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Will Ferrell Ron Burgundy Calls Kings Game It's Kind of a Big Deal!!!

3/22/2019 6:23 AM PDT
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What does Ron Burgundy love more than scotch?? HOCKEY!! ... and it turns out Will Ferrell's classic 'Anchorman' character is a damn good color commentator for the L.A. Kings!!

The legendary news anchor made a special appearance at the Kings vs. San Jose Sharks game on Thursday ... and, of course, we're in a glass case of emotion over it.

The highlights range from shading the Sharks for never winning the Stanley Cup to chugging Molson beers before the game. It's all hilarious.

Here are the highlights ... 

"I once saw Jeff Carter with his shirt off in the locker room ... he's got the goods."

"Cleared by the Kings! Take that, San Jose!! Zero Stanley Cups. ZERO Stanley Cups for the San Jose Sharks!!"

"Shot on goal, he scores!! Put that baby to bed without a diaper."

Bonus -- Burgundy and a burrito had a steamin' hot makeout sesh on the kiss cam. Seriously, just watch the vid and laugh your ass off.

Burgundy ended up being a good luck charm for the Kings ... they beat the Sharks 4-2. 

No offense to the usual crew ... but we're sure NOBODY would be against seeing this happen more often.

Paris Jackson Everything's Okay ... Time for Some Laughs

3/20/2019 6:47 AM PDT

Paris Jackson's had a turbulent week, but despite a suicide scare and family strife ... she's still in the mood for comedy.

We got Michael Jackson's daughter outside Largo in L.A. Tuesday night dressed like someone ready to have some fun. She's with her BF, Gabriel Glenn, and doesn't talk much ... other than saying everything's going okay.

As for her headwear -- Paris was on her way into the club to check out Macaulay Culkin's "Bunny Ears" podcast ... with special guest "Weird Al" Yancovic. As you know, Culkin was close with Paris' father and is Paris' Godfather ... hopefully, his show provided some levity for her.

We broke the story ... Paris was hospitalized Saturday after attempting suicide, which we're told was triggered by the fallout from "Leaving Neverland." Those close to her are encouraging her to go to rehab, but our sources say she's refusing.

Paris also took a shot at the idea she reacted so strongly to the HBO documentary on Twitter late Tuesday night, implying it's a made-up story full of lies. She tweeted, "They didn't get the crazy reaction they wanted from the doc, and a chill, mellow reaction doesn't sell stories so why not lie and create a story that does sell? pathetic."

'Daily Show' Jordan Klepper If Only Dreamers Had Been Born to Celeb Parents ... How's That for a Rich Idea?!

3/14/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Jordan Klepper is shocked undocumented students hadn't come up with the idea of having rich celebrity parents -- which now seems like a much easier way to get into schools.

We got the former 'Daily Show' correspondent at LAX Wednesday, and got his 2 cents on the explosive college admissions bribery scandal. The comedian has been pushing for Dreamers -- undocumented students brought to the U.S. when they were kids -- to have access to higher education.

He's such an advocate, Jordan got arrested last month during a protest for the cause.

So, you can see how the college bribery indictment  -- which nailed Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin -- hit a nerve. Actually, it hit a funny bone because Jordan jokes Dreamers need to get on board and explore the celeb parents option.

Check out the clip ... Jordan makes fun of those who tried playing the game, but he does get serious for a min ... saying every kid has the right to be evaluated fairly and the opportunity to fail on their own.

In other words, the exact opposite of what the bribery ringleader Rick Singer was preaching.

Michael Blackson Deport Conor McGregor ... He's a 'Violent Man'

3/12/2019 6:01 AM PDT

Michael Blackson says Conor McGregor is a menace to America and should be kicked out of the country already -- telling TMZ Sports, "If it was me, I'd be deported by now."

"Somebody should call Donald Trump and get I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and get him deported. He needs to be deported."

Blackson is originally from Ghana, but the comedian/actor moved to the U.S. in 1987 and he's been here ever since. 

Of course, Blackson is all fired up about McGregor's latest arrest for allegedly stealing and smashing a cell phone in Miami. It's the 2nd time Conor's been arrested in the U.S. following the dolly incident in 2018, when he threw a steel hand truck at a UFC bus, injuring multiple people. 

"He's a very violent man," Blackson tells us ... "If it was me, I'd be deported by now. I.C.E., forget 21 Savage, go get Conor McGregor right now."

"Send him back to his raggedy country right now."

As for McGregor, he was released from police custody late Monday night and strolled into a waiting SUV. He didn't say a word but posted a statement on Instagram Tuesday morning, saying:

"Patience in this world is a virtue I continue to work on. I love my fans dearly. Thank you all."

D.L. Hughley Rips James Dolan ... Knicks Are a 'Sh*t Sandwich'

3/11/2019 12:15 PM PDT

D.L. Hughley just went IN on James Dolan -- saying the Knicks fan he booted from MSG over the weekend should be GRATEFUL he won't have to watch the "sh*tty" Knicks play ever again. 

"Right now, if you kicked every Knick fan out, you'd be doing them a f*cking favor," Hughley told TMZ Sports

But wait ... there's more!! And, it's pretty hilarious. 

Remember, Dolan 86'd a fan from Madison Square Garden after the fan shouted at Dolan to "sell the team" because of their terrible play over the past few decades. 

D.L. says Dolan's ban is laughable -- "That's like saying, 'I'm not gonna let you have a bite of this sh*t sandwich."

Hughley -- a self-described Lakers fan -- added, "The Knicks are sh*tty and they're doing you a favor!" 

Dolan has been getting ripped pretty hard in the media for the way he treated the fan during Saturday's game -- a game the Knicks lost to the Sacramento Kings. 

The Knicks are currently 13-54 -- with the worst record in the NBA. They haven't made the NBA playoffs since the 2012-2013 season.

Aaron Lewis to Concert Crowd Will You Please Shut the F*ck Up?!? ... No? Fine, I'm Out

3/10/2019 3:01 PM PDT

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis had another tough night on tour -- he couldn't get a handful of chatty spectators to shut their yap, so he stormed offstage ... again.

The country-rock star was performing solo Saturday night in Oklahoma City, where he cut his set short toward the end of the show ... but not before laying into some members of the crowd with a good old-fashioned, "Shut the f*ck up!!!" 

After some folks wouldn't abide by his demand, he stopped strumming his guitar ... and lectured the crowd on how he technically doesn't need to do this. Aaron then gets on the mic and continues the berating, telling the talkers they've been yapping all night.

Eventually the crowd quiets down enough for him to continue with the performance, but just a few seconds into the song ... he stops and slams his guitar down, leaving the stage.

This ain't the first time Aaron's had crowd control issues at his shows lately. He did the exact same thing in Texas just last month ... but took things up a notch by saying he didn't speak Spanish 'cause he's American. Some Spanish speakers were trying to communicate in their language, but Aaron was clearly having none of it. 

He also laid into a heckler a couple months before that in Indianapolis, calling the guy a "bald motherf***er.

A lesson to those who wanna watch Aaron Lewis live ... look on in silence, or else!

Pete Davidson Age Diff with Kate Beckinsale NBD ... Ask Trump & 'SNL' Trump

3/10/2019 7:27 AM PDT

Pete Davidson's taking a shot at haters who think he's too young for Kate Beckinsale -- by calling out dozens of male celebs who date way below their age ... starting with President Trump.

The shots were fired during the Weekend Update segment on 'SNL' ... Pete made it clear he and his new bae hear all the buzz about him being 25 and her being 45 but said they don't let it bother them.

Pete then took a deep breath and said direct your "big age difference" questions to ... Leo DiCaprio, Richard Gere, Jeff Goldblum, Derek Jeter, Michael Douglas -- you get the point.

He rattled off more than 20 names in the one breath ... including POTUS and, yes, even the guy who plays Trump on 'SNL.'

The hilarious defense of Kate comes a week after their Madison Square Garden make-out session.

Pete might not be getting tattoos of Kate just yet, but the fact he's adding her to his 'SNL' routines is a sign the relationship is going strong.

What could go wrong?

Whoopi Goldberg Talks Pneumonia Scare 'I Came Very, Very Close' to Dying

3/8/2019 8:22 AM PST
Breaking News

Whoopi Goldberg just revealed her bout with pneumonia was so severe she nearly died.

Whoopi appeared on "The View" Friday via a video update and said she'd been battling a bad case of pneumonia. She said, "Yes, I came very, very close to leaving the Earth. Good news, I didn't."

The comedian/co-host has not appeared on the panel since February 6 and, on Thursday, Whoopi reportedly skipped a benefit concert in NYC she was scheduled to co-host with Martin Short.

She said the illness was bad ... with pneumonia in both lungs. Whoopi says she's okay and moving around, and she thanked her fans for wishing her well.

Whoopi -- who has been a panelist on the daytime show since 2007 -- said she's also gotten well wishes from her critics. Get well soon, Whoopi!! 

Lil Jon Pepsi's Ad's Gotten Outta Control ... But It's OOookaaay!!!

3/6/2019 8:09 AM PST

Pepsi's doing to Lil Jon what Dave Chappelle once did to him in 2004 -- ruining Lil Jon's life ... but in the best way possible!!!

We got the rapper/producer Tuesday at LAX and wondered what life's been like since Pepsi aired its commercial on Super Bowl Sunday, widely considered one of, if not THE, best ads for SB LIII. The ad features Steve Carell, Cardi B and Lil Jon putting a hilarious spin on whether Pepsi's okay.

Since the commercial aired, Lil Jon says there's been no shortage of strangers coming up to him and repeating his famous line. When our photog got him out, the rapper told us he got at least 10 "Oookaaays" at the airport that morning.

LJ says it was bad a long time ago. Remember when Chappelle spoofed Lil Jon's line in his famous 2004 skit? The rapper said the skit alone changed his life forever ... ditto with Pepsi.

Lil Jon says Pepsi's ad has aired a bunch of times since the Super Bowl and the feedback's been insane. But, check it out ... he says it's all good 'cause he knows fans are just showing him love. Not to mention, it's not like he did the spot for free.

Jon proved he's a good sport by teaching our photog how to properly grunt "Oookay!!"

Kate Beckinsale's Ex Good Luck to Pete Davidson ... Enjoy Her While Ya Can!!!

3/5/2019 10:32 AM PST

Pete Davidson should say thank you, next to Kate Beckinsale ... at least, that's what one of her exes thinks. 

We got comedian Matt Rife Monday night at the Laugh Factory on Sunset. Matt dated Kate back in 2017, so we asked if he has any tips for Pete and he did.

Watch the clip, Matt tried his best to be positive but we think he failed because his bottom line for Pete was ... RUN!!!

As you know ... Pete and Kate have been getting closer over the last couple months  -- making out at NHL games, getting handsy at comedy shows. Pete's ex-fiancée, Ariana Grande, has even given them her blessing.

Matt, who's in his 20s just like Pete, isn't exactly handing out blessings. Yes, he wished Kate and Pete all the best, but it's a backhanded compliment at best.

Don't get it twisted ... Matt isn't trying to get back with Kate -- sounds like it didn't end well between them -- but he's advising Pete to buckle up for a "complicated" ride.

Chris D'Elia on Stormy Daniels Slams Her Stand-Up Gig 'She Got F***ed and She'll Get F***ed'

3/5/2019 8:48 AM PST

Chris D'Elia says making a sex tape doesn't make you a porn star, so Stormy Daniels should take the same advice into her comedy career ... you're not a comedian just cuz you've got a stand-up gig.

We got Chris out Monday night at Craig's in WeHo and asked his thoughts on Stormy's upcoming comedy tour. For starters, Chris suggests she change her "comedy tour" to a "speaking tour," saying it ain't easy to be funny ... just ask Charlie Sheen

ICYMI ... Stormy's got a couple shows later this month at the Joke Joint Comedy Club in Houston. Her management team reportedly reached out to the club with the idea and they agreed to give her the stage to work the crowd. 

But, check out the clip -- Chris says Stormy's reasons for this stunt are obvious -- and they definitely involve dollar signs.  

Bombs away!!!

'SNL' Jussie Smollet's Case or OJ's ... Who'd Ya Rather, Lawyers?!?

3/3/2019 7:22 AM PST

Just saying Jussie Smollett's name in public is enough to draw gasps, at least based on the audience reaction to 'SNL' ripping the crap out of him.

'SNL' actually went full scorched earth -- taking down Jussie, Robert Kraft, Michael Avenatti and Rudy Giuliani with one skit last night. Avenatti, Giuliani, Jeanine Pirro and Alan Dershowitz (played by Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong and host John Mulaney) were the lawyers' version of "Shark Tank" ... deciding whether to defend Smollett and Kraft.

When Chris Redd walked out as Jussie the studio audience had an audible -- and not pleasant -- reaction. Check out the clip ... the punchline is all about Dershowitz, who famously defended O.J. Simpson, tapping out.

Their bottom line on Kraft, BTW -- for the skit, anyway -- was that he got a really good deal at $59.

Too soon?

CFL's 'Poop' Johnson Tapped By Butt Wipe Company ... From 'Shark Tank'

3/2/2019 12:30 AM PST

Who better to promote butt wipes than a guy named Cory "Poop" Johnson?!

That's what the guys at Dude Wipes thought -- and reached out to the Canadian Football League player to help push their personal hygiene line. 

Of course, Poop -- a defensive lineman for the Toronto Argonauts -- got his legendary nickname after a famous interview during his college days at Kentucky, where he admitted he poops like 5 times a day. 

"I try to poop, like, 5 times a day, 3 times a day. It’s hard to keep weight when you’ve got so much going out," Johnson said at the time. 

Enter, the guys at Dude Wipes -- which burst onto the scene after an appearance on "Shark Tank" where Mark Cuban made a $300k investment for 25% of the company!!!

We're told the Dude Wipes guys sent Poop a bunch of free products -- you can see the pics -- and the assumption is they'd like to have some sort of business relationship moving forward. 

It's not a bad investment for Dude Wipes -- the 26-year-old is a pretty solid player with the potential to make the jump to the NFL if he balls out in Canada. 

And, now that he doesn't have to worry about how to keep his booty hole clean, he can spend more time crapping all over quarterbacks. 

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