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Kim and Kanye Getting Hitched THIS WEEK

4/29/2014 6:08 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West are doing something that seems to go against their DNA ... getting married PRIVATELY and without fanfare, and we're told it's going to happen this week.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... they already have a marriage license and plan to tie the knot before the week is out.

We're told it's strictly on the QT ... so much so they got a "confidential" marriage license so no one officially knows.

Sources tell us ... with a confidential license, K&K won't have to appear publicly at a courthouse to get married ... instead, an official from the court will actually go to them and perform the ceremony privately in their home.

And then, in about a month -- after they're already legally married in California -- we've learned Kim and Kanye will hold a lavish, blow-out wedding ceremony in Paris.

They got engaged on Kim's birthday ... October 21.


Kim and Kanye Billionaire Fights Back You NEVER Told Me I Couldn't Shoot Wedding Proposal

12/13/2013 5:11 PM PST

The billionaire who co-founded YouTube is refusing to back down from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -- firing back at the couple after they sued him for posting video of their engagement online.

We broke the story ... K&K filed a lawsuit against Chad Hurley, claiming he violated the confidentiality agreement he signed at AT&T Park in San Fran back in October ... when he posted the footage on his video-sharing website.

But now, Chad has filed legal docs of his own ... claiming NO ONE ever told him he wasn't allowed to shoot or distribute the footage.

Chad says ... after the proposal, someone did approach him with a waiver and told him it was a release so they could use his image in a TV special .. and he signed the doc without reading it.

He also posed for a pic with the signed form, at the request of K&K's peeps.

But still, Chad says he shouldn't be legally bound by the waiver because he was misled into signing it and he got no compensation in return for signing away his rights.

Chad is asking the judge to throw out the case -- and force Kim and Kanye to pay for his legal fees.

Clearly, Chad can afford it ... he's just trying to send a giant F-you back to the happy couple.

Lana Del Rey I Did NOT Reject Kanye's Proposal ... to Perform at Proposal

11/2/2013 6:50 AM PDT

Lana Del Ray NEVER told Kanye West she wouldn't perform during his proposal to Kim Kardashian ... but it does sounds like she said no to someone else.

Lana was heading into the Sunset Marquis in Hollywood last night when we asked about reports saying she turned Yeezy down.

L.D.R. quickly shot the rumors down saying, "I would never deny HIS request" ... but wouldn't say much more.

Conspiracy theory #1 -- Lana was offended Kanye didn't personally reach out.

Conspiracy theory #2 -- Momager Kris Jenner reached out to make it part of the TV show ... and Lana wasn't having it.

Got your own theory?  Sound off in the comments.

Kim, Kanye SUE How DARE You Leak Our Proposal Video!

10/31/2013 5:00 PM PDT

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West think private events at major baseball stadiums should stay private ... and that's why they're suing the guy who allegedly leaked Kanye's precious, private proposal to a video-sharing site.

In the lawsuit ... obtained by TMZ ... their lawyer, Eric George, trashes Chad Hurley, the guy who co-founded YouTube and sold it to Google for $1.65 billion.   Kim and Kanye claim Hurley is the one who schemed to post the video on his new Internet venture, MixBit.

K & K go for the jugular, saying Hurley was desperate to find a "second act," after 2 flops following his YouTube sale.  In the lawsuit, Kim and Kanye claim Hurley wasn't even invited to AT&T Park in San Fran but manipulated his way in. 

Kim and Kanye say they let him stay, but only after he signed a confidentiality agreement.  And get this ... they even got him to take a pic holding the signed confidentiality agreement, which is attached to the lawsuit (below).

The couple say, "Hurley proceeded to try to turn the event into one starring himself, broadcasting the images he knew were the exclusive property rights of someone else."

Specifically, Kim and Kanye say he posted Kanye's engagement proposal on MixBit and tweeted it to nearly a million followers.  He then had the audacity to issue a press release, touting his video trophy.

Kim and Kanye are suing for unspecified damages ... including punitives.  Even though Kim and Kanye don't say how much the video was worth, they mention it was destined for MC Cable Television, which is an arm of Bunim/Murray and E!, which produces and broadcasts "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."


Kim Kardashian Preggo Media Coverage 'HURT MY SOUL'

10/31/2013 6:40 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian says the negative media coverage surrounding her pregnancy "HURT MY SOUL" ... and now she says she's going to live a "more private life" because of it.

Yeah. Sure.

Look, Kim definitely has a point -- some people were downright mean when she was knocked up (we can recall a tabloid headline that read, "Kim Can't Stop Eating!")

But when Kim went on "The Tonight Show" last night and told Jay Leno that she was so affected by the negative criticism of her pregnancy that she'll be taking the fame-whoring down a notch, we weren't exactly convinced.

Exhibit A -- the butt-selfie
Exhibit B -- the baseball stadium wedding proposal

Then again, we could be wrong. You buyin' it?

Kanye West Dedicates Song to Kim at Vegas Concert Uh-Huh Honey

10/28/2013 9:23 AM PDT

An engagement doesn't get more official than this -- Kanye West dedicated his last song to his new fiancee Kim Kardashian during his Vegas concert on Friday ... and it was romantic as hell.

Kanye was performing at MGM at the time when he launched into his love song "Bound 2" -- but not before calling out Kim in the crowd, saying, "To my fiancee in the building tonight!" FYI, it was Kim's b-day earlier in the week and the couple celebrated together later that night.

It's a great moment ... and to make it even more perfect, the song's got some heart-melting lyrics, like, "One good girl is worth a thousand bitches" and "Maybe we could still make it to the church steps." And "I want to f*** you hard on the sink."

Okay, maybe not that last one.

Kim Kardashian Bruce Will Walk Her Down the Aisle

10/26/2013 1:00 AM PDT

Bruce Jenner
will walk Kim Kardashian down the aisle at a lavish wedding, formally presenting her to future hubby Kanye West ... TMZ has learned.

Kim considers Bruce to be her dad, and she always planned on having him give her away ... just like he did when she married Kris Humphries.

Sources tell us as far as Kim is concerned ... it doesn't matter what Bruce's relationship is with Kris ... she would never consider excluding Bruce from such a position of honor.

So let's review the irony.  As TMZ first reported ... Bruce was not invited to the surprise engagement -- it's still unclear whether Kanye or Kris made that decision -- although it seems like it was Kris.

The walk will be sooner rather than later.  As we reported ... Kim and Kanye plan to tie the knot soon.

Kim and Kanye We Want Prenup!

10/25/2013 8:00 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West have already agreed ... they will keep their assets separate by drawing up a prenup before they tie the knot ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected with the couple tell us ... both Kanye and Kim are committed to the marriage and they are NOT signing a prenup because they're worried the relationship might fall apart.  But they're both business people and know given their vast wealth it's just the smart thing to do to have a prenup. 

Kim especially understands the importance of a prenup because her late father, attorney Robert Kardashian, told her over and over about the necessity of having clear contracts when it came to money.

We're also told ... even though they will keep their assets separate, they will have a fat joint account for living expenses that will probably approach the gross national product of a small country.

As for how much they have ... some reports place Kim's wealth at $40 mil and Kanye's at $90 mil.  But we're told Kim's actually worth more than Kanye. 

Go figure.

Kim And Kanye MADNESS IN BEV HILLS We're Commandeering This SUV!!!

10/25/2013 7:04 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took over a waiting SUV outside Spago in Beverly Hills last night -- problem was, the car wasn't waiting there for them.

The newly engaged couple was leaving a fundraiser for Wolfgang Puck's, "Dream For Future Africa Foundation" when they were bombarded by paparazzi.

A Bev Hills police officer stepped in and tried to help get the couple to the first SUV they saw ... but after loading into the ride, they realized it was the wrong car.

K and K tried to hide out in the back while people scrambled to call for the right SUV -- and after a couple of intense minutes, they made the transfer.

Gotta hand it to Kanye ... 'cause while the situation was nothing short of insane, he kept his composure the entire time and didn't snap at anyone.


Bruce Jenner Not Invited To Kanye's Engagement Surprise

10/24/2013 7:00 AM PDT

Bruce Jenner
was NOT invited to AT&T Park when Kanye West popped the question to Kim Kardashian ... in fact, he had no idea his step-daughter was getting engaged until AFTER the fact -- TMZ has learned.

Family sources tell us ... Bruce and Kanye have never had a "real conversation."  As we previously reported, Bruce was not happy when Kim hooked up with Kanye so quickly after she left Kris Humphries.  

We're told Kanye is the one who planned every detail of the surprise proposal.  We do not know exactly why Bruce was not invited -- whether it was because of Kanye or because of Bruce's separation from Kris.

We do know ... Bruce didn't even know Kanye was popping the question until he got a call from Kim immediately after she got engaged.   We're told Bruce was Kim's first call, because Kim considers him to be her father.

Kim and Kanye In a Big Hurry to Get Married!

10/24/2013 12:35 AM PDT
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will not have a long engagement -- sources close to the couple tell TMZ the engagement will be very short and the wedding will happen quickly.

We're told it's Kanye more than Kim that wants the wedding to happen STAT.  

As for what kind of wedding ... we're told it's going to be "a blow out."

But Kim and Kanye aren't all smiles.  Our sources say they are PISSED OFF that someone present at AT&T Park secretly taped the proposal and leaked it.  The couple thinks they know who did it, and that person signed a confidentiality agreement.  We're told a lawsuit is imminent.

BTW ... North West was at the ballpark.

Kim Kardashian NAILED Her Engagement Surprise

10/24/2013 12:02 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian totally knew Kanye West was going to pop the question -- and how do WE know? Because the evidence is written all over her ... fingernails?

Hey ... it's a theory, people!  

Kim & Kanye First Video Of The PROPOSAL

10/23/2013 3:30 PM PDT

Here it is ... the video of Kanye West begging Kim Kardashian in the most grandiose way possible to become his lawful wedded wife.

Kanye and Kim were planted on the infield at AT&T Park in San Francisco Monday night when he got down on his knee and popped the question, while an orchestra played in the background.

The hug that ensues tells the story ... Kim said yes, she got a 15-carat diamond ring and they went off into the sunset and drank a lot.

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