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NFL's Tyler Eifert Flaunts Surgically Repaired Ankle After Bone-Snapping Injury

2/21/2019 3:21 PM PST
Breaking News

Remember that disgusting bone-snapping injury Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert suffered in 2018???

Dude's doing MUCH better now ... crushing foot drills with a big smile on his face as he preps for his big comeback in 2019!!!

TE suffered a gruesome injury on Sept. 30 against the Falcons, when he got pummeled by linebacker De'Vondre Campbell, who awkwardly fell on Tyler's right ankle and snapped it sideways.

Relive the experience below (or don't. We wouldn't blame you one bit. It's so nasty).

Eifert appears to have put the horrific experience behind him ... rippin' through a set of drills in a workout vid he posted Thursday.

"Looks a lot better than the last time you saw my ankle! #LETSGO," Eifert says.

Tyler's been dealing with injuries every season since 2014. Here's hoping he ends the streak in 2019!!!

Zion Williamson Nike Scrambling to Fix Shoe Fail 'Obviously Concerned'

2/21/2019 9:08 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Nike is vowing to get to the bottom of the shoe fail that caused Zion Williamson's game-ending injury ... wishing the Duke superstar a quick recovery and promising to "identify the issue."

The Swoosh was front and center during the Duke/UNC game Wednesday night after Z-Dub's PG 2.5 shoe fell apart when trying to change directions 30 seconds into the game.

Zion spent the rest of the night in the locker room ... and Coach Mike Krzyzewski says his star is dealing with a right knee strain.

"We are obviously concerned and want to wish Zion a speedy recovery," Nike says.

"The quality and performance of our products are of utmost importance. While this is an isolated occurrence, we are working to identify the issue."

Our Nike sources tell us, brand executives called an emergency meeting Thursday morning to discuss a crisis strategy -- including how to deal with the negative publicity. 

One source tells us the brand is obviously embarrassed by the incident -- and some execs are concerned it could cause high profile players to sign shoe deals with rival companies. 

One of Nike's competitors has already jumped on the opportunity to throw shade ... with Puma saying, "Wouldn't have happened in the pumas" in a now-deleted tweet.

We take it Nike hopes Zion's the forgiving type.

NFL Ex-Girlfriends Team Up for TV Project About Surviving Abuse

2/18/2019 7:30 AM PST

4:02 PM PT -- A rep for Josie Harris tells us she's also not connected with the project.

10:31 AM PT -- Delicia Cordon also denies  involvement with the show. Still, our production sources tell us producers still plan on moving forward with the project. 

7:30 AM PT -- Evelyn Lozada's camp tells us she was contacted by producers and had discussions about joining the show, but ultimately turned down their offer to appear in the program.

The woman accusing LeSean McCoy of masterminding a violent robbery at her Georgia home is now trying to take her story to TV ... and she's not alone.

TMZ Sports has learned Delicia Cordon -- along with Evelyn Lozada, Josie Harris and Micaela Sanchez -- are all working on a TV project about surviving abuse. 

Cordon is currently suing the NFL running back -- claiming he orchestrated the July 2018 incident when someone broke into her home and pistol-whipped her while stealing valuables. McCoy has denied all wrongdoing. 

Evelyn Lozada married NFL star Chad Ochocinco in July 2012 -- but filed for divorce 6 weeks later when he headbutted her during an argument. 

Josie Harris was attacked by her baby daddy Floyd Mayweather in 2010. Floyd was convicted and spent 2 months in jail for domestic violence. 

Micaela Sanchez has a child with Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith. They're locked in a legal battle because she claims he's been violent towards her. He's adamantly denied her allegations. 

We're told the series was partially inspired by "Surviving R. Kelly" -- and producers are still looking for other women to join the project. Sources tell us producers are currently speaking with TV networks and other digital media outlets in hopes of making a deal. 

Originally Published -- 12:50 AM PT

Patriots' Patrick Chung Shows Off Gnarly Super Bowl Scar ... 23 Stitches!!!

2/11/2019 1:44 PM PST
Breaking News

A Super Bowl ring didn't come cheap for Patrick Chung ... the Pats DB broke his arm in the big game -- and needed surgery AND 23 stitches to fix it!!!

The New England stud got his forearm caught in between a teammate and Todd Gurley's back early in the third quarter of the Pats' win over the Rams ... and his arm broke in half.

It looked gnarly ... his arm wiggled like Jell-O when he fell off the pile -- but, the guy said last Friday that the surgery was a success.

And, on Monday ... Chung revealed the aftermath of going under the knife -- and it wasn't pretty.

Dude's got a scar that runs from his wrist to his elbow ... and says it's held together by 23 stitches!!!

Good news for Patrick ... he's expected to make a full recovery this offseason -- just in time to make a run at the Patriots' SEVENTH Super Bowl title!!!

Floyd Mayweather's Dad Cracked In Boxing Sesh ... Knocked Down Hard

2/9/2019 12:40 AM PST

You barely EVER see a Mayweather get knocked down in a boxing ring -- but that's what happened when Floyd's 66-year-old dad strapped on the gloves this week ... and it was all caught on video. 

Floyd Mayweather Sr. -- a former pro boxer who became one of the top trainers in the world -- was at his son's TMT boxing gym in Vegas this week, where he decided to spar with one of the younger guys. 

It started off great ... with Floyd Sr. stickin' and movin' and throwing some pretty quick shots -- but, when the other guy started to fight back, it didn't go well for the old man. 

Floyd took a few clean shots to the head -- sending him flying backward ... and ended with the elder Mayweather lying flat on his back with his feet up in the air. 

Don't worry ... he's tough -- he'll be fine. 

Floyd Sr. was 28-6-1 as a pro -- but his real success was training stars like Oscar De La Hoya, Laila Ali and, of course, his son

UFC's Travis Browne Disgusting Results ... Of Bone Spur Surgery

2/6/2019 2:34 PM PST
Breaking News

Here's the most disgusting thing you'll see all day ... UFC's Travis Browne posted the result of his bone spur surgery Wednesday -- and it's NASTY.

Browne -- who's Ronda Rousey's hubby -- went under the knife this week to fix some issues with his ankle and foot ... and clearly, he needed A LOT of work done.

The UFC heavyweight posted pics of what the doctors cut out of him ... and it's a grip of little pieces of meat, fat, muscle and all-around grossness.

For his part, Browne seemed to be in good spirits after the operation ... writing, "Damn I got some fugly feet! But this ankle feels a lot better with those bone spurs out."

"Thank you @UFC for getting it taken care of! You guys are awesome!"

Unclear when Browne will return to the Octagon -- but, looks like he'll have a gnarly scar to show off whenever he does!!!

Susan Lucci Survived 90% Heart Blockage ... 'I'm Lucky to Be Alive'

2/6/2019 7:22 AM PST

Legendary soap star Susan Lucci now knows just how close she was to checking out -- and says it was only emergency heart surgery that saved her from a massive and likely fatal heart attack.

The "All My Children" actress went public with the terrifying story this week, saying she had to have two stents installed in October after a CT scan showed her aorta had 90 percent blockage, while another artery was blocked at 70 percent. It's what doctors call a "widow maker," for obvious reasons.

Susan told People she had a pain in her chest, which got gradually worse until one day while shopping it "felt like an elephant pressing down on my chest." She met her cardiologist at an ER, got the CT scan ... and immediately went into surgery.

Her doctor told Susan she barely avoided a future heart attack by coming in when she did. 

She's now teaming up with the American Heart Association to spread awareness of heart disease and getting testing.  

Alexis Skyy Carried Out of Club After Crowd Thought Shots Were Fired

2/5/2019 12:30 AM PST

Alexis Skyy had to be carried out of a Super Bowl party after what many believed were gunshots ringing out in the club ... TMZ has learned.

The 'Love & Hip Hop' star was partying late Sunday near 617 Social Lounge in Atlanta, where she and a bunch of people were celebrating SB LIII ... and then everyone heard two very loud noises coming from inside the club.

You see in the video, chaos ensued and Alexis injured her leg as people scrambled to get the hell out. What happened next was insane.

We're told Alexis couldn't walk herself out, and that somebody -- presumably a man in her crew -- literally lifted her up and carried her out. You see the guy walking with Alexis as spectators view the crazy scene from above. 

Turns out, fortunately, it was a false alarm ... no shots were fired. 

Alexis went to the ER and doctors assured her nothing was broken and there was no serious sprain.

It put a quick end to an otherwise fun evening.

NFL's Josh Norman Washington Woulda Won Super Bowl ... But Alex Smith Got Hurt

1/31/2019 12:15 PM PST

NFL star Josh Norman says the Los Angeles Rams got LUCKY ... because, had his QB Alex Smith not suffered a GRUESOME injury, it'd be his Washington team in the Super Bowl and not Goff's guys.

The Redskins were in 1st place in the NFC East until Smith broke both his fibula and tibia in his right leg against the Texans in November. 

Smith was replaced by Colt McCoy (who also got injured) ... followed by Mark Sanchez (who was terrible) ... followed by Josh Johnson (who was basically signed off the street).

When we ran into Norman in ATL on Wednesday, we wanted to know what would've happened if Smith wouldn't have cracked his leg open ... and Norman let loose.

"We win the Super Bowl."

BTW ... Norman is dead serious, and even after our guy asks him SEVERAL times, he doesn't relent, and actually doubles down on his championship claim, saying they could've gotten by the Rams AND Saints.

"Why not?"

Well, with a case like that.

Gwyneth Paltrow Sued You Were a Dope on the Slopes ... Now Fork Over $3 Million!!!

1/29/2019 12:01 PM PST

12:55 PM PT -- A rep for Gwyneth tells us, "This lawsuit is completely without merit. Anyone who reads the facts will realize that."

Gwyneth Paltrow allegedly doesn't know the rules of the road mountains in Utah -- 'cause a guy claims she crashed into him during a ski trip and seriously jacked him up. 

Utah resident Terry Sanderson just sued Paltrow -- as well as Deer Valley Resort -- where he claims the actress slammed into him in February 2016 as he was skiing down the mountain. 

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Sanderson says Paltrow was out of control as she hit him from behind, which knocked him over and left him in shock. He claims she simply got up, didn't say a thing, and kept on going while he was left lying there.

Sanderson also claims Paltrow knew that a downhill skier usually has the right of way on a slope, and that he was clearly downhill from her. 

He goes on to claim that a ski instructor who was tailing Paltrow stopped off and accused Sanderson of causing the collision, allegedly asking, "What did you do?" ... and skiing away without getting help for the guy. Sanderson alleges the instructor also filed a false report casting blame on him in an attempt to protect Paltrow. 

He says he suffered a concussion, a brain injury and four broken ribs -- going on to claim he's suffered physical and mental injuries, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, disfigurement and medical expenses.

Sanderson is asking a judge to award him damages in excess of $3.1 million.

Andy Murray Undergoes Hip Surgery Thinks He Looks Fat

1/29/2019 6:14 AM PST
Breaking News

Tennis superstar Andy Murray says he's in some serious pain after undergoing hip surgery in London early Monday morning -- but even worse ... the guy thinks he's fat. 

The 31-year-old Wimbledon champ has been in so much pain from his messed up hip over the past 2 years that he's considered retiring from tennis if the doctors can't fix him up. 

So, he went under the knife on Monday -- and seems to be optimistic. 

"I underwent a hip resurfacing surgery in London yesterday morning...feeling a bit battered and bruised just now but hopefully that will be the end of my hip pain," Murray said. 

"I now have a metal hip as you can see in the 2nd photo 👉👉 and I look like I've got a bit of a gut in photo 1."

Dude, you don't have a gut. 

The good news for Murray, tennis star Bob Bryan has previously had the same procedure and returned to the court after only 5 months of recovery. 

If Murray has the same results, he could compete at Wimbledon in July. 

Fingers crossed. 

Fetty Wap Daughter Undergoes Emergency Brain Surgery

1/28/2019 9:07 AM PST

Scary weekend for Fetty Wap and one of his baby mamas -- their 1-year-old daughter had to have emergency brain surgery ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Fetty and Alexis Skyy's daughter, Alaiya, needed the procedure to repair a malfunctioning implant in her brain that helps drain blood and fluids. Alaiya was born 3 months premature -- weighing just one pound -- and suffers from hydrocephalus, a condition that causes bleeding and fluid in the brain. 

Sources connected to Alexis tell us she noticed something wrong on a flight from Atlanta to NY because Alaiya was excessively vomiting. We're told they bolted to the hospital where doctors began operating.

The surgery went well and Alaiya is now recovering. We're told Fetty and Alexis are by her side.

Prince Philip Riding Shotgun and Wearing Seat Belt ... Tells Accident Victim He's Sorry

1/27/2019 8:00 AM PST

Prince Philip was being driven around town Saturday, and he finally buckled up ... and he also tried explaining away his car crash.

The Duke of Edinburgh was seen being driven through the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. The Duke had attended a post-shoot lunch with HRH The Queen and guests.

Philip also sent a letter to the woman who broke her wrist in the car accident earlier this month. Philip says in the letter he's sorry for the crash and blames it on blinding sun that obscured his view of the road.

Philip makes it clear he's traveled that road many times without incident. The subtext seems to be he's still capable of driving safely, even at 97.

He also explains why he left the scene without tending to the injured woman. He says, "As a crowd was beginning to gather, I was advised to return to Sandringham House by a local Police Officer. I have since learned that you suffered a broken arm. I am deeply sorry about this injury."

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