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Jason Sudeikis Call Him Steph Curry at Knott's ... Sinks Lots O' Treys

12/10/2018 8:04 AM PST

Jason Sudeikis still looks like he's starring in "We're the Millers," and by that we mean Reggie Miller ... because his hoops shot looks NBA-ready ... in theme parks, anyway.

The actor was hanging out with Olivia Wilde and their kids over the weekend at Knott's Berry Farm in SoCal, where Jason showed out for a basketball carnival booth game. It was pretty much a 3-point contest ... and Jason crushed it.

He misses a few here and there from the corner but really gets into a groove at the top of the key ... where he gets bucket after bucket. Unclear what Jason and co. ended up winning, but ya gotta imagine it was something decent.

Like one of those giant, slightly terrifying, teddy bears.

Jacquees Drops $100k for Mom's Wedding Gift ... Quite Literally

12/9/2018 6:36 PM PST

Jacquees gave his mom one hell of a wedding gift in the form of a hundred grand -- and by give, we mean drop ... as in he dropped it all over the place. 

The Cash Money crooner was celebrating his mother's nuptials Sunday at the Chateau Elan Winery & Resort in Braselton, GA -- where he got on the mic and expressed his love for his mama bear, Rosie Broadnax, and then proceeded to gift her $100,000 ... cash. 

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@jacquees gifts his mom 100k for her wedding gift 🎁 @19goldenrose congratulations love you doll 🥰🥰

A post shared by Miss Rici (@imrici) on

Jacquees made a bit of a show by walking out to the middle of the floor and emptying out a Louis Vuitton duffel bag full of Benjamins. It poured for a minute and bills were kinda scattered everywhere. Everyone was in awe, of course ... but mostly Rosie.

It's not the first time's Jacquees has balled out for his ma before -- he's gotten her some pretty sweet gifts on her birthday ... and seems pretty tight with her in general.

Can't accuse the guy of not having his priorities straight by taking care of the woman who brought him into this world -- but some advice for ya Jacquees ... maybe consider a wire transfer next time? You're less likely to lose track of a stack or two that way. Just sayin'.

Katie Cassidy Looking Straight as an Arrow ... Before Tying the Knot

12/9/2018 11:05 AM PST
Exclusive Photo

Katie Cassidy announced she got hitched to her fiance with a joyous shot of her kissing her groom in all white -- but right before that ... she was steeped in VERY serious thought.

The CW's "Arrow" star posted a sweet photo Sunday of her locking lips with now-hubby, Matthew Rodgers, to whom she got engaged last summer. She captioned her pic with, "I can't help falling in love with you... YES! It's official! #MrsRodgers I love you my husband." 

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I can’t help falling in love with you... YES! It’s official! #MrsRodgers I love you my husband.

A post shared by Katie Cassidy (@katiecassidy) on

As picturesque as this scene is here, there appeared to be some last-minute prep right before Katie walked down the aisle. Namely, it was just making sure her dress was all set and her bouquet was in order ... which her bridesmaids had under control.

Unclear who walked Katie down the aisle -- seeing how her father, David Cassidy, died a year ago -- but there was a gentleman nearby to possibly carry out the honors. 

Of course, Katie made it to the altar. From a wide view, the location for her wedding was even more gorgeous than what she revealed on Instagram. The newly married pair tied the knot right on the shore of a beach in Sunset Key, FL.

Sailboats as a backdrop come as an added bonus on the island.

Congrats to the happy couple! 

Chief Keef 4 Mystery Kids Revealed!!! And He's Gotta Pay 4 Moms

12/9/2018 1:00 AM PST

Chief Keef just made a shocking revelation in court ... he's got 4 more children under the age of 5, and they all have different mothers who are all seeking child support. 

The surprising announcement means Chief's kid tally is up to a whopping NINE!!! We previously knew about 5 of Keef's kids ... but he had another handful on the down low. 

In court docs, obtained by TMZ, Chief revealed he's fathered 4 kids with 4 different mothers who all want child support. A judge is ordering Keef to pay each woman $564 per month, starting in January.

The "Love Sosa" rapper could practically fill his own daycare because all 4 of the recently revealed kids are under the age of 5. Keef's brood now includes 3-year-old Kamiah, 1-year-old Khalo ... and 4-year-olds Khalil and Kirsten. Remember, all different moms.

Chief's gonna have to tighten his pockets ... 'cause he claims he's a self-employed musician making roughly $9k a month with $9k in expenses. 

Evidently, women really do love Sosa. Maybe too much for his wallet.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Reports Alleged Fan for Harassment In Denver Airport Incident

12/8/2018 9:58 AM PST

Dog the Bounty Hunter wants police to investigate an alleged fan for harassing him and his wife, Beth Chapman, in the Denver airport, and he's getting his wish ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to Dog tell us he went to Denver PD on Friday to file a harassment report against the teenager, and his family, over the Nov. 30 incident. As we reported ... the kid, who claimed to be a fan, told cops Dog shoved him away when he asked for a photo.

He and his father then followed Dog and Beth through the airport and shouted epithets at them as they got into an elevator. They went to police first, claiming Dog assaulted the teen.

Dog denies the assault and believes he and Beth were the victims. We're told Beth was in a wheelchair during the incident, as she's fighting a renewed battle with cancer, and she and Dog had just flown back from L.A. at the time.

We're told Dog feels the father and son verbally attacked him. Our sources say the kid opened the convo with Dog by saying, "I have a bounty on my head, what are you gonna do about it motherf***er?"

Denver PD is investigating both sides of the story to determine if the incident warrants any charges.

Olivia Munn Aaron Rodgers Reconciled w/ Parents? 'Amazing, Long Overdue'

12/7/2018 6:01 AM PST

Olivia Munn knows first hand about the drama between Aaron Rodgers and his parents -- and tells TMZ Sports it's "amazing" the two sides are finally patching up their relationship. 

Munn has previously talked about the Rodgers' family feud, which has been going on for YEARS -- and said, "I don't think either side of the road is clean."

The actress said she believed there were jealousy issues between Aaron's father and brothers -- who had all dreamed of the kind of NFL success Aaron has already achieved.

But earlier this week, Aaron said he spent his birthday with his parents over the weekend -- suggesting the ice is finally thawing between the two sides ... and Olivia seems genuinely happy for the QB. 

"If that's true, it's amazing," Munn told us outside of Rolling Greens on Thursday ... "It's long overdue."

So, what brought the two sides together?

Aaron's brother, Jordan (who appeared on "The Bachelorette"), had publicly shamed Aaron for not calling their mother while she was about to be evacuated during the California wildfires. 

Guessing that sparked a phone call -- and the rest is history. 

Aaron and Olivia dated from 2014 to 2017 and while she previously said she tried to get Aaron to make peace with his family, it just didn't happen during their relationship. 

Better late than never ... 

LaMelo Ball Dunks All Over Defender LaVar Makes Outrageous Claim After

12/6/2018 9:24 AM PST
Breaking News

LaMelo Ball put some poor kid on a poster Wednesday night ... pointed at him to celebrate -- and then LaVar Ball made an insane claim afterward.

Yeah, SPIRE Academy has officially been BBB'd.

It all went down at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia ... when LaMelo rolled up 30 points, 13 assists, and one monster jam in SPIRE's 91-79 win over Life Christian Academy.

LaMelo's dunk sent a crowd of around 6,000 into a frenzy ... which prompted LaVar to say afterward that Melo's new team is THE BEST ON THE PLANET!!!!

"SPIRE is the most exciting, entertaining high school basketball team in the world! They can't be beat by nobody!"

For his part ... Melo says his time so far at the prestigious school has been dope, saying, "I love it!"

And, how could he not?? Dude's been killin' it ... and the squad is undefeated with him on the roster.

Amal Clooney Mommy Duty x 2 ... Takes Twins Out in NYC

12/6/2018 8:46 AM PST

Amal Clooney's got her hands full ... with her bundled-up twins, their teddy bears and even a go bag for her little girl.

George's wife was flying solo Thursday morn with the couple's 1-and-a-half-year-old twins, Alexander and Ella, as the trio left the Four Seasons and headed out into the chilly streets of New York City.

It is a pretty rare sighting of their kids, and we gotta say ... even toddler Clooneys look stylish wherever they go.

As we reported ... George and Amal got dressed to the nines Wednesday night to attend the United Nations Gala in New York with his parents. Amal, who is a human rights lawyer, was one of the speakers.

But for now ... it's back to mommy daycare.

Aaron Rodgers Making Peace with Parents After Nasty Public Feud

12/6/2018 7:26 AM PST
Breaking News

Seems the Rodgers Family Feud might FINALLY be coming to an end ... with Aaron Rodgers saying he spent his birthday with his parents!

Now, why is this a big deal? 

It was just last week that Aaron's brother, Jordan Rodgers (from 'Bachelorette'), blasted the QB on social media for not calling his mother while she was getting ready to evacuate during the California wildfires. 

But earlier this week, Aaron subtly let the media know that he spent time with his "folks" for his birthday over the weekend. 

Aaron was speaking with reporters about the firing of Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and he was asked what he was doing when he found out. 

That's when Aaron slickly dropped the info about the reconciliation with his parents. 

"I found out I’m sure the same way most of you found out. I was at home with my folks in town for my birthday.”


Remember, this feud was so bad, they made a dramatic scene out of it during Jordan's hometown visit on "The Bachelorette" ... where they left an empty chair at the dinner table for Aaron, who refused to participate. 

Aaron's ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn said she had tried to get Aaron to speak with his parents years ago -- but things were too nasty. 

Glad to see they're taking steps to finally mend fences ... 

George and Amal Clooney Date Night With Mom and Dad

12/5/2018 6:01 PM PST

George Clooney and Amal just made the United Nations gala in New York one helluva lot sexier, and George's dashing date is definitely making his parents proud. 

We don't see George and Amal out too often, and she's looking totally stunning in this blue and white dress. If you ask us, she could probably bring about world peace with one hair flip. 

George is looking handsome as hell too ... and his mother, Nina Bruce Warren, looks like she's having a grand ole time. But, how could you not? Nina's rolling up with her dapper movie star son and his smoking hot wife. 

And, don't forget about Nick Clooney, the cute old man in the tux helping Amal make her grand entrance. Way to go, mom and dad, we can totally see where George gets his good looks. 

The Clooneys dressed to the nines for Wednesday's U.N. Correspondents Association Awards at Cipriani. Amal is a civil rights lawyer, activist and humanitarian, but if there's an award for best dressed tonight, she's a lock.   

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Secret Service Level Security With Baby Stormi on Tour

12/5/2018 1:00 AM PST

Travis Scott isn't taking any chances with "wifey" and daughter on the road -- he's deploying extreme security measures that would make President Trump feel safe.

Sources close to Travis tell TMZ ... anytime Kylie Jenner and Stormi come to one of his "Astroworld" concerts, Travis brings in 5 or 6 additional security guards to run a battery of Secret Service-style maneuvers.  

We're told the "Sicko Mode" rapper has them conduct thorough sweeps of the dressing room and backstage areas for more than an hour. The guards also confer on best exit routes for Trav and the fam in the worst case scenario. 

Our sources say it's a night and day difference from when Travis is alone on the road. Even Kylie and Stormi's itinerary is kept under lock and key -- known ONLY to their bodyguards and management.

It's a ton more work and effort, but we're told the team looks forward to the tour visits because Travis is in a much better mood when Stormi and Kylie join him.   

Deji I Want a Rematch with Jake Paul ... 'But He's Too P***y'

12/5/2018 7:17 AM PST
Breaking News

YouTube superstar Deji says he wants REVENGE on his arch nemesis, Jake Paul, after their PPV boxing match back in August ... but there's just one small thing keeping that from happening.

"He's too p***y to fight me again."

The first fight was wild ... with Jake getting the victory when Deji's camp threw in the towel in the 5th round of their bloody slugfest. 

Deji was spending some of that hard-earned fight money on Rodeo Drive this week when he was asked about the possibility of the 2 YouTubers beating each other up in the ring again -- but it sounds like it ain't happenin'.

Why?? -- "He's too scared to lose the title."

But, Jake Paul ain't the only guy Deji's beefing with right now -- turns out, he's in a real-life feud with his own brother, KSI

KSI is reportedly furious with Deji after his lil bro posted KSI's bank statements online. Deji also made some scandalous claims involving his brother and a woman. 

But, Deji says the feud runs deeper than that -- explaining, "There's a lot of stuff my brother's done."

Doesn't seem like they're even close to burying the hatchet at this point which is crazy considering how close they were. 

Deji also says he's got a big problem with KSI's crew, "The Sidemen"  -- a group of British YouTube stars -- and says he's never really been cool with them.

Bottom line -- lots of beef with no real hope in sight. 

George H.W. Bush Will Puts George W. and Jeb in Charge

12/5/2018 7:02 AM PST

George H.W. Bush's will has been filed in probate court and it lists two of his sons -- former President George W. Bush and former Governor Jeb Bush -- as executors. 

The will, filed in Texas Tuesday -- obtained by TMZ -- used to list Barbara as the executor, but when she died on April 17, it was turned over to George and Jeb. The two brothers are also in charge of Barbara's estate.

As for H.W.'s financial situation, the docs don't get specific -- everything was put into a trust -- but the amount is listed as more than $50,000 ... a number that surely downplays 41's actual worth.

H.W. died in Texas Friday ... his health was declining in recent years and was in and out of the hospital several times. He was admitted to ICU at the Houston Methodist Hospital back in January 2017 due to pneumonia. Barbara was also admitted with her own health issues.

As we reported ... his former service dog, Sully, has been by his casket at several places leading up to George Sr.'s funeral Wednesday. 

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