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Podcaster Adam22 Gunman Charged In Live Stream Robbery Attempt

3/20/2019 12:56 PM PDT

Police and prosecutors believe podcast host Adam Grandmaison's life really was in danger when a guy busted in during his live stream and put a gun to his head ... 'cause the suspect's been charged, and he's still behind bars.

The hip-hop host of the "No Jumper" podcast -- known as Adam22 -- was violently interrupted while recording his show Sunday when the gunman pointed his weapon at Adam and threatened his life.

According to the L.A. County D.A.'s office ... the suspect, 24-year-old David Tran, has now been charged with one count of attempted second-degree robbery. He's still in custody and being held on $100k bail.

After video of the scary moment surfaced, many skeptics wondered if Adam staged it for publicity. Adam spoke to us and made it clear -- it was 100 percent real and serious, and everyone was fortunate there were no deaths ... especially the gunman.

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They tried to kill me lmao

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As we reported ... Adam's security at his BMX and clothing store took control of the situation by quickly taking the guy down, and Adam ended his live stream and called the cops.

Adam had a sense of humor about the ordeal too ... saying, "One minute you're tweeting jokes about f***ing cats and the next minute you got a gun to your head."

Danielle Bregoli Happy 16th Bday, Kid ... Here's Your First Rolex!!!

3/20/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Danielle Bregoli just hit a milestone of wealth and success at a very young age -- she's now the proud owner of a Rolex watch ... the perfect way to ring in her 16th birthday.

Sources tell us Bhad Bhabie received her first Rolex ever Tuesday in NYC as an early birthday gift to celebrate her sweet 16, courtesy of her managers, Adam Kluger and Dan Roof. We're told Danielle has always wanted a Rolex but hasn't gotten around to snagging one.

The diamond-encrusted watch is a beaut, and it's custom too.

Our sources say this is a Mother of Pearl Rolex, and it comes fully loaded with 15.38 carats of VS diamonds around the band, and 1.5 carats of VS diamonds on the Roman numerals lining the face dial. All in all ... we're talking about a $42,000 value. 

We're told the watch was commissioned by Joel the Jeweler in L.A.

We got Danielle out in NYC Tuesday and she was already sporting her new gift ... but she says there's still one more present that'll make her bday perfect.

Danielle certainly deserves it -- she's been riding a wave of success so high for so long now that it's somewhat surprising she hadn't copped one of these before. From smash hit songs to her own reality show on Snapchat, she's come a long way from her "Dr. Phil" days.

Happy birthday, kid.

Cam Newton On Taylor Hearn Fight ... 'It's Unfortunate'

3/19/2019 5:55 AM PDT

How does Cam Newton feel about his Carolina Panthers offensive lineman, Taylor Hearn, getting knocked out in a street fight?

Exactly how you think he would feel ... telling TMZ Sports, "It's unfortunate."

Cam didn't wanna get too into the situation involving Hearn ... but noted he hasn't spoken with the 23-year-old since the incident. 

We broke the story ... Hearn -- 6'4", 315 pounds -- tried to fight several people outside of a bar in Augusta, Georgia ... only to get KO'd by a guy half his size.  

The one thing Cam DID want to talk about ... HATS!!! 

Turns out, Newton is a part owner of the Meshika hat company -- where our photog, Charlie, gets all his cool headwear and the two talked about their obsession with lids! 

In fact, Cam told us he's got roughly 50 HATS from legendary hat maker Alberto Hernandez -- and he still remembers the very first one he ever bought! 

The hat obsession ain't cheap -- some of Alberto's hats can run upwards of $1,800!!

Good thing Cam's rich (he's reportedly made more than $104 million during his NFL career!). 

Karl Lagerfeld Death Certificate Cements French Legacy

3/16/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is being remembered in France as one of the nation's favorite adopted sons ... and it's all spelled out in his death certificate.

We've obtained Karl's death certificate, issued last month in Paris, and it highlights the fact that the German-born designer was awarded the prestigious decoration, Commander of the Legion of Honor ... France's highest civil merit.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy presented the medal to Karl in 2010 ... well-deserved, because Karl spent 55 years designing in Paris, so the Parisians made sure the honor wasn't forgotten. Fun fact: Napoleon started the Legion of Honor in 1802.

As we reported -- Karl died February 19 in a Paris hospital -- the certificate lists 10:20 AM as the time of death.

The cause of death is not revealed ... though Karl was battling pancreatic cancer. 

The certificate lists "artistic director" as Karl's profession. As you know, he was the toast of the fashion world for decades, designing for Fendi and Chanel.

The doc says Patrick Negri, the branch manager of a Barclays Bank, identified Lagerfeld's body ... if only Karl's beloved cat, Choupette, could talk.  

Karl was 85.

Antonio Brown Leaving Steelers Destroyed Me!!! ... Says Carson Kressley

3/16/2019 12:20 AM PDT

It's the sports reaction you never thought you'd need ... but you'll be glad you watched, trust us.

Antonio Brown is no longer a Pittsburgh Steeler ... and there's one superfan who's still trying to figure out what to hell to do about losing his favorite player -- that guy is Carson Kressley.

Yes, as it turns out, the 'Queer Eye' star -- an Allentown, PA native --  is a HUGE Steelers fan. Seriously, the dude even has AB's total yardage memorized like some kinda freak.

So, with CK being the biggest AB fan east of the Mississippi, we had to ask the fashion guru how he's handling the news of Brown going to the Silver and Black. 

And, uh ... let's just say he's had better days.

"I can't believe it," Kressley tells us in NYC. "We're gonna miss him. Antonio, come back to us, please!!!"

There are fake tears, hugs, and compliments shared as our camera guy consoles the devastated Kressley ... and it makes you almost feel bad for the dude.

Stay strong, Carson. There's always JuJu.

Khloe Kardashian Quite a Catch for Malika's Bday ... In See-Through Fishnet Suit

3/11/2019 7:27 AM PDT

Khloe Kardashian might be looking past her Tristan Thompson drama ... but everyone else is looking directly at her rocking a very sheer outfit for her BFF's party.

Khloe was on the prowl Sunday night in Las Vegas, where she was celebrating 2 birthdays -- for her best GF, Malika Haqq, and her twin, Khadijah Haqq McCray. They're well into their dirty 30s at age 36 -- meanwhile, Khloe's a couple years younger at 34.

Either way, it looks like Khloe's ready to embrace single life again -- her wardrobe definitely is. Y'know what they say about fish in the sea, and nothing catches 'em like a see-through fishnet suit. 

We haven't seen her with Tristan since his latest cheating scandal -- and there's no reason to think we will anytime soon. As you know, Khloe let Kylie's BFF, Jordyn Woods, off the hook and laid blame on Tristan. 

He seems to be moving on, based on the company he's been keeping -- so, Khloe should too.

Get it, girl! 

Justin Bieber Get Your New Drew House Gear!!! Even If You're Still Waiting for the Old

3/10/2019 1:00 AM PST

Justin Bieber's clothing line seems to believe the ol' saying, "Always leave them wanting more" ... because his second collection just launched, while some fans wait for the first to deliver.

Several Drew House customers tell TMZ ... they haven't received their orders from the enormously popular brand's Collection 1, which launched on January 29. It was such a hit, it sold out in a day. They say they were told the products would be shipped out in 5-7 business days, but more than a month later, it hasn't happened.

We're told Bieber's company contacted the customers about the delay -- blaming it on "overselling" -- and even offered refunds to folks who don't want to keep waiting. Otherwise, they've been promised the items will be restocked next week and delivered asap.

The hiccups don't seem to be affecting the recent launch of Collection 2 -- which includes more shirts, pants, sweats and hats but in different styles -- because 4 of the 12 new items are already sold out.

True Beliebers think it's worth the wait.

Kid Cudi Drops $275k to Ensure Birthday's Off the (Diamond) Chain!!!

3/8/2019 1:04 PM PST

Kid Cudi turned 35 a little over a month ago but dude's still turning up in style ... with this INSANE custom diamond chain.

We're told the rapper commissioned celebrity jeweler Ben Baller to get it done as a birthday gift to himself. It cost Cudi a whopping $275k!!! The BAPE camo diamond chain carries a sick colorful pendant ... including black diamonds to make out Cudi's hair and white diamonds for Cudi's t-shirt.

The pendant's also littered with Cognac diamonds for Cudi's face, canary diamonds for Cudi's rings and blue diamonds for the pants. The "stoner" eyeballs are made up of rubies. The piece was designed by Japanese fashion designer Nigo, who used to own the popular BAPE clothing line. Kid Cudi has been featured in some of their collections over the years.

Solid way to celebrate turning 35. Remember ... Cudi broke bread with Kanye West, Pete Davidson and Oscar-nominated actor Timothee Chalamet back in January in Malibu to ring in 35.

Now, he can keep celebrating in style.

LeBron James Props From MJ After Passing Him On All-Time Scoring List

3/7/2019 6:34 AM PST
Breaking News

The GOAT has spoken ... Michael Jordan is giving props to LeBron James after passing him on the NBA's all-time scoring list ... calling it "another great milestone."

King James jumped over the Jumpman with an easy bucket midway through the 2nd quarter of Wednesday night's Lakers vs. Nuggets game ... and it was an emotional moment.

James only needed 13 points to pass MJ's 32,292 ... but once it finally happened, the Lakers played a tribute video to LBJ ... and then came the waterworks.

MJ gave his own tribute to James after the game ... saying "I want to congratulate LeBron on achieving another great milestone during his amazing career."

The love was mutual ... as LeBron honored the 6-time champ with a pair of custom LeBron 16s made to look like the Jordan 3s.

Even 2 Chainz -- Bron's new music partner -- got in on the fun by gifting him one of his chains from his courtside seat after the game. 

Despite the celebration, Bron was brought back down to earth quick ... with the Lakers losing the game 115-99 in a blowout loss. 

LeBron commented on the milestone after the game, saying he idolized Michael growing up ... "To be linked with the greatest I ever seen play the game, it's crazy to me."

"I wouldn't be here without him."

Watch your back, Kobe ... you're next (no really, he's #3 on the list). 

Kim Kardashian Me-Ow!!! Prowlin' Paris in Catsuits

3/6/2019 3:36 PM PST

Kim Kardashian is spotted in France. Actually, she's spotted ALL over, 'cause ... fashion, baby!!!

Kim is all about rocking her leopard print outfits in Paris this week while she's there for Fashion Week. She was seen leaving her hotel Wednesday in a sheer, skintight leopard bodysuit and what looks like a velvet or suede trench coat ... with matching bottoms.

Looks very comfy. Revealing too, if not for that coat.

Kim also rocked the feline theme head-to-toe on Tuesday ... equipped with matching gloves and boots. It's a flashy look for sure, but one thing she's not flaunting is expensive jewelry.

Remember, Kim was gagged and bound by masked burglars in her Paris apartment in October 2016, who zip-tied her hands with plastic handcuffs and made off with more than $10 mil worth of her bling.

She vowed to tone it down with the jewelry ever since, and ya gotta think that's top of mind when she's in Paris.

No bling, no problem -- showing her spots will still get Kim plenty of attention.

Penelope Cruz Real Angel Model

3/5/2019 7:58 AM PST

Penelope Cruz stepped out for her runway debut looking like she fell outta heaven -- totally angelic in white during the show, which was also a tribute to late designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Penelope joined the career models at the Grand Palais to showcase Chanel's AW19 Collection and to close out Paris Fashion Week. Penelope -- who's been the face of Chanel since 2018 -- rocked the runway with wedge boots and layers of ruffles.

She also held a white rose to Lagerfeld -- her friend and Chanel's creative director-- who died last month.

Check out the pics ... Cara Delevingne and Cindy Crawford's daughter, Kaia Gerber, also walked a pretty awesome runway.

Yes, it was indoors, but they made it look like a winter scene out of the Alps ... snow and blue sky included!

21 Savage Gets Something Off His Chest ... I Got 'Nothing to Lose'

3/4/2019 4:24 PM PST

It appears ICE has chosen the wrong dude to mess with, because 21 Savage is making it clear -- he's got nothing to lose.

21 was spotted leaving a meeting Monday in L.A. and his hoodie read, "nothing to lose." Unclear if the message speaks to his current legal situation -- the rapper is facing deportation -- or if he just liked the look.

What's more ... the hoodie is from Topman -- a UK based company -- where we recently learned 21 was born.

As we reported ... 21 Savage is in the clear on a previous felony warrant but is dealing with much bigger problems on his plate, like battling Trump's administration and its immigration policies.

Savage is free on bail pending a deportation hearing. And, it looks like the man means business. But, we knew that already.

Kylie Jenner Finally, Something to Make Me Smile!!!

3/4/2019 7:34 AM PST

Kylie Jenner seems to be putting the Jordyn Woods scandal, and Travis Scott's alleged cheating drama on the back burner ... because there's shopping to be done, damn it!

Kylie and bestie Heather Sanders (yep, they're still tight) hit up a mall Sunday in Calabasas and on the agenda were 2 retail therapy items -- shoes and jewelry. They browsed for shoes at Neiman Marcus and then made their way to Cartier to scope out watches -- which explains the smile on Kylie's face.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Kylie, to say the least.

TMZ broke the story ... Kylie's relationship with her childhood friend Jordyn is uncertain after her BFF was involved in a cheating scandal with Khloe's baby daddy, Tristan Thompson.

Then Kylie accused her baby daddy of cheating on her. Travis flatly denied cheating, although he did some damage control while postponing a concert last week. This weekend he was back onstage, and offered much love to his "wifey."

Nothing like a little shopping to soothe the pain.

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