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Jordyn Woods Promotes Ray J's Headphones In New Celeb-Packed Vid

6/19/2019 3:54 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Ray J and Jordyn Woods are apparently in cahoots to promote one of his new products ... Woods is featured in a celeb-filled video for Raycon Headphones.

Ray just put up the video, which also features Cardi B, Offset, Melissa Etheridge, Snoop Dogg and others ... hawking Ray J's Raycon E50 Earbuds. 

Woods and Ray J are a pretty interesting pairing, considering their unique connections to the Kardashian and Jenner families ... and we're told, Ray and Jordyn were introduced to each other after JW and Kylie had their falling out.

Sources tell us Ray J's manager, David Weintraub, recently made a $30,000 offer to Jordyn to promote more of Ray's products ... but nothing has been settled. 

Ray and Jordyn were together this week, kicking it with Michael Blackson on the set of VH1's "Hip Hop Squares." 

This has got to put Jordyn in hot water with the Kardashians -- or at least some of them -- because they believe Jordyn already betrayed the fam once over the whole Tristan Thompson thing. 

When one door closes ... 

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Your Cyberbullying Cost Me $2 Million ... so Claims Her Ex BF

6/19/2019 10:43 AM PDT

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's alleged cyberbullying may prove costly ... so claims one of BC's ex's who's suing them for more than $2 mil.

Pilot Jones filed new legal docs saying he's been damaged to the tune of $2,113,800. He says the alleged cyberbullying and defamation caused him emotional distress in the amount of $500k. He also says Rob and Chyna's alleged attack on him fractured his family and he wants $250k for that.

But, there's more. He wants more than $250k for past and future medical expenses and $600k in lost earnings. And, there's still more ... he claims he somehow lost rent and that's another $7,200 and he wants reimbursement for a trip to Louisiana, where he fled back home after the alleged attack.

And last but not least ... he wants $500k in punitive damages.   

TMZ broke the story ... Jones sued the former couple in 2017 ... claiming they blamed him for selling a pic to an outlet showing him making out with BC. He also claimed they outed him as bisexual and released his digits to the public ... which resulted in threats.

Remember ... Jones is the guy to whom Rob allegedly sent racist and homophobic messages, insinuating he might be the father to BC's then-unborn baby. Jones says things got so bad he tried to commit suicide.

R. Kelly Paid in Full on Child Support Dues ... So Says His Lawyer

6/19/2019 8:15 AM PDT

R. Kelly once again wiped the slate clean when it comes to back child support ... 'cause he's all paid up until the next round ... according to his attorney. 

Steven Greenberg says his client forked over the delinquent $32k in child support and interest that ex-wife Drea Kelly was demanding. Greenberg tells us the cash covers everything owed up to this point, and R. Kelly "doesn't owe one more single solitary cent" ... at least 'til next month's $21k child support payment is due.

As for how exactly R. Kelly's coming up with this kind of dough right when he needs it -- when just a few months ago it seemed he was struggling -- Greenberg tells us he assumes the singer's rolling in the royalties, although he notes he's not certain about that. 

We know R. Kelly's been working some gigs here and there for income, but it doesn't seem he's been hitting the road much since his paid appearance in April. His crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, says they're working to secure more work in the near future.

The royalties thing could make sense -- R. Kelly's music streams have seen a spike since he's been corralled back into the spotlight. Presumably, those are paying off for him now.

Either way, Greenberg tells us that there shouldn't be any more significant issues with R. Kelly's child support payments going forward. He says he can't guarantee they'll always be made right on the dot, but they'll get to Drea without major hiccups as his criminal case proceeds.

We've reached out to Drea to confirm the $32k that Greenberg says has been paid ... so far, no word back.

Boxer Jarrell 'Big Baby' Miller That Failed Drug Test ... Cost Me $30 Mil

6/19/2019 6:18 AM PDT

Heavyweight boxer Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller says the failed drug test that forced him out of his fight against Anthony Joshua cost him around $30 MILLION!!!!

... and yeah, he still thinks about it all the time!!

Remember, Miller was the guy ORIGINALLY slated to fight AJ on June 1 at Madison Square Garden -- but when "Big Baby" failed the test, Joshua's people signed Andy Ruiz as a last-minute replacement. 

And, we all know what happened next -- Ruiz beat the dog snot out of Joshua ... and now Andy is trying to lock up a $50 million rematch deal. 

So, when "Big Baby" joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weekdays on FS1) -- we asked if he ever thinks to himself, "That shoulda been me!"

"It was gonna be a massacre," Miller says ... "But, sometimes God has plans for you."

Miller ain't mad at Ruiz -- in fact, it's the opposite -- the two have been good friends for years and Miller says he couldn't be happier for the boxer. 

But, when we asked how much cash he thinks the drug test ultimately cost him, Miller dropped some REALLY BIG numbers ... and explained, "You know how many cheeseburgers that is just now!?!!

Don't worry, Miller says he's getting his career back on track and plans on fighting later this year as soon as his suspension is up. 

And, he's confident he'll find a way to get that $30 mil -- one way or another!!

NBA's Patrick Beverley On Free Agency ... Who's Gonna Pay Me?!?

6/18/2019 6:09 AM PDT

L.A. Clippers star Patrick Beverley has one thing on his mind going into free agency -- WHO'S GONNA GET ME THAT BAG!!?!?!

The 30-year-old just finished up his 4-year, $25 mil contract -- and now he's free to ink another big deal ... and when we saw him at LAX he made it clear, the goal is to cash that check!

It's refreshingly honest considering most pro athletes try to convince the public it's NOT about the money -- it's about where they have the best shot at winning a ring. 

But, ya gotta hand it to Beverley who essentially says he's gonna play his ass off WHEREVER he signs -- and the lucky team to snatch him up will be the team with the biggest offer, period. 

There's reportedly been interest from the Lakers -- and Beverley says that could be a cool situation because the Lakers are "exciting" -- but they still gotta bring that bag if they want Bev! 

We also spoke with Beverley about his on-the-court rivalry with Kevin Durant -- which heated up during the NBA Playoffs -- and you gotta check out what Patrick says. 

It's clear Beverley has nothing but respect for KD -- and think he'll be back out on the court and cookin' people again in no time. 

'Freeway' Rick Ross Kim's Doing God's Work ... Drug Dealers Are Just Trying to Make a Living

6/18/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian's West is helping convicts who were just trying to make a living selling drugs ... at least that's the way a former drug kingpin who served hard time sees it.

"Freeway" Rick Ross -- who went to federal prison in 1996 after making millions as a drug kingpin during the '80s crack cocaine epidemic -- made his sentiments clear at LAX ... selling drugs is not a violent crime -- it boils down to simple economics.

Ross says drug dealers are mostly trying to support their families, and that's why they got in the game. He praises Kim for spearheading the Lyft partnership ... which will help up to 5,000 soon-to-be-released prisoners get a ride to job interviews.

Ross tells us this is a huge deal ... even though he had a girlfriend to drive him around once he got out in 2009 ... many others at the halfway house with him weren't so lucky.

The ex-drug boss also praises Kim for doing the right thing ... even if it means working with President Trump.

As we reported, she was at The White House last week with the Prez to announce her new partnership with Lyft ... and it wasn't her first visit. Ross says Kim's doing what she has to do to make good things happen, and he's got nothing but respect.

WWE's Mark Henry Spent Father's Day ... Giving Haircuts to the Homeless

6/17/2019 3:11 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry did a pretty cool thing on Sunday -- organizing an event in his hometown of Austin, Texas to give haircuts and shaves to people in need. 

Henry says he didn't just want to hand out cash and call it a day -- his focus was put boots on the ground and do something for the people that would really make a difference in their lives.  

So, after talking with local organizations, he decided to spearhead a shave and haircut event -- because a lot of homeless people had been telling him the way they look can be a tough hurdle to overcome when trying to find a job. 

Mark connected with the people from the Austin Area Urban League and the Maestro's Classic beard care company to set up the event ... where they offered free shaves, haircuts, food and water to anyone who needed the help. 

Henry says he learned A LOT while talking with the people who came through his event -- especially when it comes to the way homeless people are treated by the rest of society. 

"People don't acknowledge them. They treat them like they're invisible. 9 times out of 10 people just look at them and don't talk to them. That's gotta be a horrible existence."

Mark says he was so moved by the experience, he's already planning more events in cities across the country. 

"I got a lot of joy out of seeing people smile and feel good about how they looked, it meant a lot to them," Henry says. 

The former Olympic powerlifter says he wants people to know it takes money to put on these events -- and if you want to help, contact your local Urban League or housing authority for information on how you can contribute. 

Michael Irvin To Jerry Jones ... Pay Dak Or The Team Will Revolt!

6/17/2019 8:27 AM PDT

Michael Irvin tells TMZ Sports if Jerry Jones doesn't break out his checkbook and pay Dak Prescott ... the rest of the Cowboys roster will riot!!!

"They're going to say, 'Why the hell should I give all my effort if you didn't take care of the top guy?!'"

Of course, Dak is entering the final year of his 4-year rookie deal ... and Dallas is reportedly at a standstill in negotiations for his next contract.

But, Irvin says if Jerry and the 'Boys keep playing hardball and don't get the deal done soon ... it could mean big trouble for Jason Garrett's locker room.

"If you don't pay him, let's all go home," Irvin says.

Dak's new deal is expected to be a huge one ... reports say he wants to be in the area of the $30-ish MILLION per year that Carson Wentz, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson just got.

Will Jerry pay that up for a guy who's only made $2.7 million over the last three years TOTAL???

The Playmaker says he's better!!!

Kim Kardashian Lyft Partnership Ready to Help 5k Inmates Get Jobs

6/17/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian West's recent announcement at The White House was only the start of a massive undertaking ... of which almost 5,000 inmates will be able to reap the benefits from. 

Sources with knowledge of Kim's partnership with rideshare giant Lyft tell us the company has committed services to get up to 5k soon-to-be released inmates to job interviews. We're told the biggest group of prisoners who have been granted release will get out of prison July 19.

Our sources say Kim -- in a partnership with #Cut50 -- has worked tirelessly on both federal and local levels to ensure inmates will be provided housing and employment opportunities. We're told there's also a long-term plan in place to make sure those released from prison will continue to get opportunities for years to come. 

Kim has visited prisons across the country -- recently spending time on death row -- getting to know prisoners, their cases and possible injustices. 

As we reported, Kim was at The White House Thursday with President Trump to announce her new partnership with Lyft. 

Kardashian has been at the forefront of prison reform, lending her voice to help free those locked up for life for nonviolent crimes ... at one point, she helped to quietly free 17 inmates in 90 days

Thursday's White House visit was Kim's second in about a year ... and there are likely more to come. 

Tracy Morgan Crashed Bugatti Will Cost a Fortune to Fix

6/17/2019 12:50 AM PDT

Tracy Morgan just learned a hard lesson about owning a Bugatti -- fixing a scratch is the equivalent of plunking down enough money to buy the car that sideswiped it.

We broke the story ... Tracy was sideswiped by a Honda CR-V 15 MINUTES after driving his $2 million ride out of the showroom.   

The Honda driver nailed the front bumper, and to replace it ... an unreasonable $22,000!!!

But wait, there's more. The fender on the driver's side quarter panel was also damaged, and we're told that will cost $10,000, and that doesn't include labor. 

Cops say the accident was the Honda driver's fault ... we don't know her insurance policy limits, but it better be substantial.  

The Honda chick is lucky ... if there were structural damage, she'd have to sell the farm.

As you can clearly see from the video, Tracy was none too pleased as he assessed the damage on the street.

This all makes a good case to NOT buy super expensive cars on the mean streets of New York!

Wendy Williams' New Guy I'm No Gold Digger ... I Take Care of Myself!!!

6/16/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Wendy Williams' new guy is sick and tired of people thinking he's hanging with her in hopes of landing a sugar mama ... because he insists he's not about that life.

Sources close to Marc Tomblin tell TMZ ... he doesn't care at all about fame and he's not the type of guy who'd let a woman take care of him financially. We're told the only reason he's kicking it with Wendy is because they enjoy each other's company.

We're told Tomblin hasn't asked Williams for a dime since they've been together and won't in the future -- don't let those pics of them hitting an ATM fool you. He's also telling friends that NYC shopping spree they went on was not funded solely by Wendy ... he purchased his own things.

Our sources say Marc's been getting a lot of flak from people who are suspicious of his motives, so he's been blocking them ... along with anyone who reaches out to him to talk crap about Wendy.

As we've reported ... Wendy's ignoring all the haters and naysayers and living her life how she wants. As she put it to us, "I am a 54-year-old grown ass woman. I know what I'm doing."

She's also been careful about not calling Tomblin her boyfriend, but making it clear she's having a lot of fun with him ... enough to keep him around in NYC with her much longer than expected.

Wendy's show is on a break for the next 3 weeks, so the 2 still have a lot of time to live their best single lives possible ... together.

Taylor Swift Surprise Set at Stonewall!!! GLAAD I Could Make It

6/14/2019 9:25 AM PDT

6:20 PM PT -- Taylor just performed a surprise set at NYC's Stonewall Inn, wishing everyone a happy Pride.  The event was hosted by Stonewall Inn and AEG to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. 

Taylor took the stage after an introduction from Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson ... and she sang "Shake it Off."

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, known as the dawn of the modern LGBTQ rights movement.

Taylor Swift's newest track is prompting something amazing -- her fans stepping up to make donations to one of the biggest LGBTQ groups ... all thanks to a shout out. 

Honchos at GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, tell TMZ ... they've seen an influx in donations overnight after Taylor dropped her new song, "You Need to Calm Down." 

The single is an anti-hate anthem that calls out anti-gay bullies, and includes the lyrics, "Why are you mad when you could be GLAAD?"

GLAAD recently started a fundraiser to support its LGBTQ advocacy work during Pride Month, setting a $1,300 goal as an homage to Taylor's favorite number 13 ... and we're told many of the donations flowing in are for $13. 

The song's also prompting a flood of pro-LGBTQ posts on social media.

GLAAD executive Anthony Ramos is glad to have Taylor on their side ... he says, "The fact she continues to use her platform and music to support the LGBTQ community and the Equality Act is a true sign of being an ally."

Taylor made what GLAAD called a "very generous" donation earlier this month ... and now her fans are following suit.

Algee Smith Drake's the Greatest ... Gave 'Euphoria' Stars Ca$h Gifts!!!

6/14/2019 2:28 PM PDT

Drake just might be executive producer of the year -- at least he is to the cast of HBO's "Euphoria" because Algee Smith says he came to set loaded with gifts ... the green kind!!

Algee, one of the stars in the new drama, was on "TMZ Live" Friday to spill some tea about shooting the show, on which Drake is an EP. Safe to say, it pays dividends to have Mr. Graham running the show.  

Check out our clip ... Algee says Drake had swag bags filled with gifts when the cast partied to wrap up the season. He wouldn't say exactly how much cash was in the bag, but made it clear it was wayyy more than pocket change.

"Euphoria" premieres Sunday night on HBO ... and it follows the lives of high school students as they navigate a minefield of drugs, sex, social media, friendship and love. The series is definitely pushing the envelope, and Algee says it's gonna be groundbreaking. 

We know what you're thinking ... and yes, Algee is wearing a chain and shirt with his name on it.

No confirmation Drake's behind that gear.

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