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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott We Need A Family Beach Vacation To Mend Our Relationship

3/23/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are planning a family vacation with one goal in mind ...  healing their damaged relationship. 

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... the fam's first order of business when Travis gets a break from his Astroworld tour next week is a family trip with no distractions -- so they can focus on spending time together with baby Stormi

As we reported ... Kylie, Travis and Stormi went to dinner as a family Thursday night, the first time we've seen them all together since the billionaire accused the rapper of cheating. We're told the parents' relationship is getting back on track after an epic blowup, but a family vacay will go a long ways towards mending their wounds

What's interesting ... they chose to chow down at Sweet Chick, a restaurant which is co-owned by Nas. It's super popular, and it's a scene. Paparazzi are almost guaranteed, so it's clear they wanted to be seen.

Kylie and Travis are serious about the "no distractions" part of the trip ... we're told they're clearing their schedules and asking a travel agent to find a beach in another country, where they can relax in peace.

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missing this ☀️💛

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Looks like Kylie's already looking forward to enjoying some family fun in the sun.

Kim and Kanye Buy Some Special Edition Yeezys ... Support A Good Cause

3/22/2019 5:32 PM PDT

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got ya covered if you're thirsty for lemonade and unreleased Yeezys ... and it's all to raise money for a great cause. 

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wow... so i just got yeezys from kanye, kim & fam who setup a yeezy lemonade stand

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Kanye, Kim and Adidas partnered with families across the country Friday to create homemade lemonade stands hawking fresh drinks, and even fresher kicks ... and all the proceeds are being donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The pop-ups are operating right now ... and if you run across one, you can cop an unreleased pair of the Yeezy Boost 700 V2 "Geode" for $300. The lemonade stands are up and running in Indianapolis, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota.

Kim and Kanye are also busy building their own stand, which they'll set up in their community.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

If you're unable to make it to one of the custom stands ... you can still donate here.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Family Dinner ... All is Forgiven?

3/22/2019 6:26 AM PDT

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott appear to be on the path of total reconciliation ... grabbing dinner together with their daughter.

The billionaire, Travis and Stormi hit up Sweet Chick -- co-owned by Nas -- Thursday night in L.A.  It's the first time we've seen the famous unit together since Kylie accused Travis of cheating, triggering an epic blowup. The couple didn't say much as they left the restaurant and piled into a car.

It appears Travis and Kylie were headed to another spot, because Travis loaded Stormi into a different vehicle ... apparently sending his daughter home for beddy-bye as they hit the town. 

TMZ broke the story ... Kylie allegedly found evidence last month on Travis' phone that he was unfaithful after the rapper made a surprise visit home. Travis canceled a show in Buffalo in an attempt to calm things down, but if it worked it did so only marginally.

Sources close to the couple told us, while they never officially split over the fight, their relationship was strained ... and they'd need time to figure things out.

As for Kylie and Jordyn ... looks like they're never gonna figure it out.

Glad to see Kylie and Travis back on track.

Shaq Joins Papa John's Board Of Directors ... After Ex-CEO's N-Word Scandal

3/22/2019 7:14 AM PDT
Breaking News

Papa John's is hoping Shaquille O'Neal can do the same thing he did for the Lakers ... return them to prominence ... by adding the Big Man on as a member of their Board Of Directors.

Shaq announced the move moments ago on his Instagram with a statement talking about his future with the company, and his enthusiasm for their pies.

"I am so excited to be joining the Papa John’s family as a member of the Board of Directors, a soon-to-be investor in nine Papa John’s franchises in Atlanta and an ambassador for the brand."

This is HUGE news for Papa John's ... the company has been embroiled in controversy ever since founder John Schnatter stepped down after he admitted to using the n-word during a conference call with executives last May.

Since then, the company has been hit with boycotts by some members of the Black community, leading to declining sales 5 quarters in a row according to CNN business.

Shaq is a beloved figure in the community, and you have to believe PJ's is hoping adding him will get them back on the good side of those who think the company is racist.

"I know that behind every large company, there are thousands of people that put their heart and soul into the business. Papa John’s is no different, and it struck a chord with me that the company is putting in the work to do better within its walls and in the communities it serves across the country."

BTW -- this deal also comes with 9 franchises for Shaq in the Atlanta area ... and that means free pizza ... pace yourself, big guy.

Bin Laden Killer Rob O'Neill 'Jerry Jones Hosted Me For Thanksgiving!!!'

3/17/2019 12:25 AM PDT

Did you know ... Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones once made the guy who killed Osama Bin Laden his special Thanksgiving VIP guest???

It's true ... and when we spoke with Navy SEAL legend Rob O'Neill -- he told us what it was like spending Turkey Day with one of the most powerful guys in the NFL. 

We were in D.C. talking with O'Neill about his favorite NFL team -- the Washington Redskins -- when he dropped the Jerry Jones fun fact ... so after the clip, we called him up on the phone to get the full story.  

It all went down in 2014 when Rob was living in Dallas ... some of the Redskins honchos wanted to do something nice for him so they put him in touch with the Cowboys in hopes of getting him VIP access to the Thanksgiving Day game. 

The Cowboys not only hooked it up -- but Jerry personally invited the American hero into his private owner's suite for the full Thanksgiving turkey spread!! 

Jones also took Rob down on the field with a full access pass. Least he could do, right?! 

Rob says he's still a hardcore Washington fan -- but he's got a soft spot for the Cowboys. 

Anyway, salute this man. 


Ariana Grande Catching Up w/ a Blast from the Past

3/11/2019 8:40 AM PDT

For Ariana Grande, ex really does mark the spot. And, this time it's Graham Phillips.

Ariana was out in NYC Sunday night dressed to the nines in a mini skirt, thigh-high white boots and an oversized coat. Also looking pretty dapper was the "Riverdale" actor. They hit up the Italian joint Carbone ... super popular among celebs.

It's the second time in less than 2 weeks since Ariana's gotten cozy with one of her exes. You'll recall the "Thank U, Next" singer reunited with Big Sean after hitting up a recording studio. They left together in the same car.

Ariana and Graham dated for about 3 years after they met on the Broadway production of "13" ... a musical with a cast featuring teenagers. They broke up in 2011 but remained friendly. The reunion comes on the heels of Pete Davidson's very public fling with Kate Beckinsale, which Ariana called cute.

So ... who's next? 

Shaq Opens Restaurant Next to Staples!!! ... Big Stars Attend Opening

3/11/2019 9:35 AM PDT
Breaking News

He's already got a statue at Staples Center -- now Shaquille O'Neal has a restaurant right across the street!!!

The NBA legend opened up Shaquille's at L.A. Live over the weekend -- and tons of his famous friends showed up to celebrate ... from Adam Sandler to Julian Edelman and Tiffany Haddish!!!

It all went down after the Lakers game on Saturday night after Los Angeles took an L against their rival, Boston Celtics ... which happens to the last team Shaq played for!!!

The restaurant specializes in Southern cuisine -- featuring everything from Shaq’s famous fried chicken to shrimp & grits. People at the party tell us the food was delicious. 

And, get this ... we're told a few of the Lakers even hit up the joint after the game ... including Kyle Kuzma and Rajon Rondo.

Boston's Jayson Tatum was there too along with Celtics legend Paul Pierce

Other stars spotted at the party ... Diplo, E.J. Johnson, Jaleel White and Ross Butler


Luke Perry Fiancee, Ex-Wife & Son Break Bread

3/9/2019 12:49 PM PST

Luke Perry's loved ones -- including his ex-wife and his fiancee -- all came together Friday night, 5 days after his tragic death from a stroke.

Luke's son, 21-year-old Jack, had dinner in Studio City, CA with his mother, Rachel "Minnie" Sharp and Luke's fiancee, Wendy Madison Bauer. The blond woman in the hoodie appears to be a friend of Luke's daughter, Sophie. It's unclear if she was at the dinner.

The blended fam broke bread at a restaurant near to Luke's home.

The family, no doubt, discussed funeral arrangements. There are reports the '90210' and "Riverdale" star will be laid to rest in L.A. Forest Lawn Cemetery. 

As we reported, Jack -- a pro wrestler who goes by Jungle Boy in the ring -- has taken a break from work to be with his family.

Sophie posted a tribute to her dad this week ... after she rushed back from Malawi to be by his side before he passed.

Luke and Rachel were married for 10 years before they divorced in 2003, and had joint custody of their kids. It was clear at the dinner that Rachel and Wendy -- who'd been with Luke for several years -- have a good relationship too.

Sophie posted a pic Friday of herself and her mom, thanking her for being "the rock for everybody grieving in this family right now."

Kylie Jenner I'll Get the Check ... Billionaire Celebration with Caitlyn

3/9/2019 7:51 AM PST

Kylie Jenner's getting some love from her, no doubt, incredibly proud papa -- as they celebrate her huge financial milestone with a fancy dinner in Malibu.

Caitlyn Jenner hugged it out with her daughter Friday night outside Nobu. We're guessing they hooked up to raise a glass to Kylie for officially reaching billionaire status, according to Forbes ... at just 21 years old. Yes, she's also the world's youngest self-made billionaire ever.

The father-daughter dinner came complete with a third wheel -- Caitlyn's partner, Sophia Hutchins, and the loving family scene at the end of the meal raises just one question.

We've all been there ... that awkward moment when you're a working adult and go out to dinner with a parent. WHO picks up the check??

Y'know Caitlyn had to offer -- after all, her net worth is reportedly an estimated, and totally respectable, $100 mil. She's used to paying, but maybe juuust this once ... ya let the kid slap down her black card. 

It's Kylie's time to shine.

Salt Bae Friendly Reminder ... Log All Your Workouts, Bro!!!

3/8/2019 8:07 AM PST

Salt Bae's gone full "Rocky IV" mode with his workouts ... taking them to the extreme, but instead of snow he's working it in the sand.

The famous Turkish chef/Internet sensation hit up Miami Beach Thursday making it obvious dude's never skipped leg day.

Mr. Bae also finds it hard to resist taking his workouts to a whole new level ... busting out pistol squats with a freakin' utility trailer and regular ol' squats with a damn log!

Check out the vid ... Bae's bud's right there with him getting it all on video. Probs for the Gram.

Need more proof Salt Bae's living the sweet life? Check out the chick who couldn't resist pulling up next to him for a pic. She clearly kicks butt in her workouts too.  

BTW ... it's not the first time Salt Bae's opted for some bitchin' workouts. Remember the parachute?

Hate if ya want, but if getting salty's your thing -- here's a lesson on how to do it right. Like we said, next level.

Mario Batali Giving Up His Restaurants ... Following Sexual Assault Allegations

3/6/2019 9:57 AM PST

Stick a fork in Mario Batali, he's done ... the celebrity chef is surrendering all of his restaurants in the wake of the various sexual assault allegations against him. 

The Bastianich family and some of Mario's other partners bought out his stake in his eateries ... this according to The New York Times

The sudden fire sale means Mario will no longer profit from his 16 remaining restaurants ... and he's also reportedly in the process of selling his shares in Eataly -- a fast-growing chain of Italian supermarkets.

We broke the story ... in January, NYPD closed two sexual assault cases against Mario without filing charges.

The NYPD probe started after a woman came forward on "60 Minutes" last May claiming Mario sexually assaulted her in 2005 at his Spotted Pig restaurant. 

Another woman filed a police report in March 2017, claiming Batali raped her on Jan. 29, 2004 at his West Village eatery.

Soon after the allegations surfaced, several of the restaurants under his company closed their doors.

Batali confirmed the news to TMZ by saying, "I have reached an agreement with Joe (Bastianich) and no longer have any stake in the restaurants we built together. I wish him the best of luck in the future."

Donald Trump Another Fast Food Buffet ... For College Football Champs

3/4/2019 9:46 AM PST
Breaking News

Donald Trump treated ANOTHER college football team to a fast food spread at the White House on Monday -- with the North Dakota State squad getting Chick-fil-A and McDonald's on a silver platter!

The NDSU Bison football team was invited to Trump's White House to celebrate winning the FCS Championship with a 38-24 win over Eastern Washington back in January. 

The team reportedly wasn't expecting ANY food during the trip -- but after the success Trump had with the Clemson football team back in January, he decided to break out the fast food again! 

You can see in the photo ... the spread was loaded with Big Macs and chicken sandwiches.

Remember when Clemson visited, Trump served up  McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King AND pizza to celebrate their national championship win over Alabama. 

At the time, Trump explained the menu by saying, "I would think that's their favorite food."

The food was a hit -- with Clemson's star QB Trevor Lawrence telling TMZ Sports, "It was awesome. We had McDonald's and everything. It was good."

The NDSU Bison have won the FCS Championship 7 times in the last 8 years -- but this is the first time they've gone to the White House. 

Before the trip, head coach Matt Entz told the Grand Forks Herald ... "This isn’t a political trip, this is a Bison trip and, personally, I sold it as two things: It’s one more opportunity for the 2018 team to be together, but also in my mind the start of the 2019 season and the things we’re going to do together."

The big question ... how did the food go over with the players? 

Cara Delevingne Postmates' $25,000 Customer ... Here's What She Orders

2/25/2019 10:30 PM PST

Cara Delevingne is just like the rest of us, hitting up Postmates for some grub on the go ... the only difference is, she spends way more on deliveries than your average Joe. 

Cara is one of Postmates' most dedicated customers ... because the company tells us she started getting deliveries back in 2014 and has since dropped $25,000!!!

The "Suicide Squad" star is being featured on a Postmates series, The Receipt, which profiles big-spending celebs, their favorite orders and weirdest requests. 

Cara's first order was for a bottle of Jack Daniels on Halloween night, and she's since racked up more than 482 orders, for 1,038 items, from over 234 stores!!!

Cara's favorite spots to order from include: Go Greek Yogurt, Pink Dot, Pinkberry, Taco Bell, Domino's and Shake Shack. Her most ordered item ... the "To-Go Lite" omakase from SUGARFISH. 

Food isn't the only thing Cara gets from Postmates ... she once ordered a box of nails and a hammer, and her most expensive purchase was a $326 vacuum!!!

The good news for Cara's Postmates spending habits ... she doesn't come close to Post Malone and his $40k tab.

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