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Aaron Donald Gronk Done Forever?!? ... I'm Not So Sure

3/26/2019 8:46 AM PDT

Aaron Donald doesn't seem convinced Rob Gronkowski's played his last game in the NFL ... 'cause the Rams superstar tells TMZ Sports, "He's retired right now ..."

Of course, the topic has been a huge talking point in NFL circles after the future Hall of Famer abruptly announced he's callin' it a career at just 29 years old.

Count Donald in as one of those who needs to see it to believe it ... but if it is, in fact, true, AD has HUGE respect for the Patriots legend's game, regardless.

"Great player, had a great career. Won a couple of rings -- one of the best to do it."

Donald also handed out some advice at the L.A. Sports Awards to a young fan who wanted some tips on how to make it big -- and, shockingly, Donald says it takes hard work!!!

"My main thing is just hard work. Getting the body working."

If ya need proof Donald practices what he preaches, here ya go. You're welcome.

Kamaru Usman Todd Gurley?? He'd Whoop Colby Covington's Ass!!!

3/24/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Colby Covington better watch his mouth around Todd Gurley ... 'cause Kamaru Usman tells TMZ Sports the NFL superstar would whoop his ass if they ever scrapped!!!

"Todd Gurley would maul him," Usman says ... "He would maul him. He'd maul him."

Of course, Kamaru's talking about this 'cause he says he saw the Rams RB get into a spat with Covington seconds before his championship fight with Tyron Woodley at UFC 235.

So, we had to ask ... who'd win if Gurley and Covington were NOT separated that night?!

His answer -- Gurley ... and he ain't just sayin' that 'cause he HATES Covington ...

"These running backs, they have low centers of gravity, big butts, strong legs. All they have to do is -- it's not going to take them long, once they learn the technique, they're throwing hammers."

"So, yeah, I think he could take him."

The tale of the tape IS interesting ... Gurley outweighs Covington by over 60 pounds and is two inches taller -- so, is Kamaru right??

Only one way to find out ... Dana White, make it happen!!!!!

L.A. Rams 'Get Back' Coach Charged W/ Sexual Battery

3/15/2019 2:37 PM PDT
Breaking News

L.A. Rams "Get Back" coach, whose job is to physically restrain head coach Sean McVay from stepping on the field, is now in real hot water ... he's been charged with sexual battery. 

His name is Ted Rath -- and he went viral during the 2018 season thanks to a highlight reel showing him constantly pulling McVay toward the bench so he wouldn't get run over by players and refs. 

Rath -- who's also the team's strength and conditioning coach -- has been hit with 3 misdemeanor sexual battery charges stemming from an alleged incident on June 15, 2018. 

Officials tell TMZ Sports the incident took place at a private residence in Moorpark, CA ... with the alleged victim claiming Rath groped her multiple times without her consent.

The Rams addressed the charges on Friday ... saying, "We take these allegations very seriously."

The Rams added ... "Once the charges were filed, we decided Ted would take a leave of absence from the team as this matter works its way through the justice system.” 

Rath is facing more than a year behind bars if convicted ... and he would have to register as a sex offender.

Rath is due back in court next month.

Jared Goff & Smokin' Hot GF ... We're Best Buy Official!!!

3/15/2019 9:55 AM PDT

Here's Jared Goff proving he's having a GREAT off-season ... taking his relationship with his smokin' hot model GF public Thursday -- and yeah, dude's definitely winning.

The lovely lady is Christen Harper -- an Instagram model with over 200,000 followers -- and rumors have been swirling since January that the two are an item.

The L.A. Rams QB reportedly wanted to keep the relationship on the DL during L.A.'s run through the playoffs ... but now that that's over -- the two are running public errands like they have nothing to hide!

TMZ Sports spotted the pair leaving Best Buy in Woodland Hills -- and Jared didn't object to our photog calling Christen his "girlfriend" ... even thanking us for saying she looks great!!!

By the way, Jared also gave us his opinion on the Odell Beckham trade to the Cleveland Browns ... but he wasn't in much of a mood to stay any longer to chat after that.

And, after looking at these pics ... can ya blame him?!?!

Big Boi & NFL Partner Up to Make $100k Donation ... Month After Halftime Show

3/7/2019 12:40 AM PST

Big Boi is following suit with Travis Scott and Maroon 5 by partnering up with the NFL to donate a bundle of cash, but he's keeping his charitable efforts close to home.

The Outkast rapper -- who performed with Adam Levine and co. during the Super Bowl LIII halftime show -- will announce Thursday a joint donation of $100k from himself and the NFL. We're told the money will be going to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Big Boi's hometown of Atlanta.

Sources familiar with the deal tell TMZ ... the joint donation is similar to the ones the league made with the other halftime performers in Atlanta. Maroon 5's went to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and Travis' went to Van Jones' Dream Corps.  

Their donations were announced before the big game, but we're told Big Boi always intended to make one too. He just took longer to announce it because he needed time to decide where the money would be put to the best use -- and The King Center won out.

As you know ... Travis and the NFL agreed to his joint $500k donation after he spoke with Colin Kaepernick, although not necessarily as a result of that convo. 

Ndamukong Suh Unsure Of Future With Rams ... 'We'll See'

2/26/2019 8:44 AM PST

Could the Rams head into 2019 without one of their best defensive players???

Seems it's leaning that way ... 'cause just 2 weeks before NFL free agency begins -- Ndamukong Suh tells TMZ Sports he's STILL unsure of his future with L.A.

"We'll see," he told us when asked about returning to the Rams. 

Suh signed a 1-year, $14 MILLION contract with the Rams last offseason ... but that deal is expiring -- and the 32-year-old didn't exactly get Rams fans excited when we asked about the situation at Craig's Monday night. 

Ndamukong was a beast in his 16 games with L.A. ... logging 4.5 sacks and 59 tackles -- and playing his best ball of the season for the team in their Super Bowl run.

BTW ... we got what appears to be a glimpse of what Suh spent some of his Rams paychecks on -- and it's four wheels of an INSANELY AWESOME car.

Suh hopped into what looks like a Rolls-Royce Dawn -- a $350,000 whip with suicide doors and 563 horsepower.

Yeah ... we ain't feeling too bad about his upcoming free agency now either.

The good news for the Rams ... stud left tackle Andrew Whitworth just announced he'll be returning to the team for the 2019 season. 

"Can’t wait for the opportunity to ride with the boys again!" the 37-year-old tweeted out Tuesday morning. 

Whitworth is a 4-time Pro Bowler who's been in the league for 13 seasons. He's currently in the final year of his 3-year, $33 million contract. 

Todd Gurley My Knee Is 'Fantastic' Parties With Drunk Reality Stars

2/25/2019 7:16 AM PST

Want a health update on Todd Gurley's knee? Also, want to see a very drunk "Very Cavallari" star try and hijack the spotlight? 

Well, this is the clip for you!

The L.A. Rams star was leaving the 1818 Club Ballroom in Duluth, Georgia over the weekend -- where he helped celebrate Ric Flair's 70th birthday with TONS of celebs like Charles Barkley, Triple H, Jeff Hardy and more. 

But, when we saw Todd leaving the shindig, we had to ask if there's any update with that knee injury he suffered during the 2018 season. 

The good news, Todd says the knee is "fantastic." 

The bad news, there were so many drunk people around Todd, that's really the only update we could get. 

But, if you're interested in Reagan Agee from Kristin Cavallari's reality show, "Very Cavallari" -- we know she was there too.

And, how did we know? Well, she kept telling us ... over and over again.  

Despite the drunken craziness at the end of the night, Todd seemed to be doing well -- and was even jumping around on his knee at the end of the clip. 

There's a ton of interest in Gurley's health this offseason after he essentially disappeared from relevance during the Super Bowl. Some people think he was underused because he was secretly nursing an injury ... though Gurley and head coach Sean McVay have insisted he was healthy. 

Sean McVay's GF Tiny Bikini In Paradise ... No Super Bowl Blues Here!

2/18/2019 7:05 AM PST
Breaking News

How's Sean McVay getting over the Rams' devastating Super Bowl loss to the Patriots??

You're looking at it ... and we gotta say -- it's getting tough to feel bad for the L.A. head coach now.

McVay and his smokin' hot GF, Veronika Khomyn, hit up what appears to be Hawaii (for the second offseason in a row) ... and seems she's helpin' him get through his dark times.

There's a tiny bikini ... a pool ... the Pacific Ocean ... and shining sun.

Yeah, what Super Bowl L?????

The two have been mostly hangin' poolside in paradise ... but don't worry, Rams fans -- Veronika said last week she was havin' a hard time getting McVay to stop studying plays on his iPad!!!

The trip to the islands seems to be an annual thing for these guys ... last year, they were in Maui to get over McVay's first-ever playoff loss with the Rams.

If ya need a reminder of how Veronika helped back then ... you're welcome.

Flea 'Celtics Suck Ass' 'Satanic Bottom of the Basketball World'

2/13/2019 12:30 AM PST

Flea HATES the Boston Celtics with the red, hot, fiery passion of 1,000 suns -- and when we saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers star at LAX ... HE WENT NUCLEAR on Beantown!!!

Oh, we should mention he's a die-hard Lakers fan ... if you couldn't tell by his throwback Magic Johnson shirt. 

"I just think the Boston Celtics SUCK ASS," Flea proclaimed, "They're like the Satanic bottom of the basketball world! They are the shadow side."

It didn't stop there ... Flea reached way back into the rivalry to throw even more shade at the Celtics. 

"Magic Johnson owned Larry Bird in college, owned him in the pros ... more championships, smoked him in college -- it's a simple fact."

We asked Flea if he'd like to see a Lakers vs. Celtics series in the NBA Finals -- and he went even HARDER! 

"That would be thrilling. I'd like to see Lonzo dunk right on Jason Tatum's head!"

So, how do people in Boston feel about that? We got Mark Wahlberg out the other day, and he's already counting on the Celtics and the Boston Bruins to make it a clean 4-team championship sweep this year. 

Of course, Boston teams are pretty dominant over L.A. right now -- the Red Sox beat the Dodgers in the World Series and the Patriots beat the Rams in the Super Bowl. 

Patriots' Patrick Chung Shows Off Gnarly Super Bowl Scar ... 23 Stitches!!!

2/11/2019 1:44 PM PST
Breaking News

A Super Bowl ring didn't come cheap for Patrick Chung ... the Pats DB broke his arm in the big game -- and needed surgery AND 23 stitches to fix it!!!

The New England stud got his forearm caught in between a teammate and Todd Gurley's back early in the third quarter of the Pats' win over the Rams ... and his arm broke in half.

It looked gnarly ... his arm wiggled like Jell-O when he fell off the pile -- but, the guy said last Friday that the surgery was a success.

And, on Monday ... Chung revealed the aftermath of going under the knife -- and it wasn't pretty.

Dude's got a scar that runs from his wrist to his elbow ... and says it's held together by 23 stitches!!!

Good news for Patrick ... he's expected to make a full recovery this offseason -- just in time to make a run at the Patriots' SEVENTH Super Bowl title!!!

Todd Gurley Something Fishy About Playoff Slump ... Says James Brown

2/5/2019 6:30 AM PST


It's the question everyone wants to know after he essentially disappeared from relevance in the NFC title game and the Super Bowl ... and even NFL insider James Brown says something's not right. 

The L.A. Rams running back was basically unstoppable during the regular season -- and made a legit case to be the league MVP. 

But, he faded quickly during the NFC title game and barely played in the Super Bowl ... despite the fact both he and coach Sean McVay insisted he was NOT restricted by any sort of injury. 

So, what's REALLY going on with Gurley? 

"I don't think we know the full story as far as Todd Gurley is concerned," the "Inside the NFL" host told us ... "There's a lot more to that."

Brown continued ... "Sean McVay and the coaching staff understand everything that he can do and to the degree that he was an MVP candidate throughout most of the season, and he didn't get played that much during this stretch here. There's more to the story."

After the Super Bowl, some people expected Gurley to drop the bombshell that he was suffering from an injury that he was trying to play through ... but that wasn't the case. 

Gurley told the media, "I felt good ... whenever my name is called to get in, I'm ready."

McVay also reiterated he was healthy enough to go. 

Whatever the case may be, one thing's for sure -- we ALL hope Gurley can return to form in 2019. 

Steve Harvey Blasts Super Bowl 'Worst Game I've Ever Been To!'

2/4/2019 6:33 AM PST

Tom Brady's sixth Super Bowl win was BORING AS HELL ... so says Steve Harvey, who tells TMZ Sports, "Worst game I've ever been to!"

The Pats and Rams played a 13-3 snoozefest Sunday in Atlanta -- the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever -- that featured just one TD and 14 combined punts.

When we got Steve leaving Mercedes-Benz Stadium ... he was PISSED he wasted his entire night watching the football equivalent of paint drying. 

"It was the worst game I've ever been to! No offense. No offense, man!"

Steve's real problem with the game?? He says Jared Goff and the Rams' O just straight-up weren't ready to play.

But, Jamie Foxx saw it MUCH differently -- telling us he ENJOYED the game ... and respected the defensive battle. 

We also spoke with Usain Bolt and J.B. Smoove on the way out of the stadium -- they're more on Team Steve in this fight.

The good news for Harvey -- we're guessing the tickets were comped ... but even if he did plunk down a ton of cash on Super Snoozearama, he's rich. 

L.A. Rams Super Bowl Loss Won't Crush My Spirit ... Says YG

2/4/2019 6:27 AM PST

YG was clearly sad after his Rams got killed in Super Bowl 53 -- but despite only posting 3 measly points, the rap star is staying positive about the team's future. 

The SoCal rapper was leaving Mercedes-Benz Stadium with fellow Rams backer Tyga after the game -- and the mood wasn't as lit as they hoped it would be. 

The good news ... YG insists Rams Nation is still strong -- telling us he's confident Jared Goff and company will return to the big dance in 2020. 

"We good, bro," YG said while sippin' on his drink in the parking lot ... "We made it to the Super Bowl, we're okay."

"Next year, bro."

We also asked YG what he thought about the halftime show and whether he'd ever be down to headline the performance ... and you'll want to hear what he says. 

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