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Jenny Mollen I Dropped My Son, Fractured His Skull

4/18/2019 7:00 AM PDT

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen's 5-year-old son, Sid, is recovering from a broken skull, which Jenny admits happened because she dropped him last weekend.

Jenny made the revelation Wednesday, saying ... "On Saturday evening I dropped my son on his head causing him to fracture his skull and landing him in the ICU." She added, Sid is home now and "recovering nicely."

As for why she decided to tell the world ... "My heart goes out to all parents who have or will ever find themselves in this kind of position. You are not alone."

This is kind of Jenny's thing -- she's pretty open about the ups and downs of parenthood. Back in November, she revealed their 1-year-old, Lazlo, was bitten by a dog.

Despite the seriousness of Sid's injury ... Jenny cracked a bit of humor in her post. After thanking all the nurses, doctors, cafeteria staff and janitors at the NYC hospital where he was treated -- as well as Jason -- she said, "Not sure how this post turned into an Oscars acceptance speech." 

Bears' Zach Miller Retires ... After Horrific Leg Injury

4/16/2019 1:24 PM PDT
Breaking News

Zach Miller -- the Chicago Bears tight end who nearly lost his leg in 2017 after suffering a horrific injury -- says he's done with football ... announcing, "The time has come."

Miller severely mangled his leg during an Oct. 29, 2017 game against the New Orleans Saints ... when his left knee snapped as he tried to haul in a TD pass in the 3rd quarter.

The injury was gruesome ... his knee dislocated so severely that vascular surgeons were called in to help repair a damaged artery.

You can watch the video here ... BUT WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF?! 

Docs were able to save Miller's leg ... and the 34-year-old tried to make an NFL comeback -- but he announced Tuesday he's officially callin' it a career.

"I would love more than anything to step on Soldier Field one last time but I physically cannot give the game and our fans what they deserve," Miller wrote.

"It’s difficult to find words to express my love and gratitude to every single person that has cheered my name, picked me up and stood strong with me throughout my time in this league. I am forever grateful."

Miller played 7 years in the NFL ... catching 146 passes for 1,631 yards and 15 TDs.

'RHONJ' Star Dolores Catania Rescues Baby Bat!!! TMZ Photog Plays Robin

4/16/2019 7:05 AM PDT

Holy baby animals in trouble, Batman!   

That's what Dolores Catania was probably thinking when she found an apparently injured bat on an NYC street and stepped up to save the day ... with an assist from our paparazzo.

We got the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star in NYC Monday, shortly after she launched Operation Bat Rescue. Dolores explained her doctor's visit was delayed after she stumbled on the baby bat. She was frantically trying to get someone to take the animal to the nearest bat cave ... AKA some experts to nurse it back to health.

That's where our guy, Jeremy, became her Johnny-on-the-spot. Dolores was in a bind due to a scheduled doctor's appointment (facials ain't gonna do themselves, after all) and begged Jeremy to save the day ... or, at least, the bat.

Dolores, a huge animal lover who always tweets about animal rescues, was outside her doctor's office when she convinced Jeremy to do her bidding. She asked him to take the BAT to a BIRD sanctuary ... which doesn't exactly add up, but beats leaving it for dead.

Watch the clip to see how he got the job done.

BTW, we got this update since the drop-off. Turns out it's a male Eastern red bat. 

This little guy was severely dehydrated, but much like your average town drunk ... after getting some fluids, we're told he's doing much better. And, don't worry, Eastern red bats aren't mini-Draculas. We checked ... they eat moths and insects.  

BTW, urgent care for bats? NYC really does have it all.

Dustin Poirier's Daughter Sees Fight Injuries 'Oh No! Daddy's Got a Boo-boo!!!'

4/15/2019 1:42 PM PDT
Breaking News

Well, this is adorable ... in a violent way. 

When Dustin Poirier's daughter saw his face after the Max Holloway fight, she was genuinely worried for her daddy ... saying, "Oh no! You have a boo-boo dad!"

The footage is ridiculously cute -- and shows how sweet UFC fighters can be with their families when they're not destroying other people in the Octagon. 

Of course, Dustin won a crazy bloody 5-round brawl with Holloway for the UFC interim lightweight title ... a fight where Dustin took some serious damage to the face. 

One report says Poirier took 208 total strikes during the UFC 236 co-main event -- which is A LOT. 

The good news, Dustin seems to be feeling pretty good, despite the bruising -- and told his daughter he was taking her to the zoo so they could "see the animals!" 

After the fight, Dustin and Max couldn't have been more respectful toward each other -- each praising the other fighter for battling their hearts out. 


Now, Poirier has to heal up and get back in the gym -- Dana White told us he's now slated to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov in Sept. for the undisputed UFC lightweight championship. 

Auburn Gymnast Retires After Breaking Both Legs

4/8/2019 1:29 PM PDT
Breaking News

There will be no triumphant comeback for the Auburn gymnast who broke both of her legs during a floor routine at the NCAA Regional Semifinals ... Samantha Cerio says she's retiring from the sport. 

Cerio snapped both of her legs while trying to land a handspring double front on Friday -- she was stretchered off the mat with 2 air casts.


Auburn went on to advance to the Regional Final ... but Cero says Friday was "my final night as a gymnast."

Cerio issued a statement saying, "After 18 years I am hanging up my grips and leaving the chalk behind."

The Auburn senior says she learned a lot from the sport -- including hard work, humility, integrity and dedication ... but has ultimately decided to move on.

"It may not have ended the way I had planned, but nothing ever goes as planned."

"Thank you Auburn family for giving me a home and a chance to continue doing the sport that will always be my first love. I am honored to have had the privilege to represent the navy and orange AU for the past 4 years with my team by my side. Thank you for letting me share my passion with you. Thank you for letting me be a part of something bigger than myself."


Solange Bailed On Coachella Because Band Got Super Sick

4/8/2019 11:17 AM PDT

Solange Knowles is missing out on the year's biggest music festival -- Coachella -- because her band members were dropping like flies from illness. 

Sources close to production tell TMZ ... members of Solange's band started getting sick, and she couldn't find the right mix of replacements. We're told Solange tried out several different musicians, but it just didn't work ... mainly because Solange and co. couldn't figure out how to work in all the new pieces.  

We're told Solange didn't feel like she could deliver a great show for Coachella ... and she ultimately decided to pull the plug. Our sources also say she told a bunch of people she didn't want a half-assed show. 

Solange -- who released her new album, "When I Get Home" last month -- was scheduled to perform alongside Kid Cudi, Weezer, Tame Impala, J Balvin and Aphex Twin. We're told she's devastated she had to cancel.

As you know, her sister, Beyonce, also canceled as a Coachella headliner, but her reason was different ... she was pregnant with twins.

Beth Chapman Rushed to Hospital with Breathing Issues ... In Wake of Cancer Battle

4/7/2019 6:50 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Beth Chapman was rushed to a hospital after experiencing serious breathing difficulties, this in the middle of her cancer battle ... but whatever triggered the difficulties resolved itself for her to return home.

TMZ has confirmed, Beth was in Hawaii Saturday when it became apparent she needed medical help.

We broke the story ... Beth underwent emergency surgery last November to remove a life-threatening blockage in her throat. Doctors discovered her throat cancer had returned. At the time she was having difficulty breathing, which is what triggered her trip to the hospital. 

Beth is undergoing chemo, which she started in January.  

Beth vowed after her diagnosis, "I've never been a victim and I won't let cancer beat me."

When she had her surgery, her lawyer, Andrew Brettler, told us Beth's condition was serious.

As for the latest emergency, UsWeekly was the first to report the story. Sources connected to Beth tell TMZ, she's now "home and doing fine." Doctors confirm Saturday's breathing difficulties were a complication from her cancer treatments. 

Sublime Bassist Eric Wilson Injured In ATV Accident ... Broke Arm, 4 Ribs

4/6/2019 11:23 AM PDT

Sublime bassist Eric Wilson was seriously injured in an ATV accident on his California ranch ... sustaining a broken arm and 4 ribs -- his manager tells TMZ.

Manager Cheez tells us Wilson was working on his avocado ranch when his ATV rolled over ... crushing him. Rescue responded and rushed him to a hospital near San Diego. 

We're told Wilson went into the operating room and the surgery lasted nearly 5 hours.  

The accident occurred Thursday and he's still in the hospital, but he's expected to recover and be released early next week.

Back in the '90s, Sublime was an ultra-popular band, with massive hits like "Santeria" and "What I Got." The band broke up in 1997 after its lead singer, Bradley Nowell, died from an overdose.  Wilson still tours with Sublime with Rome -- same band, new singer.

As for why he was on the ATV ... he was working on his 20-acre avocado ranch in Bonsall, CA, near San Diego. 

Lindsey Vonn Disgusting Picture Of Knee ... During LCL Surgery

4/2/2019 9:39 AM PDT
Breaking News

Thinking of being a world-class skier??? Lindsey Vonn might have ya reconsidering ... 'cause she just posted a pic of the knee she tore up flyin' down a mountain -- and it's DISGUSTING.

Vonn -- one of the greatest female skiers ever -- ripped up her knee in a crash during training last November ... and shredded her LCL so badly, she required surgery.

Lindsey says she put off the operation until now 'cause she had some obligations to fill ... and it's pretty easy to see why she waited so long to go under the knife.

The pic of the operation is NASTY ... docs cut open the side of her knee, pulled her skin apart and did everything they could to stitch her ligament back together.

Good news for Lindsey? She says despite the gnarly pic -- surgery went well and she's doing just fine.

Better news for Lindsey? The 34-year-old is retired from competitive skiing now ... which means (hopefully) no more nasty injuries!!!

Chris Pratt Hits Harder Than Randy Couture ... Says Jay Glazer

3/31/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Jay Glazer gets hit a lot at his MMA gym -- whether it's UFC stars or big name actors, dude gets beat up all the freakin' time ... but who hits the HARDEST??


That's right ... Chris Pratt's got the power that'll knock anybody out, so says the Unbreakable Gym owner ... who tells TMZ Sports Pratt straight-up hits harder than the Natural.

"It sucks getting hit by Chris Pratt more than it sucks getting hit by Randy Couture."


FYI -- Couture is one bad dude ... he's got a 19-11 record and has 7 knockouts under his belt. Oh, and was a 3-time UFC heavyweight champion!!!

So ... does this mean CP will ditch Hollywood for the Octagon?? Not so fast ... 

"He's too busy being happily engaged and pretty." 

BONUS -- we also got an update on that tooth Demi Lovato knocked out of Glazer's grill a couple weeks ago ... and super glue really does fix everything!! (We sure hope he's kidding).

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Rolling Stones Tour Canceled Something's Wrong with Mick

3/30/2019 7:45 AM PDT

The Rolling Stones have pulled the plug on their summer No Filter North American tour because Mick Jagger has health issues.

The Stones announced the cancellation on Facebook, "Unfortunately today the Rolling Stones have had to announce the postponement of their upcoming US / Canada tour dates. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes those who have tickets to shows but wish to reassure fans to hold onto these existing tickets, as they will be valid for the rescheduled dates, which will be announced shortly."

As for why the tour dates were 86'd ... "Mick has been advised by doctors that he cannot go on tour at this time, as he needs medical treatment. The doctors have advised Mick that he is expected to make a complete recovery so that he can get back on stage as soon as possible."

The statement does not disclose the nature of the illness.

The statement ends with a message from Mick ... “I’m so sorry to all our fans in America & Canada with tickets," he said. "I really hate letting you down like this. I’m devastated for having to postpone the tour but I will be working very hard to be back on the road as soon as I can. Once again, huge apologies to everyone.”

This would have been the Stones first North American tour since 2016. It was supposed to fire up April 20 in Miami and end June 29 in Ontario, Canada. The concerts were supposed to dovetail with the release of 10 live tracks.

The good news ... the tour dates are supposed to be rescheduled. 

Boxer 'Truck' Simpson Odell Hit Me Up!!! After Insane Knockdown

3/25/2019 4:14 PM PDT

What's cooler than having the BEST knockdown of the week??

How about getting props from Odell Beckham after the fight? 

That's what happened to Lorenzo "Truck" Simpson -- who floored his opponent with a crushing left hook during his nationally televised fight on FS1 this weekend ... making just about every single highlight reel. 

Simpson -- one of Floyd Mayweather's prodigies -- was fighting Jaime Meza on Sunday ... and when Mezza threw a stupid, wild spinning punch, Truck timed it perfectly and smashed the dude's face in. 

"I caught him real good," Simpson told TMZ Sports with a victorious grin on his face ... "I knew I caught him with a nice shot."

After the fight, Simpson got all sorts of love from big stars including boxing champ Caleb Plant, Gervonta Davis and NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. ... who's also a big fight fan. 

"It's going nuts right now," Simpson said. 

Keep your eye on this dude -- Simpson is 3-0 as a pro ... but he's got BIG power and is on track to be a future superstar in the sport. 

In the meantime, watch the knockdown again ... it's good stuff. 

MLB's Josh Ravin I'm Bionic Now!!! Shows X-Ray After Line Drive to Face

3/14/2019 10:03 AM PDT
Breaking News

Wanna see what it takes to fix a broken face after getting hit with a 98 mph ball???

MLB pitcher Josh Ravin took a screaming line drive to the face while playing for the Atlanta Braves' Triple-A affiliate, Gwinnett Stripers, last June. It was a scary sight ... JR dropped to the ground in pain and had to be carted off the field. 

Fast-forward to today ... and Ravin is showing off all the work that had to be put into fixin' his mug after the unfortunate incident ... and it's giving off Terminator vibes!!!

"This photo is the end result.. 5 fractures, a concussion, plastic surgery, 2 plates and 11 screws later," Ravin says, showing off an x-ray of the finished product.

"Here I Am! A bionic, terminator looking human, More determined than ever!..I've always considered myself a 'savage' but I never thought it'd be possible to become an even BIGGER SAVAGE!"

Ravin -- who's a flamethrower with a 99 mph fastball -- had a stint with the L.A. Dodgers before playing with the Braves organization in 2018.

The dude's made a full recovery ... and is already back on the mound pitching for the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan!!!

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