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Tom Green 20 Years Later ... I'm a U.S. Citizen!!!

2/21/2019 10:08 AM PST

Tom Green's counting down to November 3, 2020 ... because that's when he can finally vote for President, now that he's a U.S. citizen!!!

The comedian went through the naturalization oath ceremony Wednesday at the L.A. Convention Center along with hundreds of others. As you probably know, Tom was born in Canada but he's lived in the U.S. for two decades.

Check out the clip ... Tom couldn't contain his excitement as he proudly waves a U.S. flag. BTW, the same could NOT be said of President Trump who had a message for the newly naturalized citizens.

The obvious question ... what took so long? Tom tells TMZ ... being a standup comedian and commenting on society is great, but after living in America for 20 years now, he wanted the opportunity to vote and take part in the democratic process.

Make no mistake ... Tom bleeds Canada's red and white, and he's in no way turning his back on Canada. He's just now making room for America's red, white AND blue. And, he's showing both countries love ... 'cause now he has dual citizenship.

He knows his U.S. history too -- bet ya can't name every prez as Tom did while on "Celebrity Big Brother."

Congrats. Welcome!! Enjoy the taxes.

Barack Obama Wishes Zion Speedy Recovery ... After Freak Injury

2/21/2019 6:11 AM PST
Breaking News

President Barack Obama was quick to show love for Zion Williamson after watching him suffer an injury 30 seconds into the Duke vs. NC game ... wishing the college star a speedy recovery.

You've heard about it by now ... Zion's Nike shoe blew out shortly after tip-off Wednesday night,  resulting in a mild knee sprain. Obama was sitting in the front row when it all went down.

"Zion Williamson seems like an outstanding young man as well as an outstanding basketball player," #44 tweeted after the game. "Wishing him a speedy recovery."

It didn't take an expert lip reader to figure out Obama's reaction to the injury -- cameras captured Barack's shocked look while he mouthed the words, "His shoe broke!" 

LeBron James -- who's also a big fan of Zion -- tweeted out support for the young star as well, saying, "Hope young fella is ok! Literally blew thru his [shoe]."

The freak injury didn't stop Obama from being fan-friendly with the Cameron Crazies ... dappin' up all the folks who packed into the crowded arena for the big game. 

Check out the footage we got from inside the arena showing Barack posing for pics before the game -- and meeting fans throughout the night. 

The Blue Devils ended up losing 88-72 without their superstar ... and Zion's status will be evaluated on Thursday.

Get well soon!!!

Barack Obama Secret To Steph Curry's Jumper?? ... ME!!!

2/20/2019 6:50 AM PST
Breaking News

Being president is pretty cool ... but Barack Obama's biggest accomplishment came on the hardwood ... 'cause 44 says he's the man behind Stephen Curry's dangerous jumper!!

Obama and Curry hosted a town hall meeting for the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance in Oakland on Tuesday ... and naturally, Barry had to let the jokes fly when introducing the 2-time MVP.

"Even Bulls fans have to acknowledge that it's been fun to watch the Warriors and the greatest shooter of all time -- because I gave him some tips right before, about 5 seasons ago, there's film of this in the White House."

Steph doubled down on the quip ... saying Obama fixed his "chicken wing" jumper as well as his resume ... calling him "the best mentor" (which might not be a joke).

The duo traded zingers before getting serious about helping minority youth in America, the work their MBK Alliance has accomplished in the 5 years of its existence ... and what needs to happen moving forward.

Thanks, Obama ... you ruined the NBA for the rest of the league.

Kellyanne Conway Jussie Smollett's a Liar ... And the Media Fell for It

2/19/2019 6:52 PM PST

A key Donald Trump staffer has just invoked Jussie Smollett's name, slamming the media for believing him.

Kellyanne Conway just appeared on CNN and was being grilled over who's a bigger liar -- Trump or former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe?

Conway, Counselor to President Trump, shot back, saying McCabe -- who was fired for leaking info to the media and then lying to authorities about it -- and Smollett were birds of a feather.

She went on to skewer the media for immediately jumping to embrace Jussie's story as fact.

Barack Obama All-Star Dinner With Steph & Ayesha, John & Chrissy

2/19/2019 8:55 AM PST

Steph Curry and Barack Obama's bromance took another step forward with a dinner date ... although Ayesha Curry and a couple o' Legends were there too.

The Currys sat down with 44 for a serious power dinner Monday night in San Francisco at Ayesha's restaurant, International Smoke. Her collaborator and chef, Michael Mina, posed with the smiling trio and shouted out Barack, saying ... "No greater privilege than to cook for this man on Presidents Day. Thank you for the highest honor @barackobama!"

The star power at the dinner table didn't stop there -- John Legend and Chrissy Teigen showed up to make it a fab fivesome. Chrissy also shared a shot of herself enjoying a drink with Chef Michael.

You'll recall, Steph set up a meeting last month in Washington, D.C. between his BFF and his Golden State Warriors teammates ... who opted out of meeting President Trump to celebrate their NBA Championship.

As for why they're all in the Bay Area ... Barack, Steph and John are all taking part in the My Brother's Keeper conference in Oakland, aimed at supporting boys and young men of color. It's being hosted by the Obama Foundation.

Good eats, good cause ... good times!

Arnold Schwarzenegger You Can't Ride 'Arnold's Maid' ... Ski Run's a Prank!!!

2/19/2019 12:40 AM PST

Some hooligan had some fun at Arnold Schwarzenegger's expense ... taking a shot at the former Governator's indiscretion by defacing a decades-old sign.

It all went down at Idaho's Sun Valley Resort where the Terminator had "Arnold's Run" named after him back in 2001. It used to be the "Flying Maid." You can see where this is going. Some dope riding down the slope decided to change it to "Arnold's Maid" ... a clear shot at Arnold fathering a child outta wedlock with his maid.

A spokesperson at the resort tells TMZ ... they did notice the vandalism and have addressed it. We're told the sign's been fixed and it's now back to "Arnold's Run."

Looks like they got it changed just in time, because Arnold was up in Sun Valley on Monday and said he went skiing before a bike ride.

As for why the Idaho joint chose to honor the actor ... Arnold makes regular getaways up there. He's also previously led the Christmas Eve torchlight parade down the mountain. They love him.

And, what's love without a little poke of fun?

RBG I'm Back on the Move!!!

2/18/2019 3:15 PM PST

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is on the move again ... and it's a big deal.

We got RBG Monday in D.C. at Reagan National Airport and she answered the question on the minds of millions of worried Americans -- how's she doin'?

Justice Ginsburg walked slowly but steadily and with purpose as she arrived from a flight. She's flanked on all sides by security who kept a watchful eye on the woman who tilts the balance of power on the Supreme Court.

As you know, RBG missed 2 weeks of oral argument at the High Court after going under the knife for lung cancer. She's doing markedly better than January 9, when she was seen getting in her car after surgery, and since that time she's been given a clean bill of health.

She's 85, and has said as long as she can approach her job with full steam, she's not going anywhere.

Anthony Weiner Out of Prison ... But Not a Free Man Yet

2/17/2019 1:00 AM PST

Anthony Weiner is no longer behind bars, but the disgraced ex-U.S. Congressman still has a few months in federal custody before he's freed ... still earlier than originally expected.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Weiner's been transferred out of a Massachusetts prison and into the custody of a Bureau of Prisons residential re-entry center in New York. We're told he's either in a halfway house or home confinement.

Weiner's now in pre-release status, which inmates often get as they approach the end of their federal sentence. The purpose is to prepare them to transition back into society.

As we reported ... Weiner started serving his 21-month prison sentence in November 2017 after pleading guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. He was slated to get out August, 2019, but good behavior slashed the sentence 3 months to May 14.

We're told that is still his scheduled release date.

Weiner served his time at the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Massachusetts where they offer treatment for sex offenders. As you know ... Weiner has a long, scandalous history.

Weiner resigned from Congress after his first sexting scandal in 2011. He ran for NYC mayor but that bid was derailed in 2013 when he was found sexting Sydney Leathers under the infamous alias, "Carlos Danger."

The convicted sex offender saw his marriage fall apart the third time around. Huma Abedin filed for divorce just hours after Weiner struck a plea deal in the latest sexting scandal. Making matters worse ... Huma was a top aide to then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton when federal investigators found hundreds of thousands of Clinton's emails in Weiner's laptop ... forever changing the course of the 2016 Presidential election.

Jussie Smollett 'Empire' Cast and Crew Brothers Not Racist, Homophobic or Pro-Trump

2/16/2019 1:00 AM PST

The 2 men who were arrested, then released Friday night, in the Jussie Smollett case are pro-LGBTQ and anti-Trump, which has people on the "Empire" set scratching their heads. 

We've spoken with "Empire" cast and crew, and they say Ola and Abel Osundairo do not fit the profile of racists and homophobes -- not even close. As we reported, both men have been extras on "Empire" for years and both are friendly with Jussie, and Abel is especially close to him. We're told Jussie would frequently approach the brothers on set and chat about health and fitness.

Our Empire sources say Abel especially is an ally of the LGBTQ community, and neither have ever said anything positive about Trump. They're both big Obama fans.

We're told Abel worked as an "Empire" extra as recently as a month ago. They're considered family on the set ... well-known and well-liked by cast and crew.  

The folks we've spoken with say they find it impossible to believe Ola and Abel have the DNA of criminals who would carry out the acts that Jussie describes -- and obviously cops now believe that as well. 

Police arrested the brothers for battery Friday after cops raided their home Wednesday and seized a long list of items, including several bottles of bleach. However, late Friday Chicago PD released the brothers due to "new evidence" gathered from their interrogation ... and said they're no longer suspects.

As we reported, Jussie initially said his attackers were white -- yet another fact that just doesn't track with the Osundairos profile.

Hillary and Bill Clinton Mad Cheers on Broadway

2/16/2019 6:59 AM PST

It sounds like there's some serious buyer's remorse going on with the last Presidential election because people went wild for Hillary Clinton Friday night.

Hillary, Bill and Chelsea hit up "To Kill a Mockingbird" -- the hottest ticket on Broadway -- and we're told by others who attended when the crowd inside realized the former first fam was several rows back from the stage they all went crazy ... erupting in big applause.

Word quickly spread, and by the time the play was over, there was a big crowd outside waiting to get a glimpse of the woman who almost became Prez.  

Vladimir Putin Flips Out w/ Russian Judo Babe

2/15/2019 6:57 AM PST
Breaking News

Russian president Vladimir Putin hit the Judo mats in Russia on Thursday to train for more than an HOUR -- and if you took one look at his training partner, it's obvious why.

Russian officials told media 66-year-old Putin trained with 2016 Olympic bronze medal winner Natalia Kuzyutina during a session in Sochi. They trained for an hour and officials insist Vladdy's "in very good physical shape." 

By the way, Kuzyutina is a total babe -- besides being a world-class athlete, she also does some bikini modeling ... and yeah, DAMN. 

The very next day, Putin continued his public display of fitness -- strapping on his skates and hitting the ice for a hockey workout at Shayna Arena in Sochi. No Kuzyutina this time. 

Of course, Putin wore the captain's jersey -- and probably scored about 73 goals ... per usual. 

Putin's public display of fitness comes just hours after Trump's doctor released the results of his physical to the media showing POTUS is officially clinically obese (he's 6'3", 243 pounds). 

So, the whole thing could be an "I'm in better shape than YOU" message to the commander-in-chief. 

As for Trump, he's not exactly a slouch -- dude has good blood pressure (118/80) and his resting heart rate is healthy too (70 beats per minute). 

He also loves to golf

So, we gotta ask ... 

George Lopez to Sen. Cruz 'Pull Your Head Out Of Your Ass!!!' Using El Chapo Money for Wall is Nuts

2/15/2019 12:20 AM PST

George Lopez is ripping Sen. Ted Cruz to shreds over his idea to use money seized from El Chapo to fund President Trump's border wall.

We got the comedian Thursday at LAX, and asked him about Cruz's suggestion that the billions seized from El Chapo's drug cartel should be used to secure the southern border. Needless to say, George has very strong feelings about the wall, Ted and ... the senator's head and ass!!!

El Chapo was found guilty on 10 federal drug charges Tuesday, and the Mexican drug kingpin is now facing life in prison. Prosecutors are seeking $14 BILLION in drug profits and assets from El Chapo's Sinaloa Cartel.

Watch ... George rips Cruz a new one, and offers his own ideas for how to use those funds.

George Lopez Tees Off on Trump's Golf Simulator ... 'Get to Work!'

2/14/2019 2:55 PM PST

Donald Trump's old golfing buddy, George Lopez, is not down with POTUS' new, $50k golf simulator at the White House ... telling TMZ Sports the guy should be focusing on his job, not his stroke.

ICYMI -- The Donald recently had a room-sized golf simulator installed in the personal quarters at 1600 Penn ... and it's reportedly a big upgrade from what Barack Obama had during his presidency.

G Lo -- who has hit the links with Trump prior to becoming #45 -- tells us the move is "unnecessary" ... and Trump should put his time into fixing the country's issues.

"This fool needs to stop napping 60 percent of the time and he needs to get to work, because this is some bullsh*t that's going on," Lopez says.

"It's a bad look."

George never holds back when he talks about 45. He's been critical of the Prez since he went from reality star to candidate, and even went as far as to fake pee on his Hollywood Star last year.

So ... we take it Lopez won't be getting invited to try out the simulator anytime soon.

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