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Lisa Vanderpump It's Barbaric!!! Slams Woman Caught Dumping Puppies in Trash

4/24/2019 6:02 PM PDT

Lisa Vanderpump is absolutely disgusted by the Coachella woman caught dumping puppies in a dumpster ... she says it's disgusting, barbaric and completely irresponsible.

We got Lisa out in Los Angeles Wednesday and our photog asked for her reaction on the woman who was seen tossing a bag of seven 3-day old pups into the garbage ... and the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star didn't hold back her disgust. 

As we've reported ... Deborah Sue Culwell, a 54-year old resident of Coachella, is facing 7 felony counts of cruelty to animals after cops say she was caught on camera throwing the dogs in the trash. 

The woman is staring down 7 years in prison if convicted, and Lisa says she deserves jail time. Lisa's kinda got a dog in the fight ... she runs a dog rescue biz, Vanderpump Dogs. 

Check out the clip ... Lisa also has some strong comments on the uptick in huskies being dropped off at shelters, which some experts say is being caused by the popularity of dire wolves in "Game of Thrones."

Caught on Video Coachella Woman Hit With 7 Felonies For Dumping Puppies in Trash

4/23/2019 9:50 AM PDT

4/23 9:45 AM PT -- Culwell has been charged with 7 felony counts of animal cruelty, plus 7 misdemeanor counts of abandoning the dogs. She's facing 7 years in prison, if convicted.

6:43 PM PT -- A suspect is now in custody. Deborah Sue Culwell, a 54-year-old resident of Coachella, was arrested Monday around 5:30 PM PT.

Authorities are about to nab the woman caught on video throwing a bag of puppies into a dumpster in the city of Coachella ... TMZ has learned.

The Riverside County Animal Services has ID'd the woman and the agency says an arrest is imminent. We're told she'll face 7 felony counts of animal cruelty. 

As we reported ... the woman was caught on video last week pulling up in a white Jeep Wrangler. She was seen carrying a bag of what turned out to be seven 3-day-old puppies ... which she then dumped into a trash bin. The puppies damn near died were it not for a Good Samaritan.

As you know ... it can get really hot in Coachella. It was in the mid-90s when the puppies were found. They were barely breathing when they were found by an individual rummaging through the trash bin. The puppies were taken to an Orange County shelter where they recovered.

If convicted on all counts, she faces up to 6 years behind bars. 

Originally Published -- 4/22 1:17 PM PT

Caught on Video Sick Woman Dumps Puppies in Trash Cops Need Help ID'ing Her

4/20/2019 2:13 PM PDT

This is utterly despicable. 

A woman in Coachella was caught on video throwing a bag of 3-day-old puppies in a dumpster ... and now cops are on the hunt to find her.

The Riverside County Animal Services released security footage showing a woman pulling up in a white Jeep Wrangler at a local business earlier this week and tossing a bag filled with 7 puppies into the trash bin. About an hour later, someone rummaging through the trash bin discovered the puppies.

As you know, this time of year it's incredibly hot out there ... and it was around the mid-90s when this terrible incident happened. Fortunately, the puppies survived the ordeal and are being cared for at an Orange County rescue shelter. 

The Riverside County Animal Services say cops are investigating for animal cruelty, but need help identifying the woman. OKAY, social media ... do your thing and find her!!!

Lil Dicky Releases Massive Celeb Single ... Bieber the Baboon and Ariana the Zebra!!!

4/18/2019 9:33 PM PDT

Lil Dicky just dropped his massive celebrity collab single, "Earth," and it's got just about every celeb under the sun from Justin Bieber to Leonardo DiCaprio.

The song -- a call to action to help save the planet -- features a lengthy animated music video with celebs as plants, animals and even diseases with the chorus, "We love the Earth, It is our planet."

Bieber is the first celeb appearance, playing a baboon and singing the lyrics, "Hi, I'm a baboon, I'm like a man just less advanced and my anus is huge." The song is both silly and has a purpose of uniting people ... urging listeners to value their neighbors and take steps to stop climate change.

The animation is pretty impressive ... Ariana Grande is a zebra, Halsey a lion cub, Wiz Khalifa a skunk, Snoop Dogg a weed plant, Adam Levine a group of vultures, Shawn Mendes a rhino and Ed Sheeran lends his voice to a Koala ... just to name a few.

Some of the more odd characters include Kevin Hart as Kanye West and Lil Yachty HPV cells. DiCaprio plays himself and dubs "Earth" the best song he's ever heard. 

TMZ broke the story ... it's Bieber's first musical feature of 2019 ... and the entire project certainly doesn't disappoint. 

Steve-O My Podcast's Got Wheels Baby!!!

4/18/2019 7:49 AM PDT

Steve-O is hopping aboard the podcast game ... literally, with a traveling studio.

We got Steve-O out Wednesday at LAX and dude couldn't resist showing off his new toy ... a commercial van equipped with mics, cameras and even a mini-fridge as he looks to get his new podcast up and running.

Check out the clip ... Steve-O's hosting game is on point ... for starters, he helps quench our parched photog's thirst. Steve-O then gives our guy a tour -- he says the mobile setup is his way of rising above all the competition, 'cause there are so many podcasts out there.

He should know ... 'cause he's been a guest on a bunch of 'em, including Joe Rogan's and Mike Tyson's.

Seems with some counseling from his dad, Ted, and a little help from his trusted dog, Wendy ... Steve-O plans to separate himself from the pack. He wants to get some activities in the mix too, and as we know ... hangin' with Steve-O is NEVER boring.

NYC Anchor David Ushery Check Out My 'Doggystyle' Snafu ... Co-Anchor Loses it!!!

4/16/2019 10:41 AM PDT

NBC4's David Ushery must have been listening to Snoop Dogg on his way into work today ... otherwise, he's got some explaining to do about this slip of the tongue on-air.

The NYC anchor was reporting Tuesday morning about a dog that was rescued 135 miles off the coast of Thailand. What David meant to say was "doggy paddle" ... but what came out of his mouth was a bit more, um ... sexual. 

Check out the flub ... his co-anchor Stacey Bell's reaction says it all. 

Bell couldn't stifle her laughter for long ... and Ushery knew he was screwed. To his credit, he owned it and made the situation even more hilarious with a perfect joke to wrap it up ... and through their LOL'ing they managed to get to a commercial.

Trained professionals.

'RHONJ' Star Dolores Catania Rescues Baby Bat!!! TMZ Photog Plays Robin

4/16/2019 7:05 AM PDT

Holy baby animals in trouble, Batman!   

That's what Dolores Catania was probably thinking when she found an apparently injured bat on an NYC street and stepped up to save the day ... with an assist from our paparazzo.

We got the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star in NYC Monday, shortly after she launched Operation Bat Rescue. Dolores explained her doctor's visit was delayed after she stumbled on the baby bat. She was frantically trying to get someone to take the animal to the nearest bat cave ... AKA some experts to nurse it back to health.

That's where our guy, Jeremy, became her Johnny-on-the-spot. Dolores was in a bind due to a scheduled doctor's appointment (facials ain't gonna do themselves, after all) and begged Jeremy to save the day ... or, at least, the bat.

Dolores, a huge animal lover who always tweets about animal rescues, was outside her doctor's office when she convinced Jeremy to do her bidding. She asked him to take the BAT to a BIRD sanctuary ... which doesn't exactly add up, but beats leaving it for dead.

Watch the clip to see how he got the job done.

BTW, we got this update since the drop-off. Turns out it's a male Eastern red bat. 

This little guy was severely dehydrated, but much like your average town drunk ... after getting some fluids, we're told he's doing much better. And, don't worry, Eastern red bats aren't mini-Draculas. We checked ... they eat moths and insects.  

BTW, urgent care for bats? NYC really does have it all.

Ray J Dognapper Nabbed My Sweet Pooch!!!

4/11/2019 10:27 AM PDT

Ray J has a new lead on who the culprit is behind his missing pup -- he says a dognapper made off with his beloved Boogotti, and he is willing to do anything to get his pooch back.

As we've reported ... Ray J and Princess Love are offering a $20,000 reward to anyone who finds their missing Maltese, who disappeared earlier this week from the Ray's parents' Calabasas home. Ray says Boo didn't innocently wander off their property either. 

He tells us Boogotti escaped through a gate on the property, but then he claims a white dude, in his early 20s, pulled up in a Dodge Charger, grabbed the pup off the street and bolted!!!

Ray J tells us losing Boogotti is like losing a family member ... and he's pleading with the alleged dognapper to return him to his home. He's also willing to pay a ransom, if necessary. His manager, David Weintraub, tells us the entire family is worried sick.

Watch ... Ray J's one wish is to be reunited with his furry friend.

Netflix Defends Graphic Walrus Scene in 'Our Planet'

4/9/2019 12:44 PM PDT

The new Netflix series "Our Planet" is pissing off some viewers distraught about graphic images of walruses falling to their deaths -- but the studio is standing behind the filmmakers and the disturbing scene.

In case you haven't heard, Netflix dropped the multi-episode series Friday. It documents the effects of climate change on wildlife around the globe. One episode focuses on Russian walruses that are dying off due to receding ice levels. 

In covering the epidemic, filmmakers recorded several walruses scaling rocky cliffs near the ocean, and some of them fell over the ledge ... leaving them seriously injured or even dead from the impact.

The scene left tons of viewers traumatized.

Some critics accuse the producers of emotional manipulation and twisting facts ... and that includes some zoologists and prominent environmentalists, who claim the walrus scene is out of context.

For instance, Dr. Susan Crockford went public this week saying the walruses filmed for this scene were falling off the cliff to escape polar bears ... not because climate change is reducing their natural icy habitat. Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, backed that up too.

Worth noting the clip doesn't show any polar bears, and you also don't see any of the walruses attempting to flee a predator.

Netflix is standing firm behind what they say is a documented fact -- that walruses are being forced to gather on land because there's less ice available ... which leaves them in unfamiliar, dangerous territory. 

Additionally, Netflix tells us the "Our Planet" team worked with a seasoned Russian biologist who's worked on that stretch of coastline -- and with those walruses -- for 35 years. 

Bottom line ... the walruses stay in the picture.

Trevor Donovan Donates Doggy Wheelchair To Paralyzed Philly K-9

4/8/2019 1:52 PM PDT

Trevor Donovan is helping a needy family ease the strain on their struggling German shepherd ... he's donating his doggy wheelchair to the paralyzed pup. 

The former "90210" star says he was bombarded with emails after appearing last week on "TMZ Live," with tons of folks inquiring about the wheelchair Trevor used for his ailing German shepherd, Dogbert. He passed away recently after battling degenerative myelopathy.

One family's plea stood out ... and now Trevor's sending the wheelchair to Philadelphia, where it will greatly improve the life of an 8-year-old German shepherd named Thor, who recently lost the use of its hind legs -- just like Trevor's dog.

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Be a Blessing to someone today. #saturdaymorning #ck9

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In case you missed Trevor on 'Live' ... degenerative myelopathy is a progressive disease of the spinal cord – and he needed the wheelchair to get around.

Thor's family couldn't afford surgery for the retired police dog, but Trevor's doing his part to help.

Ray J & Princess Love Offer $20k Reward ... To Find Missing Dog

4/7/2019 10:44 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Ray J and Princess Love are VERY serious about finding their missing pooch -- and by that, we mean they're willing to pay $20,000 to anyone who finds it.

PL announced Saturday night that one of the couple's Maltese dogs, Boogotti, had gone missing from Ray's parents' Calabasas home, and she pled with the public to give her a holler if anybody located it. Then on Sunday, she upped the ante ... by offering a $20k reward.

Princess Love says they believe Boogotti might be in the neighboring Woodland Hills area, and that anyone with who thinks they might've found him should DM her with a photo of the pup.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ that Ray J's parents were dog sitting over the weekend when Boogotti escaped through a gate on their property around 3 PM Saturday. We're told RJ and PL are flying back from NYC Sunday to help track it down. 

If you're wondering just how important this little canine is to the family, just consider how much money's been spent on it ... including this $20k reward offer. Ray J dropped $30k on a party for the dog in 2015, and the couple's also dropped at least $5k in vet bills for their other dog, Coco.

Ray J explained Boogotti's significance to us on camera, and it's clear they love the dog. 

Mally Mall & Swae Lee Exotic Pets Won't Be Returned Serval Cat, Spider Monkey Finding New Homes

4/6/2019 12:50 AM PDT

Mally Mall and Swae Lee can always visit the L.A. Zoo if they want to see jungle cats and monkeys ... because there's little to no chance they're getting their exotic pets back.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... after Mally's Serval cat and Swae's spider monkey were seized in Wednesday's SWAT raids, the animals were immediately taken to special facilities. We're told Mally and Swae will ONLY get the animals back if they had legal reasons to possess them -- such as owning a zoo or an animal educational facility -- and that's just not the case here. 

Even if Mally and Swae had a legit reason for housing the Serval cat and spider monkey, we're told they would still need to apply for permits to get the animals back, but those applications would be blocked because of their history. 

Mally's had tons of issues with exotic animals in the past ... the Health Dept. launched an investigation when he brought a capuchin monkey to the Ace of Diamonds strip club, and he once gifted Justin Bieber a monkey and an ocelot.

We broke the story ... 40 SWAT team members, armed to the teeth, raided Mally's home Wednesday morning, executing search warrants for exotic animal possession and human trafficking. Swae's home was also raided.

As it stands, we're told the Serval cat and spider monkey seized in the raids are being housed in facilities that are permitted to possess each type of animal, with the capability of providing proper care and adequate caging.

Maybe just a house cat next time?!?

Trevor Donovan Learn From My Dogbert's Death Disease Is Preventable!!!

4/5/2019 2:17 PM PDT

Trevor Donovan is using his dog's heartbreaking death as a teachable moment ... he's here to tell you just how easy it is to stop dogs from suffering the same sad fate. 

Trevor came on "TMZ Live" to tell us about his Dogbert's recent passing, and why the disease that killed him is totally preventable. His German shepherd suffered from degenerative myelopathy -- a progressive disease of the spinal cord -- and Trevor says the condition can easily be bred out of all types of dogs. 

The last time we caught up with the "90210" alum, Dogbert was already dragging his hind legs ... and Trevor was pissed at the greedy breeders who were too cheap to get their pups tested. 

Trevor's still calling for breeders to step up and shoulder some of the responsibility for ridding dogs of the disease ... and advocating for everyone to apply the $40 lab test. 

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