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DeSean Jackson Hated His Time W/ Chip Kelly ... 'Sh*t, It Wasn't Good'

2/2/2019 12:55 AM PST

DeSean Jackson hated his one season with Chip Kelly SO much ... the dude says he's trying to forget it even happened -- telling TMZ Sports, "Sh*t, it wasn't good."

Of course, Chip's disastrous run as the Eagles coach is back in the news this week after Michael Vick said he legit CRIED over the way Kelly handled Philly's QB competition in 2013.

When we got D-Jax out at the EA Sports Madden Bowl event in Atlanta on Thursday night ... he backed up his former teammate -- saying playing for Chip sucked.

"He broke up a team that we felt could've done something special for a long time. So, I don't respect him."

In fact ... the 3-time Pro Bowl receiver tells us he's trying to block out that whole part of his NFL career -- saying it pisses him off remembering it.

"I really just try not to say too much about him, because that's a part of my life where it's kind of just some bull stuff that happened through that period."

FYI ... Jackson DID have the best year of his career under Chip in 2013 -- posting 1,332 receiving yards and 9 TDs.

Sooo ... least enjoyable Pro Bowl season ever???

Mark Ingram Nothing But A Towel ... For Saints' Dance Party

1/14/2019 7:58 AM PST
Breaking News

No shirt, pants OR undies were required at the Saints' postgame locker room celebration Sunday ... 'cause Mark Ingram got down with his bad self in nothing but a towel!!!

It all went down just minutes after New Orleans finished off the Eagles, 20-14, in a playoff win at the Superdome ... when the Saints turned their locker room into a nightclub.

The smoke was blowing ... the lights were flashing ... and that's when the Saints star RB took center stage to show off his best dance moves -- almost completely naked!!!

The rest of the New Orleans squad got in on the fun (with clothes on) ... Teddy Bridgewater hit his signature "Choppa Style" dance move, and a Saints staffer even got down in a Rascal scooter!

New Orleans is off to the NFC Championship game for the first time since 2009 ... so the celebration seemed warranted.

As for what the locker room will look like next week if they beat the Rams to make the Super Bowl?? Stay tuned ...

Kevin Hart Backs Nick Foles As 2019 Starter ... If He Wins Super Bowl

1/10/2019 3:12 PM PST

If the Philadelphia Eagles win another Super Bowl, they should cut the crap and make Nick Foles the full-time starter for the 2019 season ... so says Kevin Hart

Kev is a HUGE Eagles fan (remember when he drunkenly tried to grab the Lombardi Trophy last year?) ... so when we saw him leaving the Barstool Sports offices in NYC on Thursday, we asked how he'd solve the looming QB battle. 

TMZ: "If Foles wins you guys another Super Bowl, what do you do with Carson Wentz?"

Kev: "We tell Carson Wentz that he is the reason for our success ... we have to go with Foles right now 'cause Foles is the hot guy."

He continued, "Doesn't mean that Carson Wentz isn't our guy, but ultimately you gotta understand the underdog and the underdog story. Foles is helping build that story."

The QB issue is becoming a hot topic -- because Foles is now 4-0 in his last 4 playoff games ... and the team is playing pretty great right now. 

Here's the problem ... if the Eagles want to keep Foles they'd have to pick up his $20 MILLION option -- which Foles has to approve. Lotta cash to spend on a backup QB. 

Another option ... the Eagles could franchise Foles for $25 mil and then trade him if the plan is to go with Wentz as the starter. 

Decisions, decisions ... 

Bradley Cooper Forget The Globes ... My Eagles Won!!

1/7/2019 12:31 PM PST
Breaking News

His movie lost ... but his football team WON!! 

After getting shut out at the Golden Globes for "A Star Is Born," Bradley Cooper found comfort in his Eagles jacket on Monday ... after his team beat the Chicago Bears in the NFL playoffs. 

Cooper is a HUGE Eagles fan -- he's from Philly and famously played an Eagle-aholic in "Silver Linings Playbook." 

He was rocking his throwback Eagles jacket Monday morning in L.A. -- so, when we saw him at the TLC Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, we had to ask him about The Birds.

The Eagles have some tough sledding ahead ... they take on the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes Benz Superdome on Sunday in the NFC Divisional Round. 

The Eagles are 8 point underdogs -- the biggest underdogs of the NFL playoff weekend. It's not surprising considering the Saints wiped the floor with the Eagles when they faced off in Week 11 ... beating Philly 48 to 7. 

But hey, any given Sunday ... right? 

Tom Brady Clearly In Decline ... Says Ron Jaworski

12/23/2018 12:10 AM PST

Ron Jaworski says it's evident Tom Brady's in decline ... 'cause the football analyst says it's obvious the Patriots legend has lost strength in his throwing arm.

"Watching tape and watching games on TV, I think there's a little bit lost in his fastball," Jaws tells TMZ Sports.

The ex-Eagles QB says it's most apparent when Brady throws the deeper balls -- 'cause Ron is seeing a whole lot more rainbow passes than TB12's normal line drives.

"He's missing throws that I see him normally make ... I think at this point -- and it shouldn't be shocking -- he's losing a little bit of his fastball."

Jaws tells us Brady's decline is only ONE of the reasons the panic button needs to be pressed in New England ... 'cause Ron's got major concerns about the roster overall.

"I think Bill [Belichick] probably misplayed a few of his hands in building this football team."

Good news for the Pats?? They end their season with two of the worst teams in football -- the Bills and the Jets.

So, even if dynasty's coming to an end -- 11-5 ain't the worst way to go out, right??

Ron Jaworski Sides With Wentz In Eagles' QB Debate ... Foles Will Be Gone In '19!

12/21/2018 4:06 PM PST

Sorry, Nick Foles ... even though you've got the Philly train back on track (again) -- Carson Wentz is STILL the Eagles' future ... so says Ron Jaworski.

The legendary Eagles quarterback says there is no QB controversy in his mind ... telling us despite Foles rescuing Philly yet again this season -- Carson's still the man.

"Carson Wentz is the Eagles' future," Jaws tells TMZ Sports.

In fact ... Ron says he believes the team thinks so highly of Wentz -- they'll let Foles walk in the offseason to another team.

"I believe his next opportunity will be somewhere else, not in Philadelphia," Jaworski says.

Don't get it twisted ... Ron LOVES Nick, saying what the QB has done for the Eagles is "legendary" -- and he even wore a St. Nick tie in the QB's honor!!

BTW -- when we spoke with Jaws about the Eagles in December last year -- he correctly predicted Philadelphia's improbable Super Bowl run ... but ya gotta hear why he ain't doing the same this time around.

Nick Foles Oozes Swag In Webbed Shoes ... After Resurrecting Eagles' Season

12/19/2018 2:17 PM PST
Breaking News

Nick Foles is clearly FEEEELIINNN' himself after lifting the Eagles from the dead right back into the playoff picture -- 'cause dude wore a pair of webbed-toe shoes to work Wednesday!!!

The Vibram EL-X's ain't exactly known as Jordans in the football world ... but Nick still rocked 'em with pride at Philly's presser Wednesday -- showin' he doesn't need anyone's approval to swag out.

"I was wearing them around the house and figured I'd wear them to the facility and try it out. My wife thought I was a little crazy, but I said I'm not really worried about how I look. They're comfy."


Foles has done things unconventionally throughout his career ... but it's paid off for the dude -- he's got a Super Bowl MVP and has Philly right back in the mix again this season.

So, who are you to tell B.D.N. his shoes are for squares?!?!?!

Asante Samuel Defends Marcus Peters ... I Used To Call Out Hecklers' Moms!

12/17/2018 2:05 PM PST

Asante Samuel says he doesn't blame Marcus Peters one bit for going off on a heckler Sunday ... 'cause he used to go hard at trash-talking fans too -- by callin' out their moms!!!

Peters has drawn serious criticism for exploding on a guy during the Rams-Eagles game ... but Asante tells TMZ Sports that kind of fan-player interaction has been going on for years.

In fact ... the ex-Eagles corner says he used to go after dudes in the same fashion -- talking trash about everything from fans' kids to even their moms!!!!

"That was me all day. Somebody would get on my nerves and I would say the most harshest thing. I'd talk about your momma. I don't care. If you talk about me, I'm going to come talk about you!"

Samuel says the incidents were frequent too ... and the only reason people think it's happening even more nowadays is because of social media.

His solution to it all?? "Leave the football players alone!!!"

BTW ... we also asked Samuel for his take on the Eagles' QB situation -- and the former Philly DB tells us which quarterback he'd start if he were in Doug Pederson's shoes.

Brett Favre I'm Not Right For Packers Job ... But I Know Who Is!

12/9/2018 12:35 AM PST

Sorry, Packers fans ... Brett Favre says he's almost certainly not coming back to coach Green Bay -- but he does know who should ... DOUG PEDERSON!!!

Favre is actually a candidate to replace the fired Mike McCarthy, according to some gambling sites ... and while No. 4 says he's flattered, he can't see that happening right now.

So -- we had to ask -- who WOULD be a good fit for the spot??

Brett threw a couple names at us -- including an ex-Seahawks offensive coordinator and the current Bills OC -- before he revealed the most intriguing name.

"Doug Pederson," Favre says.

Of course, Pederson's got a pretty good job already -- coaching Carson Wentz and the Eagles in Philadelphia with one Super Bowl ring already on his finger.

But, crazier things have happened ... and there is an obvious connection to Green Bay -- Pederson played there for two separate stints when was a QB in the league.

No matter who eventually takes the job ... Favre tells us they better get ready to give the reins to Aaron Rodgers.

"You make sure that Aaron runs the show," Brett says.

Soooo ... what do ya say, Doug??

Ron Jaworski Garoppolo Is Like Young & Montana He Can Be A Hall Of Famer!

9/8/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Jimmy Garoppolo's only started five games for the 49ers, but that's all Ron Jaworski's needed to see -- 'cause he's telling TMZ Sports the S.F. QB "absolutely" can be a Hall of Famer!!

"When I see a Garoppolo," Jaws says, "I see a guy that the sky is the limit."

The ex-Eagles QB tells us he loves the way Jimmy plays with his mind, arm and legs ... and says he's basically a cross between TWO Niners legends.

"You've got a Joe Montana, Steve Young kind of guy in San Francisco right now, and that's going to be the pillar of that football team for a good decade," Jaworski says.

FYI ... Jimmy's only thrown 272 passes in his five-year NFL career and only has 12 passing touchdowns.

Sooo ... too early for the lofty praise?? Maybe ... but we know of at least one person who probably agrees with Ron ...

Ron Jaworski Nick Foles Can't Win Eagles' QB Job ... No Matter How He Plays!!

9/6/2018 3:40 PM PDT

There is not a thing Nick Foles can do this season to take Philadelphia's starting QB job away from a healthy Carson Wentz ... so says Eagles legend Ron Jaworski.

"The Eagles have made it crystal clear their franchise quarterback is Carson Wentz," Jaws tells TMZ Sports.

"He's the guy that's going to be the quarterback for the next decade."

Of course, Foles -- who Jaws says will one day have a statue outside the Linc -- is getting the starting nod tonight against the Falcons and perhaps for even a few more games after that -- as Wentz tries to return from a torn ACL.

But ... according to Jaws -- even if Foles balls out of his mind in Wentz's stead ... there will be no QB controversy when Carson gets back.

BTW ... Ron -- who predicted the Eagles SB run last year AFTER Wentz went down -- put on his Nostradamus hat again and gave us his prediction for tonight's NFL opener ... and while you probably can guess who he thinks will win, his score might surprise you!!

Mychal Kendricks Sold Out Ex-Eagles Teammates ... To Browns

8/30/2018 6:13 AM PDT
Breaking News

Before Mychal Kendricks was charged with insider trading, he sold out his ex-Philadelphia Eagles teammates to the Browns ... giving a full scouting report on the guys he played with last year. 

It was all captured on HBO's "Hard Knocks" -- when defensive coordinator asked the linebacker to come up with a list of weaknesses he learned about his teammates during his time in Philly. 

Kendricks didn't even hesitate -- putting together a Eagles cheat sheet like a double agent ... and then presented all of his info during a team meeting before they clashed in last week's preseason game. 

Here's the info ... 

"Uh, let's start with Nick Foles. Playing with Nick Foles, I realized on his long balls, his deep balls, he has like a teardrop effect. He's tall and he likes to drop that literally from the sky. So corners, and the timing's just a little slower on that ball coming in."

"86 [Zach Ertz], I think, is the best receiver on the team. Notice I said 'receiver.' When it comes to blocking, you f*cking hit his ass over and over, he doesn't want any smoke."

"Big V, Vaitai. He's so big that his size allows him to do what he does. You see, but he doesn't have the quickest feet and he's not the strongest. He doesn't trust his feet at all. You get on him, his confidence will go down."

Look, we get it ... sometimes teams will bring in players for their knowledge about their former team -- but this one felt especially snitchy. 

And, now that Kendricks has been cut by the Browns after he was hit with federal criminal charges -- he's gotta ask himself ... was it worth it? 

Eagles Fans Troll Patriots With Flying Super Bowl Banner

8/16/2018 4:37 PM PDT
Breaking News

It's been 192 days since Super Bowl LII ... but in case anybody in New England forgot what happened that game -- Eagles fans have them covered WITH A BIG-ASS FLYING BANNER!!

The Pats and Eagles play in a little S.B. rematch Thursday night ... and Philly fans were kind enough to remind New England how their last go-around went -- with an airplane over Gillette Stadium.

The sign -- in big, bold, red letters -- reads, "41-33 Philly Philly SB LII."

Of course ... the Eagles whooped the Pats, 41-33, to win their first-ever Super Bowl back in February.

A lot less is on the line in preseason Week 2 ... but we're pretty sure Tom Brady's still pissed.

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