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Kate Middleton 'Back to Nature' Garden Becomes Princes' & Princess' Playland

5/19/2019 3:15 PM PDT

Kate Middleton designed a garden that she hopes will inspire others to get their kids outdoors and playing -- and her kids set a great example by leading the way on that front.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had themselves quite a day exploring Kate's new "Back to Nature" garden that she's officially unveiling to the public in a few days as part of the annual Chelsea Flower Show. The point of all of it ... early childhood development and getting folks (especially kids) reacquainted with the great outdoors. A great cause, really.

Before she opened the doors to everyone else, she had Will bring their own kiddos by to scope the joint out. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the newest addition, 1-year-old Prince Louis, definitely had their run of the place ... it's practically a kid's playland paradise.

Charlotte and Louis rode the rope swing, which looks super fun ... and Georgie boy dipped his toes in a running stream under a baby bridge. We don't usually say this ... but damn, this is cute.

Seeing how they got a little cousin now who'll be able to play along soon enough -- ya gotta imagine the Royals might be here quite a bit in the near future.

Can't blame 'em ... this thing is quite a sight to behold.

Britney Spears Bend It Like Brit ... Bikini Yoga Post-Facility Check Out

5/4/2019 1:01 PM PDT

Britney Spears is getting back to that fit life on social media after checking out of a mental health facility, and she looks better than ever ... doing yoga in a two-piece.

The pop star posted a compilation video Sunday showing herself getting into a bunch of yoga poses outside while wearing a teeny bikini ... all set to Cardi B's "I Like It." Good song choice, 'cause Britney definitely comes with that energy with handstands, splits ... and pretty much everything in between.

It's been a little more than a week since she left the mental health facility she was staying at, and it looks like she's fully back into her routine. It also appears she's caught more of those UV rays she was somewhat lacking the last she was photographed in public. 

As we told you ... Britney is still working through some unresolved issues regarding her medication, despite checking herself out of the facility she was at for 30 days.

We're told she'll continue receiving intensive therapy sessions while at home, but this vid's gotta be a good sign that things are getting back to normal.  

Good for her.

Megyn Kelly Putting in Work ... On Her Bikini Bod!!!

4/22/2019 9:02 AM PDT

If you're wondering what Megyn Kelly's been working on since her NBC exit -- these pics of her shredded body make it clear ... the woman's been working OUT!

The former NBC and FOX News host spent Easter weekend in the Bahamas. She did a lot of paddle boarding and let's just say her athletic talent is ABS-olutely showing. It's impressive, hard to argue there's something more impressive than her incredibly toned bod.

Check out the pics ... she wore the hell out of a very small bikini while flashing her $38 million smile throughout her vacay. Megyn, who hasn't been on the air since her NBC ouster last October, told us she'll be on TV again at some point this year.

If she didn't have a solid offer before ... we're pretty sure she will now. Tick, tock.

Rob Gronkowski Shows Back Surgery Scar ... On Bahamas Vacation

4/22/2019 8:49 AM PDT
Breaking News

Here's Rob Gronkowski showing he's still got a little football in him after retiring from the NFL -- throwing passes to fans in the Bahamas this weekend ... and showing off the scar from his back surgery. 

Gronk and his swimsuit model girlfriend, Camille Kostek, spent Easter weekend right by the beach -- taking in some sun at a fancy resort in Nassau ... it's gorgeous. 

Kostek shot footage of a shirtless Gronk playing catch with some kids -- and you can see the scar on his lower back from the procedure he underwent in Dec. 2016 to treat a herniated disc. 

Gronk returned the following season and had a monster year -- he was named a 1st Team All-Pro in 2017. Pretty amazing comeback. 

But now, it's a wrap for Gronk ... he officially announced his retirement from the NFL back in March and says he's excited for the next phase of his life. 

And, if that phase includes more beaches, more partying and more Camille ... who can blame the guy!? 

Pauly D I'm About To Visit Mike In Prison ... Situation Wants Fan Mail!!!

4/18/2019 11:14 AM PDT

Pauly D says Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is holding up well behind bars ... and he's about to check up on the Sitch in person for a mini "Jersey Shore" reunion. 

We got Pauly D heading into NBC Studios in NYC, and he gave us a super positive update on his buddy's prison stint. Sounds like Mike's making the most of his situation, all things considered.  

Pauly D knows what's up, he says they communicate all the time -- and you can do the same, because Mike's an avid reader who loves getting fan mail. 

Pauly says the best way for fans to show their support is by busting out a pen and paper and showing some love to Mike in prison.

Of course, there's nothing like a face-to-face meeting, and Pauly says his is going down soon.

Sitch is 3 months into his 8-month sentence for tax evasion, and he's got plenty of good things waiting for him on the outside ... but while he's inside, ya gotta imagine he's getting jacked, and Pauly thinks he's gonna come out rocking abs like you've never seen before!!!

Dave Bautista Car Smashes Through His Gym Gate ... 'I'm Fine!'

4/17/2019 8:26 AM PDT
Breaking News

Good news, bad news for Dave Bautista ... 

Bad News ... someone lost control of their car Tuesday night and smashed through the front gate of Bautista's gym in Florida. 

Good News ... miraculously, no one was hurt!!!

It all went down outside of Dave's boutique gym in Tampa -- which looks like a house from the front -- where a black SUV crashed into the outside fence of the property in the middle of the night. 

Bautista personally went down to the gym to check out the damage -- and admits he was in a "sh*tty mood" when he saw what happened. 

But, the former WWE superstar says, "Thankfully no one was hurt."

Several Tampa Police Dept. officers also responded to the crash scene -- and Bautista says they couldn't have been nicer and more understanding. 

So, what did Bautista do next? He took pics with everyone!!!

Afterward, the Tampa PD replied to the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star ... saying, "Thanks [Bautista] for the kind words regarding our officers. We too, are glad no one was hurt."

Jimmie Johnson Completes Boston Marathon ... Barely Misses 3 Hour Mark

4/15/2019 10:36 AM PDT
Breaking News

10:36 AM PT -- Johnson finished the marathon in 3:09:07 ... JUST missing his 3-hour goal. 

Still, an AMAZING performance from a guy running his very first 26.2 mile race. 

His average time per mile was 7 minutes and 13 seconds. Incredible!

Congrats!!Jimmie Johnson doesn't need a car to go fast -- the NASCAR driver is running the Boston Marathon and he's CRUSHING IT SO FAR ... on pace to finish right around the 3-hour mark!!

43-year-old Johnson's been training for months with the goal of breaking the 3-hour mark ... and at the time of this post, he's almost at the halfway point -- on pace for a 3:03 final time based on his splits. 

What's even more amazing ... Jimmie's never completed a marathon before! 

Oh, and on Saturday, he was RACING CARS -- he competed in the Toyota Owners 400, a 300-mile race at the Richmond Raceway in Virginia. 

Jimmie is wearing bib #4848 during the marathon, a tribute to his #48 car. 

Johnson says he's always wanted to run the marathon but his NASCAR schedule got in the way -- but this year, NASCAR shifted the schedule, which freed him up to run. 

During his training, Johnson suffered injuries to his pelvis, left calf and IT band -- but battled through it ... and he's out there running right now!!

If you want to track Jimmie, click here


Originally Published -- 8:58 AM PT

Lee Ann Yanni Boston Bombing Survivor Returns to Course for '19 Marathon

4/14/2019 12:20 AM PDT

Lee Ann Yanni -- who suffered major injuries in the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing -- is returning to course on Monday to run 26.2 miles ... all to raise money for military families in need.

Yanni was a spectator at the 2013 marathon when shrapnel from one of the bombs hit her leg causing broken bones, severed nerves and other major injuries. 

But, Yanni is a beast -- and just 6 months later, she completed the Chicago Marathon in 5 hours, 43 minutes. Amazing! 

She's since completed the Boston Marathon TWICE -- once in 2014 and again in 2015. 

And, on Monday, she'll lace up her shoes to do it again -- not only to stick it to the scumbags behind the bombing but also to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund. 

The Fund provides resources and support for combat-wounded, critically ill and catastrophically injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. It's a great cause. 

So, where did Yanni find the physical and emotional strength to get back out there? We spoke with the 37-year-old who told us she couldn't have done it alone. 

If you want to help Yanni ... click here to donate. 


David Harbour Damn Near Ruined 'Hellboy' Bodysuit with INTENSE Workouts!!!

4/13/2019 12:40 AM PDT

David Harbour gave "Hellboy" producers one hell of a scare ... he almost didn't fit into his demon superhero bodysuit because he was too jacked!!!

Harbour's trainer, Don Saladino, tells TMZ ... Harbour's 10-week workout regimen transformed him so much it set off a production panic. We're told producers were actually upset over the weight loss and body reshaping.

Check out the vid ... the celeb trainer, who also started his own "Hellboy" program, says it wasn't the case. He concedes, yes, Harbour's body drastically transformed ... but by packing on serious muscle. Nevertheless ... Saladino says he had to have a talk with his client about actually NOT being too strict on his diet. Must be nice.

No doubt Harbour -- proudly strutting a dad bod in "Stranger Things" as Sheriff Hopper -- looks like a badass in the movie, released Friday.

BTW ... most people who hire famous trainers usually request the Ryan Reynolds look. Not Harbour though!!! Now, about those abs ... 

Auburn Gymnast Retires After Breaking Both Legs

4/8/2019 1:29 PM PDT
Breaking News

There will be no triumphant comeback for the Auburn gymnast who broke both of her legs during a floor routine at the NCAA Regional Semifinals ... Samantha Cerio says she's retiring from the sport. 

Cerio snapped both of her legs while trying to land a handspring double front on Friday -- she was stretchered off the mat with 2 air casts.


Auburn went on to advance to the Regional Final ... but Cero says Friday was "my final night as a gymnast."

Cerio issued a statement saying, "After 18 years I am hanging up my grips and leaving the chalk behind."

The Auburn senior says she learned a lot from the sport -- including hard work, humility, integrity and dedication ... but has ultimately decided to move on.

"It may not have ended the way I had planned, but nothing ever goes as planned."

"Thank you Auburn family for giving me a home and a chance to continue doing the sport that will always be my first love. I am honored to have had the privilege to represent the navy and orange AU for the past 4 years with my team by my side. Thank you for letting me share my passion with you. Thank you for letting me be a part of something bigger than myself."


Kit Harington Snow Joke, Dude Can Throw a Punch

4/5/2019 7:21 AM PDT

Kit Harington absolutely HATES that he was born on Boxing Day, but ya can't hate on him for squaring up like a champ in the ring.

The "Game of Thrones" star worked up a sweat at a gym Thursday in NYC ... where he was attending a boxing class with a buddy, but clearly the spotlight belonged to him. Kit -- aka Jon Snow -- started off looking like a newbie but didn't take long before finding his rhythm.

Check out the pics and this vid ... his right hook's got potential.

It's a big weekend for Kit ... he's also hosting 'SNL' this weekend. As we reported ... the entire cast got together Wednesday for a huge 'GoT' bash also in the Big Apple. Kit, of course, was there looking dapper as hell in an all-black ensemble. 

BTW ... Kit hates Boxing Day -- the day after Christmas in the UK -- because there's nothing more annoying than the dual birthday-Christmas gift. December babies know what we're talking about.

Also, Boxing Day's got nothing to do with the sport. Look it up.

Anthony Pettis Fight Vs. Conor McGregor ... Is Dream Matchup For Fans

4/1/2019 3:21 PM PDT

Conor McGregor vs. Anthony Pettis -- a match made in fight Heaven -- according to Pettis, who says fighting The Notorious would be a "dream fight" for UFC fans.

We talked to Pettis -- days after moving up to the welterweight division and starching Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson --  about his next move ... and he says Conor makes a whole lotta sense.

There's just 1 problem ... Pettis says if Conor's actually mulling quitting, fighting him is a very bad idea.

"Man, I wouldn't talk him outta retirement. If someone wants to retire, don't get in the Octagon with me," Pettis tells TMZ Sports ...

"It's gonna be a bad one. I'm too hungry right now. I'm too motivated. I just knocked out the #3 in the world at 170 pounds. If you're trying to retire, don't entertain a fight with me."

But, if Conor's just using the threat of retirement as a negotiating ploy, Pettis is all the way down to fight ... and he thinks it'd be a helluva entertaining match up.

"I go for the kill. He goes for the kill. We both have a flashy striking style with a great ground game.". 

Ya hear this, Dana?

Bernard Hopkins Warns Current Fighters ... DON'T GO VEGAN!!!

3/31/2019 12:25 AM PDT

Boxing great Bernard Hopkins is a full-fledged vegan now and has a message for any current and competing fighter who wants to try the lifestyle ... DON'T DO IT FAM!!!

Don't get him wrong ... B-Hop told us he feels GREAT when we got him looking slim and trim at LAX, saying he's been a vegan for around 15 months and he's digging it.

"I feel more energy now, working as I am now with TV and Golden Boy Promotions and what I'm out here now for, so yeah, I feel great."

Sounds good ... but when we asked if going meatless is something Hop wishes he would've done while he was still IN THE RING, he kept it a buck as only a Philly Bul could.

"HELL NO. NO. Not while you're fighting, not while you're active, putting a strain on your body because it's really too much."

We should say, there are tons of fighters like Nate Diaz (is weed vegan?) who are on the diet, and they seem to do just fine, but when you hear Hopkins talk about it, he seems pretty freakin' sure.

BTW -- Hopkins, ever the promoter, says he has a venue for a Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather rematch ... and we gotta admit, we'd watch.

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