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Dikembe Mutombo Rolls-Royce Smashed ... Cops Investigating

6/17/2019 9:15 AM PDT

Dikembe Mutombo's fancy Rolls-Royce Phantom was smashed up while he was having a Father's Day dinner with his family ... and now cops are on the hunt for the culprit. 

The 52-year-old NBA legend was dining at the Landmark Diner in the Atlanta area late Sunday evening -- when someone ran into the restaurant and yelled out that multiple cars had been vandalized in the parking lot. 

When Dikembe checked out his 2009 Rolls, he noticed both front windows and the rear passenger windows were busted, according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports

Cops say nothing appeared to be stolen and no one was injured -- essentially, it seems like the culprit just wanted to damage the cars like a jerk. 

Cops dusted Dikembe's car for fingerprints but it's unclear if they got a hit. We're told, unfortunately, vehicular vandalism is pretty common in the area and local business owners and residents are furious ... and they're working with police to put an end to it. 

We spoke with the general manager of Landmark who says he feels terrible for Dikembe -- and vows to hire private security to prevent situations like this in the future. 

We also spoke with a witness who tells us Dikembe is a regular at Landmark and everyone there loves him -- it's not like he has any enemies looking to harm him. 

TMZ Sports reached out to Dikembe for comment -- but so far, no word back. 

Tracy Morgan Crashed Bugatti Will Cost a Fortune to Fix

6/17/2019 12:50 AM PDT

Tracy Morgan just learned a hard lesson about owning a Bugatti -- fixing a scratch is the equivalent of plunking down enough money to buy the car that sideswiped it.

We broke the story ... Tracy was sideswiped by a Honda CR-V 15 MINUTES after driving his $2 million ride out of the showroom.   

The Honda driver nailed the front bumper, and to replace it ... an unreasonable $22,000!!!

But wait, there's more. The fender on the driver's side quarter panel was also damaged, and we're told that will cost $10,000, and that doesn't include labor. 

Cops say the accident was the Honda driver's fault ... we don't know her insurance policy limits, but it better be substantial.  

The Honda chick is lucky ... if there were structural damage, she'd have to sell the farm.

As you can clearly see from the video, Tracy was none too pleased as he assessed the damage on the street.

This all makes a good case to NOT buy super expensive cars on the mean streets of New York!

Elon Musk My Finest Work Yet? The Fart App for Your Tesla!!!

6/13/2019 3:53 PM PDT

Elon Musk -- the brilliant mind behind SpaceX who aims to revolutionize transportation with his Hyperloop -- is all about getting gassy in electric cars. Yes, he's giddily talking about Tesla's fart app.

Elon sat down for a roundtable conversation Thursday at E3 in DTLA and couldn't help but crack a huge grin while talking about the fart app. That's right, the innovative mind behind revolutionary rockets broke down the intricacies behind his flatulence simulator and joked (we hope) that it's his finest work.

The fart app was rolled out in December but this is the first time we've heard Elon talk about it with a glee, not unlike a middle school boy.

Tesla owners quickly put the app to use when their vehicle's software got hit with the update. It includes multiple levels of gas attacks ... including "Falcon heavy" and "Short Shorts Ripper."

Post Malone Jet's Emergency Landing ... Blown Tires to Blame

6/12/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Post Malone's private jet made an emergency landing in New York last August because of blown tires and a bunch of errors by the flight crew ... according to the FAA. 

TMZ obtained the incident report ... and the FAA says multiple safety procedures were ignored, resulting in a super scary situation for the musician and his travel party.

According to the report ... after the plane's initial takeoff for a London-bound flight, the pilots were alerted one of the doors wasn't closed properly, so they decided to land to check things out ... everything got worse from there. 

According to the FAA ... when the plane took off a second time, 2 tires on the left side of the aircraft EXPLODED. Turns out they were overdue for maintenance -- forcing the pilots to make another emergency landing but only after circling NYC for several hours to burn off fuel. 

As for why the tires blew ... the FAA says Post's plane was way too heavy -- 12 passengers, 2 pilots, 1 flight attendant and tons of baggage -- and the flight crew ignored safety procedures after the first landing by only waiting 20-30 minutes before taking off again, hardly enough time to allow the plane's brakes to cool down.

Tire maintenance wasn't the only problem ... the plane itself was overdue for a maintenance check by 50 hours. 

Air travel is stressful enough ... so no surprise Post told us he needed a cold one after living through the ordeal. 

Maybe try first class next time, Post. Hey, the drinks are free!

Ben Simmons & Tristan Thompson Lam-broing Out ... at Luxury Car Dealership

6/12/2019 12:10 AM PDT

What do 2 millionaire ex-Kardashian friends do together on a random Thursday afternoon?? They go check out expensive luxury cars together!!

NBA stars Ben Simmons and Tristan Thompson hit up the Lamborghini dealership in Beverly Hills recently ... and it just goes to show that even though they're no longer with the Kardashians, they still got time for each other.

Of course, TT and Khloe went through a nasty breakup after the whole Jordyn Woods drama ... and Kendall Jenner and BS just cut things off for good last month.

But, these guys were bros way before dating KarJenners ... they're both Klutch athletes and have been hanging out in the same circles for years.

We're told the duo looked at cars for about an hour before driving off in Ben's Ferrari ... so it's unclear if they found anything they liked.

After all ... the dude REALLY loves Ferraris.

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Justin Bieber How Do I Drew? On a New Motorcycle!!!

6/11/2019 3:41 PM PDT

Justin Bieber might be going through a mid-20s crisis -- first, he's challenging Tom Cruise to a fight out of the blue ... now he's gifting himself a fancy new crotch rocket.

At least he's got a loving Instagram wife by his side.

The Biebs got a brand new motorcycle delivered to his home Tuesday, wrapped in the brand name of his new Drew clothing line ... and Hailey snapped some quality pics of her hubby for the 'gram.

The 2-wheeler also features his favorite number, 6 ... as if it's going to be entered in some sort of race.

Wouldn't put it past JB.

As we reported ... Justin surprisingly challenged the famed 56-year-old actor to an MMA fight this past weekend and enlisted Dana White to set it up. His motive for beefing with Cruise is still unclear.

Also unclear ... whether or not Justin took Hailey for a spin on his new hog. Either way ... their photo shoot was a success.

Hailey captioned the final product, "Boys and their toys," followed by 3 eye roll emojis. That seems about right.

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Boys and their toys 🙄🙄🙄

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Odell Beckham Hits L.A. Bar Scene ... In $350k Browns-Themed Car

6/10/2019 8:46 AM PDT

It ain't just for show ... Odell Beckham is actually USING that crazy $350,000 Browns-themed Rolls-Royce to get around L.A. ... and TMZ Sports has the footage. 

Remember, Beckham recently tricked out his 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan to show off his team spirit -- with a custom Browns paint job, custom wheels and pimped out sound system. 

Oh, and don't forget that custom hood ornament of HIMSELF making that iconic 1-handed catch!!!

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Here we come, Cleveland 🔥🔥 @OBJ @RollsRoyceCars Cullinan we customized for Odell Beckham Jr of the @clevelandbrowns, sitting on custom painted 26” @forgiato wheels with floating Rolls Royce center caps, custom Dog Pound orange wrap made, custom one off starlight headliner, all accents painted gloss black, custom emblem of obj catch emblem, custom @JLaudioinc system in shape of Rolls Royce grill, and @Suntekfilms window tint 🔥🔥 #rollsroyce #cullinan #rollsroycecullinan #rolls #rollsroycecars #rollsroyceworld #rollsroycewraith #rollsroyceghost #luxury #jlaudio #carsofinstagram #carporn #forgiato #obj #odellbeckhamjr #cleveland #browns #nfl #clevelandbrowns #dawgpound #obj13 #lsu #lsutigers #bakermayfield #jarvislandry #wshh #worldstar #roxboro #howeplay #beverlyhills

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But, OBJ didn't get the whip to collect dust in his garage ... 'cause when he hit up SHOREbar in Santa Monica over the weekend, he used the OBJ Mobile to get there. 

There's a reason Odell wanted to make a statement when he arrived at the bar ... there were a TON of huge stars at the party including Drake, Lonzo Ball, Russell Westbrook and Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert.

By the way, the car was tricked out by Dreamworks Motorsports in Roxboro, North Carolina -- and after the work was done, Beckham obviously had the car shipped out west. 

Question is ... will he move it to Cleveland when the season starts too? Has to, right?!

Six Flags In the Middle of Raging Wildfire ... Down in SoCal

6/9/2019 4:01 PM PDT
Breaking News

Guests who went to Six Flags in Southern California on Sunday were met with flames and smoke as a wildfire erupted right next door ... and they were temporarily trapped. 

The fire, which officials have dubbed the Sky Fire, broke out near Six Flags Magic Mountain and the adjacent water park, Hurricane Harbor, at around noon down in Santa Clarita ... literally a stone's throw away from the theme park and all the guests inside. 

As the flames grew, a lot of patrons captured the panicked scene from the ground ... and even from still-operating rollercoasters up in the air. It's pretty insane to see.

One guest filmed the smoke billowing while ascending the park's biggest rollercoaster, Goliath, and the moment appeared ominous to say the least. 

According to authorities, the fire has burned up to 50 acres and is 20 percent contained as of about 3 PM PT. At first, guests were being evacuated ... but were eventually told to bunker down in the park as all the exit roads nearby were closed for the time being.

Shortly afterward, the exits were reopened and people started to flee en masse. Six Flags says that the two parks are going to be closed for the remainder of Sunday, but surprisingly ... they're saying their doors will be open again Monday. 

Considering what the place looks like right about now, we imagine they might change their minds. As of this writing, there are no reported fatalities or injuries as a result of the fire.

Justin Bieber Just a Bump in the Road Or a Big Ol' Dent in My Van!!!

6/6/2019 5:51 AM PDT

Justin Bieber had a little chat with cops in Hollywood Wednesday afternoon, but it wasn't his driving that drew them out to an accident scene ... it was his hired driver.

Bieber's limo van was involved in a 2-vehicle accident that would normally be just a tiny fender bender -- if the freakin' van wasn't so huge! Looks like the back end of a Hyundai Sonata met the side panel of Justin's ride. Unclear who initiated the contact, but police were there to talk to all parties ... and possibly take down an accident report.

Officers spoke to Bieber, but again ... he was just a passenger. Law enforcement tells us both parties exchanged info and went on their way. No harm, no foul. In other words: this is why you pay insurance premiums.

Bieber's gotta know it coulda been way worse. It's a sweet van and all, but it ain't worth $2 million. Tracy Morgan knows what we're talking about!

Too soon?

Young Thug I'd Never Let My Daughter Drive ... She Wasn't With Me!!!

6/4/2019 1:48 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

1:46 PM PT -- Young Thug has broken his silence about a video that shows his young daughter behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, and he seems to be putting the blame squarely on the adult his kid was with in the clip.

YT writes, "Never would I put my child's life in danger nor anyone else's life,i am out of town that video is clearly in Atlanta." He goes on to say, "I am a very safe man, especially when it come down to my kids. I am very smart, last thing I'm looking for is clout/fame I have both."

He finishes by adding, "Plus she (his daughter, we assume) wouldn't dare even ask me could she drive a car... But it'll be handled 'expeditiously.'" 

It's unclear who his child was with during the joy ride, as Young Thug doesn't mention anyone specifically. Presumably, though, the kid was with her mom ... and it sounds like papa's gonna have a convo with someone about pulling stunts like this in the future.

8:50 AM PT -- A source close to Young Thug says his daughter was with her mother and driving just outside her home in Georgia. We're told no one else was in the area and she only drove for a short time ... less than 30 seconds. Young Thug was not aware of the situation. One of Young Thug's young daughters -- who seems to be under 10 -- drove a car on a public road while an adult sat right next to her, recording the dangerous incident.

The video surfaced on social media, reportedly showing one of YT's children -- this one a little girl -- behind the wheel of the car, and slowly driving down a residential road. The child is IN the driver seat, NOT on someone's lap ... and is struggling to see above the steering wheel.

At one point, an adult hand reaches in to assist with steering, and that person is recording the video. There's no audio.

It's unclear who the adult is, but it appears to be a woman's hand and not Young Thug's.

Several celebs commented on the video after it was posted on The Shade Room. Tyrese said, "I'm almost sure DFCS is gonna see this." Ex-NBA star Matt Barnes chimed in, "Stupid" -- and 'Love & Hip Hop' star Milan Christopher simply said, "Oh he going to jail."

We've reached out to Young Thug's camp for comment on the disturbing video ... but no word back yet.

Originally published -- 7:20 AM PT

Giant Cruise Ship Crashes Into Smaller Boat While Docking ... Panics Venice Crowd

6/2/2019 11:37 AM PDT
Breaking News

A massive cruise ship sent folks scrambling as it barreled into an Italian dock and bumped into a much smaller boat ... which looked like something straight out of an action movie.

The terrifying moment went down Sunday morning in Venice, where an MSC Opera cruise liner blared its horn as it roared its way toward a busy canal without any signs of slowing down. In video of the incident, you can see people fleeing the scene, realizing the ship wasn't gonna stop.

The ship eventually came to a halt after it pin-balled into the wharf, but not before it made contact with a much smaller tour boat along the way. Local media reports that at least 4 people sustained injuries in the crash -- none of them appear to be life-threatening, though. 

As far as what caused this ... MSC Cruises is only saying the ship experienced a "technical issue" while attempting to dock, and an investigation is underway to figure out exactly what happened.

During coverage of the nightmarish collision, people couldn't help but compare the scene to the movie "Speed 2: Cruise Control" ... which ends similarly to the Venetian crash, albeit not nearly as dramatic. 

The lesson (as far as we can tell) ... maybe cruises should steer clear of Venice? That place already looks like it's on the verge of sinking as it is. 

Drake Huge New Jet's a Freebie ... God's Plan Rules!!!

5/31/2019 9:25 AM PDT

9:23 AM PT -- Drake took the jet North Thursday night to cheer the Toronto Raptors onto victory against the Golden State Warriors. He talked plenty of smack ... and clearly got into Draymond Green's head. 

Drake should have plenty of cash available to stock his massive new jet with the finest champagne ... because he didn't pay a dime for it.

TMZ's learned the rapper got his custom OVO jet dubbed "Air Drake" for FREE ... because the Canada-based airline that made it, Cargojet, believes it'll more than pay for itself in publicity as a high-profile traveling billboard with one of the biggest rappers in the world.

The 767 jet retails for up to $200 MILLION, and all Champagne Papi has to do is use it to travel around the world and take photographs flaunting it. Fortunately for Drake ... that's right up his alley.

Cargojet's investment's already paying dividends -- Drizzy gave a tour of the jet as the final touches were being added to it earlier this month, and he was spotted in the Bahamas this week putting other private jets to shame with his luxury behemoth plane.

Yep, there's some of that free advertising the airline's looking for.

As for Drake's Caribbean trip ... he was there celebrating his beloved Toronto Raptors making the NBA Finals, and drew attention -- and catcalls -- wherever he went.

He should be rested up now, though, because like he raps on "Sicko Mode" ... the 767's got a double bedroom, man.

Originally published -- 12:50 AM PT

Niki Lauda Stars Attend F1 Legend's Memorial Lewis Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger

5/29/2019 8:21 AM PDT
Breaking News

Racing fans from all over the world packed St. Stephen's Cathedral in Austria on Wednesday to bid farewell to F1 legend Niki Lauda ... including Lewis Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger

The mourners braved heavy rains to get inside the church, where Lauda's coffin was flanked by flower wreaths. His trademark red crash helmet was placed on top.  

The 70-year-old passed away last week -- nine months after undergoing surgery for a lung transplant. 

Lewis Hamilton has taken Lauda's death particularly hard ... the two were very close. In fact, Lauda was involved when Lewis signed with McClaren ahead of the 2013 racing season. 

Niki's widow, Birgit, and his son, Mathias Lauda -- who's also a pro racecar driver -- also attended the memorial service. 

Other notable names at the service include Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen and former drivers Alain Prost, Sir Jackie Stewart and Nico Rosberg.

Niki won the F1 drivers' championship in 1975 and '77 with Ferrari and again in '84 with McLaren ... but he's most famous for crashing and catching fire in 1976 at the German Grand Prix.

Lauda was badly burned in the crash, but he made a miraculous recovery an returned to racing only 6 weeks later.

Lauda's incredible comeback after dodging death instantly made him the stuff of a legend ... and his 1976 rivalry with British driver James Hunt was the plot line of the movie "Rush."


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