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Halsey Rocks at BF's Gig ... Sans Assless Chaps!!!

5/21/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Halsey put a pause on stealing the show ... ditching the assless chaps to catch her man's show.

The singer hit up Yungblud's performance over the weekend in Columbus, Ohio at the Sonic Temple Festival. You can see her British rocker BF performing onstage ... with Halsey hanging out kinda backstage.

We're told she was dancing her ass off and shooting video ... basically, being the perfect IG GF.

It's not the first time Halsey's surfaced in Columbus to show her man some love. You'll recall she was there last August jamming out to G-Eazy while he was there on tour. They broke up 2 months later.

No jinx! Halsey's relationship vibe with Yungblud seems to be on a healthy path and they're obviously really digging each other -- whether they're rocking in Ohio, lighting it up in WeHo or all lovey-dovey at Disneyland.

They're in such a good place right now, we'd like to suggest a celebration's in order. Perhaps another cowboy-themed party?!? Yungblud couldn't agree more.

Katharine McPhee, David Foster We Got Our License to Get Hitched!!!

5/20/2019 1:28 PM PDT

Katharine McPhee and David Foster took a big step toward the altar, because we've learned they just got a marriage license, although it's all on the down low.

Sources with knowledge tell us ... Katharine and David took a trip to the Bev Hills Courthouse Friday and got the paperwork they need to tie the knot. 

We've learned she'll take his name as a hyphenate -- Katharine McPhee-Foster. 

The 35-year-old singer/actress got engaged to the 69-year-old music empresario back in July.  

They filed for what's called a "confidential" marriage license ... but they kind of gave away the secret on their way out of the courthouse as David held an envelope titled, "Marriage Records."

No word on exactly when they'll make it official, but typically the license is pulled shortly before the nuptials. A marriage license is good for a maximum of 90 days. 

The 2 got engaged during their European vacation on the Island of Capri, and her rock is ... well, enormous, which is no surprise given that David has been an enduring titan in the music biz. 

It will be Katharine's second marriage and David's 5th.

ScarJo & Colin Jost Engagement Party for 2 Last Week ... At Famous NY Restaurant

5/20/2019 9:26 AM PDT

Scarlett Johansson actually said "Yes" to Colin Jost last week, and the couple had a private celebration at a glitzy restaurant in upstate NY ... where they could not hide their happy news.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Scarlett and the 'SNL' vet hit up Blue Hill Stone Barns last Thursday in Pocantico Hills, NY -- about 30 miles outside NYC. We're told they arrived around 10 PM ... no entourage, just the 2 of them. 

It's unclear if Colin proposed on the grounds. The restaurant -- featured on "Chef's Table" -- sits on a huge farm, and it's possible Colin might have taken ScarJo to a private area to pop the question. We do know she was sporting a huge shiny ring in the dining area, and they were extremely happy -- calling friends and family to share the news.

We're told they were VERY affectionate throughout the night ... she sat on his lap and witnesses tell us it was crystal clear they were in celebration mode. The owner also treated them like true VIPs ... taking them to the kitchen where they ate one of their courses.

We're told they stayed at the restaurant til around 1 AM. It's interesting Colin proposed on Thursday and they had such a late celebration. This weekend was the 'SNL' season finale ... so BIG week for Jost, who we now know was secretly engaged when he went on the air Saturday night. 

As we reported ... Scarlett and Colin announced their engagement on Sunday after 2 years of dating. This will be Scarlett's third marriage and Colin's first.

Congrats ... and bon appetit!!! 

Ezekiel Elliott Handcuffed at Vegas Festival ... After Knocking Man to the Ground

5/20/2019 12:49 PM PDT

12:49 PM PT -- The guy who saved Zeke's ass ... is the victim, according to cops. 

A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports ... the main reason Zeke wasn't arrested is because the victim didn't want to push forward with charges. 

"On Sunday, May 19, 2019 at approximately 3 a.m. LVMPD officers working at EDC observed from a distance an adult male, later identified as Elliott, push a security officer to the ground."

"Two officers approached and placed Elliott into handcuffs while they investigated the incident. The security guard who was the victim of the misdemeanor battery, refused to press charges and officers escorted Elliott a short distance away and he was released."

If you're a Cowboys fan, might wanna buy this dude a beer the next time you're in Vegas. 

Ezekiel Elliott was handcuffed at the EDC music festival in Las Vegas over the weekend after he shoved a security guard to the ground and TMZ Sports has the video. 

... but the NFL star's attorney says Zeke was NOT formally arrested (only detained) and claims the whole thing is much ado about nothing. 

Here's the deal ... the Dallas Cowboys superstar running back had been spotted in the parking lot at the Electric Daisy Carnival around 3 AM on Saturday morning arguing with his girlfriend.  

Zeke never puts his hands on the woman but he uses his body to block her from walking away several times during the argument. 

A short time later, Zeke and the woman are seen speaking with event staffers -- when suddenly Elliott confronts one them and says, "You got something to say!?"

Zeke gets in the staffer's face and uses his body to shove the guy backward until the staffer hits a metal gate -- that's when Zeke uses his forearm to shove the guy to the ground.

Zeke immediately throws his hands up and says, "I didn't do anything!"

Event security -- along with Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. officers rush over and eventually put Zeke in handcuffs and escort him away from the scene. 

We spoke with Zeke's attorney, Frank Salzano, who says Elliott was released shortly after our video ends and he was not formally arrested or charged with a crime. 

Salzano says Elliott was just having a normal discussion with his girlfriend and blames event security for "overreacting."

"Security misconstrued and overreacted to the situation," Salzano tells TMZ Sports. 

"He was cuffed as a precautionary measure. He was released with no charges. He left Vegas that night and went to his [youth football camp in Dallas] on Sunday."

Even without an official arrest, Elliott could face discipline from the NFL if they find his actions violated the league's personal conduct policy. 

Remember, the league had investigated Zeke in 2017 over allegations he physically abused an ex-girlfriend -- and even though he wasn't arrested, the league believed there was enough evidence to warrant a 6-game suspension

Zeke has always maintained he did not attack the accuser in that situation. 

Originally Published -- 9:34 AM PT

ScarJo & Colin Jost Engaged!!!

5/19/2019 5:27 PM PDT
Breaking News

Scarlett Johansson and 'SNL' vet Colin Jost are all set to tie the knot after two years of dating. 

The actress' publicist confirmed the news to AP, saying ScarJo and Colin are officially engaged, but made a note that no wedding date has been set yet.

This would be Scarlett's third marriage -- she was previously hitched to Ryan Reynolds from 2008 to 2011 and was then married to journalist Romain Dauriac, with whom she shares a child. For Colin ... this would be his very first trip down the aisle. 

Colin and ScarJo have been going strong since the spring of 2017, when she made a guest appearance on the season finale of 'SNL.' What many people thought was a one-off turned into more and more dates, and eventually ... a full-blown relationship.

The couple was just spotted down in Argentina this past December, and it sure looked like things were getting serious at the time. Turns out ... they were. 


Future to Baby Future Here's a Rolex for Your 5th Bday, Son Uhhh ... Thanks, Dad?!?

5/19/2019 10:54 AM PDT

Future gave his son, Baby Future, a brand new Rolex for his 5th birthday -- and now, he's kinda getting dragged for it online over the kid's reaction ... which might be a tad harsh.

The Atlanta rapper posted a ton of photos and videos of the epic superhero-themed bash he threw for his and Ciara's son Saturday, which was basically a child's dream come true.

One of the clips Future threw up showed BF opening the box to a Rolex ... which seemed to leave the young tyke somewhat underwhelmed as he responded with a half-hearted "Thanks." It's a pretty hilarious reaction, but folks are really letting Future have it.

The general reaction to papa's gift -- the kid's 5 ... what's he gonna do with a Rolex??? He wants toys, man!!! Not sure if that's totally accurate, seeing how Baby Future was rocking it.

View this post on Instagram

“It was somethin bout that rollie when it first touched my wrist” -Meek

A post shared by Future Hendrix (@future) on

Also worth pointing out ... DJ Khaled gifted his own son -- who was only A YEAR OLD at the time -- a $100k, diamond-studded watch that he wouldn't be able to wear for years to come. DJK didn't face nearly half the backlash for that ... so people should really cut Future a break here. At least his kid can actually put the watch on, and he looks great with it too.

Meanwhile, Ciara and Russell Wilson appeared to throw a birthday party of their own for young Future around the same time frame -- which also looked pretty sweet on camera.

Gotta say, the dueling birthday parties reminds us of Blac Chyna and Tyga's competing birthday bashes for little King once upon a time. It's a win-win for the kid in either case, really. Double the presents and cake ... and a whole lot of fun. 

Happy birthday, BF!!!

Britney Spears I'm Just Livin' My Life

5/19/2019 7:26 AM PDT

Britney Spears is clearly trying to make it clear ... she's living her life.

Brit and BF Sam Ashgari went for some grub Saturday night at Lure Fish House in Westlake Village, near her home.

She looks great and seems happy ... at least from the pic.  

TMZ broke the story, despite the social media cry to "Free Britney," her conservatorship is biz as usual. She interacts with her dad, conservator Jamie Spears, multiple times a day. She has freedom to do as she wishes, with an asterisk. Her dad makes sure security follows his daughter wherever she goes, to make sure she doesn't cross the line ... e.g., if she went to a liquor store, security would step in.

And, as we reported, smart phones are off limits to Brit, because her dad doesn't want people contacting her who might have ulterior motives.

Britney also said she'll perform again. As we reported, her longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, said he hasn't heard from her in months and it's Britney's decision when, if ever, she'll return to the stage.

All that said, she looks good.

Jenelle Evans' Husband David Came to Court w/ Gun on the Dash ... Or So It Seems

5/18/2019 2:17 PM PDT

Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, showed up to court for their child services case with what appears to be a gun in plain sight on the dashboard of their car.

As we reported ... Jenelle and David went to court Thursday to fight a judge's order that removed three children from their home over the course of a week -- this, of course, following news that David had brutally killed the family dog when it nipped 2-year-old Ensley.

The kids were not returned to the couple by the end of it, and on their way out of the courthouse ... they got back into their vehicle, which looks like it was housing a pistol on the dash. You can make out what greatly resembles a firearm as they're driving away.

We pulled screenshots of this clip and heightened the resolution a bit -- there's no question in our eyes, the black object seen through the windshield seriously looks like a gun.

Seen at a different angle, the object still appears very much so like a gun. It sure doesn't seem like they were trying to hide it either ... the gun's openly on display, as you can see.

As we've pointed out in the past ... David is REALLY into guns, even going so far as to post multiple videos showing off his firepower after getting a visit from the Secret Service.

There's even been an alleged incident in which David was accused of chasing a woman down who drove by his house and brandishing a pistol at her. She claimed he told her, "That's right. I got a gun, I will shoot you." David denied the woman's version of events.

Still, it doesn't look great that a guy who's had the authorities on edge about his violent temper shows up to court locked and loaded. One thing he's made clear ... he means business.

Teyana Taylor Rides Hubby's Face, Crotch in Concert Sexiest Lap Dance Ever!!!

5/17/2019 8:59 AM PDT

Teyana Taylor definitely saved a horse, and instead opted to ride and grind Iman Shumpert -- and this video might make her the G.O.A.T. of lap dancing!

Teyana performed at the Red Bull Music Festival at NYC's Manhattan Center, and brought her NBA player hubby onstage as a prop. We guarantee he had zero complaints about getting strapped into an inversion table.

Teyana quickly flipped him over and kicked off some steamy action -- with an assist from one of her backup dancers -- which the crowd ate up.

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Okkkkk #TeyanaTaylor wasn’t playing with her hubby #ImanShumpert last night 🔥🔥

A post shared by Love For The Culture (@lovefortheculture_) on

The Wednesday night performance was reportedly dubbed, Teyana Taylor: House of Petunia. In somewhat of an awkward moment ... Teyana performed the provocative dance with their 3-year-old daughter, Junie, sitting in the front row.

Anyway ... Teyana and Iman love their strippers. Seriously, they really do. So, Teyana's lap dance skills shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

BTW ... Method Man and Fabolous also made it onstage ... but no lap dances for them.

Jennifer Garner Burger King Pleases Me

5/15/2019 10:14 AM PDT

Jennifer Garner really does have it her way when she's around her burger mogul BF ... all smiles and appetite satisfied.

Jennifer looked happy as hell, cozying up to her BF, John Miller after they hit up the popular breakfast joint Farmshop Wednesday morning in Brentwood. Hard to tell how exactly much PDA was actually going on, but hey ... it is hump day and they're pretty smiley.

The couple has been going strong since they were first linked together in October of 2018. It's the first -- and seemingly only -- guy she's been linked to since she and Ben Affleck called it quits in 2015. Miller, BTW, is chairman and CEO of Cali Group, which runs burger joints in Cali, Canada, Mexico, China and several other countries.

And, Miller's more than just a pretty face ... he's a Stanford Law School grad. Get it, Jenny!!! 

Cardi B Offset Surprises her with Kulture, Birkin!!!

5/12/2019 7:56 AM PDT

Cardi B got a surprise this weekend, on the eve of her very first Mother's Day ... and it brought her to fake tears!!!

Offset surprised Cardi in Miami, where she was performing at the Rolling Loud festival with 10-month-old baby Kulture and 2 Birkin bags. As you know, Birkin's are reserved for people who make 8 figures or more per year.

Her reaction ... "Soooo happy. I feel like the luckiest person in the world."

Cardi followed up with words of inspiration, saying, "Enjoy your day everyone. If you having a bad day keep your chin up and pray to God to see brighter days! Even if you feel like bad s**t keep happening back to back. Keep on having faith in your prayers."

By the way, if Kulture and Birkins weren't enough, she chowed down on fried Oreos at Big Pink, a fav with the Miami breakfast crowd. 

She and Offset have had a rocky year ... breaking up and then making up in a big way.

You'll recall, the Rolling Loud festival last December in L.A. was where Offset popped onstage with flowers when Cardi was performing and begged her to come back to him. She did.

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Forgot About Us??? Not w/ These Karaoke Bars

5/11/2019 1:00 PM PDT

Talk about a blast from the past -- we got Nicole Richie rapping early 2000s Dr. Dre alongside her hubby, Joel Madden ... and killin' it too.

Lionel Richie's eldest kid hit up the Retro Room in Palm Springs Friday night with the Good Charlotte singer and a handful of pals, where we're told they sat down and had themselves some drinks ... staying for about two hours total. It wasn't just wining and dining the couple did, though -- a little karaoke got thrown in the mix too.

They opted to perform together ... with Nicole taking the lead, and Joel playing hype man for her. In the footage, obtained by TMZ, you can see Nicole rapping along to the Eminem and Dre track, "Forgot About Dre." Check it out ... she does pretty well in keeping up with Slim.

Nicole and Joel are pretty low key these days, but it's always nice seeing 'em out and about ... even if it's not in the heart of L.A. They got hitched in 2010, and have a couple of children together. The simple life, if you will.

The big question now -- did this place have 'Lifestyles' on deck? Ya gotta wonder ...

Cardi B & Offset Business as Usual Post Drive-By ... Take Over Miami Clubs

5/11/2019 12:03 PM PDT

Cardi B and Offset don't seem too concerned about alleged attempts on his life out in Georgia -- there's too much $$$ to be made in the state next door ... and they're gettin' it.

The married couple spread out and took the city of Miami by storm in the wee hours of Saturday morning following their performances at the nearby Rolling Loud Festival, where Offset and the rest of Migos headlined ... and Cardi handled her own set solo. 

Cardi hit up David Grutman's LIV nightclub to perform at an after-party she'd been booked for, showing up around 3:30 AM, we're told, and going on to rap a number of her hit songs, including "Taki Taki," "Money," Bodak Yellow" and "I Like It." 

Check out her outfit of choice too -- looks like she's on a sheer neon trip lately. No complaints here!!!

Meanwhile ... Offset, Quavo and Takeoff were on the mainland at E11EVEN Miami, where they too were hired to perform ... only doing it from the cozy confines of their VIP section. Sources tell us Offset and co. did a few different songs from their actual table in the club's "party pit," and ended up walking out of the joint around 5:30 AM ET.

The all-nighters follow a very scary situation just a couple of days prior -- a car was seen opening fire on an Atlanta studio where Offset was recording Wednesday.

In surveillance footage, obtained by TMZ, you can see someone hanging out the passenger side of the car as shots ring out. Offset wasn't harmed, and cops are currently investigating. One witness on the scene felt as though the rapper might've been a target.

Dude doesn't seem to be shaken up about it though from what we're seeing here. Tough son of a gun.

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