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Kim Kardashian West Rips Fashion Nova For Ripping Off Her Look

2/19/2019 10:24 AM PST
Exclusive Details

10:21 AM PT -- A rep for the Fashion Nova brand tells us, "Fashion Nova is an ultra-fast fashion brand that is capable of executing design within hours and believes in fairness in pricing. We strive to offer our customers affordable leading trends. We respect the fashion community and work with a variety of vendors, designers, influencers and celebrities to keep our style offering fresh and relevant."

The statement continues, "Kim Kardashian-West is one of the top fashion icons in the world that our customers draw inspiration from. However, we have not worked with Kim Kardashian-West directly on any of her projects but have been driven by her influential style."

Kim Kardashian West is going after fashion companies like Fashion Nova for jacking original designs and promoting them as their own, or even worse -- making it seem like she's in cahoots.

KKW says it's "devastating" to see brands "rip off designs that have taken the blood, sweat and tears of true designers who have put their all into their own original ideas." Kim doesn't name Fashion Nova  ... but it's pretty obvious they're the target.

She's specifically referencing the black, one-of-a-kind vintage Mugler dress she wore at the Hollywood Beauty Awards Sunday night -- which instantly went viral.

The next day, a knock-off version of that dress popped up on FN's website, but only for waitlist. Kim claims this is because the dress obviously hasn't been made to sell yet, and it's simply a ploy to attract customers by tricking them into thinking Kim has a relationship with the company.

Kim adds ... "I’ve watched these companies profit off my husband’s work for years and now that it’s also affecting designers who have been so generous to give me access to their beautiful works, I can no longer sit silent."

She's also warning folks not to believe what they see online, emphasizing she's built relationships with amazing designers to pull off her famous looks, but -- "I don’t have any relationships with these sites. I’m not leaking my looks to anyone, and I don’t support what these companies are doing."

As you may know ... celebs like Cardi B and Amber Rose have collabs with Fashion Nova. Kim's making it clear -- she doesn't.

Originally published -- 9:03 AM PST

50 Cent NYPD Officer Denies Telling Cops Shoot Him On Sight

2/17/2019 1:27 PM PST
Exclusive Details

1:22 PM PST -- Roy Richter -- who serves as the president of the Captains Endowment Association, a union that reps Emanuel Gonzalez -- tells TMZ ... the allegation that Gonzalez told fellow officers to shoot 50 Cent on sight last year is completely false. Richter tells us Gonzalez never said that, and that he completely denies any suggestion he did. In fact, Richter says it was 50 who put Gonzalez's safety at risk by publishing a threatening Instagram post. 

10:00 AM PST -- 50 Cent has responded to the Daily News article on Instagram saying, "I take this threat very seriously," and he is consulting with his legal counsel all the while posting a photo of Emanuel Gonzalez.

An NYPD officer is under investigation for allegedly telling his fellow cops to shoot 50 Cent on sight ... TMZ has confirmed.

Police sources tell TMZ, Commanding Officer Emanuel Gonzalez made the comment last June during roll call at the 72nd Precinct. What apparently triggered his comment ... 50 was scheduled to attend an NYPD boxing match in the Bronx. Gonzalez said, "Shoot him on sight."

Gonzalez has had beef with 50 ... according to the NY Daily News, which broke the story, a month before Gonzalez made his comment he filed an aggravated harassment complaint claiming 50 threatened him on Instagram.  

50 had accused Gonzalez of "shaking down" the owner of one of 50's go-to clubs ... this according to the Daily News. 50 wrote on his Instagram, "Get the strap" -- slang for gun. Gonzalez says 50's followers subsequently threatened him with violence. 

We're told Gonzalez has said it was just a joke, but the matter was reported to higher-ups in the Department and Internal Affairs is now investigating.

Gonzalez is a long-timer in the Department -- 30 years -- and he's still on duty.

50's rep tells TMZ," Mr. Jackson takes this threat very seriously and is consulting with his legal counsel regarding his options going forward. He is concerned that he was not previously advised of this threat by the NYPD and even more concerned that Gonzalez continues to carry a badge and a gun."

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Miranda Lambert Guess What ... I Got Married!!!

2/16/2019 3:12 PM PST
Breaking News

5:40 PM PT -- Miranda's husband, Brendan, is an NYPD officer who's assigned to the Midtown South precinct in Manhattan. We're told he has several years on the force and walks a foot post in Times Square. And, according to this 2015 photo, he's a dog lover.

Miranda Lambert is full of surprises -- in the same week she dumped salad on a woman's lap during a restaurant argument ... she's now announced she's got a brand new husband.


The country singer made the marriage reveal out of nowhere Saturday, saying ... "In honor of Valentine's Day I wanted to share some news. I met the love of my life. And we got hitched! My heart is full."

She adds ... "Thank you Brendan Mcloughlin for loving me for.... me."

The wedding pics show Miranda wearing a gorgeous dress with her husband in the middle of a big open field ... but it's unclear when it happened or where they're at.

We do know Lambert was in Nashville last weekend, though ... because we broke the story that she was out to dinner with her mom and a male friend at Stoney River steakhouse when she got into a heated argument with another table of patrons.

It's possible, but hard to tell, that the male friend is her new husband, Brendan.

As we told you, the restaurant fight culminated with Miranda dumping salad on a woman who was allegedly provoking her. There were many 911 calls about the ordeal.

As you know, Miranda was married to fellow country star Blake Shelton from 2011 to 2015, and was linked to another singer, Anderson East, as recently as April 2018 ... when they announced their breakup after 2 years of dating.

We're not sure where Mcloughlin came from, but it looks like he's a keeper.

Serena Williams Pottery Hottery

2/15/2019 9:21 AM PST
Breaking News

Betcha didn't think pottery could be so appealing ... but, here's Serena Williams to prove it's definitely possible.

The tennis superstar put more than just her clay curves on display at a pottery studio on Thursday ... rockin' a leopard print shirt and some jean shorts that would make Daisy Duke proud.

Serena -- a Jehovah's Witness -- doesn't celebrate holidays, so she hit up Avenue Pottery in South Florida with some friends for GALentine's Day instead!!!

Serena picked out the matching outfits with her friend ... and posted about the experience, saying, "I’m really getting into pottery."

Of course, Serena addressed not celebrating holidays when her baby, Alexis Olympia, turned 1 back in September ... saying, "Olympia doesn't celebrate birthdays. We're Jehovah's Witnesses, we don't do that."

Williams' hubby certainly doesn't seem to mind not celebrating V-Day ... saying, "Those pottery skills tho" with a set of eye emojis.

Yeah, dude. Pottery skills.

Colton Underwood I Was Touched Inappropriately ... Leaves Fan Event Early

2/14/2019 10:51 AM PST

Colton Underwood says somebody touched him inappropriately at his charity event in San Diego and, as a result, he cut his appearance short and got the hell outta there.

The current 'Bachelor' star explained on social media why he left his Legacy Foundation Garden Party early ... saying, "I was grabbed and touched inappropriately while people were throwing cameras in my face." Colton doesn't name the person who got handsy.

We have tons of video and photos from the event, and from all we can see ... Colton seemed to be enjoying mingling with his fans. There is NO evidence in these images of anyone groping him.

Although he's clearly upset about how the night ended, Colton still apologized to all the fans he didn't get to meet due to his early departure. As he put it, he "had to do what was best for me as a human being. I didn't sign up to be a piece of meat or a zoo animal."

'Bachelor' alums like Becca Kufrin, Garrett Yrigoyen, Blake Horstmann and Tanner Tolbert all showed up for the event. 

It's unclear if Colton reported the groping to police or any organizers of the event. We've reached out to him, but no word back yet.

Cardi B 'Tom Petty' Flowers ... Mystery Sender Revealed!!!

2/14/2019 12:50 AM PST

Cardi B did not get flowers from the great beyond -- as she insinuated by thanking Tom Petty for a Grammys bouquet she received -- but, TMZ has learned who REALLY did the honors.

Sources tell us ... celebrity florist Annie Wonderlich, owner of Art Fleur, sent the bouquet wishing Cardi luck at the award show. We're told Cardi is one of her clients, and Annie also delivered a Grammy arrangement to Lady Gaga

After getting the flowers, Cardi looked at the back of the card -- which contained a Petty lyric -- and thought they were from him. She thanked Tom on social media ... prompting the internet to quickly point out that would be pretty freakin' amazing (as in, impossible) since TP sadly died nearly 2 years ago.

Although, we're sure Ghost Tom's probably a Bardi fan. 

The sender's true identity was there the whole time ... because the other side of the card had a note from Annie reading, "Cardi B! Wishing you LOVE, LIGHT & LUCK tonight at the Grammys! All the best! XOXO, The Art Fleur Team."

We're told Annie's company has TONS of celeb clients, including Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, and every special delivery comes with a card quoting someone famous -- like Oscar Wilde, Claude Monet, David Bowie, and in this instance, Petty.

As for the flowers ... we're told the $600 arrangement is dubbed "Ms. B" and stands 3 and a half feet tall!!! There are 250 vendulas, orange crush and garden roses ... and monster leaves painted with 24-karat gold!!!

Yeah, if you spend that much on flowers, you deserve the credit. No offense to Tom ... who we all know was more of a wildflowers guy anyway. 

50 Cent Savagely Roasts Mayweather Over Gucci Shopping Spree

2/13/2019 4:07 PM PST
Breaking News

50 Cent is going scorched Earth on Floyd Mayweather -- repeatedly blasting the boxer for undermining the Gucci blackface boycott ... and it's getting personal. 

Of course, Mayweather publicly flouted the boycott and dropped thousands of dollars at Gucci on Monday night ... despite calls from stars like T.I. and Spike Lee to stop supporting the brand. 

They're upset over a Gucci sweater that depicts blackface -- with T.I. calling the clothing item straight "racist."

Mayweather told TMZ Sports he refuses to let other people tell him how to live -- and blew off the boycott as irrelevant to him. 

The move pissed off 50 Cent ... who's been lambasting Mayweather on social media non-stop -- telling the boxer he's been "saying all the wrong sh*t" ... and urging him to get a publicist. 

He also posted a meme of Floyd in the blackface sweater. 

50 seems to be putting his money where his mouth is -- he posted a video burning a Gucci shirt and says he's donating all of his Gucci to the homeless because he won't wear the brand anymore. 

Remember, 50 and Floyd used to be friends ... then enemies ... then friends again ... and now back to enemies. 

Chris Brown Cops Visit Him for Welfare Check After Offset Beef Heats Up

2/12/2019 1:00 AM PST

Chris Brown got a knock on the door from cops because someone's worried he's losing his mind ... after he challenged Offset to show up at his home ... and revealed his address.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... someone called LAPD saying they were scared and concerned for Chris' well-being. Friday, he posted his San Fernando Valley address on IG -- instantly giving not only Offset, but his more than 50 million followers, a road map to him.

We're told cops showed up around 10:30 PM Friday and spoke to CB's security, who said the singer's fine and added there have been no issues with Offset. Sources say cops advised Chris' team to remove the post that includes his home address, and it's since been deleted.

ICYMI ... Chris and Offset have been feuding since Chris posted a meme of 21 Savage, making fun of his ICE arrest. Offset said memes ain't funny ... triggering an expletive-laced response from Chris.

Offset -- who is pretty tight with 21 -- then laid down the gauntlet by saying, "coke head don't want" smoke. After a series of DMs, CB sent Offset his address and told him to fight him.

It seems the dust has settled ... for now.

Floyd Mayweather Sips from Solid Gold Chalice ... While Drippin' In Diamonds

2/11/2019 9:08 AM PST
Breaking News

Here's another gross display of wealth by Floyd Mayweather -- who's poor-shaming his followers by drinking out of a gold chalice while wearing a TON of diamond necklaces and bracelets. 

Oh, he's also standing in a pile of money while wearing a Versace robe. 

"Real Royalty," Floyd said ... "Everything I got on is real, even the cup I’m sipping out of is real gold and if you don’t like it... you’re a REAL HATER!"

"Now that’s some real sh*t."

Mayweather REALLY wants you to see how rich he is ... he posts stuff like this all the time, but it's still crazy. 

Dude has reportedly made close to $1 BILLION from his pro fighting career

Enjoy your morning coffee from your stupid, non-gold mug. 

'What Are Those' Meme Creator Accidentally OD'd Cocaine, Ecstasy, Codeine Found in His System

2/10/2019 12:40 AM PST

Brandon Moore -- the man who created the viral "what are those" meme --  died after a night of ingesting a bunch of drugs, including cocaine and ecstasy ... TMZ has learned.

According to the Contra Costa County Coroner's report ... the exact cause of death was polypharmacy -- meaning he died as a result of ingesting multiple drugs. The coroner says Moore's blood tested positive for cocaine, morphine, codeine, methamphetamines and ecstasy.

What's more ... the report says Moore's wife, Noonie, told authorities he drank and possibly ingested cocaine the night before he was found dead. According to the report, there's no evidence to suggest Moore ingested the drugs with the intent to harm himself ... and lists the death as an accidental overdose.

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As we reported ... Brandon's wife told us his heart stopped while he was sleeping in their Northern California home ... and now we know why.

The internet comedian, known as Young Busco, made a huge splash in 2015 after mocking a police officer's shoes as a joke. You'll recall, while his friend was being arrested, Brandon joked about the cop's clunky boots, saying, "What are those?"

The meme caught fire online ... and the catchphrase even appeared in "Black Panther." Michael Jordan was also jokingly asked, "What are those?" during a Q&A session at a basketball camp.

Brandon, who was a father of 9, was 31.

Lindsey Buckingham Emergency Open Heart Surgery ... Vocal Cord Damaged

2/8/2019 1:23 PM PST

Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is recovering after emergency open heart surgery ... and while it likely saved his life, it also damaged his vocal cords. 

Lindsey's wife, Kristen, shared the surprising and sad news Friday -- revealing Lindsey went under the knife last week. She says he's recovering at home, and getting better each day. 

As for the vocal cord ... Lindsey's wife says it's unclear if the damage is permanent. If it is, it would be an astounding loss for the world of rock 'n' roll. As you know, Lindsey not only played guitar for Fleetwood Mac, but also sang many of their classics like "Don't Stop," "Go Your Own Way" and "The Chain."

You'll recall he was kicked out of the band last year. Lindsey sued his ex-bandmates, but announced in December they'd reached a settlement.

His wife says he's fortunate to be alive, and adds Lindsey's family has a history with heart issues. His father and brother both died from heart-related illnesses.  

Get well soon.

Katherine Schwarzenegger Gushes Over Chris Pratt ... Half Bro Joseph Baena Likes It!!!

2/8/2019 2:56 PM PST

Katherine Schwarzenegger's praise for fiance Chris Pratt is obviously something their fans are here for, but one "like" in particular stands out among tens of thousands -- the one from Joseph Baena.

Katherine's brother from another mother made it clear he's a fan of her engagement to Chris Friday, with a double-tap on her IG post. Kat was shouting out Pratt and encouraging fans to go check out his new film, 'The Lego Movie 2.'

Joseph's "like" could signal a big shift in the House of Schwarzenegger. As far as we know, Arnold's kids with Maria Shriver -- Katherine, Christopher and Patrick -- have never had a relationship with Joe ... whose mom is the housekeeper with whom Arnold had an affair.

It's possible they've connected away from the spotlight -- or it could just be that Joseph's using social media to extend an olive branch.

As you know, Chris and Katherine are planning their wedding right now ... so maybe's Joseph's got a shot at an invitation after all. 

The Game Tirade Against Tomi Lahren ... She's a 'Microwaved Carrot'

2/5/2019 10:57 AM PST

The Game went after Tomi Lahren in a big way, going after her for cracking jokes about 21 Savage's ICE arrest ... by going on a raunchy, profanity-laced rant.

The rapper directed a sexually explicit series of insults Tuesday at the conservative Fox News contributor, after Lahren mocked 21's arrest Sunday by tweeting a reference to his hit track, "Bank Account" ... "I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ICE agents ready to deport ya."

Game's clearly not down with Tomi's attempt at humor, saying ... "21 Savage gettin detained by ICE is not funny nor anything for ya middle of the mall clip in wearin’ h** a** to be joking about."

The Game goes on to sling A LOT more mud ... and it's pretty nasty.

He closed out his rant by adding ... "Here's some advice: stay out the tanning salon, you're starting to look like a sick tangerine. #FreeDaReal #21 [Someone please recommend a good burn center for her] #ThanksInAdvance"

Game's not the first to fire back at Tomi -- Cardi B shot back, "Don't make me get my leash."

As you know, the 2 women already had beef.

Nicki Minaj also blasted Lahren, saying ... "Your obsession w/our culture is scary to say the least. I hate giving you the attention you so desperately crave. Laughing @ ppl getting deported as if your ancestors discovered America. Are you Native American? You fkn clown."

The Game clearly wanted in on the action.

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