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Jordyn Woods London's Sure More Welcoming than Calabasas

5/26/2019 7:05 AM PDT

Jordyn Woods and her mother, Elizabeth, surfaced for the first time since Kylie Jenner said her former BFF really "f***** up."

Jordyn and Elizabeth were leaving a London hotel Saturday night, looking kinda stoic. The Kardashian sisters went in on Jordyn in a big way for the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" promo. It was emotional and sure felt real.

Kylie recently let Jordyn back into her guesthouse to move out her belongings, which seems to be the final chapter, at least for now. 

Jordyn's been in London several times recently to promote her Eylure lash line. She's also hawking a clothing line.

Life goes on. 

Kendall Jenner Bird's the Word in Moncaco ... I'm Riding w/ Luka Now!!!

5/25/2019 12:45 PM PDT

11:58 AM PT -- As if hanging with Luka didn't send a clear enough message ... check out what Kendall sent to the cameras (and possibly Ben?) later in the day while hanging with Bella Hadid.

This could just be two gals having fun and flipping off paps for kicks, but considering Ben's season has been over for a minute now -- it could also be the nail in the coffin for these two. Here's hoping Ben's working on that jump shot in the meantime ... 

Kendall Jenner tooled around one of the richest nations in the world ... with a guy with she's clearly getting super close -- Luka Sabbat.

Kendall and her fellow model jumped on jetskis Saturday ... this after also hanging out at the Cannes Film Festival earlier in the week. She was there for a big party, and apparently, Luka was there for the ride.

It's clear, Ben Simmons is now in Kendall's rearview, and her fellow model Luca seems to be a quick replacement.

There were rumors Luka was tied to Kendall's sis Kourtney, but Kourtney said recently they were just friends, clearing the decks for Kendall. 

As for why they're in Monaco ... the Grand Prix starts Sunday, and Kendall's there for the festivities.

Originally Published -- 9:29 AM PT

Leo DiCaprio and GF ... Strolling Anonymously at World Trade Center

5/25/2019 7:50 AM PDT

Leo DiCaprio and his girlfriend blended into the crowd Friday as they walked around the World Trade Center area in New York City.

Leo was partially covered in his standard gear disguise -- a hooded sweatshirt -- and he and Camilla Morrone strolled in the area.

The 2 stopped at a food truck for a while, eyeballing the eats, but ended up getting nothing. They did hit up Starbucks and drank as they meandered in the area.

They went to the Oculus station at the World Trade Center ... a famous shopping area and a central stop for trains that connected numerous cities and states.

And, get this ... he's one of the most famous people in the world and everyone knows his "disguise," but no one noticed him.  

Leo just got back from Cannes, where they premiered the Quentin Tarantino flick, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," which got a 7-minute standing ovation.

Mission accomplished, Leo. 

Wendy Williams Kevin Hunter Says She's to Blame For Ruining Relationship with Son

5/24/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Wendy Williams has put a wall up between her son and his father ... so claims Kevin Hunter Sr., who fears the fight that led to Kevin Jr.'s arrest has solidified the wall with indestructible mortar.

Sources with direct knowledge of the divorce say Wendy's estranged husband has been vocal, accusing Wendy of poisoning his relationship with their son, getting in his ear and talking smack about him ... at least that's what he's been saying.

We're told Kevin Sr. has made several attempts in recent weeks to spend time with his son to repair the relationship, but he got the cold shoulder. He's also sent his boy lengthy texts ... only to get one-word replies.

Our sources say before Wendy filed for divorce, the Kevins were super tight ... so Sr. claims the trigger for the change has to be Wendy. Of course, the marriage fell apart because Kevin apparently had a child out of wedlock with another woman.  He says he's admitted his wrongdoing but feels Wendy's feelings have been transferred to Jr.

We broke the story ... Wendy's son was arrested for assault after he got into an altercation with his dad in a New Jersey parking lot and allegedly punched him in the nose after Sr. put Jr. in a headlock. 

We're told the fight erupted over an argument involving Kevin Sr.'s demand for spousal support. They also beefed over Sr.'s claim Wendy was sabotaging his relationship with Jr.

Sr. says he still loves Jr. and will not pursue the matter criminally. However, we're told the whole ordeal is weighing heavily on Wendy's ex ... and he's worried their relationship's been ruined permanently.

Lizzo My DMs Are Full of F*** Boys!!!

5/24/2019 6:56 AM PDT

Lizzo's die-hard fans are of a certain type ... they are "f*** boys" ... according to her.

She was on the streets of New York City Thursday, when Adam Glyn asked the wildly popular singer if she's getting lots of DMs from obsessed fans. She didn't hesitate to answer.

FYI ... Lizzo has a song, "Juice," where she warns women, "I think he got lost in my DMs, You better come get your man, I think he wanna be way more than friends."

She's on a roll. Her song, "Truth Hurts," is currently #42 on Billboard Hot 100. She's also coming off a successful performance at Coachella.

And, there's this ... she tells us who she'd like to collab with ... and it would not disappoint. 

Kim and Kanye Celebrate 5-Year Wedding Anniversary

5/24/2019 7:29 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrated a milestone a day early Thursday ... by venturing out to Santa Monica for an awesome dinner.

First, we gotta say ... she looks insanely hot. We can say that because, well, FACT.

As for the milestone ... today is their 5-year anniversary. K & K were married in Italy on May 24, 2014.

They celebrated their union at Giorgio Baldi, an amazing restaurant off the beaten path in Santa Monica.  

They have a lot to celebrate actually. They just welcomed their 4th child, Psalm, into the world. Kim's also spending time getting prisoners freed who are serving ridiculously long sentences for low-level offenses. She's also studying around 18 hours a week for the California State Bar exam.

As for Kanye ... his Sunday Service in Calabasas has caught fire and is attracting huge crowds and tons of celebs.  

Happy anniversary, and congrats!!!

NBA's Chandler Parsons Splits with Model Cassie Amato ... The Bachelor Is Back!!!

5/24/2019 12:35 AM PDT

Two beautiful people are back on the market ... NBA star Chandler Parsons and model Cassie Amato have broken up, TMZ Sports has learned. 

But, you know what that means ... THE RETURN OF BACHELOR CHANDLER!!!

We're told the split wasn't nasty or anything ... they just grew apart and ultimately decided things weren't working out. They only dated for a year so it ain't the end of the world.

Plus, he's been based in Memphis while playing for the Grizzlies while she's an L.A. girl who operates out of Bel-Air (though we're told he'll be in L.A. this summer too). 

The signs were there ... Parsons hasn't posted a photo of Cassie since October and he's essentially been scrubbed from her IG page too. 

Speaking of her IG page, she's ridiculously good looking and instantly becomes one of the hottest single chicks in L.A. 

Don't feel too bad for Chandler, he's gonna be just fine ... tall, handsome and entering the last year of his 4-year $94 MILLION contract with the Grizzlies. 

Parsons has a reputation for dating beautiful women ... from Bella Thorne to Toni Garrn and Arianny Celeste

Kylie Jenner Jordyn 'F****d Up' ... Khloe Breaks Down on 'KUWTK'

5/23/2019 3:02 PM PDT

Kylie Jenner reveals her feelings about former best friend Jordyn Woods -- she done f****d up in the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal.

It's not just Kylie on the upcoming "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" ... you see and feel the torment Khloe Kardashian went through as you hear her primal screams over Tristan's tryst. 

It's all pretty tense and emotional, from the phone call that starts, "I don't even know if I should tell you this" ... to Khloe breaking down and Kris addressing the fallout in Kylie and Jordyn's relationship.

There's also an apparent rift between Kendall and Kourtney.

As we told you ... Kylie recently cleared her home of all things Jordyn, when she finally got her ex-BFF to come get her stuff out of the guest house, where she was living up until the scandal broke. The duo were inseparable for years before the scandal.

The 2 have managed to remain amicable, though ... but this clip might just rip the scab off the healing wound.

Kendall Jenner Single Again? Cannes Do!!!

5/23/2019 6:57 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner's far away from her family and chilling in France, and it might be a sign of a fresh start for the supermodel ... in the dating world.

Kendall was soaking up some sunshine Thursday in Cannes with Kardashian family friend and Kourtney's former fling, Luka Sabbat. It looks super casual, but the timing is interesting ... because Kendall and her NBA star boyfriend, Ben Simmons, have reportedly broken up.

They haven't been seen together much lately, so people were starting to wonder and although there's been no announcement ... splitsville's looking very real. Kendall flew into France Wednesday -- presumably to hit up some Cannes Film Festival premieres, and attend the amfAR Gala later Thursday.

That busy schedule explains why she missed out on Kylie's big skincare launch and roller skating party.

She was the only one of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters not in attendance. From the looks of it ... they all found a way to soldier on without her, though. Roller skates will do that for ya.

Hayden Panettiere's BF Charged w/ Felony Domestic Violence

5/23/2019 10:23 AM PDT

10:20 AM PT -- Hickerson appeared in court this morning and pled not guilty to the charge. His bail was set at $50k. The judge also issued a protective order that prohibits Hickerson from being 100 yards near Panettiere or contacting her. He'll be back in court next month.Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend is in serious trouble following his arrest for domestic violence ... 'cause TMZ's learned he's now facing a charge that could land him in prison.

The L.A. County District Attorney's Office has charged Hayden's BF, Brian Hickerson, with 1 count of felony domestic violence. If he's convicted, Brian faces up to 4 years in prison.

TMZ broke the story ... Brian was arrested earlier this month after an argument with Hayden allegedly turned physical. As we told you ... the couple had been out drinking before an argument ensued at their pad. Law enforcement sources initially said the injuries were marks and redness, but we're now told the injuries were far more serious. 

Cops arrested Brian almost immediately after the altercation after determining he started the fight. Hayden and Brian have been dating since last summer.

Originally Published -- 12:20 AM PT

Ricky Schroder 2nd DV Case Rejected ... Off the Hook Again

5/22/2019 11:31 AM PDT

Ricky Schroder won't be prosecuted for allegedly hitting his girlfriend a second time ... TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office won't be pursuing charges against Ricky after the alleged victim told cops it was an accident.

The D.A. states Ricky's girlfriend first implied he hit her on purpose and later said it was an accident that she might've caused. The D.A.'s Office says Schroder's GF was interviewed the next day after initially calling cops and told officers that he struck her when she startled him while he was sleeping and under the influence of alcohol and Ambien.

Per the interview she gave cops, she said Ricky flailed his arms and accidentally hit her. Prosecutors also say the case was difficult to prove because she too was under the influence at the time.

Moreover, the D.A.'s Office notes that Schroder's girlfriend was initially uncooperative when cops arrived on the scene and attempted to take a video of her alleged injuries the day she made the call.

As we reported ... Schroder's business team bailed on him after his second arrest related to domestic violence allegations. He was arrested back in April for another incident related to his GF, but that case was also declined by the D.A.'s Office. 

In other words, Ricky's off the hook ... again.

MMA's Josh Copeland Pleads Guilty In Domestic Violence Case

5/21/2019 10:44 AM PDT

MMA fighter Josh Copeland pled guilty to felony 2nd-degree assault in his domestic violence case -- stemming from allegations he punched his wife in the face during a heated altercation. 

As we previously reported, Copeland -- 6'1", 265 lbs -- was arrested in Colorado on Feb. 2 after his wife told police he hit her so hard, her face was bloodied and bruised when cops arrived. 

The woman had admitted she slapped Copeland in the face multiple times during the altercation -- but said he took things to another level of violence ... and then stole her phone so she couldn't call for help. 

Copeland was originally hit with 4 criminal charges including felony assault, domestic violence, obstruction of telephone and child abuse (because the altercation allegedly took place in front of their son). 

But now, a court official tells TMZ Sports ... Copeland appeared in court on Tuesday and cut a plea deal with prosecutors. 

Long story short ... Copeland pled guilty to 2nd and 3rd-degree assault and in exchange, the other charges were dropped. 

As for the sentence, Copeland was given 2 years probation -- and the judge noted he could be locked up if he doesn't stay out of trouble for the next 24 months. 

Copeland is allowed to travel for work (he's a pro-MMA fighter) -- but he'll have to check in with the court in 2021 to make sure he's kept his nose clean. 

Copeland is 18 and 6 as a pro-MMA fighter -- and even had a stint in the UFC in 2014 and 2015.

He fought his way into the $1 MILLION championship fight in the PFL heavyweight tournament -- but ultimately lost to Philipe Lins on Dec. 31, 2018.

Dodgers Julio Urias Reinstated ... After Domestic Violence Arrest

5/21/2019 11:04 AM PDT
Breaking News

Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias is back -- the 22-year-old is officially off administrative leave following last week's domestic violence arrest, Major League Baseball has announced. 

MLB issued a statement saying, "Urías has been reinstated from Administrative Leave while the investigation into a matter governed by the Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy continues."

MLB says they are still investigating the matter. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Urias -- one of the hottest young pitchers in baseball -- was arrested May 13 after he allegedly got physical with his girlfriend in the parking lot of the Beverly Center. 

Officials reviewed video of the incident and determined there was enough evidence to make an arrest. He was hauled to a nearby station and spent the night behind bars. 

As we previously reported, prosecutors feel the case against Urias is "weak" based on the evidence -- which doesn't appear to show Urias had an "intent to injure" when he put his hands the women. 

Instead, we're told it seems like Urias was trying to prevent his GF from leaving the parking lot -- and she went to the ground as a result ... but it did not appear as though he wanted to hurt her. 

MLB officials launched their own investigation but according to the L.A. Times, they weren't able to get their hands on the video. 

Urias had been placed on a 7-day administrative leave by MLB -- but now that's over and Urias can return to the mound. 

The criminal case against Urias is still technically active ... but we're told that should wrap up shortly. 

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