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JWoww Claimed Husband Harassed Her ... That's the Reason for a Restraining Order

12/17/2018 1:00 AM PST

JWoww told police her estranged husband, Roger Mathews, was harassing her by filming her without consent, which is why he got kicked out of their home ... sources close to the couple tell TMZ.

As we reported ... cops hauled Mathews out of the family home early Friday morning per a restraining order JWoww got in the dead of night. Roger claimed the 2 had a disagreement earlier in the evening, but he did nothing wrong and was blindsided by police when they demanded he leave.

We're told the 'Jersey Shore' star waited until later in the night when Roger went to bed to contact authorities to claim he was harassing her ... which was enough to get him booted.

Surveillance video from inside their home during the incident shows JWoww telling cops Roger's "not a bad dad" and presumably wants the restraining order to only cover her. But, apparently cops said the temporary order bars Roger from contacting the entire fam, and if she wants it limited she'll have to take it up later in court.

Snooki hinted at harassment allegations when she claimed Roger was taunting JWoww by recording her with his phone to get a rise out of her. Mathews admitted recording JWoww on his phone, but only because his attorney advised him to do so.

We're told Roger is hoping more surveillance footage from the incident at their home gets released because he has nothing to hide and believes it will vindicate him.

Our sources also say the 2 have been doing couple's counseling for the past 3 months and Mathews was hoping to work things out, but JWoww told him recently she had no intention of reconciling ... and was only trying to keep things civil for the kids over the holidays.

We're told Roger's in the same boat now -- it's all about the kids ... not saving the marriage.

Offset Lookin' Like a Tired Zombie ... After Bday Weekend, Cardi Rejection

12/17/2018 6:59 AM PST

Offset looked like a dude who hadn't seen much sleep as he capped off his birthday weekend with a final club stop ... and it also seems like he had Cardi B on the brain.

We got the Migos rapper heading into the Argyle nightclub in Hollywood Sunday night -- day 3 of this birthday festivities -- and our photog tried peppering him with questions about Cardi and his failed attempt to publicly get her back during her Rolling Loud set. 

He stayed mum, but his face says a lot here ... I'M F***IN' TIRED, BRO!!! That's what we're seeing, anyway. Makes sense -- he's been partying since at least Friday.

Just the day before, he was covered in a diamond-crusted face mask and surrounded by his best pals at another venue ... this right after he'd ambushed his wife onstage. And, of course, Offset was also celebrating the day before that too (his actual birthday) ... rounding out the trifecta. 

As tired as he appears, we're gonna take a leap and say he might've also been feeling bummed about the Cardi sitch, for which he got dragged online after many folks accused him of hijacking her moment to selfishly satisfy his agenda ... begging for forgiveness. 

Second thoughts, mate?

Offset Masks His Face at Birthday Party ... After Bum-Rushing Cardi

12/16/2018 2:28 PM PST

Offset kept the party going after crashing Cardi B's set with a second birthday bash for himself, where he covered up his face ... but not in shame or anything. Quite the opposite. 

After ambushing Cardi's Rolling Loud set Saturday and begging for forgiveness -- which he didn't seem to receive in the moment -- the Migos MC rolled on over to the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in L.A. ... where he was decked out in all gold and a diamond-crusted face mask.

He seemed to be in good spirits too, underneath all the headgear -- showing nothing but smiles as he performed despite the awkward run-in he'd caused just hours earlier. 

If Offset was trying to shake off any bad vibes, he certainly had enough pals around to help him forget. Eyewitnesses tell us tons of other rappers were there celebrating with him -- Kodak Black, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Yachty and 21 Savage just to name a few.

And if the homies weren't enough, his label even gifted him a brand new Rolls Royce as part of the festivities. Funny enough ... Cardi gave him something similar last year.

It's like they say ... lucky at cars, unlucky in love. Or, something like that ...

Offset Addresses Crashing Cardi B's Set ... To Beg for Forgiveness

12/16/2018 6:53 AM PST

11:28 AM PST -- Offset just addressed the massive amount of backlash he's been getting for bum-rushing Cardi on stage, explaining why he felt the need to do this so publicly. 

He says that since all of his wrongs have been made public, he feels it's only right to make his apologies just as transparent. It also sounds like he's annoyed by people ripping him online for what many considered to be a cringe-worthy move (at best), while Cardi was on the job.

Offset threw what seemed on the surface like a Hail Mary, by slinking on stage at the Rolling Loud Concert as headliner Cardi B performed her set, but something's off.

Cardi was a few songs into her performance Saturday night in L.A. at the Banc of California Stadium Grounds, when suddenly a sign made of roses was rolled out on stage that said, "Take Me Back Cardi." Offset then appeared out of nowhere.

He told Cardi, the crowd and the world ... "I just want to tell you I'm sorry, babe."

It looks like Cardi wasn't having any of it. But, here's the thing ... how would the venue allow Offset -- whom Cardi has kicked to the curb after the whole cheating thing -- to just appear on stage and hijack her performance?

After the show, Cardi B posted a warning on Instagram ... to be respectful of Offset during what was a difficult time for them. She said she's not getting back with her estranged hubby, but wants people to lay off him ... even referencing Pete Davidson to show how bullying can torment an individual.

It wasn't all frustration for Offset. After the show, his record label gifted him a super sweet Rolls Royce.

Originally Published -- 6:53 AM PST

Tank Offset Needs to Tell the World He Wants Cardi Back

12/16/2018 7:45 AM PST

Offset needs to shout from the mountaintops he wants Cardi B back ... so says Tank, who offers a very interesting if not accurate view of human nature.

We got the rapper Saturday night in the ATL, at the State Farm Arena for the V-103 Winterfest when he threw down his game plan for Offset ... shout out to the world that you want your wife back. "Be Loud, be apologetic with everything you do until you get your wife back," he says.

Tank doesn't know if his plan will work, but that leads him into a super interesting view of human nature.  He's not buying the whole, give-him-a-second-chance thing, because Tank thinks humans are so flawed -- so imperfect -- that sometimes people should get 4th and 5th chances.

Sounds like Offset is heeding his advice. 

21 Savage Gets Crowd Chanting ... 'Cardi, Take Offset Back!!!'

12/15/2018 12:47 PM PST

21 Savage teamed up with his boy Offset ... to help him in his quest to win back Cardi B.

The rapper was performing at the Rolling Loud Festival in L.A. Friday and Offset joined him on stage. That's when 21 got the whole crowd to make a pitch to Cardi on behalf of her estranged husband ... and just take him back already.

As we reported ... Offset celebrated his 27th bday at the club later in the evening without Cardi, but wanted to let her know he's still shining brightly.

Earlier in the night, though ... he was begging for his wife to take him back, making it clear his birthday wish is forgiveness and reconciliation.

Not sure the chant from the crowd will help, but we're guessing it won't fall on deaf ears completely.

Offset Hey Cardi, I'll Be Home for XMAS ... If You Let Me

12/13/2018 1:00 AM PST

Cardi B and Offset might officially be on the outs, but Daddy wants to come home for Christmas. 

Sources close to the couple tell us ... Offset wants to spend the holidays with Cardi and their little girl -- specifically, Xmas Eve and day as well as a few days leading up to that. We're told Offset knows how important spending Kulture's first Christmas with his daughter will be, and wants to be there. 

Our sources also say Offset won't be coming over empty-handed. As a notoriously generous gift giver, we're told he'll have lots of presents for his new baby ... and, of course, some things for Cardi as well (assuming she accepts them, and we're guessing she will).

Sources close to Cardi tell us the "Bodak Yellow" rapper hasn't yet made up her mind if she'll allow Offset to celebrate the holidays with her as a family ... and the plans haven't been discussed.

We're told Offset plans on seeing his other kids too -- he's got 3 others from previous relationships. In other words, Papa will be on the move. 

As we've already told you ... Offset wants Cardi back, plain and simple. He feels like his haters are standing in his way ... but he's determined to win back her heart. That feeling might be mutual. We're told Cardi still feels love for him, despite her publicly saying otherwise

No word on whether they'll rekindle their relationship and stave off a divorce, but our sources say that people close to both of them think there's a reasonable shot they can work it out. 

There's no better time for some magic like that than the holidays. Ya listening, Santa?

Matt Damon No Hard Feelings ... Dining with Ben's Ex-GF

12/12/2018 7:12 AM PST

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are like brothers, so our eyebrows went north when we saw this pic of Matt hanging out with Ben's ex after a bad breakup.

Matt broke bread with Lindsay Shookus Tuesday night for an 'SNL' bash at Lattanzi Restaurant in NYC. You're looking at the 2 of them leaving, and Matt seemed to divert more smoothly than Jason Bourne ever did on screen.

By all accounts, Ben's drinking played a big role in the breakup. TMZ broke the story Ben decided he needed help and went to rehab. He's been out for a while and is now clean and sober. 

Considering Matt is hosting 'SNL' this coming Saturday, it might just be a business thing that Ben and Lindsay were both at the same party -- Lindsay's a producer for the show. Matt, of course, also slayed as Brett Kavanaugh on 'SNL' this year, so they clearly have had interactions on the set. 

Pete Davidson Back in the Saddle ... Date Night with Mystery Woman

12/11/2018 8:42 AM PST

Put him in, coach -- Pete Davidson's back playing the field after the Ariana Grande breakup, and we gotta say ... dude knows how to class it up for date night.

The 'SNL' vet was spotted having dinner 1-on-1 Monday night at Carbone in NYC, with a lovely lady sitting across from him. You can see in the pic, it was full wine and dine mode.

This is one of the first times we've seen Pete out on the town with a new girl since he and Ariana split in October and called off their engagement. We're told he has been casually dating. It's also certainly a nice change of pace considering how rocky things have been for him since the breakup, privately and publicly.

Just last week, he announced Internet trolls were encouraging him to kill himself ... but vowed he'd never do any such thing. Way to bounce back, Pete.

As they say ... thank u, next. 

Paris Hilton DJ'ing Her Ass Off and Lovin' It ... Post-Chris Zylka Split

12/9/2018 2:32 PM PST
Exclusive Video

Wondering how Paris Hilton is holding up after breaking off yet another engagement with her latest fiance? Here's your answer right here ... cue 'In Da Club,' please. 

The starlet was back to doing what she does best this weekend in Miami -- being the life of a party as she DJ'd a set at Wall Lounge, where she was on the turntables for a majority of the night. As you can see ... she doesn't seem fazed in the slightest by her breakup.

It wasn't just her body language either that tells us she might be as happy as ever -- her song selection speaks for itself, too. JT's "Can't Stop the Feeling!" ... "Opus" by Eric Prydz ... "Free" by Ultra Nate ... and an "iconic as f***" song that cuts out before it can play.

Talk about feel-good! She's kinda been on that tip since calling things off with Chris Zylka, having looked in very good spirits lately, sans her pricey hardware

As they say ... back to business. 

Cardi B Now I'm Rapping About Divorce ... But This Ain't for Pub, Okurrrr?!!

12/9/2018 11:00 AM PST

12:43 PM PST -- Cardi just took to social media for another one of her video explainers, in which she assured folks that her split with Offset was no publicity stunt. Unclear if she's directly responding to Offset's Twitter plea or talk of her switching up the lyrics to 'Motorsport,' but either way ... she's putting any of those rumors to rest. 

11:00 AM PST -- It's now clear Cardi has her husband's attention. Offset just admitted on Twitter ... he misses her. Reconciliation? Door opened?

Cardi B and Offset's breakup is now fueling her live performances -- she dropped the big "D" into one of her biggest hits with her now estranged husband.

When Cardi took the stage for Chicago's Jingle Bash show she performed "Motorsport" -- the Migos hit featuring her and Nicki Minaj -- but she switched up the lyrics to reflect her split from Offset.

She rapped during the Saturday night set ... “I get up set off. I turn Offset on. I told him the other day, yeah, we gon' get a divorce!”

For those who don't know ... the original line goes, "I get up set off. I turn Offset on. I told him the other day. Man, we should sell that porn."

The crowd definitely took note of Cardi's edit on her verse. The big question: Is Offset paying attention?

Makes sense Cardi added the "divorce" line -- as we reported, she also did the show without her massive 8-carat diamond ring.

We know what you're thinking, and the deal is ... it's Cardi's to keep. Once they tied the knot, Offset lost all rights to the rock.

Sorry, that's just how the carats crumble.

Originally Published 9:22 AM PT

'Surviving R. Kelly' Cops Track Down Shooting Threat ... It's a Chicago Number

12/8/2018 8:54 AM PST

The investigation into who threatened to shoot up an NYC screening of "Surviving R. Kelly" -- the documentary about his alleged sexual abuse of women -- has led cops to someone in R. Kelly's hometown.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... NYPD's person of interest is a man with Chicago's 773 area code. We're told cops aren't ready to release the man's name yet, and it's unclear if he has any direct connection to Kelly.

'Surviving' was screened Tuesday night at NeueHouse in NYC, but 20 minutes into it someone made a phone threat. The male caller said someone was in the audience with a gun and would open fire if the screening continued. The venue was immediately evacuated.

R. Kelly's ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, told Variety she thought the singer was connected to the threats. Andrea was at NeueHouse and she and several other accusers were scheduled to hold a Q&A session immediately following the screening.

The docuseries premieres in January on Lifetime.

We reached out R. Kelly and NYPD for comment ... both declined.

Cardi B Look, Offset ... No Wedding Ring!!! Just a Big Ol' Smile

12/8/2018 7:08 AM PST

10:00 AM PT -- Along with no ring, we've learned Cardi's no longer following Offset on Instagram ... and he's responded in kind.Cardi B is leaving one stone totally turned -- her giant engagement rock is off her hand, and she's making sure everyone knows it.

Cardi strolled into Madison Square Garden Friday night for iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball concert and proudly showed off her much lighter left hand to fans and photogs.

No doubt, she's sending up a signal -- to her estranged hubby, Offset ... and possibly to all the future suitors waiting to shoot their shot. Y'know her DMs are lit, right now.

Just last month, she was rocking the 8-carat, $550k ring while onstage for a Pandora event in NYC. Things change.

Earlier this week, Cardi announced she and Offset were separated and likely headed for divorce.

If she's busted up about it, she's doing a great job of hiding it in public. Ever the professional, Cardi shook off any Offset-Summer Bunni drama ... and ripped through her set at MSG. No ring required.

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