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Floyd Mayweather Doubles Down On Gucci ... Despite Celeb Attacks

2/15/2019 7:37 AM PST
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Floyd Mayweather will STILL not give up his Gucci -- in fact, he rocked one of his expensive Gucci jackets on his jet Thursday night ... despite being trashed by stars like 50 Cent and T.I.

The attacks on Mayweather have been brutal -- besides 50 leading a social media smear campaign, T.I. also recorded an anti-Mayweather track called "F*ck N*gga." 

Both stars are furious Mayweather won't join the Gucci boycott after the apparel giant released a sweater many are calling "racist" because it appears to be blackface

Floyd shot down the boycott earlier this week and dropped a TON of cash at the Bev Hills Gucci store -- which really pissed off T.I. and 50. 

This new footage showing Mayweather rocking Gucci on his plane ain't gonna make things any better between the two sides. Guessing he'll continue to rock the brand during his stint in North Carolina.

François-Henri Pinault -- the guy who runs Gucci's parent company Kering -- tried to explain to reporters how the sweater actually made it to market. 

"We didn’t understand the sensitivities of the African-American community, which is reflected in that mistake," Pinault told the media ... "We can’t be content with saying we’re sorry."

Pinault also says he will also push for more cultural sensitivity training with Gucci employees. 

Meanwhile, 50 dropped a new Mayweather attack on Instagram early Friday morning. This thing ain't going away any time soon ... 

Floyd Mayweather I'm Fighting Again In July ... $10 Million Deal

2/15/2019 12:40 AM PST

Floyd Mayweather says the exhibition fight business will be VERY good to him in 2019 -- with 4 or 5 bouts lined up this year, which will pay him around $80 MILLION!!!

Remember, Floyd says he got $9 mil for tuning up Tenshin Nasukawa during a New Year's Eve exhibition match in Japan ... and he's going BACK to Japan to fight again in July. 

This time, Floyd says he's fighting a former Japanese boxer (he's not 100% sure who the guy is) -- but tells us he'll cash a $10 million check to go 3 rounds with his mystery opponent. 

And, that's just the beginning ... Floyd says he's got more fights lined up too. 

So, why not book another full 12-round pro fight with a real contender? Floyd says he can make real money doing the exhibition fights with much less risk to his health. 

"It's all about being smart. My faculties are very important."

Stay tuned ... 

T.I. Floyd Mayweather is a 'F**k N***a' For Dropping $$$$ at Gucci

2/14/2019 3:14 PM PST
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5:37 PM PT -- Floyd just responded to T.I.'s diss and the Gucci boycott ... saying celebs are picking and choosing topics to gain attention for themselves, and using "fake advocacy" as a platform. 

Floyd rips T.I. for calling for a 3-month boycott, questioning why it's not permanent and why it doesn't extend to other designers under the same ownership.

Floyd says the artists up in arms over Gucci are the same ones who promote drug use, murder and sexual promiscuity in their lyrics ... and he wonders why people don't boycott their music. 

He also takes a thinly veiled shot at Tip, claiming "unfaithful husbands" are using their platforms to rally their fans against luxury brands, while at the same time contributing to society's destruction with their musical content and imagery. 

Bottom line for Floyd ... boycotts don't work, and the real answer is working together to find solutions.

T.I. is ripping Floyd Mayweather a new one with a blistering diss track where he calls the boxing champ a "f**k n**ga" for continuing to spend his millions at Gucci.

Tip dropped the song Thursday and, while he never mentions Floyd by name, the cover art shows Floyd with a mocked-up drawing of the infamous Gucci sweater that sparked the boycott. In the song, T.I. says, "Old greedy ass n***a only thinking about his self ... he get the fame, he get the wealth ... ya, people are struggling, who did you help?"

He also says, "Damn, it must suck to be a f**k n***a."

T.I. -- who's been leading the charge to boycott Gucci -- is clearly responding to the video TMZ Sports got of Floyd on Monday night as he dropped a bundle of cash at Gucci in Bev Hills.

Floyd told us he didn't give a crap about any boycott and said, "I'm not no follower, I do what the f**k I wanna do,"

Floyd and T.I. already hated each other -- their beef goes back years to when they came to blows in Vegas.

T.I.'s track -- entitled "F**k N***a" -- is on iTunes and Apple Music. Hot beef, anyone?

Anthony Joshua Wants Wilder-Fury Winner This Year Says Promoter Eddie Hearn

2/14/2019 10:11 AM PST

Anthony Joshua AIN'T DUCKIN' Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury ... the heavyweight champ wants to fight the winner of the rematch -- by the end of 2019!!!

TMZ Sports talked to Eddie Hearn -- Joshua's promoter -- after he announced AJ's fighting undefeated heavyweight star Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller June 1 at MSG in NYC ... his first fight in America.

Hearn says Big Baby is a big, tough dude who could actually beat Joshua ... but, if the British superstar does survive, he's got his sights set on Wilder and Fury.

"We 100% want the winner. Joshua wants to be the undisputed champion. He has 4 world heavyweight belts. He's missing 1. And, that's the missing link. And, that's everything that he wants."

Deontay and Tyson's rematch isn't a done deal just yet -- but, it's reportedly close -- and would likely go down in April or May.

"Those two will fight, I think. And then hopefully Joshua deals with Jarrell Miller, and then it happens later this year."

"You're gonna get all these fights. This isn't about June 1. This is about a legacy. This is about another 5, 6 years of him trying to dominate the division, and I personally believe he will go through everybody."

50 Cent Savagely Roasts Mayweather Over Gucci Shopping Spree

2/13/2019 4:07 PM PST
Breaking News

50 Cent is going scorched Earth on Floyd Mayweather -- repeatedly blasting the boxer for undermining the Gucci blackface boycott ... and it's getting personal. 

Of course, Mayweather publicly flouted the boycott and dropped thousands of dollars at Gucci on Monday night ... despite calls from stars like T.I. and Spike Lee to stop supporting the brand. 

They're upset over a Gucci sweater that depicts blackface -- with T.I. calling the clothing item straight "racist."

Mayweather told TMZ Sports he refuses to let other people tell him how to live -- and blew off the boycott as irrelevant to him. 

The move pissed off 50 Cent ... who's been lambasting Mayweather on social media non-stop -- telling the boxer he's been "saying all the wrong sh*t" ... and urging him to get a publicist. 

He also posted a meme of Floyd in the blackface sweater. 

50 seems to be putting his money where his mouth is -- he posted a video burning a Gucci shirt and says he's donating all of his Gucci to the homeless because he won't wear the brand anymore. 

Remember, 50 and Floyd used to be friends ... then enemies ... then friends again ... and now back to enemies. 

Floyd Mayweather Gunning to Sign Zion Williamson ...To The Money Team

2/13/2019 9:53 AM PST

Sounds like Floyd Mayweather wants to be the next big sports agent -- and he's already making his pitch to sign future NBA superstar Zion Williamson

Floyd already runs Mayweather Promotions -- and reps a bunch of young boxing stars. But, Floyd tells us he's been working with NBA agent Alonzo Earle and he has serious interest in signing basketball players. 

So, what's the pitch? Floyd says he can teach young superstars like Zion to not only make a ton of money during their careers, but he'll make sure they're financially set in RETIREMENT too. 

"If Zion signs with me, you got my word that he gonna have a comfortable life when he's on the court and off the court ... if he did."

To prove his point, Floyd busted open a backpack filled with about $500,000 in cash. 

Don't worry, Floyd says he's not worried about being robbed because he's smart when it comes to personal security -- with TMT bodyguards like Jizzy Mack and Badou, in addition to undercover police officers. 

Floyd will obviously have competition when it comes to signing Zion -- every major agency in the world is trying to land the Duke superstar ... including Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports.

Good luck!!!

Adrien Broner On Gucci Boycott 'I Don't Care, It's Just a Sweater'

2/13/2019 7:35 AM PST

Adrien Broner says he doesn't get why everyone is all "bent out of shape" about the Gucci sweater that ignited a boycott ... telling TMZ Sports, "I don't care, it's just a sweater!"

Remember, stars like T.I., Soulja Boy and Spike Lee called for a Gucci boycott over a sweater that resembles blackface ... with T.I. calling the fashion item "racist and disrespectful."

But Broner seems to think the boycott is a massive overreaction -- and on his way into 1 OAK in L.A. he told us, "You can wear whatever you want to wear."

"I don't care! It's just a sweater! Why's everyone getting so bent out of shape about it?!"

Broner also said he's NOT wearing Gucci though -- explaining he's more of a Dolce & Gabbana kind of guy. 

The decision seems to be motivated by fashion, not social justice. 

AB's pal, Floyd Mayweather, also refuses to boycott Gucci -- in fact, he went on a MASSIVE shopping spree at the Gucci store in Bev Hills this week and proudly proclaimed that NOBODY tells him how to feel or what to wear. 

Floyd Mayweather Crazy Gucci Shopping Spree Boycott? Yeah Right ...

2/12/2019 6:06 AM PST

Floyd Mayweather says he doesn't give a DAMN about the Gucci boycott -- telling TMZ Sports no one tells him what to do or what to buy ... and that's why he dropped a FORTUNE at the store Monday night. 

The boxer -- along with his entire TMT crew -- rolled into Gucci in Bev Hills ... and when we told him about all of the stars calling for a Gucci ban over a sweatshirt that resembled blackface, Floyd scoffed. 

"I'm not no follower, I do what the f*ck I wanna do," Floyd told us. 

When we told Floyd that stars like T.I. and Spike Lee would be upset with him, Floyd laughed. 

"You said they're gonna be upset with me? I love it, I love it, I love it. See, the thing is this, I live for myself. I do what I want to do."

Outside the store, Floyd and his crew showed off a BUNCH of bags filled with Gucci -- dropping a fortune on clothing and accessories.  

"I'm not a follower," Floyd added ... "You know when everybody else they say, 'Everybody gonna boycott?' I say guess what, this boy gonna get on a yacht and live life."

"We all know racism still exists but that's not gonna stop my drive. I've got friends from all walks of life and to me of course, black lives matter first ... but my thing is this, I'm gonna continue to go out there live life and be happy."

He added, "Half of the people that's on social media saying, 'Don't wear this, don't wear that,' I ain't never seen none of them supporting The Money Team."

After the Gucci run, Floyd -- flanked by his bodyguards Jizzy Mack and Badou -- went over to Neiman Marcus -- where the store stayed open past the normal closing time so Floyd could shop.

Mayweather tells us he dropped $200-300k at Neiman. Good times. 

Floyd Mayweather Sips from Solid Gold Chalice ... While Drippin' In Diamonds

2/11/2019 9:08 AM PST
Breaking News

Here's another gross display of wealth by Floyd Mayweather -- who's poor-shaming his followers by drinking out of a gold chalice while wearing a TON of diamond necklaces and bracelets. 

Oh, he's also standing in a pile of money while wearing a Versace robe. 

"Real Royalty," Floyd said ... "Everything I got on is real, even the cup I’m sipping out of is real gold and if you don’t like it... you’re a REAL HATER!"

"Now that’s some real sh*t."

Mayweather REALLY wants you to see how rich he is ... he posts stuff like this all the time, but it's still crazy. 

Dude has reportedly made close to $1 BILLION from his pro fighting career

Enjoy your morning coffee from your stupid, non-gold mug. 

Adrien Broner 'F*ck Jim Gray' ... 'Jim Gray A Bitch!'

2/10/2019 12:45 AM PST

How much does Adrien Broner hate Jim Gray??

"F*ck Jim Gray. Jim Gray a bitch. You a bitch!"

Yeah, that much.

The boxing star famously got into it with the broadcaster after a loss to Manny Pacquiao last month ... and it's clear -- their beef ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

ICYMI ... Broner got the snot beat out of him against Pacman on Jan. 19 -- and when Gray tried to interview him about it afterward -- Adrien got testy.

"I'm 3-3-1 in my last seven [fights], but I'd be 7-0 against you!"

The clip went viral ... with tons of people blasting Broner for the comments -- and Adrien STILL hasn't forgiven Jim for the whole incident.

In fact, when we got A.B. out at LAX on Friday and asked if an end to the beef was anywhere in sight ... he responded simply, "F*ck Jim Gray."

Broner also seemed to threaten the guy ... telling us he can't "talk about on camera" what he would do to Gray if he saw him out on the streets.

For his part ... Gray still seems to think the whole altercation was insane -- telling TMZ Sports when we got him out Craig's earlier this week, "He was way off in his assessment."

Floyd Mayweather's Dad Cracked In Boxing Sesh ... Knocked Down Hard

2/9/2019 12:40 AM PST

You barely EVER see a Mayweather get knocked down in a boxing ring -- but that's what happened when Floyd's 66-year-old dad strapped on the gloves this week ... and it was all caught on video. 

Floyd Mayweather Sr. -- a former pro boxer who became one of the top trainers in the world -- was at his son's TMT boxing gym in Vegas this week, where he decided to spar with one of the younger guys. 

It started off great ... with Floyd Sr. stickin' and movin' and throwing some pretty quick shots -- but, when the other guy started to fight back, it didn't go well for the old man. 

Floyd took a few clean shots to the head -- sending him flying backward ... and ended with the elder Mayweather lying flat on his back with his feet up in the air. 

Don't worry ... he's tough -- he'll be fine. 

Floyd Sr. was 28-6-1 as a pro -- but his real success was training stars like Oscar De La Hoya, Laila Ali and, of course, his son

Soulja Boy Jake Paul Boxing Match is Happening ... 'You a Bitch!'

2/9/2019 12:20 AM PST

Great news for people who wanna see Jake Paul and Soulja Boy beat the snot outta each other ... Big Drako says their boxing match is 100% going down!!!

TMZ Sports spoke with Soulja about his back-and-forth with the YouTube megastar ... and he says he's dead serious about setting up the celeb fight.

"Jake Paul can't beat me in no fight, you know that," Soulja says. "It's really gonna happen though. It's for real."

Of course, both dudes have offered to put $20 MILLION on the fight ... and, although Jake told us he has serious doubts about Soulja being able to cough up all that dough ... the rapper doubles down.

We also asked Drako what he thinks of Jake's skills ... and he's got one message for him.

"Jake Paul, you a bitch."

Floyd Mayweather UFC Would Give Me $1 Billion ... To Fight In Octagon

2/8/2019 10:55 AM PST
Breaking News

Floyd Mayweather says he could get a 10-FIGURE CHECK from the UFC ... if he told Dana White he wanted a deal to fight in the Octagon right now.

Yeah ... that's $1 BILLION.

The legendary boxer made the revelation to Kevin Hart on the latest episode of "Cold As Balls" -- saying if he agreed to a contract with the fight company ... he'd get PAID.

"I can go get a deal right now from the UFC. Probably 3-fight, 4-fight, billion-dollar deal if that's what I wanted."

Of course, Floyd's flirted heavily with the idea in the past ... remember, he teased a possible MMA fight with Conor McGregor just last year -- even stepping into an actual cage!!!

For his part ... Dana admitted he did have LEGIT interest in inking the boxer to a fight deal -- and said they were actually in talks in December 2017.

So ... will it ever go down????

Doesn't seem like it ... Floyd says there's just no need for the cash right now, "I'mma be honest. My life is great. Smart investments. I can buy whatever I want to buy, every month."

Yeah, fine ... but you're really gonna shrug off a shot at $1 BILLION?!?! C'mon, man ... 

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