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Rapper G Herbo Arrested for Getting Physical with Ari Fletcher

4/19/2019 5:36 AM PDT

4/19 -- G Herbo was released from jail late Thursday night, and went on Instagram Live to talk about the altercation.

Rapper G Herbo is facing a battery charge after an argument with his baby mama, Ariana Fletcher, allegedly turned physical ... TMZ has learned.

According to Atlanta Police ... the rapper and Ari got into it Wednesday morning -- mostly yelling at each other -- but at some point, cops say Herbo assaulted her. Cops say he then left the location with their son but later returned ... and after officers spoke to him, they arrested him for simple battery.

Cops say Ariana sustained minor scratches during the altercation, and right now it's unclear what triggered the alleged assault. Cops are continuing their investigation. 

Perhaps complicating matters for G Herbo is the fact Ari is now dating boxer Gervonta Davis ... and is actually about 14 weeks pregnant with his child.

What's interesting is Ari and Gervonta were out partying Tuesday night at Allure Gentlemen's Club where G Herbo also happened to be. The trio was NOT there together. It's unclear if any encounter there might have led to the alleged assault the next morning. 

Herbo is still in jail. His bond has been set at $2,000.

Originally Published -- 4/18 10:06 AM PT

Luke Rockhold Anthony Smith Is A Talent-less Bitch ... I'll Embarrass Him!!!

4/13/2019 12:25 AM PDT

Luke Rockhold's firing back at Anthony Smith ... a fighter he says is a soft, talent-less bitch who'd get OWNED in a fight with the former UFC champ.  

TMZ Sports talked to Luke after he was BLASTED by Smith at a UFC press conference ... where Anthony called him "a f**king piece of sh*t" and promised to "beat that dude's f**king ass.”

Smith hates Luke's guts ... and the feeling's mutual. 

"I don't think much of Anthony Smith. I don't think he's very tough, technical, talented. He ain't got what it takes."

Rockhold thinks Smith sucks as a fighter, but he's still down to fight him ... especially after Smith said he'd "drill a hole thru Luke Rockhold’s f**king face."

Luke's response ... "He's not gonna be drilling nothing. I will own that kid from start to finish, anywhere he wants to go."

Both guys have fights booked this summer (Luke's fighting Jan Błachowicz at UFC 239) -- and seem to be on a collision course with each other -- but Rockhold says Smith should talk less about him and concentrate on his opponent, Alexander Gustafsson.

"He better focus on the fight coming up, cause my opinion is he's about to get his ass kicked," Rockhold says ... "So go out there go take your ass-whoopin', and come talk to me afterwards."


Justin Bieber to Shawn Mendes Hold Your Horses, Eh? You're Not Prince of Pop ... Yet

4/8/2019 7:41 AM PDT

Justin Bieber is stomping out any thoughts Shawn Mendes is the current Prince of Pop -- but the title might be up for grabs ... if Shawn wants to skate for it.

JB responded to an IG post Shawn threw up on Sunday -- a magazine cover of himself with the headline, "Prince of pop." Biebs told his fellow Canadian pop star pal to pump the brakes ... 'cause Justin insists he's still the chosen one of the genre.

According to Bieber, Shawn has a long way to go and a lot more records to break before he can touch the crown. He didn't seem malicious about it though, describing his ribbing as being delivered in a "Canadian voice" -- something they'd both understand.

Justin has an interesting proposition for Shawn though, telling him if he wants ... they could decide this Prince of Pop thing once and for all over a game of hockey.

It sounds like Justin's taking even more shots, 'cause he says he's heard Shawn's a "bender" on the ice ... meaning he can't skate. And, of course, we know Justin can.

View this post on Instagram

So I read a lot of messages saying you want an album .. I’ve toured my whole teenage life, and early 20s, I realized and as you guys probably saw I was unhappy last tour and I don’t deserve that and you don’t deserve that, you pay money to come and have a lively energetic fun light concert and I was unable emotionally to give you that near the end of the tour. I have been looking, seeking, trial and error as most of us do, I am now very focused on repairing some of the deep rooted issues that I have as most of us have, so that I don’t fall apart, so that I can sustain my marriage and be the father I want to be. Music is very important to me but Nothing comes before my family and my health. I will come with a kick ass album ASAP, my swag is undeniable and my drive is indescribable his love is supernatural his grace is that reliable.... the top is where I reside period whether I make music or not the king said so. 👑 but I will come with a vengeance believe that.. (grammar and punctuation will be terrible pretend it’s a text where u just don’t care).

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

FWIW ... it's understandable why Shawn would think he's dethroned Justin. Dude hasn't released very much new solo music since 2015 ... and Shawn's been grinding nonstop for a while now.

Granted, JB's been focusing on his personal life and well-being -- and ya can't knock him for that -- but someone was bound to step into the PoP convo eventually.

If this brings Justin out of hiatus and back into the studio ... bring on the Prince of Pop games!

Debra Tate Take Your Olive Branch & Shove It!!! Rips Director Of Hilary Duff's Sharon Tate Movie

4/6/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Debra Tate is unmoved by the olive branch extended by the director who cast Hilary Duff to play her sister, Sharon Tate, in a horror movie ... because Debra says it's just an attempt to cover his ass. 

Debra, who started blasting Daniel Farrand's independent film from the jump, tells TMZ ... the director only reached out to her AFTER the movie was complete, sending her a letter explaining what he was trying to express in "The Haunting of Sharon Tate."

Debra strongly feels the director's email was too little, too late ... and she's calling BS on his intentions, because she doesn't think it's the least bit earnest. What's more, Debra tells us she's convinced Daniel only reached out to make himself look better after she totally slammed his work. 

It's a stark contrast to Debra's interactions with Quentin Tarantino, who cast Margot Robbie to play Sharon in his Charles Manson flick, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." Debra sat down for a 1-on-1 with Tarantino BEFORE production wrapped, reading the script and even being invited on set.

Hilary's movie just hit theaters, and Debra's warning moviegoers to spend their money elsewhere ... 'cause Debra says it's extremely exploitative and socially irresponsible, taking Sharon's life and spinning it for a new generation on the 50th anniversary of her violent death. 

Debra, who was 16 when Manson's cult followers murdered her sis, also says the film is extremely hurtful and hateful ... and she thinks the director's just out to make a quick buck off her family's tragedy. 

Debra's not alone in her critique ... the movie's getting horrible reviews. 

Cris Cyborg Rootin' For Ronda At WrestleMania ... She's Doing Great!!!

4/5/2019 4:20 PM PDT

Betcha didn't see this coming ... Cris Cyborg -- who had a heated rivalry with Ronda Rousey -- says she's PUMPED to watch Ronda.

TMZ Sports saw Cris at LAX on Friday ... and asked her if she planned on watching her former foe at WM35.

"Yes, I will. I'm gonna be very excited."

That's not exactly shocking ... 'cause Cyborg's a big time wrestling fan -- but what she said next was.

"I think Ronda's doing great. She's showing girls from MMA can do it same thing."

Cris and Ronda had beef for years ... and although they never stepped foot in the Octagon together, there was no shortage of crap talking.

BTW, there's been some speculation that Cris might follow Ronda to WWE in the future ... so Rousey's massive success with the organization just might open the door for UFC stars like Cyborg.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck 'F*** That, I'm Not Taking That!!!' Raged at Barbara Walters

4/5/2019 10:10 AM PDT

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a much shorter fuse than you probably thought ... but it's been revealed in this audio of a backstage tirade at Barbara Walters during a taping of "The View."

The explosive audio was recorded in 2006 after the hosts talked about the so-called morning-after pill -- Elisabeth was incensed and argued against it very passionately on the air. Barbara cut her off and told Elisabeth she needed to discuss things calmly "and not go so crazy that you don't listen to anybody's opinion." 

As they went to commercial, Elisabeth was clearly pissed. She stormed off, but was still wearing a mic and then blew up!!! She raged to Joy Behar, "F**k that! I'm not going to sit there and get reprimanded on the air!"

She went on, "What the f**k? I don't even swear. She has me swearing. This woman is driving me nuts!!"

Variety obtained the audio of the incident ... which is described in a newly released book called, "Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of 'The View.'"

Elisabeth is already apologizing, saying, "I am quite humanly reactive. I used bad words when frustrated. I was pregnant with Taylor and a big conversation about the value and the lives of the unborn took place at the View. It was a battle -but not of the flesh. I used fighting words because I believe that God decides the value of the lives of babies."

She added, "I used big battle words (one in particular that I am not proud of and am sorry for using in the heat of trying to defend the lives of the unborn)."

Lonzo Ball Sues Big Baller Brand Co-Founder ... You Stole Millions!!!

4/2/2019 7:15 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Lonzo Ball is suing Alan Foster -- the co-founder of the Big Baller Brand -- alleging the longtime family friend conned them and swindled them out of more than $1.5 million.

TMZ Sports has obtained the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday ... in which Ball alleges Foster orchestrated a "fraudulent scheme" to take money from BBB and divert the money to his personal accounts.

Ball claims Foster intentionally got close to his family knowing he was one of the best basketball players in the country and would likely go on to make millions in the NBA.

The Balls also claim they had no knowledge of Foster's checkered past ... and that he spent several years in federal prison in the early 2000s for his alleged role in a ponzi scheme.

Ball claims Foster began conspiring against them shortly after his release.

It was reported last week that Foster -- who owns around 16 percent of the company -- allegedly stole the money and that Ball cut ties with him ... so it was only a matter of time before it went to court.

Zo also alleges when Foster was confronted, he threatened to expose the Ball family with false information to the public.

It's unclear how much Lonzo is asking for ... but it's well in excess of $2 million.

We just spoke with LaVar this weekend ... and he addressed all the speculation that they were shutting down the family business and ending the BBB for good -- but he said that's simply not the case.

Tom Petty Widow Slams His Daughters They're Attacking Members of The Heartbreakers

4/2/2019 9:35 AM PDT

9:35 AM PT -- Tom's daughter, Adria, has filed a petition with probate court, accusing Dana of ignoring 2 of Tom's wishes as laid out in his will. 

According to Adria's docs, Tom's will gives her and her sister, Annakim, equal input on decisions regarding the Estate ... and Dana's standing in their way. Also, Adria claims Dana was required to transfer Tom's "artistic property" assets out of his trust, and into a separate company that would be jointly administered by all 3 women.

Adria claims Dana's refused to make that transfer ... thereby allowing her to keep sole control of the assets. She wants a judge to force Dana to comply with Tom's will. Tom Petty's widow claims the late singer's 2 daughters are attacking members of Tom's group, The Heartbreakers, and refusing to put out his unreleased tracks.

Dana York Petty claims in new court docs she's the one who runs the Estate but, for some reason, Tom insisted his 2 daughters from a previous marriage -- Adria and Annakim Petty --  be included in the decision-making process.

Dana says the daughters have conspired to push her out and adds they're making it impossible to manage the Estate.  

As for the unreleased tracks, Dana claims in the lawsuit, filed by attorney Adam Streisand, both daughters, but mostly Adria, have gone off the rails ... directing their anger at everyone in Tom's orbit, including the surviving members of The Heartbreakers.

Dana points to an email directed at the surviving members -- Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell --  in which Adria rants, "What I don't have the temperament for is having my entire life raped. Being disparaged. My dad being disgraced. And being surrounded by selfish, unreliable people and drug addicts."

She goes on ... "I am sorry i am not a man and can not earn your respect through the work and deeds I do." And, the daughters are blocking the release of new solo tracks that Petty had recorded 25 years ago. Dana says she wanted to include the tracks in a 25th-anniversary box set release of his smash hit album, "Wildflowers." 

Dana claims the release would produce upwards of a million bucks in royalties ... possibly more, but the daughters have blocked it. The suit claims Adria gave no real reason for her objection, other than to say the timing was off.

And, there's this ... Tom had a deep connection to the city of Gainesville, Florida, where he was born.  The City renamed a park in Tom's honor and asked someone in the Estate to create artwork for a sign. The rep submitted a well-known image of Tom from one of his album covers. 

The lawsuit claims Adria approved the artwork, only to later fire off an email to the rep, saying, "Your name is not Petty and you don't have the backbone to protect the estate from a horrible image like this one. Shame on you."

Dana wants an order from the judge asking him to appoint a day-to-day manager for the Estate, and to force Adria, in particular, to act rationally.

Tom died in 2017 of an accidental drug overdose.

Originally Published -- 9:09 AM PT

JuJu Smith-Schuster No Beef With A.B. ... 'That's My Guy'

4/2/2019 6:11 AM PDT

JuJu Smith-Schuster says there's "no bad blood" between him and Antonio Brown ... telling TMZ Sports, "That's my guy."

Of course, as of just a few days ago that didn't seem to be the case ... 'cause the two seemed to be taking some passive aggressive shots at each other all over social media.

It all started just hours after the Steelers traded Brown to the Raiders ... when JuJu posted a pic of him catching a TD (with Brown watching in the background), writing, "I'm ready."

Then ... after a very public spat between A.B. and Ben Roethlisberger -- JuJu weighed in with his own take on Big Ben's leadership, completely disagreeing with Brown's opinion.

"I was so blessed to enter the league and play with a Hall of Fame QB as a 20-year old," JuJu wrote ... "Ben has taught me so much, he’s a true Leader and I can’t wait to rock with my guy this season."

Didn't take long for Brown to respond ... 'cause he took to his own social media page to fire back.

"Do not listen to any NFL player who haven’t got paid yet! They will do and say anything to make sure they going to get paid even if it’s compromising integrity or anything ! sad but true."

That sound like beef to you??

Maybe ... but JuJu says straight-up there truly isn't any rift between the former teammates, saying, "That's my guy. [Everything's good between us] always. There's no bad blood."

Jada Pinkett Smith Unfollows Kris, Khloe and Kim ... Because of Jordyn Woods Fallout

3/29/2019 4:39 PM PDT

There is a serious rupture in one of the most enduring relationships in Hollywood, because Jada Pinkett Smith has made a move signaling what could be the end of her relationship with longtime, close pal Kris Jenner, as well as Kim and Khloe Kardashian ... TMZ has learned.

Jada has JUST unfollowed Kris, Khloe and Kim on Instagram, and our sources say it's all over the fallout involving Jordyn Woods.

As you know, Jada and Will are all but family to Jordyn ... she calls Will her Uncle. Jordyn broke her silence over the Tristan Thompson scandal by appearing on Jada's "Red Table Talk" show, and Jada was sympathetic.

We're told Jada has made it clear to a number of people ... she feels everyone should put it behind them, but clearly, the Kardashians are still angry, as you can see from the promo for the new season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." In the promo, you hear Khloe say Jordyn "ruined" their family.

As you know by now, after Jordyn hooked up -- in some form -- with Tristan last month, she became persona non grata with the Kardashian family. Jordyn had been living in Kylie's guest house but was almost immediately declared unwelcome. She hasn't even come back to pick up her stuff. 

Jada and Kris have been tight for many, many years ... even vacationing together.

We're told the conflict goes way beyond Instagram ... the relationship itself is severely fractured.

It's interesting ... Khloe initially blamed Jordyn for the hookup, tweeting, "You ARE the reason my family broke up!" But, later she backtracked, saying, "But Jordyn is not to be blamed for the breakup of my family. This was Tristan's fault."

Jada is still following Kylie and Jordyn. We're told Jada is a strong source of support for Jordyn.

LaVar Ball Big Baller Brand's Alive 'We Were Bit By a Snake'

3/29/2019 2:03 PM PDT
Breaking News

Don't put a fork in the Big Baller Brand just yet ... LaVar Ball says the brand is NOT folding -- despite the fact Lonzo Ball just covered up his BBB tattoo. 

The Big Baller appeared on 98.5 KLUC in Vegas to promote his Big Baller Brand All-American Game, which he says is going on as planned this weekend. 

"The game is definitely still happening," LaVar says ... though he wouldn't say if his sons Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo would be on hand for the event. 

The issue ... LaVar claims BBB co-founder Alan Foster stole $1.5 million from Lonzo -- and the Lakers star was so pissed, he covered up his BBB tattoo and is rumored to be considering a shoe deal with Nike

But, LaVar believes the BBB brand is still alive and well -- and vows to fix things after Foster's alleged thievery. 

"I'm not gonna let one roodypoo guy come in here and do something bad and then be like the brand's not good," Ball said. 

"The brand is good. It's just somebody did something bad to it ... We had a snake up in the thing, but you gotta understand this -- I'm a snake charmer. When you're a snake charmer, you're gonna get bit."

Ball said he treated Foster "like a family member" and feels incredibly betrayed -- saying, "Is it worth $1.5 million to leave a family?"

The big question now ... do LaVar's sons agree with him? Will they stick with the brand? Or is LaVar on his own? 

Lil Uzi Vert Song Pulled From Streaming Services ... Over Licensing Issues

3/29/2019 10:56 AM PDT

Lil Uzi Vert's return to music is now shrouded in controversy ... his new single is getting yanked from digital music services because he freestyled over someone else's beat.

Lil Uzi Vert's new song, "Free Uzi," is no longer available on Tidal and Apple Music -- for streaming or purchase -- because of licensing issues and copyright concerns. The single features a beat that was previously used in a G Herbo song.

Our music sources tell us Lil Uzi's single isn't an original production -- and he didn't clear the sample -- so he can't make money off of it.  

The timing is interesting, considering Uzi is beefing with DJ Drama and Don Cannon's label, Generation Now. However, honchos at the label tell us they weren't the ones pushing for the song to come down, and there's no bad blood between the two sides. 

In fact, we're told Uzi decided to drop the song after Drama and Cannon said they'd support him releasing music ... it just backfired due to the copyright. 

"Free Uzi" hasn't been completely scrubbed from the internet ... you can still listen to it on YouTube and SoundCloud.

His label, Atlantic Records, had no comment on the song being pulled.  

WWE's Becky Lynch Shades Gronk Over WWE Future

3/29/2019 12:30 AM PDT

"Wouldn't that be nice to never have done anything in wrestling and just go into Wrestlemania? I would love that"

That's WWE superstar Becky Lynch throwing some shade at Rob Gronkowski in the wake of rumors the NFL star could make the jump to pro wrestling. 

Remember, Gronk made a cameo at Wrestlemania 33 in 2017 to help out his good pal Mojo Rawley -- and now that Rob's retired from the NFL, there's buzz he's close to signing with Vince McMahon

In fact, WWE superstar Lio Rush already called out Gronk on 'Monday Night Raw' this week -- and on Tuesday, Gronk appeared at a WWE charity event. 

Plus, Rawley told TMZ Sports he's VERY confident Gronk will return to the ring in some capacity in the very near future. 

So, we asked Lynch how she felt about sharing the stage with the future NFL Hall of Famer -- and she wasn't exactly stoked about the possibility. 

"Some of us almost get fired and have to work our way and scratch and claw, and then we come to the main event," Lynch said. 

"Other people are like here you go, here's your debut match at Wrestlemania ... see you at Wrestlemania."

Translation -- Becky has an issue with the fact Rob could take the Ronda Rousey route into WWE superstardom ... and Becky HATES Ronda Rousey

So, is this all a work? Is it how she truly feels? 

Either way, should make for some GREAT storylines down the road. 

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