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Jon Lester & Anthony Rizzo Partied Until 4 AM ... After Loss To Nationals

5/20/2019 11:30 AM PDT

How did Jon Lester, Anthony Rizzo and a couple other Cubs get over a sad loss Saturday in D.C.???


Lester -- fresh off of giving up 10 hits and 5 earned runs in just 4.1 innings against the Nats -- tucked his best dress shirt into his jeans, grabbed Rizzo, Albert Almora Jr. and Kyle Schwarber and hit the town.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ Sports the guys were out at Sauf Haus Bier Hall -- a college bar 4 miles from Nationals Park.

And, at one point, things got kinda awkward ... 'cause Lester's brutal performance was replaying on the TV screens!!!

But, we're told the guys weren't fazed by the reminder of their L earlier in the day ... 'cause they danced around until 3 AM ... and then cruised over to McDonald's for some late-night munchies!!!

Seems all the partying worked out just fine for the guys ... Schwarber, Rizzo and Almora Jr. all had HUGE games in their Sunday night win over the Nats -- going a combined 6-for-9!!!

Anthony Weiner Freedom Tastes Like a Fiesta in NYC!!!

5/20/2019 6:55 AM PDT

Anthony Weiner is on the prowl again -- and one of his first orders of business was filling his gut with some Mexican grub in NYC.

The disgraced Congressman and recently released ex-con was chowing down Saturday night at a Mexican restaurant in the Flatiron District of Manhattan. We're told he hit up a place called Rosa Mexicano ... a popular chain in the city.

We don't know what Anthony ended up eating, but witnesses say he was with 2 young kids (his, we're guessing) and 2 adult men -- and the whole group was whisked away to a private area away from the main dining hall. No Huma in sight.

We're also told one of the guys with him was wearing some sort of badge that seemed like he was with law enforcement. Anthony is under supervised release, so that wouldn't be crazy. 

Either way, it's clear AW is trying to move on with his life and get back to normal after his sexting minors case that landed him in prison and a halfway house for 18 months.

Britney Spears I'm Just Livin' My Life

5/19/2019 7:26 AM PDT

Britney Spears is clearly trying to make it clear ... she's living her life.

Brit and BF Sam Ashgari went for some grub Saturday night at Lure Fish House in Westlake Village, near her home.

She looks great and seems happy ... at least from the pic.  

TMZ broke the story, despite the social media cry to "Free Britney," her conservatorship is biz as usual. She interacts with her dad, conservator Jamie Spears, multiple times a day. She has freedom to do as she wishes, with an asterisk. Her dad makes sure security follows his daughter wherever she goes, to make sure she doesn't cross the line ... e.g., if she went to a liquor store, security would step in.

And, as we reported, smart phones are off limits to Brit, because her dad doesn't want people contacting her who might have ulterior motives.

Britney also said she'll perform again. As we reported, her longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, said he hasn't heard from her in months and it's Britney's decision when, if ever, she'll return to the stage.

All that said, she looks good.

Khloe Kardashian Grandma Kris Can't Be Trusted with True ... When it Comes to Sugar!!!

5/18/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Khloe Kardashian will not leave baby True alone with Kris Jenner ... because she fears Grandma will give the kid a sugar high!!!

True Thompson's momma dished with Disso Queen Laura Wasser on her hit podcast, 'Divorce Sucks!' which drops Monday ... and Khloe says Kris is like your typical grandma ... always fretting about extra layers and bribing the little ones with sugary treats.

Khloe reveals True's yet to taste any kind of unnatural sugars ... but she's got to watch her back around Kris because granny wants to fatten up the 1-year-old with all sorts of sweets. 

Khloe believes Kris' tasty bribes are her way of getting Kim's and Kourtney's kids begging to go over the river and through the woods. 

It's a fascinating conversation on parenting ... watch and learn how each of the Kardashian sisters deal with their broods ... from militant to permissive. 

You can catch Laura's full episode with Khloe Monday on PodcastOne and Apple Podcasts.

Jennifer Garner Burger King Pleases Me

5/15/2019 10:14 AM PDT

Jennifer Garner really does have it her way when she's around her burger mogul BF ... all smiles and appetite satisfied.

Jennifer looked happy as hell, cozying up to her BF, John Miller after they hit up the popular breakfast joint Farmshop Wednesday morning in Brentwood. Hard to tell how exactly much PDA was actually going on, but hey ... it is hump day and they're pretty smiley.

The couple has been going strong since they were first linked together in October of 2018. It's the first -- and seemingly only -- guy she's been linked to since she and Ben Affleck called it quits in 2015. Miller, BTW, is chairman and CEO of Cali Group, which runs burger joints in Cali, Canada, Mexico, China and several other countries.

And, Miller's more than just a pretty face ... he's a Stanford Law School grad. Get it, Jenny!!! 

Zion Williamson Gets New Orleans Food Advice ... from Louisiana Congressman

5/15/2019 9:46 AM PDT

Where should Zion Williamson GO FIRST when he touches down in New Orleans???

Not Bourbon Street. Not Cafe Du Monde. Not the strips clubs either. 

There's a place in Nawlins that will IMMEDIATELY make the 18-year-old fall in love with the city ... this according to Louisana congressman Steve Scalise

First off, Steve is FIRED UP about the New Orleans Pelicans getting the 1st overall pick in the NBA Draft and he's pretty confident the team will select Zion. 

"Zion is going to love New Orleans," Scalise said ... "He said he's never been? I can't wait to serve him charbroiled oysters one day and welcome him to the city."

So, where does Zion need to go when he steps off the plane? Watch the clip!!!

Also, we just spoke with the woman responsible for the Pelicans getting the #1 pick -- Connie Halphen ... who gave her lucky angel doll to Pelicans honcho David Griffin for the NBA Draft Lottery. 

Griffin hailed Halphen's angel for bringing all the luck to the Lottery -- so, we asked her for the backstory behind the lucky trinket. 

Long story short, the angel has been around the world -- and brought good fortune to Connie's family throughout several decades. 

The story is pretty great -- ya gotta watch for yourself!!!

Tiger Woods Breaks Silence On Lawsuit ... 'It Was A Terrible, Terrible Night'

5/14/2019 8:32 AM PDT
Breaking News

Tiger Woods is breaking his silence on a lawsuit that claims his restaurant is responsible for a man's death ... telling media members Tuesday, "It was a terrible, terrible night."

We broke the story ... the parents of Nicholas Immesberger just filed a lawsuit claiming their son was overserved booze at Tiger's, The Woods, restaurant in Jupiter, Florida ... and they say that led to his 2018 drunk driving death.

Tiger was asked about the incident during his PGA Championship press conference ... and Woods said, "We're all very sad that Nick passed away. It was a terrible, terrible night."

"A terrible ending and just we feel bad for him and his entire family. It's very sad."

24-year-old Immesberger worked as a bartender for the restaurant ... and his parents say he knew Tiger personally. In fact, they claim it was Tiger's girlfriend -- restaurant general manager Erica Herman -- who recruited him herself.

According to the suit, Immesberger finished a shift on Dec. 10, 2018 -- but stayed at the restaurant for hours where he was served alcohol to the point of "severe intoxication" before he was sent out to his car to drive home.

Immesberger crashed on his drive home and died in the accident. His blood alcohol level was a .256, more than 3 times the legal limit.

Now, at a press conference of their own Tuesday morning ... an attorney for Immesberger's estate and his parents believe Woods' restaurant DESTROYED video evidence showing Nick drinking at the bar for hours after his shift.

Immesberger's attorneys want Tiger, Erica and The Woods restaurant to be held responsible for the tragedy ... saying they all personally knew Immesberger had a problem with alcohol but allowed him to be overserved anyway.

The family is seeking everything from medical and funeral expenses to other "appropriate damages."

Peyton Manning Opening A Saloon ... Giddy Up In 2020!!!

5/9/2019 10:11 AM PDT
Breaking News

In Tennessee and looking for a classy place to booze up while feeling like you're in a country western movie??

Peyton Manning clearly knows the feeling ... and is fixing the issue -- by opening up a "high-end watering hole" in Knoxville in 2020!!!

The QB and Graduate Hotels announced Thursday they're building a "western-inspired" bar and restaurant near University of Tennessee's campus.

The name of the place? Saloon 16 ... a homage to Manning's nickname, "The Sheriff," as well as the No. 16 jersey he wore when he was a star with the Volunteers.

It's supposed to be an awesome spot -- complete with dartboards, jukeboxes, a piano and an outdoor dining area.

Graduate Hotels says the place will open its doors in the spring of 2020.


Meryl Streep & Anna Wintour The Devils Wear Overcoats ... For NYC Powwow

5/8/2019 12:50 AM PDT

Meryl Streep and Anna Wintour must've felt like they were looking in a mirror when they grabbed a bite in NYC, but unlike their "Devil Wears Prada" alter ego ... their reflections were friendly!

The 2 women -- both icons in their own right -- had what's definitely the most powerful power lunch we've seen in a while. Eyewitnesses tell us they did Italian at a spot called Sant Ambroeus last week in NYC's West Village.

The big question ... who made who wait?? Our sources tell us it was Meryl who arrived first, with Anna arriving shortly after in a typically stylish ensemble ... including her signature shades, natch.

After exchanging air kisses, we're told Anna and Meryl sat down for about an hour-long meal that appeared to be salads. Good food, good conversation ... and at the end each went on their merry way.

Low key, no drama ... and probably disappointing for any 'Devil Wears' fans who might have been sitting nearby. If you didn't know -- and you should -- Meryl's character in the 2006 comedy was based on Anna. 

It was long rumored Vogue's head honcho wasn't at all flattered -- but they officially buried the hatchet in 2017 with a 1-on-1 interview.

Looks like they've remained good pals since then.

"That's all."

'Game of Thrones' Another Beloved Character Bites the Dust ... Dany's Coffee Cup

5/7/2019 8:22 AM PDT

"Game of Thrones" fans had their fun, but now it's over ... HBO has digitally removed that disposable coffee cup seen sitting on a table next to Daenerys Targaryen from Sunday's episode.

As we reported ... the cup became the unexpected star of episode 4 of the hit show's final season when eagle-eyed viewers spotted it onscreen -- hardly for a second -- during a scene in "The Last of the Starks" while Tormund praises Jon Snow.

People originally believed the cup was from Starbucks, but 'GoT' Art Director Hauke Richter told us it's from a local coffee shop in Banbridge, Northern Ireland ... where they filmed.

Fans were shocked that 'Thrones' would make such a boneheaded mistake, but the show owned up to it ... with a double shot of humor.

HBO says the cup has now been edited out in the current episode available on HBO Go and will not be seen in any encore presentations or streaming/DVD versions going forward.

Sadly, it didn't even get a proper sendoff on a funeral pyre.

Celine Dion at Met Gala Nice Buns, Hun ... Me Likey Katy's Burger!!!

5/7/2019 7:11 AM PDT

Celine Dion's got a thing for hot beef patties, or at least hot beef on Katy Perry -- 'cause she was jonesin' hard when she spotted Katy's Met Gala costume.

Queen Celine was making her way through The Standard, High Line hotel Monday night after the Gala when we asked which actress could best play her in a biopic. She's had quite a life -- so, Celine struggled to come up with an answer, and then ... it happened.

Katy rolled through with what might be the most unique outfit of the night -- a classic American cheeseburger suit, which got Ms. Dijon's juices flowing. Seriously, you gotta check out their delicious wordplay. 

Celine greeted Katy with a peck on the lips, and then a nice squeeze of her bun. Either she was starving at the end of the night or just loves her some Katy -- or both.

Katy's "dress" was a conversation piece all night ... even before Celine feasted her eyes on it. She ran into J Lo in the bathroom, who was politely observational of Katy's fashion choice.

She's kinda known for her unique style at these type of events ... so just another day in the life here, really. 

AOC I'm Terrified ... Of This Beast in My Sink!!!

5/7/2019 7:17 AM PDT

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still has a lot to learn ... about garbage disposals.

The rookie congresswoman had her first experience with the food-shredding machine at her new Washington D.C. apartment Monday night and had no idea what to make of it ... other than it sounds scary.

AOC's reactions to testing out her disposal are pretty amusing, and to be honest ... she asks some fair questions about the benefits of the inner sink contraption. For instance -- is cramming food scraps down there really better than just tossing them in the trash? 

Of course, the Green New Deal advocate couldn't resist getting political about discovering her newfound amenity ... and reminding everyone where she came from. She also cracked a joke about folks telling her to stick her hand in.

We don't suggest that, but here's a free hot tip -- if it starts to stink down there, drop a few pieces of orange peel in and flip the switch while running cold water.

We're pretty sure it's environmentally sound too. 

'Game of Thrones' Makes Venti-Sized Mistake ... Who Left the Coffee Cup?!

5/6/2019 10:23 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

10:19 AM PT -- Hauke Richter, 'GoT' Art Director for the past 5 seasons, tells TMZ ... the notorious cup is NOT from Starbucks, but rather a local coffee shop in Banbridge, Northern Ireland near where they filmed.

Richter says despite the hoopla and theories about the cup, he's certain it was just an accident. He says similar mistakes -- like Vikings or Indians wearing wristwatches -- happen on TV and in movies all the time ... they're just not as high-profile as 'Thrones.'

He adds ... "We are usually so diligent that this does not happen. The shoot was very hard and demanding and it is likely that after a very tiring ep 3 shoot, this was simply overlooked by an exhausted crew.""Game of Thrones" is down to its final 2 episodes, and while the impending battle between Daenerys and Cersei heats up ... somebody might get killed for a Starbucks cup.

Somehow, the hit HBO series -- that has spent millions upon millions of dollars and gone to great lengths to shoot some of the most epic and intricate scenes in TV history -- made a boneheaded mistake by leaving the branded coffee cup in the middle of a scene.

The Starbucks can be spotted at the 17:38 mark of the episode -- the fourth of the final season titled "The Last of the Starks" -- on a table near Dany as she observes Jon Snow being praised for his valor by his pal, Tormund ... and she's not too happy about it.

Also unhappy -- most likely the showrunners, writers, director and script supervisor of the episode.

Unless of course we're all fools, and we missed a Starbucks being built in Winterfell among all the other twisting plotlines ... or maybe George R.R. Martin included it in the books.

More than likely, though, this is just an unexpected gaffe ... one that even Bran didn't see coming.

Originally Published -- 6:41 AM PT 

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