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Offset Masks His Face at Birthday Party ... After Bum-Rushing Cardi

12/16/2018 2:28 PM PST

Offset kept the party going after crashing Cardi B's set with a second birthday bash for himself, where he covered up his face ... but not in shame or anything. Quite the opposite. 

After ambushing Cardi's Rolling Loud set Saturday and begging for forgiveness -- which he didn't seem to receive in the moment -- the Migos MC rolled on over to the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in L.A. ... where he was decked out in all gold and a diamond-crusted face mask.

He seemed to be in good spirits too, underneath all the headgear -- showing nothing but smiles as he performed despite the awkward run-in he'd caused just hours earlier. 

If Offset was trying to shake off any bad vibes, he certainly had enough pals around to help him forget. Eyewitnesses tell us tons of other rappers were there celebrating with him -- Kodak Black, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Yachty and 21 Savage just to name a few.

And if the homies weren't enough, his label even gifted him a brand new Rolls Royce as part of the festivities. Funny enough ... Cardi gave him something similar last year.

It's like they say ... lucky at cars, unlucky in love. Or, something like that ...

Tom Cruise Maverick On Duty ... 'TG2' Takes Lake Tahoe!!!

12/10/2018 12:50 AM PST

Tom Cruise still feels the need, the need for speed ... especially around Lake Tahoe where he's filming some super sick action scenes for the upcoming 'Top Gun' sequel!!!

Sources connected to production tell TMZ ... Tom is on location in South Lake Tahoe for 2 weeks filming "Top Gun: Maverick." Paramount's been keeping specifics of the sequel under wraps, but we dug up some juicy deets.

We're told Tom's shooting scenes running through the forest. He's also shot some dialogue up in the mountains ... looking down at the local airport, which is just south of the lake. 

Tom already shot scenes in San Diego and Nevada, but production in Tahoe sounds way more intense -- with cameras suspended between trees to capture Tom booking it through the woods, and lots of military aircraft are landing at Lake Tahoe Airport for the shoot.

Of course, Maverick doesn't have Goose as his wingman this time around. We're told he's making do with some "physically fit" extras with military backgrounds. 

We're told no volleyball scenes ... kinda chilly up there. Bummer.  

Kanye West How to Ollie 101 No Air, But Gettin' There!

12/9/2018 1:37 PM PST

Kanye West definitely ain't no Lil' Skateboard P -- aka Pharrell Williams, if you'll recall -- but it looks like he's interested in picking up some tricks of the trade ... like ollieing. 

Ye was down in Miami, FL Sunday where he ran into skate videographer and Jenkem Magazine contributor Alex Raspa, who was quick to hop on the opportunity to teach the MC some moves after learning Kanye never learned how to ollie. It's skateboarding 101.

Alex's first tip for Kanye -- be comfortable, bro! He then shows Ye how to pop it up, slide the front foot up the board ... and try to get some air while landing back on the wheels.

Simple enough, right? Eh ... maybe not. Mr. West gives it a valiant effort, but he's no Tony Hawk. Gettin' close to Weezy status though! Kanye cruises a bit before making another ollie attempt ... getting praise from onlookers. But he tells 'em to hold their props for his "weak ass" tricks. It's big air or bust around these parts, apparently, for Yeezy.

Self-deprecating humor at its finest. Gotta love it.

Diddy Kim's Death Hurts But, I Gotta Keep Going

12/3/2018 1:33 PM PST

Diddy is doing his best to keep it together in the aftermath of Kim Porter's sudden death while taking on the role of dad and mom for their kids ... and he tells us the encouragement from his fans is fueling his new grind. 

We got Diddy out Monday afternoon in Los Angeles after he took his kids to school and hiked Runyon ... and the music mogul said he's just taking things day by day. Diddy tells us he's doing his best to stay positive and take care of his fam.

Diddy's phone battery died on his hike and he forgot where he parked, but ya can't blame him. He's got a lot on his mind, and rightfully so. It's been less than 3 weeks since Kim died at her home.

But, it wasn't all bad for Diddy. Our photog hooked him up with a ride and a charge, and he eventually found his car. 

People helping people.  

Conor McGregor Clowns Speeding Punishment ... Meet My New Driver!

11/29/2018 11:01 AM PST
Breaking News

Conor McGregor is taking his punishment for a speeding incident in Ireland very seriously, showing a ton of remorse and ... JUST KIDDING, CONOR DOESN'T GIVE A FOOK ABOUT YOUR PUNISHMENTS!!!

Just a day after The Notorious One had his driving privileges in Ireland revoked for doin' 95 MPH in a 60 ... Conor joked about the whole ordeal with his adorable baby.

McGregor and little Conor hit the driveway in the baby's electric Mercedes ... and Conor giggled happily, joking, "I've found my new driver."

Conor's been pretty Teflon to everything that goes bad in his life these days ... and the loss of a driver's license for 6 months plus a measly $1,100 fine doesn't look like it's changin' a thing. 

BTW ... now that Conor's car-less -- he's got some extra time on his hands to keep his training up ... and he's even making that a family affair too!

'Avengers' Star Sebastian Stan Strips Down for Nude Scooter Ride

11/28/2018 12:10 PM PST

Here's something you don't see every day ... 2 movie stars riding bare-ass nekkid on a scooter -- but when ya do, it sure makes for a good day.

Sebastian Stan -- who plays Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier in the 'Avengers' flicks -- and Irish actress Denise Gough busted out their birthday suits Wednesday morning and hopped on the scooter to cruise through Athens. It's not a dare or a drunken escapade ... they're just filming for the upcoming movie, "Monday."

Check out the gallery ... Sebastian and Denise seem totally at ease riding in the nude. So, they're either great actors or kinda freaky. Or both. They're definitely not shy.

We don't know what the movie's plot is all about, but suddenly ... we LOVE Mondays.

Princess Beatrice Royal Ride Is ... An Uber!!!

11/19/2018 12:40 AM PST

Some members of the British Royal Family are just like you ... because Princess Beatrice used a ride-sharing app to whisk her away from the airport. 

We got Princess Beatrice on Friday at LAX after flying in from across the pond ... and, we gotta admit, it was a bit shocking when she hailed an Uber.  

Of course, this was no uberX ... Fergie and Andrew's daughter got picked up in a Lexus Hybrid. Regardless, it's nothing like the transportation available to her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth

Props to Beatrice for grabbing the Uber on her own and opening the car door without waiting for the driver, who apparently had no clue he was picking up royalty.  

Beatrice tells us she's in L.A. on business, and it didn't take long for her to get a taste of what the common passenger deals with at one of America's busiest airports ... because she had to walk to another terminal to find her ride!

Turns out, getting an Uber from LAX is confusing for everyone. 

Playboy Model Aubrey Evans Blowin' Gaskets ... In a Thong, On Vintage Car

11/7/2018 7:55 AM PST

Playboy model Aubrey Evans introduced her fantastic physique to an exquisite antique -- and we're pretty sure she'd make the classic car overheat.

Aubrey was rocking a black lace bra and heels this week for a photo shoot in Malibu. Plenty to be jealous of here -- the sweet, sweet ride ... Aubrey herself ... or the amazing beach and sunshine. Gotta love Novembers in SoCal, baby!  

The next time you hear someone whining about gas guzzling cars, remember these pics. Sorry, but hot chicks leaning on a Nissan Leaf just ain't the same. Thank you, Henry Ford ... and thank you, Aubrey.

Mostly Aubrey.

George Clooney Donates His Harley to Help Vets ... Amal Should Be Happy

11/5/2018 1:48 PM PST
Exclusive Details

George Clooney is doing an awesome thing to raise money for veterans -- giving up one of his prized Harleys -- and it might also happen to make his wife happy ... in other words, it's a win-win for George!  

Homes For Our Troops, the non-profit group working with George, tells TMZ ... George and good friend Jake Tapper have been planning the motorcycle donation for a month, and the ride will be auctioned off to raise funds to build homes for severely injured vets. 

The eBay auction page makes reference to Amal Clooney wanting to get her husband off motorbikes for good ... ever since George was hospitalized in a scary scooter crash in Italy.

George somehow walked away from the accident with bruises, but no broken bones -- which is crazy, considering he went flying nearly 20 feet into the air.  

As for the Hog ... it's one of George's newest, a limited edition 2017 FLHTX with a mere 25 miles and a retail price of about $28k. The auction is already live and the winner gets to pick up the bike in L.A. ... and get it signed by George!  

Matt Damon My Pants Are On Fire!!!

10/26/2018 10:15 AM PDT

Matt Damon's getting lit on the set of his latest movie ... no, really. Dude was set on fire.

Matt's jumpsuit was set ablaze -- the back of it, anyway -- while filming scenes of his new flick "Ford v. Ferrari" at a private airport outside of L.A. You can see a stunt coordinator apply the final touches on Matt's neck, back and ass.

Matt -- who plays the late race car driver/designer, Carroll Shelby -- then jumps into his classic whip before he and the car burst into flames. Matt, of course, was all good. He later gives 2 thumbs up. That's Hollywood magic, baby. 

Should be a cool movie ... Matt's character is assigned to design a Ford car that can beat Enzo Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans World Championship. Spoiler alert: Ford beats Ferrari.

Alex Rodriguez Check Out My Pimped Out Jeep ... with Cigar Humidor

10/26/2018 6:11 AM PDT

Alex Rodriguez was rollin' around L.A. in style on Thursday -- hitting up Bev Hills in a custom Jeep made by the "Pimp My Ride" crew ... and he gave us an inside look right on the street!!!

A-Rod's 2018 Jeep Wrangler was customized by West Coast Customs as part of a Celebrity Customs challenge (yeah, XZIBIT was there) -- and it's SIIIICK. 

It even features a functional cigar humidor right on the center console. 

There's more ... it also features a custom grille, giant 26" Forgiato wheels, LED lighting, an iPad Pro embedded on the dash, souped-up wheels and tires and a nightclub-quality sound system.

Not too shabby!

We also asked Alex -- who was headed to Mastros to host a D'USSE dinner for his FOX colleagues -- to help break down the World Series ... and tell us if he REALLY thinks the Dodgers have a chance at a comeback.

But really, this clip is all about the car. 

Alicia Keys to Swizz Beatz Check Out Your New Zoom Zoom Zoom ... For 40th Birthday!!!

10/20/2018 7:26 AM PDT

Alicia Keys pulled off an awesome birthday surprise for her hubby, Swizz Beatz, 40th birthday. 

The video is pretty fantastic ... Alicia hushes our photog so he doesn't blow the moment, and then Swizz appears with a blindfold firmly secured.

Swizz thought she was taking him to a special restaurant, but in fact they were at World of Wheels, where Swizz had been eyeing a super sweet 2019 Aston Martin Vantage. The cheapest you can get it is $150k.

Check out the surprise ... he's lovin' it. 

He apparently had a bum arm and it was hurting bad enough his first drive was to the hospital to get it checked out. 

Happy birthday!!!

Jerry Seinfeld I've Got a Great New Idea ... Comedians Riding on Scooters!!!

10/16/2018 10:30 AM PDT

We all know Jerry Seinfeld takes his love for cars quite seriously -- and, apparently, he feels the same way about luxury scooters too. Can ya tell?

The comic was in NYC Tuesday getting ready to take a ride on a spiffy looking Lambretta -- the Italian-scooter that rivals Vespa, kinda like Ford vs. GM. Jerry must've been on one hell of a mission, 'cause he looked super serious -- the scarf and helmet look is working for him.

Normally, Jerry likes to go 4 wheels ... especially for his hit show, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." As far as we can tell, he hasn't taken a fellow comedian out for a scooter ride. It'd spark a great convo though.

Jerry famously owns more than 100 vintage and exotic cars -- mostly Porsches. Nothing wrong with diversifying your portfolio. 

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