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Anderson Silva I Want to Kick Conor McGregor's Ass ... I Think He's Scared Though

12/18/2018 9:48 AM PST

Conor McGregor is too freakin' chicken to step into the ring with Anderson Silva, at least that's what Anderson Silva thinks, saying he'd love to fight Conor, but doubting Conor wants any part of him.

Conor has said back in October that he'd be interested in fighting Silva, saying he was willing to bulk up a little to get into the Octagon with Spider and duke it out.

Since then, Conor has taken a beating at the hands of Khabib, but when we got Silva out, he said he doesn't care about that, telling our guy he still wants the fight.

"I say let’s go do it. 180 is the perfect weight for me, I think it's good for McGregor, and let’s go do it because that’s amazing. That’s for the fans."

One problem ... Anderson isn't sure Conor still wants it, and is using the s-word as the reason why.

"It’s close to happening you know, but McGregor, come on, man. Let’s go do this. Don’t run, man, don’t run. You scared? I don’t believe that you're scared, let’s go."

Here's the thing ... the fight kinda makes sense now. Conor might want to take a tune-up before a Khabib rematch, and who better to fight than a much older opponent with a huge name?

Unless of course, McGregor thinks the Spider can still bite ... ball is in your court, Notorious One.

Bernard Hopkins I Want To Train Michael B. Jordan ... To Whoop Roy Jones Jr.'s Ass

12/16/2018 12:10 AM PST

Bernard Hopkins doesn't seem to care that Michael B. Jordan and Roy Jones Jr. squashed their beef ... 'cause the legendary boxer says he wants to train the actor to whoop Roy's ass!!

ICYMI ... Michael B. previously told us his boxing skills were so good after filming "Creed II," he wanted a scrap with Roy -- and then the 49-year-old boxer told him to set it up!!

But, when we got Roy out at LAX last week ... he said the beef has been squashed -- and it doesn't look like a fight will go down.

Enter B-Hop ... who says not only should the fight still happen -- he wants to train MBJ to beat that ass!!!

"I'd love to be his trainer. I'd love to be Michael B.'s trainer. ... Michael cannot beat Roy Jones unless he has B-Hop's assistance!"

Of course, Bernard and Roy have history ... the two fought in 1993 and in 2010 -- and Bernard says that most recent bout (the one Hopkins actually won) is the key for MBJ.

"You know what the first lesson I would show him? I wouldn't show him the first fight, I would show him the second one when I won!!"

Soooo, fight back on?? Stay tuned ...

Sugar Ray Leonard Chill, Floyd Mayweather ... Muhammad Ali Is The G.O.A.T.

12/15/2018 12:40 AM PST

Floyd Mayweather is wrong when he calls himself THE BEST EVER ... because, according to Sugar Ray Leonard, there's only one guy in that discussion ... the great Muhammad Ali.

A little backstory here ... Mayweather and Leonard ain't exactly the best of friends, having exchanged several barbs over the years over boxing, and the fact the Sugar Ray KO'd Floyd Sr.

The two men even reportedly traded insults IN PERSON once ... with Floyd reminding Leonard he's TBE, and Leonard telling Floyd he'd KO him just like he did his father.

Even still ... Sugar Ray has always been complimentary of Floyd as a boxer, so when we got him out in NYC we thought it was fair to ask him if Money has a legit claim to calling himself TBE.

"Muhammad Ali. Without question."

Cue Floyd's disrespectful response in 4,3,2,1 ...

Dolph Lundgren Forget Wilder's 'Creed III' Role ... I've Got A Better Idea

12/15/2018 12:25 AM PST

Sorry, Deontay Wilder ... Clubber Lang's son should not be the star of the next 'Creed' movie ... so says Dolph Lundgren, who tells TMZ Sports he's got a WAY better idea.

"What if Drago has a daughter?!"

Of course, all this Rocky talk kicked off last week when Deontay told us straight-up he wants a piece of the next 'Creed III' film as Lang's kid.

Dolph tells us he doesn't think the boxer's idea is the worst one ever ... he just doesn't seem ready to give up the Drago bloodline yet.

But, bad news for Dolph ... we got Sylvester Stallone out in Los Angeles just a couple days ago -- and he already seems all in on Wilder's vision for Adonnis' next foe.

It all begs the question ... why can't the next movie have both Drago's daughter AND Lang's boy???


Cris Cyborg Karate Kicks UFC Fighter In Nads ... Three Times!!!

12/14/2018 2:06 PM PST
Breaking News

A UFC fighter learned the new armor for his man jewels works just fine ... and it's all 'cause of Cris Cyborg's powerful kicks!!!

Here's the deal ... UFC's Don Madge was in a gym recently and wanted to try out his new cup -- so he asked Cyborg for a helping foot.

Cris reared back and went to kick the dude pretty hard -- but Madge was having none of that ... pulling away at the last second and screaming, "That was way too hard!!"

Don didn't let that deter him ... he asked for more from the UFC superstar -- and Cyborg delivered -- TWICE!!!

Good news for Madge ... his genitals remained intact and seemingly unharmed -- and looks like he's found a solid cup for his next fight.

As for Cyborg ... you can watch her kick someone FOR REAL in just a few days -- her mega-fight with Amanda Nunes is all set for Dec. 29!!!

Shane Mosley Warns Dana White ... De La Hoya Would Beat Your Ass

12/14/2018 7:52 AM PST

Shane Mosley has some friendly advice for Dana White -- DON'T ACCEPT OSCAR DE LA HOYA'S BOXING CHALLENGE ... fight him in the Octagon instead!

Remember, Oscar and Dana have been beefing hard lately -- with Dana calling Oscar all sorts of nasty names on ESPN. 

So, Oscar issued a challenge of his own -- going on SiriusXM's 'Luke Thomas Show' and saying, "Let's get in the ring. Three rounds. Let's do this."

De La Hoya also told TMZ Sports that he would beat Dana's ass if things actually came to blows. 

And, since "Sugar" Shane Mosley knows exactly what it's like to fight the Golden Boy -- he beat Oscar twice -- we asked if he had any advice for the UFC boss. 

"Don't take the challenge," Mosley joked at the Smash Global MMA party in L.A. ... "I wouldn't do that. That wouldn't be a smart move."

Mosley's fiancee suggested the boxer give Dana some 1-on-1 personal training ... but Mosely replied, "It's not gonna help."

But, get this, Shane DOES think the guys should fight -- but he wants MMA rules since Oscar would have too big of an advantage in a boxing match. 

BTW -- Mosley also reminded us that he and Oscar BOTH fought Shaquille O'Neal back in the day ... and we found the video. 

And, it's AMAZING!!!

Charlo Twins Floyd Mayweather Hits Up Workout ... Before Title Fights

12/13/2018 1:34 PM PST

Jermall and Jermell Charlo are already seein' Money before their huge title fights next weekend ... 'cause Floyd Mayweather was a special guest at their open workouts in Houston!!

The undefeated Charlo twins hosted the training sesh/toy drive in their hometown leading up to their big event in Brooklyn ... and anyone who brought a gift got to check out their workout for free.

But, the guests weren't the only people in the giving spirit ... celeb jeweler Johnny Dang dropped by to hand-deliver a custom diamond grill for Jermall!!

Both Charlos are fighting at Barclays Center next Saturday -- both attempting to keep their undefeated streaks alive. 

Jermall is 27-0 and Jermell is 31-0. 

And, since they're both fighting on the same card -- how did they determine which fight would be the main event? Coin flip. 

Jermall won -- so his fight will get top billing when he defends his interim middleweight title against Willie Monroe Jr.

Jermell is defending his junior middleweight title against Tony Harrison.

Floyd's got his own fight comin' up ... with his New Year's Eve exhibition in Tokyo with Tenshin Nasukawa right around the corner.

Props to the guys for spreading the holiday cheer ... and some good ol' fashioned violence!!

Mike Tyson I Smoked Weed ... Right Before I Smoked Golota

12/13/2018 9:57 AM PST
Breaking News

Mike Tyson says he had smoked marijuana in the hours before his famous 2000 fight against Andrew Golota ... but claims it was the ONLY time he was ever high on weed during a bout. 

The boxing legend appeared on "The Dan Patrick Show" to talk about his new pot business when Dan asked him how long he'd been using cannabis.

"All my life basically," Tyson said ... before admitting he got high before the "Showdown in Motown." 

Tyson said he had smoked before he got in the locker room and when Patrick asked how it affected him during the fight, Mike had a pretty classic answer ... 

"It didn't affect me. It affected Golota."

Remember, Tyson famously dominated that fight -- with Golota refusing to get off his stool and continue the match after taking a beating in the first 3 rounds. 

After the match, Tyson tested positive for marijuana and was fined $200,000. 

He later blamed the failed test on the fact he couldn't find his "whizzer" -- a fake penis loaded with clean urine that helps people beat drug tests. 

Tyson was eventually stripped of the victory because of the dirty test -- and it was officially put on his boxing record as a "no contest."

Oscar De La Hoya I'd Beat Dana White's Ass ... If We Actually Fight!

12/13/2018 8:22 AM PST

The Dana White vs. Oscar De La Hoya feud is exploding -- but how would things go down if they settled their differences in the ring? 

Oscar has some thoughts ... "I would beat his ass."'

The two have been at each other's throats ever since White announced the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight back in June 2017.

Oscar put out a statement calling it a "circus" and said it would hurt the sport of boxing. Dana didn't appreciate that and blasted him as a lying, stupid "cokehead."

In fact, White went on ESPN's "First Take" on Thursday and went scorched Earth on the boxing legend -- even challenging him to a face-to-face showdown. 

Well, we got Oscar earlier this week in New York and while he jokingly offered Dana a big ol' kiss for the holidays ... De La Hoya said if the two ever came to blows, it wouldn't even be a close fight. 

Post Malone Wants Wiz To Fight Anderson Silva ... Must Hate Wiz Khalifa

12/12/2018 8:08 AM PST

Post Malone says he has the perfect opponent for Wiz Khalifa's first real MMA fight ... and it's UFC all-time LEGEND Anderson Silva ... which has us at TMZ Sports asking an important question ...

Why does Post Malone want Wiz Khalifa dead?

Wiz has been training MMA at Jay Glazer's Unbreakable Performance gym for a while now, and he looks GREAT, but Posty's answer on who he should fight first left us scratching our heads.

"I wanna see Wiz and Silva. They got the same type of body type, long and skinny." Post said when we got him out in L.A.

Yes, that Anderson Silva ... the same one that ran off a 17-match winning streak in the UFC and is regarded by some as the finest MMA fighter of all time. That guy.

Post and Wiz have worked together for years -- as a matter of fact, Wiz was instrumental in the early success of Post's breakout hit, "White Iverson" -- so we're not sure when Post decided Wiz had to die.

On the other hand ... maybe Post really thinks Wiz could compete with Silva.

Say no to drugs kids.

Canelo Alvarez To Floyd ... Enough Talk, Let's Rematch!

12/12/2018 6:24 AM PST

Canelo Alvarez is sick of trading insults with Floyd Mayweather -- he wants to trade punches ... telling TMZ Sports the time has come for the two to finally get back in the ring. 

Just this week, Floyd trashed Canelo again -- saying he was an "old man" (at 36) when he beat Alvarez back in 2013 ... claiming Canelo was "some of the easiest work I had."

So, when we spoke with Alvarez on Tuesday, we asked if he had a response. 

"The truth is I have nothing to say to him," Canelo told us ... "He’s bothered and I don’t know why. In reality, he said he was old, but I was too young for that fight."

"Those are just arguments that he can have and that I can have as well. It looks like it’s getting to him."

Canelo says a rematch would not only be great for boxing, but also for Floyd's bank account -- the insinuation from Alvarez is Mayweather ain't exactly as rich as he claims to be.  

And, how would the rematch go? Much different than the first fight ... 

"I’m different now, I have more experience and more confidence in the ring and it would be a different result, I can assure you of that and it would be a better fight and I know that the public would walk away very happy from wherever in the world that they’re watching."

In the meantime, Canelo is gearing up to fight Rocky Fielding this weekend on DAZN -- and Fielding tells us he's ready for war. 

Sylvester Stallone Deontay Wilder Wants 'Creed' Role? ... I'll Give Him A Shot!!!

12/12/2018 5:57 AM PST


That's because Sylvester Stallone says if Deontay Wilder really wants to play that very role in 'Creed 3' ... Sly is all about making it happen.

A little background ... We got Wilder out last week, and the heavyweight champ told us his career after boxing is gonna be on the silver screen -- and his dream role is to play Clubber Lang's kid in 'Creed 3.'

So, when Stallone was leaving Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, we asked him if he could make Wilder's acting dream happen. 

"The answer is yes ... come one, come all."

Before you think Stallone was just giving us lip service, he went on to say he thinks Wilder has a lot of hidden talents, and seriously would have no issue giving him a shot.

We also asked if Wilder could count on any special, one-on-one mentoring from Sylvester, and his answer was pretty definitive.

"No, I don't think so."

So, Deontay won and he lost ... kinda like a draw ... again.

Wiz Khalifa Boxing Lesson From Evander Holyfield ... Real Deal Punches!!!

12/11/2018 3:44 PM PST

You knew Wiz Khalifa could scrap in MMA ... but did you know he could box too???

It's true ... at least, now it is -- after the rapper got a private, 1-on-1 fighting lesson from Evander Holyfield!!!

The Real Deal and Wiz hit up Jay Glazer's Unbreakable Performance Center in L.A. recently ... and the "Black and Yellow" spitter got in a dope training sesh with the champ.

Evander gave him some pointers on his defense ... Wiz explained how he's put some weight on his skinny frame -- and Glazer was there to document it all.

So ... why were the two hittin' the mitts together in the first place??

Wiz has a song dedicated to the boxing legend called "Holyfield" -- so, seems only right Evander gave him some fighting pointers in return.

Wiz has told TMZ Sports in the past he'd take -- and maybe even WIN -- a pro-MMA fight if the money was right ... but the question now is -- would he do the same for boxing?!?

Stay tuned ...

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