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Simone Biles Takes Anxiety Meds, Therapy ... Over Larry Nassar Sexual Abuse

12/11/2018 7:01 AM PST
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U.S. Olympic superstar Simone Biles says she's still traumatized from the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of Larry Nassar ... and has sought professional help for treatment. 

Biles appeared on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday where Robin Roberts asked her how she's been able to handle the emotional rollercoaster connected to the Nassar scandal. 

"It's definitely not easy," Biles said ... "I have my ups and downs. I still go to therapy and I'm on anxiety medication now."

"I had a lot of ups and downs throughout the year and trying to figure out what was wrong, and so I go to therapy pretty regularly and it’s not easy but the people surrounding me are some of the best so it makes it a little easier."

Roberts thanked Biles for being so open about her treatment and said, "Bless you for taking care of you like you're doing."

Back in January, Biles revealed she -- like scores of gymnasts -- was abused by the former Team USA gymnastics doctor. 

"I've felt a bit broken and the more I try to shut off the voice in my head the louder it screams," Biles posted on social media back in January along with the hashtag #MeToo.

"I am not afraid to tell my story anymore."

Nassar is currently serving a 60-year sentence in federal prison for child porn -- and has been sentenced to up to 175 more years for sexually abusing more than 140 athletes. 

NFL's Jared Allen Dead Serious About Olympic Curling ... After Bet with Buddies

11/30/2018 12:30 AM PST

Ex-NFL star Jared Allen says his new career as a pro curler -- the ice sport -- is NOT a joke ... and it all began after making a stupid bet with some buddies. 

After Allen retired from football in 2016, the future Hall of Famer still had a burning desire to play sports -- so he tried to be a pro golfer, but quickly realized he's no Tiger Woods

That's when he made a bet with a friend that he could become an Olympian -- and after watching the movie "Eddie the Eagle" ... he got serious about finding the right sport for him. 

First, it was badminton ... Allen tells TMZ Sports he called up his good buddy and fellow NFL alum Marc Bulger, but they decided the sport was too tough on their bodies. 

That's when they moved on to curling -- which is basically shuffleboard on ice -- and decided that was the place where they'd strike!

Since that day, Allen recruited a few other NFL friends including Pro Bowl linebacker Keith Bulluck and Pro Bowl tackle Michael Roos ... and they started a curling team. 

Now, they're REALLY competing against other elite curling teams and Jared says they're dead serious about making it to the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. 

In fact, Jared says they've hired a sweeping coach and train on the ice at least 2 hours a week. 

"You have to sweep a lot," Allen says ... "I've been known for my cardio, sweeping is frickin' tough!" 

So, what's the hardest part of the game for Jared?

"You're really not supposed to talk trash ... so that's gonna be hard for me."


Ex-Michigan State Prez Charged with Lying to Police About Nassar Investigation

11/20/2018 1:58 PM PST
Breaking News

Ex-Michigan State president Lou Anna Simon has been charged with lying to cops to cover up the Larry Nassar scandal ... and now she's facing years behind bars.

The ex-prez has been charged with 2 felony and 2 misdemeanor counts after an investigation determined she lied about knowing of complaints against Nassar in 2014.

According to court docs, the felony counts carry up to 4 years in prison and the misdemeanors up to 2 years.

In the docs, Simon said she was aware of a review of allegations against a sports doctor, but didn't reveal she knew it was Nassar.

Simon resigned from her position in January ... shortly after Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for sexual abuse.

This is the 3rd school official charged as a result of the investigation into the Nassar scandal ... the school's former dean of Osteopathic Medicine, William Strampel, and ex-gymnastics coach Kathie Klages were also charged.

Simon's arraignment is set for Monday.

Aly Raisman Scorched Earth on USA Gymnastics ... They Can't Be Trusted!

10/30/2018 6:49 AM PDT
Breaking News

Aly Raisman just went OFF on USA Gymnastics -- saying the organization is still not being transparent about the child abuse scandal and warns the public ... THEY CAN'T BE TRUSTED.

Raisman is really pissed about the fact there still has not been a full, independent investigation by law enforcement ... despite the fact she's been calling for one since JANUARY!!!

Raisman calls the situation "absolutely absurd."

During her interview with Hoda Kotb on "Today," Aly also stated, "We can't trust USA Gymnastics because they're not being transparent."

She was referring to 2 major recent developments in the program. First, Team USA tumbling coach Sergio Galvez being forced to resign amid undisclosed accusations of misconduct on Monday. 

Second, Steve Penny -- the former president of USA Gymnastics -- being arrested by U.S. Marshals for allegedly tampering with evidence in the Larry Nassar case.

Aly's problem ... she claims Team USA Gymnastics needs to be more open about what really happened behind the scenes. Instead, she claims the org is more concerned with fixing a PR problem than a "child abuse problem."

Hoda asks Aly if she'll ever consider taking over Team USA Gymnastics herself -- and she doesn't exactly say no. 

Shaun White Apologizes to Special Olympics For 'Insensitive' Costume

10/29/2018 3:57 PM PDT

3:58 PM PT -- Shaun White has pulled the photo of his "Simple Jack" costume off of his social and has issued an apology.

"I owe everyone in the Special Olympics community an apology for my poor choice of Halloween costume the other night."

"It was a last minute decision. It was the wrong one." White says. 

"The Special Olympics were right to call me out on it. They do great work supporting so many tremendous athletes and I am sorry for being insensitive. Lesson learned."

Shaun White is under fire from special needs parents AND the Special Olympics over his Halloween costume -- Simple Jack from "Tropic Thunder." 

Remember, when the movie came out back in 2008, several disabilities groups blasted Ben Stiller and the flick for the character -- an intellectually disabled man who is repeatedly referred to as the r-word. 

Now, 10 years later ... White thought it would be a good idea to trot out the costume for a Halloween party and people are pissed. 

In fact, a rep for the Special Olympics tells TMZ Sports ...

"We are truly disappointed that Shaun White, an acclaimed Olympian, would choose this costume which is so offensive and causes so much pain."

"Disability is not a joke nor should it be a punchline. We hope that Shaun White and others learn that this just continues stigma, stereotypes and discrimination."

Others have sounded off on Shaun's IG page -- where he posted the pic. 

"I'm not sure if it’s worse that this is an actual movie or that you’d think it’s okay to mock individuals who have disabilities. It’s 2018, man. #spreadthewordtoendtheword #rwordhurts," one person wrote. 

Another wrote, "You’re a real POS! Really? At the expense of those who can’t defend themselves?? Hope you’re working on your lame apology speech...I know this will be deleted!! Grow up you douche! #spreadthewordtoendtheword #specialolympics."

We reached out to White's agent for comment -- so far, no word back.  

Originally published -- 9:20 AM PDT 

Caitlyn Jenner Olympic 'Bruce' Costume Maker ... Refuses to Yank It Despite Backlash

10/23/2018 9:36 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

9:26 AM PT -- A rep for Costume Agent, which originally created and distributed the controversial Caitlyn costume, tells TMZ they're not yanking it from their own site, and certainly not discontinuing it ... backlash be damned.

We're told the 'stume is one of their best sellers -- it's the #6 overall bestseller. Although they have received multiple threats over it this past week, they're standing by their product. The rep says, "It's a costume. It's funny."

A Caitlyn Jenner costume -- which harkens back to her Olympic glory days as Bruce Jenner -- is getting destroyed by critics who say it's insensitive to transgender people ... and it's already being yanked from at least one outlet.

The getup is called "I Am Cait" ... and features a decathlete's jersey with Bruce's number 935, a gold medal and those teeny tiny shorts -- all of that vintage Bruce from his 1976 decathlon victory. However, it also comes with a long-haired wig that's all Caitlyn.

eBay was flooded with criticism for selling the $44.95 costume -- several transgender charities are calling it out as mocking, instead of being an homage.

The caption for one online promo says, "Show your love for Caitlyn Jenner with this awesome adult costume." 

The backlash has been enough for eBay to remove the costume, but as of now ... it's still available on Amazon.

Originally Published -- 6:54 AM PT

Adam Rippon Praises Aly Raisman and Survivors They're Changing Dangerous Sports Culture

10/19/2018 7:34 AM PDT

Aly Raisman and her Team USA teammates are heroically disrupting a dangerous belief system that athletes must blindly trust their coaches and doctors -- so says fellow Olympian Adam Rippon

The Team USA figure skating star says he's so proud of Aly, Simone Biles and others for refusing to be victims -- and instead, uniting to change the culture for the better. 

"I think when you're an athlete and you have somebody who's in power, you feel like they're in the right," Rippon says.

"You're in that position where you wanna listen to them. You want to do everything that they tell you to do, even if it sounds wrong. You still do it because that's what you're told. You want to be the best."

Obviously, it was that mentality that explains why so many girls and young women stayed quiet about the abuse they suffered at the hands of team doctor Larry Nassar, who sexually assaulted more than 180 women under the guise of performing medical techniques. 

"There were people [like Larry Nassar] that really took advantage of that. But, then those younger gymnasts, those younger athletes, they can look to athletes like Simone Biles and Aly Raisman and all of the survivors who've really come forward and help give those other victims a lot of courage and like a zero tolerance."


Ex-USA Gymnastics President Arrested by U.S. Marshals ... Connected to Nassar Case

10/18/2018 6:01 AM PDT
Breaking News

Steve Penny -- the former president of USA Gymnastics -- was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Tennessee on Wednesday stemming from allegations he tampered with evidence in the Larry Nassar case. 

Officials say Penny went to the famed Karolyi Ranch training facility in Texas and removed documents linked to Nassar's sexual assault case.

It's interesting considering one of Penny's former top staffers testified back in June that she told him about Nassar's misconduct and was told to keep her mouth shut. 

The Walker County District Attorney says Penny was indicted by a grand jury roughly 3 weeks ago. They tracked him down at a cabin in Tennessee this week and took him into custody. 

"The indictment further alleges that the removal of the documents was done for the purpose of impairing the ongoing investigation by destroying or hiding the documents," the U.S. Marshals said.

Prosecutors say Penny had the documents be sent to him at USA Gymnastics headquarters in Indianapolis. Officials still have not located the documents. 

If convicted, Penny -- who resigned as USA Gymnastics president in 2017 -- faces up to 10 years in prison.

Attorney John Manly -- whose firm represents more than 180 of Nassar's sexual assault victims -- says his clients are "grateful" for the arrest. 

"Mr. Penny is exactly where he belongs for his enabling a pedophile."

"These brave young women and girls deserve justice."

Usain Bolt Scores 2 Goals in Pro Soccer Game ... Busts Out 'Shoot' Dance!

10/12/2018 6:16 AM PDT
Breaking News

Usain Bolt was Usain GOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLTT in his Australian pro soccer game on Friday ... hittin' the back of the net TWICE ... and celebrating with the "shoot" dance!!

The 8-time Olympic gold medalist suited up for the Central Coast Mariners -- wearing a #95 jersey -- and he BALLED OUT in his second appearance for the club ... scoring 2 goals.

Of course, Bolt christened the goals with his signature "lightning bolt" pose for the first goal he scored, an hour into the match ... then followed up with the BlocBoy JB dance for his 2nd goal in the 69th minute.

BTW -- even though he's on a trial with the Mariners, Bolt is serious about this whole soccer thing ... and he's even told TMZ Sports he'd be down to join the MLS -- if they pay up.

The challenge for Bolt, he's gotta convince the old school soccer dudes he's for real -- because when we spoke with Alexi Lalas about Usain joining the MLS, he basically told us there's no shot

But, if Bolt continues to torch defenses ... ya gotta think it's a matter of time before he gets a contract offer. 

Ryan Lochte Car Crash 911 Call 'I Rear-Ended the People In Front of Me'

10/8/2018 8:51 AM PDT

Ryan Lochte called 911 on himself to report a late-night car crash in which he slammed his Porsche into another car ... and TMZ Sports has the recording. 

"Um, yeah ... I would like to ummm, yeah ... we just got in an accident," the Olympic swimmer told the operator. 

"I rear-ended the people in front of me."

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Lochte was driving in Gainesville, FL Thursday at around 9:45 PM when he rear-ended a car ... hours after he drunkenly kicked in a door at a hotel in Newport Beach. 

During the call, Lochte initially tells the operator he doesn't think anyone is injured -- but then changes his answer a few times. He's unsure. 

But, we know the driver of the car Lochte hit was taken by ambulance to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Lochte was okay and cited for "careless driving." There's no mention of alcohol in the police report.

Lochte had just flown to Florida after the booze-fueled incident in Newport Beach, CA. 

His lawyer, Jeff Ostrow, said the swimmer has now acknowledged he has an alcohol problem and plans to get treatment. 

Ryan Lochte Causes Car Crash ... After Alcohol-Fueled Door Kicking Incident

10/6/2018 8:03 AM PDT

Ryan Lochte has clearly been spinning out of control because after his drunken door kicking incident on the West Coast, he caused a bad car crash on the East Coast the very same day ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Lochte was driving in Gainesville, FL Thursday at around 9:45 PM when he rear ended a car.

Lochte had just landed in Gainsville after flying from Orange County, CA, where he drunkenly kicked in his hotel room door at around 3 AM. Cops were called, came to the hotel but no arrests were made. Lochte settled up with the hotel and smoothed things over.

As for the car crash, according to the police report, Lochte was driving his Porsche to his home when he realized he was about to hit the car in front of him and slammed on his brakes at the last minute ... to no avail.  

The driver of the car Lochte hit was taken by ambulance to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Lochte was okay and cited for "careless driving." There's no mention of alcohol in the police report.

Lochte's lawyer, Jeff Ostrow, told TMZ Sports Friday, "Ryan has been battling alcohol addiction for many years and unfortunately it has become a destructive pattern for him." Ostrow says Lochte realizes he needs professional help and will seek it. 

As you know ... Lochte got into trouble in Brazil during the 2016 Olympics during a drunken incident at a gas station. 


Ryan Lochte Reveals Serious Alcohol Addiction ... Seeking Treatment

10/5/2018 12:22 PM PDT

Ryan Lochte is now acknowledging that he has a "serious" alcohol problem after a booze-fueled incident at a Southern California hotel and he'll be seeking treatment, TMZ Sports has learned. 

We've confirmed ... Lochte was involved in an incident at a hotel in Newport Beach on Thursday morning in which he drunkenly tried to kick in his own hotel room door around 3 AM. 

Hotel security responded to the scene and cops were called. No arrests were made and Lochte smoothed things over with the hotel in regards to the damaged door. 

But, now we've learned ... Lochte is realizing he's been battling an "alcohol addiction" and needs to address it before the problem gets worse. 

"Ryan has been battling alcohol addiction for many years and unfortunately it has become a destructive pattern for him," Lochte's lawyer, Jeff Ostrow tells us. 

"He has acknowledged that he needs professional assistance to overcome his problem and will be getting help immediately. "

"Ryan knows that conquering this disease now is a must for him to avoid making future poor decisions, to be the best husband and father he can be, and if he wants to achieve his goal to return to dominance in the pool in his 5th Olympics in Tokyo in 2020."

This incident is not the first time Lochte has gotten into trouble after a night of boozing -- he was arrested in Brazil back 2016 after a drunken incident at a local gas station. 

Carl Lewis Shades Usain Bolt You Gotta Beat My Paper!

9/16/2018 12:35 AM PDT

Carl Lewis tells TMZ Sports now that he and Usain Bolt are retired ... it's all about chasing a different kind of gold -- saying Bolt's gotta catch him in dimes, not times now.

"We're both retired, man," Carl told us when we asked who'd win in Bolt-Lewis race these days. "He's gotta beat my paper."

ICYMI ... Carl's been very critical of Bolt over the years, accusing him of using PEDs and saying the Jamaican sprinter didn't do enough to grow the sport of track.

Now, it appears Lewis is saying Bolt's gotta make some better investments in retirement too ... 'cause apparently Carl's way ahead of him there.

Big bummer for everyone ... 'cause 401ks ain't nearly as fun as 100 meters.

By the way ... Carl also tells us who he thinks is the new fastest man in the world -- saying an American is finally on top of the heap with Bolt outta the game.

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