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Ice Cube I Don't Want Carmelo In BIG3 ... Yet

1/17/2019 8:27 AM PST

Ice Cube is looking forward to the day Carmelo Anthony suits up for the BIG3 league, but says that shouldn't be for a long time, because he thinks 'Melo can still get it done in the NBA.

The BIG3 has become the go-to spot for ex-league guys to flex their skills, with dudes like Al Harrington, Stephen Jackson, and soon to be Lamar Odom all competing at a high level.

Anthony's not doing anything right now, so when we got league boss Ice Cube at LAX we asked if he's clamoring to have 'Melo join up ... not so much.

"Of course, we'd accept him. But, he still could play in the NBA, he should be in the NBA."

Don't get Cube wrong, he'd LOVE Anthony in the BIG3, but he thinks the former scoring champ still "got some NBA in him."

Dope that Cube is supporting Anthony, but we have a question ... if Kevin Durant and Steph Curry wanted to leave the Warriors and join the BIG3, would he discourage them too?

Sure he would.

James Harden Happy Holidays, Kids ... Buy Whatever You Want!!!

12/26/2018 1:59 PM PST
Breaking News

He's already got the right beard, and on Christmas Eve ... James Harden went full Santa Claus and provided presents for families who could use an assist.

The NBA superstar partnered with Target and Karen Civil on Monday, letting 70 kids run wild in a Pearland, Texas store with loaded up gift cards for a personal shopping spree!

We're told each card had a couple hundred bucks on it, and the best part ... the kids had no idea they were in for this treat.

The Christmas karma must have been good for Harden too ... because, on Christmas Day, he dropped 41 points on Oklahoma City to lead his Rockets to a W.

James Harden PIMP ASS SHORT SUIT Swags Out Before Droppin' 50 on Lakers

12/14/2018 7:01 AM PST
Exclusive Details

James Harden was channeling his inner Migos before takin' on LeBron and the Lakers ... showing up to the game Thursday in a full Versace snakeskin short suit -- and then he BALLED OUT!!

With the majority of his thighs out on display, Harden swagged his way into the Toyota Center in Houston and then dropped a 50 BURGER on the Lake Show. 

The Rockets eventually won the game 126 to 111. 

So, how much does drip like this cost? Versace tells us the faux python outfit isn't even available to the public until the start of 2019 -- the top will set ya back $7,595 ... and the pants are $3,495!!!

Harden's also in the middle of a $228 MILLION contract extension, so money is no object when it comes to fashion. 

Seems the fit could be a tribute to Bron's trend-setting look from the NBA Finals last season ... when the King rocked a short suit before Game 1.

We gotta say, Harden's got the upper hand on LBJ with this one.

P.S. -- It's impossible to look at this outfit without hearing Quavo's voice saying "Versace, Versace, Versace" over and over ...

Tracy McGrady Advice For Carmelo ... Hang It Up, Bruh

11/14/2018 12:04 PM PST

Tracy McGrady has some Hall of Famer to future Hall of Famer advice for Carmelo Anthony ... move on, bro ... saying he believes it's time for Melo to put a period on his NBA career.

Anthony is reportedly on the outs in Houston and McGrady says he's being unfairly scapegoated for the Rockets' slow start. Problem is, Tracy thinks that's gonna be the case wherever Anthony goes.

"If he goes to another team and his team starts playing bad, then what? They're gonna blame Melo."

But, don't get it twisted -- T-Mac says Melo can DEFINITELY still ball at the top level ... he just thinks the NBA has turned the page on Anthony, not giving him a fair shake, meaning he only has one option.

"He should retire. Enjoy life man, enjoy his son."

James Harden Gives Signed Jersey To Aqib Talib ... 'That Thing Still Sweaty!'

11/14/2018 7:09 AM PST
Breaking News

Aqib Talib didn't just have the best seats in the house for Tuesday night's Rockets-Nuggets game ... dude got the dopest souvenir ever too -- James Harden's game-used jersey!!!

The L.A. Rams -- in town 'cause they wanted to practice at altitude to prep for their now-moved Mexico City game (more on that later) -- popped by the Pepsi Center to catch some hoops.

Dudes like Talib, Todd Gurley, Jared Goff and Marcus Peters were all courtside ... but for some reason -- Harden decided Talib was most worthy of the post-game swag.

The Bearded One even signed it ... and Talib loved it, saying, "That courtside drip, you feel me?! That's authentic. It's still sweaty. That thing still sweaty, straight off the court!"

L.A. was set to face the Chiefs next Monday night in Estadio Azteca, and was trying to hit up Colorado Springs all week to prep for the altitude in Mexico's capital.

But, since recent Mexico City concerts tore up the field ... the game got moved back to L.A. -- which appears to mean the Rams will head home soon.

Don't feel too bad for at least one of the Rams superstars for leaving the game empty-handed -- Gurley was still rockin' the sick diamond pendant YG gifted to him this week!!

Carmelo Anthony NBA Career Might Be Done ... Says Byron Scott

11/14/2018 6:25 AM PST

Carmelo Anthony ain't gonna have an easy time finding a new squad after the Rockets boot him to the curb ... so says Byron Scott.

Don't get the ex-NBA coach wrong ... he likes Melo and thinks he can still shoot it -- but, he tells TMZ Sports, the market for the 10-time All-Star after he moves on from Houston will be wafer-thin.

"It's gonna be hard, man," Scott says.

Byron's biggest issues with Melo? He says the dude can't fit in with teams looking to rebuild with younger players -- and he can't fit in with squads that get up and down the floor.

So, Scott says the only possible landing spots for the future Hall of Famer are with veteran, half-court teams ... or nowhere else.

BTW ... we also asked Scott about the Lakers and the job Luke Walton is doin' -- and he says everyone just needs to be patient when it comes to LeBron's first year in Hollywood.

But ... we had to ask -- would he consider linking up with his ex-Lakers teammate, Magic Johnson, and coaching L.A. if Walton falters??

Ya gotta hear his answer.

Donnell Rawlings Rondo Vs. CP3 Fight ... Here's What REALLY Happened

10/23/2018 11:20 AM PDT

If you thought you knew everything about the Rajon Rondo vs. Chris Paul fight, boy were you wrong ... Donnell Rawlings has the only breakdown you need to hear, and he's telling it to TMZ Sports.

We got Rawlings out in L.A. and asked him about all things Lakers, and that's when the "Chappelle's Show" star gave us a blow-by-blow, and a spit-by-spit analysis of the brawl Saturday night.

Highlights include ...

- The exact type of spit that was used, and how it affected the melee.

- How race was a factor (we know what you're thinking, you just gotta listen).

- Why the type of punch that was used meant that CP3 never had a chance.

All that, and more, all you gotta do is peep the vid ... we promise it's worth it.

Nipsey Hussle Jump In Lakers-Rockets Brawl?? ... 'Hell Nah!'

10/22/2018 3:59 PM PDT

Nipsey Hussle tells TMZ Sports there's NO WAY IN HELL he was gonna jump in the Lakers-Rockets melee Saturday night ... despite what it might have looked like on camera.

You'll remember ... Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul traded blows near the basket Nipsey was sitting under -- and when cameras panned to the rapper -- it sure looked like he was getting ready to jump in.

But, Nipsey -- who teamed up with PUMA to refurbish a basketball court in South L.A. inspired by the brands new kicks -- tells us there was absolutely no chance he was setting himself up to throw hands.

"I would never jump in no NBA fight," Hussle says. "Hell nah!"

Nipsey says he was readying himself JUST IN CASE the fight spilled into his area of the stands.

As for who woulda won the fight if nobody held the two point guards back ... Nipsey says he ain't sure -- but he does tell us the Lakers have a real shot at the NBA title this season!!

BTW, in addition to the new court ... Nipsey and PUMA hooked 200 kids up with fresh backpacks and shirts ... and gave $10K to a local elementary school.

Anthony Kiedis Flipped Off, Cussed Out Rockets Staffer ... During Lakers Brawl

10/22/2018 7:55 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

9:49 AM PT -- Sources tell us Kiedis was NOT ejected from the arena. He was allowed to calm down and then returned to his seat.

Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis LOST HIS DAMN MIND at the Lakers game on Saturday -- cussing out a Rockets staffer following the brawl on the court ... and TMZ Sports has the video. 

As Chris Paul was being escorted off the court, Kiedis -- a Lakers superfan -- was screaming at him from his courtside seats. 

A Rockets staffer came over to verbally check Kiedis -- but Anthony wasn't having it and lashed back. Witnesses say Kiedis flipped the guy off and shouted, "F**k you."

You can see in our video the two definitely jawing back and forth until security walked Kiedis away from his seat to cool off. 

There are conflicting reports about whether or not Kiedis was kicked out -- with some people saying he later returned to his seat. 

One thing's for sure ... KIEDIS WAS HOT!!!!

Carmelo Anthony I Accidentally Started Lakers, Rockets Fight? ... Stop Playin'

10/22/2018 6:35 AM PDT

Seems Carmelo Anthony is familiar with the conspiracy theory that the spit that kicked off the Chris Paul vs. Rajon Rondo fight came from his mouth ... and he's calling B.S. 

Melo was standing right next to Paul when CP3 got hit in the face with mouth moisture -- and while most people believe it came from Rondo, there are some who believe it was a case of accidental friendly fire. 

So, when we saw Anthony leaving Catch in L.A. on Sunday, we had to ask if there was any merit to the "Melo Did It" theory. 

His response -- "Stop playin'!"

We also asked how he felt about the suspensions that were handed out -- 4 games for Brandon Ingram, 3 for Rondo and 2 for Chris Paul. 

Melo didn't seem too bothered by it -- almost like he understood. 

BTW, the Rockets -- without Chris Paul -- lost to the Clippers on Sunday. 

Paul will miss Wednesday's game against the Jazz (they'll lose) but he'll be back for a 2nd crack at the Clippers on Friday. 

Lakers/Rockets Brawl Massive Brawl Erupts ... Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo Face Suspensions

10/21/2018 6:54 AM PDT

It was fight night at the Staples Center when players from the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets got into an intense fist fight ... marring the hometown debut of LeBron James.

It all went down Saturday night late in the 4th quarter. Lakers forward, Brandon Ingram, shoved Rockets Guard, James Harden, for which Ingram received a technical foul. Moments later, Houston PG, Chris Paul and Lakers PG Rajon Rondo began trading punches.

It is unclear why Ingram shoved Harden in the first place ... he was visibly upset and took out his frustrations on the ref after being called for the shove. The shoving continued between Rondo and Paul before Rondo threw a punch, igniting the fight.

Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram are sure to be socked with suspensions.

LeBron says he tried his best to calm things down and he didn't speak to his team after the game.

Carmelo Anthony Come Off Rockets' Bench? Slow That Talk Down!

8/14/2018 1:53 PM PDT

Carmelo Anthony wants all the talk of him coming off the bench for the Houston Rockets to slooooow down ... with the NBA superstar telling TMZ Sports, "Let's just let it play out!"

FYI ... Melo is one of TWO NBA players to have never started a game on the bench in their first 1,000-plus career games -- joining Patrick Ewing.

But, some critics are predicting that streak to end now that Anthony's in his mid-30s with a lot of NBA miles on his body. Plus, there's so much talent in H-Town with guys like James Harden and Chris Paul -- so, there might not be enough basketball to go around. 

Carmelo ain't so sure about all that, though ... telling us, "I just signed, let it start first!"

There's one other thing Melo's telling us to wait and see about ... and it has to do with his relationship with Mike D'Antoni -- who famously admitted to quitting the Knicks because of Melo in 2012.

James Harden Named In Police Report After Alleged Nightclub Fight

8/13/2018 12:38 PM PDT

TMZ Sports has learned ... James Harden has been named in a police report filed by a woman who claims she was roughed up by the NBA star at a Scottsdale nightclub -- and she has video.

The woman claims she was partying at Mint nightclub on Saturday morning when she claims a member of Harden's entourage got involved in a fight -- and when James noticed she was recording, he grabbed her wrist and snatched her phone before throwing it on the roof so she couldn't sell the footage to TMZ.

She says at some point Harden noticed she was videotaping the action and demanded that she delete what was recorded. She says Harden said he knew her endgame was to sell the vid to TMZ.

The woman claims Harden threw her phone on the roof of the club, and then a member of Harden's crew came up to her and offered her $200 for the phone. She took the money, and then she says Harden came up to her and handed her another $300.

We're told security personnel eventually broke up the fight. When things settled down she climbed up on the roof and retrieved her phone, which was still recording. The woman later went to the hospital where she was treated for a wrist injury.

A rep for the Scottsdale PD tells TMZ Sports a report was taken and the investigation is ongoing. Law enforcement sources tell us Harden is named in the report but he has NOT been named a suspect at this point.

We reached out to Harden multiple times -- but no one in his camp wanted to comment.

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