailing around.

After a few minutes of yelling, Luenell tells us the passenger threw up on the person next to him ... and that's when the air marshal and a civilian passenger sprung into action.

In the video ... you hear the guy wailing and blabbing incoherently while 2 men hold him down. You also get a little commentary from Luenell --- who doesn't seem to concerned with the sitch.

The plane was eventually diverted and the man was taken to a hospital. No charges have been filed … yet.

Kanye West Paid Millions to Perform In Borat Land

9/1/2013 12:32 PM PDT
Kanye West raked in MILLIONS of dollars this weekend to play a gig in ... wait for it ... waaaaait for it ... KAZAKHSTAN!!! Very nice.

Our Central Asian sources tell us ... Kanye was invited by President Nursultan Nazarbayev to perform at his grandson's wedding Saturday night in Almaty at the Hotel Royal Tulip. Very nice.

We're told Kanye was paid a hefty sum -- in the neighborhood of $3 mil -- to perform his big hits, including "Can't Tell Me Nothing". One of the wedding guests posted this video of KW on stage.

FYI -- Kazakhstan's prez is reportedly worth billions, and is considered by some to be an ardent dictator who rigs elections. In 2011, Sting backed out of a paid gig for Nazarbayev due to alleged mistreatment of oil workers in the country. Not so nice.

OTHER FACTS ABOUT KAZAKHSTAN: Sacha Baron Cohen did NOT invent it for "Borat." It was once part of the Soviet Union. Its currency is a Tenge. Oil and livestock are a pretty big deal.

'Borat' Star -- 'America's Next Top Model?'

3/24/2010 1:06 AM PDT
Here's lovely "Borat" star Luenell outside Katsuya in L.A. on Monday (left) -- and Vogue magazine editor-at-large/ "America's Next Top Model" judge Andre Leon Talley in NYC last month (right).

One of them knows how to be fashionable.

We're just sayin'.

Sacha Cracks Up, Eminem Walks Out

6/1/2009 2:50 AM PDT
It was shades of Shaq last night at the MTV Movie Awards, when Sacha Baron Cohen gave Eminem a taste of "Bruno." The question -- was Eminem genuinely pissed or was it choreographed like a Britney concert?

Check out the vid -- then vote.

Bruno on Anus: I'm Bleached and I'm Proud!

5/12/2009 7:45 AM PDT
Sure, the anal bleaching Sacha Baron Cohen suffered through for a "Bruno" stunt gave him a major case of ass rash -- but it's oddly comforting to know that when he brags about having a bleached balloon knot in this video... he's actually telling the truth.

There's not an acting class on the planet that can teach this kind of commitment.

Sacha Baron -- Anal Bleaching Was Pain in the Ass

5/8/2009 10:11 AM PDT
He was simply trying to bleach the hair around his batcave for a movie role -- when Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly broke out in a rash so bad, he couldn't sit for days.

Several British reports claim Cohen, who was prepping to play "Bruno" in his upcoming Borat-style flick, was taken to a hospital after experiencing what sources are saying was a "burning sensation that spread."

Those who have ever hit Taco Bell at 3 in the morning know the feeling...

Isla's Brush with Cops -- Virtually Unnoticed

4/25/2009 3:00 AM PDT
Isla Fisher somehow got out of a ticket for double parking in Santa Monica Friday -- but this was no case of celebrity justice.

Fisher double-parked her SUV while she was picking up her young daughter at a restaurant, drawing a swarm of paps around her vehicle. A cop, who happened to drive by, stopped to investigate. He talked to Fisher for a moment and then let her go.

We talked to the cops who told us the deputy didn't give her any special treatment. In fact, he didn't even know who she was!

"Confessions of a Shopaholic" apparently is not popular among the police.

Bruno: Phone Home

9/27/2008 11:21 AM PDT
Don't get too excited ...The Monkees have not reunited.

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen of "Borat" fame, seen here as his gay, Austrian alter-ego Bruno shortly before causing a scene at Milan Fashion Week in Italy, and getting hauled to the Polizia station.

Hopefully his lawyer has a pretend hand phone as well.

Manners Maven Make Glorious Lawsuit Against Borat

10/25/2007 11:30 AM PDT
An Alabama etiquette coach who got a little nudie-pic shock in "Borat" is taking off her white gloves and suing Sacha Baron Cohen -- almost a year after the movie was released. Sexy time -- to give it a rest!

Kathie Martin, who runs the Etiquette School of Birmingham, Ala., is just the latest Borat "victim" to bring legal action against Cohen and 20th Century Fox. In Martin's suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, she alleges "commercial misappropriation, fraud, unjust enrichment, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress" by the movie's producers, and is seeking undisclosed damages.

In her scene in "Borat," Martin is shown a naked picture of Borat's "son" during the course of their "interview." Another Birmingham etiquette coach, Cindy Streit, filed a complaint with California's Attorney General last year, alleging violations of the state's Fair Trade Act.

Borat's Babe Invites TMZ to the Bedroom

5/3/2007 9:50 AM PDT
The Southern-fried "hooker" who stole Borat's heart, Luenell, gave TMZ an open invitation to go to bed with her.

The bleach-blonde woman of the night -- onscreen at least -- rolled up to a Hollywood party last night, custom pimp cup in hand, and sang our praises, swooning, "Love you ... as long as I'm not caught f**king up, it's all good."

The cue-ball-headed harlot then made our cameraman quite the proposition, asking, "Can they get in my bedroom ... maybe next week?"

As Borat might put it -- Is niiiice, but won't Mr. Sagdiyev be jealous?

No, Not THAT Sasha Cohen!

4/8/2007 4:02 AM PDT
Sasha Cohen is an Olympic Silver Medalist. Sacha Baron Cohen is Borat. Two different people.

The figure skating Cohen told that she often gets mistaken for the comedian Cohen. "Sometimes I will be making reservations and it will be like, 'Wait is this Borat?' And it definitely throws a lot of people off."

Skater Sasha says she is definitely a fan of her male counterpart. "I have watched his movies and his show and he's hilarious. He's really talented and has given people a really good time."

You can listen to the full interview at

Whacky-Sacked Borats Invade London

3/8/2007 1:08 PM PST
Big Ben announced it was sexytime as a dozen Borat lookalikes gathered in London to celebrate the release of the "Borat" DVD. Nice!

Clad in Borat's trademark green "swimsuit," the mustachioed doubles all read copies of London's Sun newspaper ... and then tried to have sex with each other's sisters. Wawaweewa!

Sacha Baron Cohen's Orifice Complex

1/16/2007 11:05 AM PST
Sacha Baron Cohen -- aka Borat -- proved that he doesn't need a smelly gray suit and a faux Kazakh accent to be uproariously funny.

Accepting the award last night for best actor in a comedy or a musical, Cohen brought the house to tears (of laughter) by slipping into a mock-serious appreciation of "the dark side of America," referring of course to his "Borat" co-star and his testicles and "rancid bubbles" of air that had been trapped in bodily crevices unsealed for decades and ... oh, hell, just watch.

As Borat himself would exclaim, "Wa wa wee wa!"

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