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Podcaster Adam22 Gunman Charged In Live Stream Robbery Attempt

3/20/2019 12:56 PM PDT

Police and prosecutors believe podcast host Adam Grandmaison's life really was in danger when a guy busted in during his live stream and put a gun to his head ... 'cause the suspect's been charged, and he's still behind bars.

The hip-hop host of the "No Jumper" podcast -- known as Adam22 -- was violently interrupted while recording his show Sunday when the gunman pointed his weapon at Adam and threatened his life.

According to the L.A. County D.A.'s office ... the suspect, 24-year-old David Tran, has now been charged with one count of attempted second-degree robbery. He's still in custody and being held on $100k bail.

After video of the scary moment surfaced, many skeptics wondered if Adam staged it for publicity. Adam spoke to us and made it clear -- it was 100 percent real and serious, and everyone was fortunate there were no deaths ... especially the gunman.

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They tried to kill me lmao

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As we reported ... Adam's security at his BMX and clothing store took control of the situation by quickly taking the guy down, and Adam ended his live stream and called the cops.

Adam had a sense of humor about the ordeal too ... saying, "One minute you're tweeting jokes about f***ing cats and the next minute you got a gun to your head."

Daniel Caesar Wants Black People to Quit Being 'Mean to White People' ... Singer Catches Heat

3/20/2019 10:17 AM PDT

Daniel Caesar's drunken attempt to defend a white woman who bashed 2 African-Americans is royally backfiring on the singer.

The recent Grammy winner pondered "Why are we being so mean to white people right now?" He posed that question in reference to online personality Julieanna Goddard -- aka YesJulz -- while he was on Instagram Live and essentially said it's a problem when black people can't take a joke.

Full picture here ... Daniel admits he's drunk during the video. As for what triggered the "Best Part" singer -- YesJulz, who's been repeatedly called out for appropriating black culture, went on the "Easily Offended" podcast and threw shade at TV personality Scottie Beam and host Karen Civil

Julz got scorched for her comments, and Daniel jumped to her defense. Now he's catching the flak. One user responded to Daniel's rant saying, "You have culture vultures and you have enablers." Another user tweeted this: 

Check out the video ... Daniel mentions how he caught himself being "very sensitive" after a short but tense exchange with Dave Chappelle during a recent episode of John Mayer's Instagram show, "Current Mood."

Drake's Baby Mama IG Vid with Drizzy Look-Alike ... Clout-Standing Move!!!

3/20/2019 12:50 AM PDT

Drake and his baby mama get along great and co-parent like champs, but they're not on romantic dinner date terms ... despite a video she posted that made it seem like they are.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Sophie Brussaux has been hanging out with a Drizzy doppelganger lately, and it was no accident she shared a quick shot of the guy on social media last week ... just hours after she attended Drake's Paris concert.

We're told those around Sophie believe it was a calculated move to gain some clout by making it seem like she and Drake break bread together. It worked too -- several media outlets reported Drake had dinner with Sophie that night.

Our sources say that's definitely not the case, and confirm the dude in the vid is just a bearded, light-skinned look-alike.

It's interesting, because as we reported ... Drake rolled out the red carpet for Sophie in Paris by granting her an all-access VIP pass, and they've had a positive relationship for their son, Adonis.

Seems unnecessary for her to pretend it's more than that. Then again ... gotta get them likes!!!

Paris Jackson Everything's Okay ... Time for Some Laughs

3/20/2019 6:47 AM PDT

Paris Jackson's had a turbulent week, but despite a suicide scare and family strife ... she's still in the mood for comedy.

We got Michael Jackson's daughter outside Largo in L.A. Tuesday night dressed like someone ready to have some fun. She's with her BF, Gabriel Glenn, and doesn't talk much ... other than saying everything's going okay.

As for her headwear -- Paris was on her way into the club to check out Macaulay Culkin's "Bunny Ears" podcast ... with special guest "Weird Al" Yancovic. As you know, Culkin was close with Paris' father and is Paris' Godfather ... hopefully, his show provided some levity for her.

We broke the story ... Paris was hospitalized Saturday after attempting suicide, which we're told was triggered by the fallout from "Leaving Neverland." Those close to her are encouraging her to go to rehab, but our sources say she's refusing.

Paris also took a shot at the idea she reacted so strongly to the HBO documentary on Twitter late Tuesday night, implying it's a made-up story full of lies. 

Post Malone 'Wow' Viral Dancer Goes VIP ... You're In My Music Video!!!

3/20/2019 8:01 AM PDT

Post Malone really takes care of his fans ... especially ones who pull off epic dance moves to his songs.

ICYMI -- Mike Alancourt, a 40-year-old bald, bearded man from 1 Vibe Dance in Jacksonville, FL went viral earlier this month after Posty, Will Smith and other celebs shared a video of him slayin' on the dance floor to the rapper's hit track, "Wow."

Malone was so impressed, he flew Mike out to Phoenix on Sunday to do some background dancing at his concert. They also shot dance scenes with Mike to be included in the "Wow." music vid ... which just dropped late last night.

We're told Post had already shot most of the video, but as you can see ... Mike still gets some serious face time, especially as a last-minute addition.

Mike's dance teacher and owner of the studio, Jen Colvin, also made the trip to hang out with Post ... on the rapper's dime.

Pretty incredible story ... and it all started with this.

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YBN Almighty Jay Off the Hook in Felony Theft Case ... What a Great Week!!!

3/20/2019 7:48 AM PDT

YBN Almighty Jay has reason to smile again ... he just got more good news on the heels of having his stolen chain recovered.

TMZ's learned the rapper won't face any charges in a felony theft case that pegged him as a suspect for allegedly jacking around $80k in cash and jewelry from another rapper. A rep for the L.A. County D.A.'s Office tells TMZ ... it rejected the case because the victim didn't want to press charges or testify.

We're told the D.A. will not refer the case to the City Attorney's Office ... so Jay's off the hook.

As we reported, Jay was filming videos last month in Chatsworth, CA when he and his crew were allegedly caught on video stealing the loot from Skinnyfromthe9.

He ultimately turned himself in after cops named him a suspect, but he strongly denied he's the culprit ... telling us, repeatedly, "I didn't do s**t!" Jay's vindication in the case comes the day after J Prince recovered his chain ... with an assist from French Montana.

You'll recall the chain was snatched during a brutal NYC street brawl that went down over a week ago. Jay's still recovering from his injuries, which included several stab wounds.

Danielle Bregoli Happy 16th Bday, Kid ... Here's Your First Rolex!!!

3/20/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Danielle Bregoli just hit a milestone of wealth and success at a very young age -- she's now the proud owner of a Rolex watch ... the perfect way to ring in her 16th birthday.

Sources tell us Bhad Bhabie received her first Rolex ever Tuesday in NYC as an early birthday gift to celebrate her sweet 16, courtesy of her managers, Adam Kluger and Dan Roof. We're told Danielle has always wanted a Rolex but hasn't gotten around to snagging one.

The diamond-encrusted watch is a beaut, and it's custom too.

Our sources say this is a Mother of Pearl Rolex, and it comes fully loaded with 15.38 carats of VS diamonds around the band, and 1.5 carats of VS diamonds on the Roman numerals lining the face dial. All in all ... we're talking about a $42,000 value. 

We're told the watch was commissioned by Joel the Jeweler in L.A.

We got Danielle out in NYC Tuesday and she was already sporting her new gift ... but she says there's still one more present that'll make her bday perfect.

Danielle certainly deserves it -- she's been riding a wave of success so high for so long now that it's somewhat surprising she hadn't copped one of these before. From smash hit songs to her own reality show on Snapchat, she's come a long way from her "Dr. Phil" days.

Happy birthday, kid.

YBN Almighty Jay J Prince Recovers Stolen Chain With French Montana Assist

3/19/2019 5:20 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

YBN Almighty Jay is getting his stolen Rap-a-Lot Records chain back ... thanks to some VERY strong words from label honcho J Prince, and some help from French Montana.

TMZ broke the story ... Jay's chain was snatched -- along with his wallet and shoes -- during a brutal NYC street brawl. Now, we've learned French and fellow Bronx rapper Hocus45th had a Monday night meeting in L.A. with J Prince ... and returned the stolen chain and pendant. We're told FM and Hocus flew in from NYC to hand-deliver the piece. 

J Prince tells TMZ ... "It was never about the chain, it was about the name that was built off of blood sweat and tears."

We're told French connected Hocus45th and KT (the big dude in white) with Prince so they could see eye-to-eye on getting the jewelry back to its rightful owner. We're told Hocus' name carries a lot of weight in the Bronx, so he was able to recover it from the guys who allegedly robbed Almighty Jay.

After their productive meeting -- which included J Prince Jr -- we're told the men are moving forward with #MobTies ... J Prince's term for his allies.  

It's more good news for Jay. Our sources say he's still recovering from multiple stab wounds suffered in the attack.

Bottom line ... J Prince is keeping his perfect record of getting back snatched chains. As he puts it, "Real recognizes real in every hood." 

Meek Mill Gets State Key to Connecticut

3/19/2019 3:39 PM PDT

Meek Mill's city-to-city -- and now, state-to-state -- government recognition tour is rolling over to Connecticut, where he's receiving a state key for his efforts to reform criminal justice.

Meek is set to perform Tuesday night at the XFINITY Theatre in Hartford, where we're told Connecticut State Rep. Brandon McGee will give Meek a key to the state ... as well as a state-level proclamation declaring March 19, 2019, as "Meek Mill Day" in the Nutmeg State.

We're told Meek's getting this honor for the same reasons he's been getting "Days" all over the country during his current Motivation Tour -- namely, his activism to retool the criminal justice system. He just launched REFORM Alliance with Jay-Z and a string of other powerful names in Jan.

Meek's honor also falls just as Connecticut passed some crucial new legislation toward that end.

The state legislature recently passed a bill to restore voting privileges to convicted felons who are on parole. 

Meek's already gotten honors like this from Houston and his hometown -- Philly actually gave him an entire weekend -- but Tuesday night's honor is first on a state level until now.

Championship stuff, for sure. 

Nelly Slams Accuser's Lawyer in UK Case ... You're Hurting All Victims!!!

3/19/2019 12:02 PM PDT

Nelly's had it up to here with allegations by the attorney for his accuser in the UK assault case ... and is now lashing out at her.

The rapper's firing back at the lawyer for the anonymous Jane Doe ... the lawyer who made claims Essex Police engaged in misconduct by treating the alleged victim as a suspect.

Nelly tells TMZ ... "It is time for me to personally speak up against this! I have remained quiet and haven’t said anything or done anything other than fully cooperate on every level of the investigation to allow law enforcement to do whatever they need to get to the bottom of these accusations."

Nelly insists he's remained quiet and fully cooperative with UK law enforcement's investigation, adding ... "In spite of my complete cooperation, this same lawyer in both cases against me, is claiming the police in two different countries 'won’t help her clients', 'are incompetent' and is consistently painting a picture that I am 'bullying the police' in two different countries to not do their job."

He believes the lawyer is going to the media for her own personal gain, and it's only doing harm to real victims by creating an idea that cops won't have their backs.

Nelly says, "Not only is this attorney continuously damaging my reputation to forge ahead with civil suits to get money, she is doing a severe disservice to women and true victims that need a safe system to report assaults against them with claims like 'police won’t help' and 'botched the case,' 'clients are being treated like suspects by the police' leaving real victims to feel like reporting would be of no help."

We broke the story ... Jane Doe's attorney wrote a letter blasting the lead detective in the UK criminal case and claiming cops are treating her client unfairly, probably because they're intimidated by Nelly's legal team. She also says the Essex Police are completely incompetent.

In his statement to us, Nelly encourages everyone -- even his own daughters -- to cooperate in an investigation, "I would also advise my own two daughters to report and fully cooperate with authorities no matter what the circumstances are and how difficult the process may become if you are truly a victim of such a heinous crime."

Jane Doe has accused Nelly of masturbating in front of her and forcing his penis in her mouth after one his concerts in 2017. An investigation was launched after she filed a suit against him.

Nelly has denied the allegations.

He finishes his statement about the attorney with this, "Also, by running to the media for her own gain,  she is creating the misconception that true victims would be under intense scrutiny and bullied by the police  intended to help and protect true victims."

We reached out to Jane Doe's lawyer, who says, "The smear statement written by Nelly's PR team is Exhibit A as to why women who claim sexual assault against a celebrity will not come forward ... Nelly did not give a statement for over an entire year despite his attorneys being contacted by Essex Police."

The attorney continues, "Since when would police in the US wait more than a year to talk to a suspect in a full blown sexual assault investigation? That would be never."

'Bachelor' Alum Lauren B. Flaunts Ripped Bod ... Maui Vacay with BF Chris Lane!!!

3/19/2019 10:53 AM PDT

'Bachelor' alum Lauren Bushnell and her country star BF are putting their bods on display and, perhaps, sending a message to their fans: skip Taco Tuesday, get your ass ready for summer!

Lauren B. and Chris Lane are soaking up some rays while on vacay in Maui. They played a little corn hole and looked every bit the perfectly fit couple. She wore the hell out of a navy blue bikini ... and laughed it up with the "Take Back Home Girl" singer, who kept it cool with board shorts, shades and a cap. 

BTW ... Chris most definitely looks familiar to 'Bachelor' fans. He performed his hit song, "For Her," on Nick Viall's season. 

Lauren, of course, was the winner on Ben Higgins' season but they split back in May 2017. A little over a year later, she started dating Chris, whose previous GF was Lauren Barr ... another 'Bachelor' hopeful from Ben's season. Yeah, Chris has a type.

He and Lauren started dating last November and it looks like they're still going strong.

Just like their bods.

Peloton Sued You Didn't Work Out the Rights to Our Songs ... Music Companies Claim

3/19/2019 8:15 AM PDT

The insanely successful Peloton bikes, which changed the fitness game, have done so by jacking songs to use for its instructional classes ... according to a new lawsuit.

Peloton is being sued by several different music publishing companies because -- according to new docs obtained by TMZ -- the company did not acquire the rights to play numerous hit songs featured in its wildly popular interactive spin classes.

The docs say Peloton currently has more than 600k subscribers and is reported to be worth more than $4 BILLION ... and the music publishing companies claim a big part of that success is due to the music playing during the classes.

Some of the songs listed in the suit include "Umbrella" and "Diamonds" by Rihanna, "Don't Wake Me Up" by Chris Brown, along with older hits like "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar. Rihanna's hit track, "Umbrella," has been used in at least 55 workout vids since 2017 ... according to the docs.

All in all, the publishers say they've ID'd more than a thousand songs in their catalogs that Peloton is using without proper permission.

Peloton is being sued for massive damages ... up to $150 million.

Paris Jackson Rejecting Rehab ... Post Suicide Scare

3/19/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Paris Jackson is being encouraged by people very close to her to go to rehab, but she's resisting.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... those close to Paris suggested rehab after what law enforcement says was a suicide attempt over the weekend, landing her in the hospital. We're told the attempted suicide shows some serious underlying problems ... they say Paris is dealing with all sorts of emotional issues as well as substance abuse issues. 

Our sources say Paris' team had help ready to spring into action Sunday, but she refused. 

TMZ broke the story ... Paris slit her wrists and was rushed to a hospital early Saturday morning, where she was placed on a temporary 5150 hold. We're told she's been distraught ever since "Leaving Neverland" began airing.

As to why Paris was released just hours after she was hospitalized, our sources say she told the hospital that had admitted her that her lawyers were taking her to UCLA Medical Center, and the hospital let her go with the attorneys, but she never ended up at UCLA.

Paris is almost 21 -- she's an adult, and therefore the decision to check into rehab is hers and hers alone.

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