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Lady Gaga She Delivers ... Pizza & More for Wildfire Evacuees

11/14/2018 6:58 AM PST

Lady Gaga is walking the walk when it comes to helping California's wildfire victims ... and she's doing it with arms full of pizza.

Gaga hit up a Red Cross Shelter in the L.A. area Tuesday night to deliver goodies -- food, coffee and other items -- to hundreds of people displaced by the Woolsey fire. No tip necessary. She's all good.

Can't say she's not a woman of her word. Remember, Gaga -- who was also forced to evacuate -- went to a shelter over the weekend and told evacuees she'd stand by them through the crisis.

Kinda perfect timing that Tuesday happened to be World Kindness Day, and Gaga encouraged others to follow in her footsteps.

She was born this way ... and it's pretty awesome.

Chick-fil-A Packaging Was NOT Made to Fit Straws ... But It's Still Perfect

11/13/2018 12:39 PM PST

Chick-fil-A customers found a convenient loophole in the company's packaging to turn a cup and straw into a portable table for nuggets ... but it ain't what CfA had in mind when it designed its boxes.

Fans of the fast food joint rejoiced this weekend when a viral meme pointed out you could fit a straw through a hole in the box used for nuggets and rest the delicious pieces on the cup's lid. 

While the life hack is extremely convenient, we've learned it is NOT the original purpose of that hole. In fact, we're told there are 3 tabs on the back of the boxes and they're pushed in by employees to designate whether the box contains nuggets, strips or "other." 

Still, we gotta give the "inventor" credit ... it is a boss use of a carton -- especially if you're someone who's down with the Chick.

Next up ... which came first, chicken or the egg? 

Fat Sal's That Ain't a Drive-Thru, Lady!!! Van Crashes into H'wood Sandwich Joint

11/13/2018 10:31 AM PST

Fat Sal's got a rude, and potentially deadly, awakening when a van barreled through its front doors Tuesday morning ... destroying the Hollywood sandwich shop.

The scary accident went down around 7:30 AM, just as employees were prepping food. We're told a woman was driving down Highland Ave. when she experienced mechanical failure, careened across 4 lanes and crashed into the building.

The front of the shop and its interior were obliterated ... windows, chairs, tables ... all crushed. Fat Sal's opens at 11 AM, so thankfully there were no customers at that time. 

We're told the employees are okay and cops are treating this as an unfortunate accident. We're told the restaurant's owner will not press charges. And, get this ... the restaurant's to-go location just a couple doors down will be open for biz today!

Fat Sal's is frequented by tons of celebs. Fabolous was just there a couple weeks ago.

Jeff Ross TMZ Interview Halted ... Biker Hit by Car

11/11/2018 7:48 AM PST

Jeff Ross had just left Craig's restaurant Saturday night in WeHo when he started talking to our photog about the California wildfires when suddenly the sound of a crash brought everything to a screeching halt.

A biker got hit by a car just outside the restaurant. It's a dicey street on any given night, with lots of traffic and lots to look at.

The biker didn't seem badly hurt, but it was serious enough for an ambulance to come and take her to the ER.

Demi Lovato Holding Hands with Clothing Guru Out of Rehab

11/4/2018 8:02 AM PST

UPDATE  1:55 PM PT -- We just got these photos of Demi and Henry inside the restaurant. As you see, they're holding hands and clearly enjoying each other's company. We don't know if they're "together" ... but it looks pretty romantic. 

Update 9:40 AM PT  -- We have learned the mystery man in the photos is clothing designer, Henry Levy. He founded the label 'Enfants Riches Deprimes' in 2012.

Demi Lovato is back in circulation ... apparently out of rehab and looking clean, sober and generally great.

Demi hit up Matsuhisa restaurant in Bev Hills Saturday night. We're told she and a guy were having a great time inside the super expensive sushi joint, happy, smiling and laughing through dinner.

We don't know who the guy is ... but she definitely had a great time with him.

Lovato was in rehab for 90 days. TMZ broke the story, she almost died on July 24th after OD'ing at her Hollywood Hills home. She was hospitalized for 10 days and went into rehab at the beginning of August.

Demi was also spotted at a Beverly Hills spa over the weekend.

Our sources say she has taken this rehab stint very seriously, and her sobriety is everything.  

Demi was in a downhill slide for months before the OD ... and it wasn't the first time she fell off the wagon. But rehab experts will tell you ... most addicts fall off the wagon. The key is regaining sobriety and trying to maintain it. 

Salt Bae Hard to Resist

11/1/2018 2:43 PM PDT

Nothing can slow down Salt Bae ... except maybe a parachute.

The Turkish chef/Internet sensation was down on Miami Beach for Halloween going through some intense workouts ... thanks to this resistance chute. Can't knock the chute ... especially when you can flex your gains. 

If you're in need for a little refresher ... Salt Bae's the famous butcher whose January 2017 video showing him suavely sprinkling Maldon salt flakes on some bone-in steak IMMEDIATELY took off. It undoubtedly forever changed how we sprinkle everything.

Fact is ... Salt Bae was legit way before his vid went viral. Remember, he owns a chain of Nusr-Et steakhouses in Miami, Turkey, the Middle East and he opened his 9th restaurant in Midtown Manhattan nearly a year after his video spread across the globe. He even has his own wax figure.

But, go ahead ... take it with a grain of salt. Just remember how it's sprinkled.

Fabolous At Your Service at McDowell's Pop-Up ... Dressed as Prince Akeem!

10/30/2018 11:29 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Fabolous got into the Halloween spirit early by rocking an iconic costume from Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America" ... none other than McDowell's employee, Prince Akeem.

The Brooklyn MC found himself in Hollywood Monday night during the unveiling of a McDowell's pop-up restaurant, taking place at Fat Sal's sandwich shop off Highland Ave. Fab definitely didn't skimp on the details for Akeem's McDowell's uniform. 

He had the plaid vest, bow tie, hat ... and Akeem's signature mop and bucket. We're told the rapper also checked out the recreated My-T Sharp barbershop next door, that was also featured in the 1988 flick, where he got a tour and took photos with fans.

Fat Sal's will be keeping the McDowell's pop-up open through Halloween, where they're serving up dishes from the movie like The Big Mick, The Sexual Chocolate Shake and Zamunda Fries.

We know when you think Akeem, you might've thought garbage. But after this ... hopefully, you think Fabolous. Dude's outfit is on point! We shot him in McDowell's with the 'stume, and people definitely seemed to be diggin' it. 

Ben & Jerry's Serves Anti-Trump Ice Cream 'Pecan Resist' Anyone?!

10/30/2018 10:51 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is diving deep into politics ... with an ice cream scooper!!

The famous ice cream company unveiled an anti-Trump flavored ice cream Tuesday morning in D.C. dubbed "Pecan Resist." Because we know you're wondering -- "Pecan Resist" is chocolate ice cream with white and dark fudge chunks, pecans, walnuts and fudge-covered almonds. Yum.

B&J's says, "This flavor supports groups creating a more just and equitable nation for us all, and who are fighting President Trump's regressive agenda."

The company also said it could not be silent in the face of Trump's policies that attack and attempt to roll back decades of progress on racial and gender equity. The company cited its fight against Trump's administration to roll back LGBT rights and its refusal to battle climate change.

BTW ... we ran into Ben & Jerry on their way out, and to say they were excited about the new flavor would be a total understatement.

Originally published -- 7:40 AM PT

Justin Bieber Sideways Burrito Photo was Fake ... Staged Prank by Yes Theory

10/28/2018 12:47 PM PDT

You know that viral photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito from the side? Yeah ... that was fake news, courtesy of the same guys who got Will Smith to jump into the Grand Canyon.

As it turns out, this pic of "Justin" that made the Internet go crazy this past week is a complete farce staged by the YouTube group, Yes Theory ... which they meticulously documented and broke down in an explainer vid posted to their channel Sunday. 

It's crazy ... seemingly every major news outlet picked up the story of what appeared to be JB eating a burrito by himself in the park ... biting it from the side, like corn on the cob. Everyone thought it was weird as hell and roasted the pop star for it.

And, get this -- it wasn't even Justin in the photo ... it was a dead-on doppelganger (who's also from Canada) named Brad Sousa. They dressed him up in some Bieber-esque clothes, and voila ... instant viral fame achieved.

Check out their vid to see how the whole thing came together. And, let's remember this lesson ... appearances can be deceiving

Post Malone Postmates' $40,000 Customer!!!

10/24/2018 1:00 AM PDT

If you're worried about how much you're spending on getting food and booze delivered, you can breathe easier, because we've learned Post Malone left everyone in the dust!

The rapper is Postmates' most dedicated customer ... ordering nearly 3,000 items on more than 660 deliveries spanning 52 cities nationwide!!! 

Post is gonna be featured on a Postmates series, The Receipt, along with other celebs sharing their favorite orders and strangest requests.

Post gets most of his deliveries on tour ... spending more than $40,000 over the past year on quick eats from places like Chick-fil-A, Burger King, KFC, Panda Express, and Popeyes.

Fast food isn't the only thing Post can't live without ... some of his favorite orders include a 12-pack of beer, 3 Champagne bottles from Ralphs and 3 bottles of grape Pedialyte. Gotta stay hydrated when you're getting wasted.

As for Post's special requests ... he asked Chick-fil-A for the largest nugget tray they had and once asked for Target's most expensive chess board. Seriously. 

Forget "White Iverson" ... call him Postmates Malone. 

Oprah Throws a Mean Pizza Party For 'Project Runway' Star

10/23/2018 1:38 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Oprah partied like it was 2004 ... invoking her most famous catchphrase when she delivered trays upon trays of pizza to surprise "Project Runway" star Michael Costello.

It all went down in downtown L.A. at the fashion designer's store where she showed up with servers and 14 pepperoni pizzas in tow. Michael was celebrating the 1-year anniversary of his joint on Monday, but had ZERO clue about what was gonna happen next.

With everyone gathered around, in came Oprah ... who earlier this month held an "O, That's Good!" pizza contest. Michael just so happened to enter the contest and, yes, he was one of the winners.

Cool moment is when Michael peels off a pepperoni and feeds it to Oprah, who congratulated Michael. They sipped on some bubbly but not before Michael dropped the obligatory "You get a slice! You get a slice!" reference.

Oprah, of course, had to join in. Party attendees included Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills, entertainment reporter XiXi Yang and host Diana Madison. And, an awesome time was had by all. 

Kevin Spacey Gets the Boot from Catch LA ... Torn Off Famous Mural!!!

10/22/2018 7:33 AM PDT

The verdict is in on Kevin Spacey ... at least as far as one Hollywood hot spot is concerned ... he's been 86'd from the restaurant's wall of fame mural.

Spacey used to have a prominent spot on the wall at Catch LA -- right next to NBA superstar and all-around good guy Chris Paul, and not far from Mr. Clean. Irony much? Now, he's been replaced by Sony Music honcho Clive Davis.

It's been a year since the wave of Spacey's sexual misconduct accusers started coming forward. There are multiple active investigations -- in the U.S. and the UK -- however, he has not been criminally charged.

That's all fine in a court of law, but the jury at Catch has already ruled.

George Lopez on Hooters Incident I'm Trump's Kind of Guy Now!!!

10/21/2018 4:30 PM PDT

George Lopez and Donald Trump may finally see eye-to-eye on something after a scuffle GL was involved in last weekend at a Hooters ... according to George himself.

We got the comedian Sunday at LAX, where we asked about his run-in with a fan who claims George grabbed his neck in a video of the altercation obtained by TMZ. In our clip ... you can see what appears to be George getting handsy with the dude.

George stays tight-lipped on the whole thing -- not wanting to reveal who he thinks was at fault -- but, he does drop one interesting nugget on us ... Trump probably would've been down for the way George handled it -- ya know, 'cause of that whole body slamming thing.

In case you forgot ... Trump praised Congressman Greg Gianforte for putting a reporter on his back last year, saying anyone who could do a full body slam was "my kind of guy."

George certainly remembers the comment, and he seems to imply that his own run-in might've been more than just a neck grab. Oh ... he's also got some (hilarious) thoughts on the Dodgers returning to the World Series to face the Boston Red Sox. 

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