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Bella Thorne's Ex-BF Selling Her Crap Was a Joke ... But Really, She Owes Me $$$

6/13/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Mod Sun has some unanswered questions about Bella Thorne -- the first being, why can't she take a joke? The second being ... WHERE'S MY MONEY?!?!

We got Mod Sun as he was leaving The Nice Guy in WeHo, and had to ask him about what he said a couple of weeks ago. ICYMI ... he told our friends over at TooFab that Bella's stuff was still at his place -- dubbed the Mod Sun storage unit -- and threatened to hawk it all on eBay.

Bella, of course, didn't take too kindly to this ... and blasted Mod as a fame whore.

Mod strongly hints Bella's stuff is STILL at his place, but he also says his issues with her go beyond that. We're talking finances, and specifically ... debt!!! He claims she owes him some cold hard cash, and it sounds like the already bad breakup could get way worse. 

As we reported ... Mod and Bella ended their 18-month fairy tale romance after their weekend in Coachella back in April -- and when she tried to get her stuff from his place, the ugliness began.

Urijah Faber on Bieber v. Cruise I'm a Belieber ... But Tom Cruise Has Secret Skills!!!

6/10/2019 2:14 PM PDT

Urijah Faber knows a fighter when he sees one and he's got bad news for Justin Bieber ... the Biebs ain't got what it takes to take on Tom Cruise.

The UFC Hall of Famer was on "TMZ Live" Monday to discuss the bizarre challenge JB's thrown down ... practically begging Tom to get in the Octagon with him for an MMA brawl. Urijah says there's one huge X-factor -- and it's why he gives TC the edge -- Cruise is an experienced wrestler. 

That's right, long before he was Jack Reacher and Ethan Hunt ... Tom was throwing it down on the wrestling team at Glen Ridge High School in New Jersey. Check out the vid ... Urijah says he's seen the Biebs throw a punch and long story short ... he ain't impressed.


Whatever the case ... Urijah says he'd promote the hell outta the match if TC ever agrees to the challenge. To be fair, he does say Bieber has one factor on his side.

Urijah also has a very serious question -- one we're ALL thinking: What's JB's beef with Tom???

For the record ... Tom's still not responding to the challenge.

Aljamain Sterling Rips Henry Cejudo 'I'll Shove That Gold Medal Up Your Ass'

6/10/2019 11:05 AM PDT

UFC star Aljamain Sterling has a message for the Triple Champ Henry Cejudo ... 

"I'm ready to take that gold medal and shove it up your ass because you stink Henry Ce-Doo-Doo!!!"

And, that's just the beginning!!!

Before Cejudo beat Marlon Moraes at UFC 238 this weekend, Aljo dominated Pedro Munhoz on the undercard ... and A LOT of people think Sterling looked so good, he deserves a crack at Cejudo's new bantamweight belt. 

So, when Aljo saw Henry calling out fan favorites on Saturday like Dominick Cruz, Cody Garbrandt and Urijah Faber ... Sterling tells TMZ Sports he was shocked and disgusted. 

"I was doing the facepalm emoji, shaking my head," Sterling says.

He wants to be a legend killer? Find a legend who's actually winning!"

"Those guys haven't won a fight in god knows how long and you have a #1 contender right here in front of you!"

"So, every time I go to the bathroom, I'm gonna take a Henry Ce-doo-doo while I think about winning that belt. So, I hope Henry's ready for this."

Sterling added, "Henry, stop calling out these guys who are washed up and come for the REAL #1 contender, the real challenge."

No official word from Dana White on if Aljo will get his title shot ... but Sterling says he's confident. 

Wendy Williams' Son Bad Blood After Fight with Dad ... They're Still Not Speaking

6/9/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Wendy Williams' estranged husband is no closer to making amends with their son, Kevin Jr., after the father-son scuffle ... and Kevin Hunter Sr. feels Wendy isn't helping the situation.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Kevin Sr. has made no headway toward patching things up since the fight that ended with Junior's arrest. We're told he's getting iced out, despite several attempts to reach out and talk to his son.

We're told Wendy's ex thinks he and his son should settle their differences on their own -- but he believes Wendy is behind the decision to go radio silent.

We broke the story ... Kevin Jr. was arrested for assault for punching his father in the nose in a New Jersey parking lot after Sr. put him in a headlock. The fight allegedly stemmed from an argument over the divorce, and Kevin demanding spousal support from Wendy.

Hunter told us afterward he loves his son and was not going to pursue the matter legally, and he's committed to fixing the relationship. We're told he understands their son is being protective of his mother through the divorce, but he still wants to make peace.

Meanwhile, Wendy's looking happy to put her ex in her rear view. She was out in L.A. last week, flaunting her huge diamond flower ring and talking biz with TV execs.

She even made an appearance Saturday in L.A. for a Pride event alongside Blac Chyna, who we know Wendy's tight with and has been shadowing as she navigates single life. 

Machine Gun Kelly Sued by Actor 'G-Rod' ... You Ordered Your Crew to Attack Me!!!

6/7/2019 3:04 PM PDT

Machine Gun Kelly's goons ganged up on a guy, and beat the hell outta him -- on video -- and now the victim's suing the rapper, claiming he ordered the attack.

We broke the story ... Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez confronted MGK back in September at an Atlanta restaurant and called him a "p***y" because he was pissed about Kelly's beef with Eminem.

Later in the evening at a Hampton Inn, video footage shows G-Rod getting jumped and viciously body slammed, kicked and punched by a bunch of dudes allegedly in MGK's crew. At least 3 of the individuals were ID'd and charged with misdemeanor battery, but cops said MGK was in the clear because he wasn't a part of it.

G-Rod's not letting him get off that easy, though ... and filed suit against the rapper and the 3 other dudes in his crew for battery. According to the docs ... Rodriguez claims Kelly instructed the bodyguards to attack him, and he's suffered serious injuries and medical expenses.

G-Rod's also suing the hotel for negligence in the incident.

As we told you, G-Rod's attorney, Blake Dolman, threatened to pursue legal action if MGK didn't cut his client a check. Guess that never happened.

Dolman tells us ... "Mr. Rodriguez looks forward to his day in court and holding those responsible for this vicious and cowardly attack fully responsible for their actions."

MGK's manager tells TMZ ... "it's a bogus lawsuit and MGK is not liable for what happened."

Madonna Slams NY Times Profile 'Makes Me Feel Raped'

6/6/2019 9:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

Madonna is slamming a journalist who she claims -- despite faking it as an “intellectual feminist” -- completely botched her Madge profile, and made the icon “feel raped” by the process.

Madonna didn’t pull punches as she went off on the NYT profile that was released Wednesday, calling it “further proof that the N.Y.T is one of the founding fathers of the Patriarchy.” She states that she is sorry she spent even 5 minutes with the author, and that it “makes me feel raped. And yes I’m allowed to use that analogy having been raped at the age of 19.” 

View this post on Instagram

Madame ❌ on the cover of N.Y.T. Magazine photographed by my dear friend @jr..........Also sharing my fav photo that never made it in, along with pre-shoot chat and a celebratory glass of wine 🍷 after many hours of work! To say that I was disappointed in the article would be an understatement- It seems. You cant fix society And its endless need to diminish, Disparage or degrade that which they know is good. Especially string independent women. The journalist who wrote this article spent days and hours and months with me and was invited into a world which many people dont get to see, but chose to focus on trivial and superficial matters such as the ethnicity of my stand in or the fabric of my curtains and never ending comments about my age which would never have been mentioned had I been a MAN! Women have a really hard time being the champions of other women even if. they are posing as intellectual feminists. Im sorry i spent 5 minutes with her. It makes me feel raped. And yes I’m allowed to use that analogy having been raped at the age of 19. Further proof that the N.Y.T. Is one of the founding fathers of the Patriarchy. And I say—-DEATH TO THE PATRIARCHY woven deep into the fabric of Society. I will never stop fighting to eradicate it. 💔

A post shared by Madonna (@madonna) on

She points out how obsessed the author was with her age, even titling the article “Madonna at 60,” and rages at the fact that would never have been a factor if she were a man.

Madge doesn’t stop there, she also explains how she invited the author – Vanessa Grigoriadis – into her inner sanctum for MONTHS to work on the article, only for her to focus the attention on “trivial and superficial matters such as the ethnicity of my stand in or the fabric of my curtains.”

The final point of the social media tirade is that, while it was a female reporter who attempted to profile the music icon, her work – Madge believes -- is a shining example of how the patriarchy is “woven deep into the fabric of society.” She argues she’s a strong, independent woman, and this female reporter just couldn’t handle it.

One point of the article that Madonna didn't take issue with specifically, was the recounting of her experiences in Hollywood, particularly with disgraced studio mogul Harvey Weinstein, whom she said "crossed lines and boundaries" when they worked on her 1991 documentary, "Truth or Dare." Madonna told the magazine Harvey had been "incredibly sexually flirtatious and forward with me when we were working together."

She added, "I was aware that he did the same with a lot of other women that I knew in the business. We were all 'Harvey gets to do that because he's got so much power and he's so successful and his movies do so well and everybody wants to work with him, so you have to put up with it.'"

We’ve reached out to NYT, who has declined to comment.

Golden State Warriors Epically Troll Drake ... Warming Up To Pusha T Diss Track!!!

6/5/2019 6:03 PM PDT

The Golden State Warriors are taking their beef with Drake to new levels, and hitting back where it hurts ... Pusha T.

With Steph Curry warming up on the court at Oracle Arena before Game 3 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors ... the pregame playlist featured Pusha T's diss track, "The Story of Adidon." 

As you know ... Drake had MASSIVE BEEF last year with Pusha T, with both rappers going back and forth at each other with diss tracks. Saying things got heated is an understatement. 

So, why are the two-time defending NBA champion Warriors taking shots at Drake??? 

Drake's a HUGE Raptors fan ... and he's been thrusting himself into these Finals with his courtside antics during Games 1 and 2 in Toronto. Dude even got into it with Warriors stud Draymond Green after the Raps took Game 1. 

The Warriors are obviously fed up with Drake ... because after they won Game 2 to even the series, stars Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson heckled him outside their locker room, calling Drake a "bum ass." 

With the series shifting to Oakland for Games 3 and 4 ... the Warriors seem intent on trolling Drake even more. 

Donald Trump No Hard Feelings, Harry??? 'Nasty' Meghan Remark Was Really About ...

6/5/2019 7:06 AM PDT

President Trump wants to make it perfectly clear -- he didn't say Meghan Markle IS nasty ... he said she WAS nasty when she spoke negatively about him.

The Prez was interviewed by Piers Morgan on "Good Morning Britain" Wednesday during his 3-day trip to the UK, and Piers pressed him on his thoughts about the Duchess of Sussex and asked whether he thinks she is, in fact, "nasty."

Trump says no, and explains he didn't know Markle had spoken badly about him in the past ... but he's not surprised. He says when he found out he responded, "Wow, I didn't know she was nasty" ... but meant to essentially say, "I didn't know she was nasty about me."

Got that? Watch the clip ... judge for yourself.

Regardless, the Prez says he hopes Meghan enjoys her life and called her "very nice" before pointing out he doesn't actually know her ... and slamming the media for embellishing the "nasty" controversy.

Then, Piers asked the big question -- was it awkward meeting Prince Harry in the midst of the hullabaloo? Not at all, according to Trump ... but he admits he never addressed the topic with Meghan's royal hubby. He says Harry couldn't have been nicer, though ... and he thinks he's great.

Meanwhile, Trump used his time over the pond to insult Hollywood royalty on Twitter -- Bette Midler. Wonder how it would go if Donald ran into her husband?

'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Sued Stars Kicked My Ass At Boozy Party ... Now I'm Fighting Back in Court!!!

6/3/2019 12:20 AM PDT

The stars of VH1's "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" allegedly beat the hell out of a guest at a party for their show ... and now the dude's fighting back with a lawsuit. 

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Ronnie Spates claims he was viciously attacked by 'Black Ink' stars Ryan Henry, Van Johnson, Don Brumfield and Junior Diaz during a December bash in Chicago ... and he says the reality show's production company wanted a fight to break out to make better TV. 

Spates claims he was an invited guest minding his own business at the party when Henry, Johnson, Brumfield and Diaz began kicking the crap out of him. He says the brutal beatdown left him licking serious wounds. 

Spates claims show producers fueled the party with loads of booze and actively sought to encourage situations that would lead to conflict, verbal spats and physical altercations ... just so they could create explosive content. 

TMZ broke the story ... cops were called to the party after it allegedly got violent. Our law enforcement sources say Junior Diaz was accused of sucker punching a guest, presumably Spates. Police say when they arrived at the scene, they found Spates bleeding from the mouth and disoriented, and he was taken to a hospital for stitches. 

Spates is suing the reality stars and Big Fish Entertainment over the incident ... and he's seeking a big payday. 

We reached out to Big Fish Entertainment for comment ... so far, radio silence.

Godfrey Yo, Drizzy ... Sit Down & Shut Up When Courtside

6/1/2019 2:08 PM PDT

Drake really oughta zip his lid and take a seat when he's hangin' courtside for the NBA Finals, 'cause his attempts to troll opposing teams aren't even top-notch ... so says Godfrey.

The comedian laid into Champagne Papi Friday outside the Gotham Comedy Club in NYC, where he told us point blank ... Drake needs to sit down and relax when he's rooting for the Raptors. His rationale -- he thinks Drizzy's trying too hard to be cool and seen.

ICYMI ... Drake and Warriors forward, Draymond Green, had what appeared to be a heated exchange at the end of game 1 Thursday as the Dubs made their way back to the locker room upon losing. It's unclear exactly what was said, but Drake seemed to call Dray "trash." 

As far as Godfrey's concerned, Drake should take some cues from another hip-hop heavyweight who tends to behave himself when he goes to the big games. Any guesses???

More importantly, Godfrey doesn't even consider Drake to be one of the all-time great celebrity sports trolls -- comparing him to greats like Spike Lee and Jack Nicholson ... as well as the king of trolls, regardless of context. Bottom line for Godfrey ... tone it down, brah.

Anthony Joshua Will Get His Ass Beat Mexican Style ... Says Andy Ruiz

5/31/2019 9:44 AM PDT

Anthony Joshua is in for a south of the border surprise come Saturday night ... because his opponent, Andy Ruiz, says he's gonna put DEM FREAKIN' HANDS ON AJ, all for the pride of Mexico.

Ruiz was a late add to the fight following Jarrell Miller's positive drug test, so most people aren't giving the new challenger too much of a shot against the undefeated heavyweight king Joshua.

We spoke to Ruiz and he told us he knows he's being taken lightly, and that's his biggest weapon.

"Anthony Joshua, I'm pretty sure he's underestimating me, man. I've been working really hard for this opportunity, now that I have it, I can't let it go."

There's another reason Andy says he won't and can't lose this fight ... because he's doing it for the people of Mexico! 

"There's never been a Mexican heavyweight champion. That's what we're gonna accomplish. I wanna be a legend, I wanna be in the world books of records. That's what we're gonna do, baby, bring the titles back to Mexico."

Before you scoff too hard, Ruiz is 32-1 with his only defeat coming in a title shot against Joseph Parker back in 2016, so he's no slouch.

Keep your hands up, AJ ... viva la raza, Andy.

Draymond Green Blasts Post-Game Drake Question ... It Wasn't A Scuffle!

5/31/2019 6:35 AM PDT
Breaking News

Draymond Green says there was NO "scuffle" with Drake after the Warriors lost to the Raptors on Thursday ... blasting a reporter for even asking about the altercation in the post-game presser.

"You got a question about basketball?" Green said.

Of course, it certainly looked like a scuffle to most of the world ... Green was nose-to-nose with the "God's Plan" rapper -- and Drake clearly used the word "trash" when jawing at the Warriors star. 

But, Draymond is playing the whole thing down, saying, "I didn't hit him and he didn't hit me or I didn't push him or he didn't push me."

Green added, "We talked. We barked a little bit. But I wouldn't necessarily consider that a scuffle. Not really what I, personally, would consider a scuffle."

Drake's played a key role in Toronto's playoff run this season ... he pissed off Giannis Antetokounmpo and the entire Milwaukee Bucks roster last week -- and now he is clearly already under Golden State's skin.

Game 2 tips off Sunday night in Toronto ... and Drake's expected to have courtside seats once again.


Logan Paul KOs Fake Drago in Boxing Match ... Calls Out KSI

5/28/2019 2:33 PM PDT
Breaking News

Word of advice for people who wanna show up at Logan Paul's house unannounced to try and pick a fight -- DON'T -- that is, unless you wanna get knocked the hell out.

Here's what went down-- Logan claims an Ivan Drago look-alike (YouTuber ViktorCrazy) posted up outside his L.A. mansion for HOURS on Sunday to get Paul to take an impromptu boxing match.

A hungover Paul -- who just so happens to have a full-sized boxing ring in his backyard -- took on the challenge ... only after each guy signed off on all the paperwork --  "if you die, you die" (get it?).

Both dudes touched mitts ... and shortly after, Paul sent him to the canvas with a couple vicious shots. Somehow, Fake Drago lasted through the 1st ... but LP knocked him out with a left hook in the 2nd round.

After the match, Paul -- who insists the whole thing was not fake -- put his sights on his original nemesis in his victory speech ... and then called out any other influencer who wants smoke.

"KSI, I'm coming for you, I'm coming for you, KSI!!" Paul says, "Any YouTuber who thinks they wanna step up after I beat KSI's ass, better start training now, son. It's going to be lethal. I'mma be ruthless!!"

Of course, the first Logan Paul vs. KSI superfight ended in a draw in Manchester last August ... and the 2nd fight was supposed to happen this month.

Logan's kept himself busy by getting in slapping matches with massive dudes ... but here's hoping we still get that rematch.

Your move, KSI.

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