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WWE's X-Pac Chyna Getting In Hall of Fame with D-Generation X ... 'It's a Win!'

2/19/2019 12:41 PM PST

WWE legend X-Pac understands why people are upset Chyna is going into the WWE Hall of Fame as a part of D-Generation X ... and not individually ... but he insists it's still a VICTORY for her. 

"I totally understand where they're coming from," Sean Waltman tells TMZ Sports ... "Of course, she deserves to go in by herself."

But, Waltman -- who was engaged to Chyna in real life in 2003 -- says the WWE only has a limited number of people they can induct each year, and he believes they're doing the best they can. 

WWE announced on Monday the main members of DX (as a group) will be included in the H.O.F.  class of 2019. Meaning, Chyna will be enshrined with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and, of course, X-Pac. 

But, a swell of wrestling fans feel Chyna was such an important figure in WWE -- the first and only WWE intercontinental champion -- that she shouldn't have to share the honor with anyone. 

X-Pac says he understands the frustration -- but says Chyna would still be thrilled with the honor. 

"I hope that the people who think this about her are still grateful that she's going in, because this is a win and sometimes we should take the win."

As for himself, X-Pac says he's grateful to be included -- and can't wait to get the gang back together!!!

Chyna -- real name Joanie Laurer -- passed away in 2016. She was only 46. 

Don Newcombe Dodgers Legend Dead at 92

2/19/2019 11:06 AM PST
Breaking News

Dodgers legend Don Newcombe -- one of the most important black athletes in MLB history -- died Tuesday morning after battling an undisclosed "lengthy illness," the Dodgers confirmed. He was 92. 

Newcombe started off as a star pitcher in the Negro Leagues -- before making his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1949. 

Once in the Big Leagues, Don was a STUD -- racking up 17 wins while leading MLB in shutouts. He also pitched 32 consecutive scoreless innings. He also won Rookie of the Year. 

Along with Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella and Larry Doby, Newcombe was among the first 4 black players to make the All-Star game. He was named an All Star 3 more times during his career. 

"Don Newcombe's presence and life established him as a role model for major leaguers across the country," Dodgers president Stan Kasten said in a statement. 

"He was a constant presence at Dodger Stadium and players always gravitated to him for his endless advice and leadership. The Dodgers mean everything to him and we are all fortunate he was part of our lives."

The Dodgers consider him one of the greatest pitchers in team history -- and for good reason. 

He won the National League MVP and Cy Young in 1956 ... the same year he led the league in wins. He also led MLB in strikeouts in 1951. 

Newcombe took a hiatus from pro baseball in 1952 and 1953 to serve in the Korean War. 

In 2013, he talked about his service to USA Today saying, "I served my country. I was going to fight for my country and my flag if I was asked. I didn't dodge bullets, but I'm proud of my contribution."

Back in 2010, Barack Obama credited Newcombe -- along with Jackie Robinson -- with helping to change America for the better. 

"I would not be here if it were not for Jackie and it were not for Don Newcombe," Obama said. 


Ex-NFL Player Shot and Killed In Parking Spot Dispute

2/19/2019 5:58 AM PST
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A former NFL player -- who was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks -- was shot to death Sunday morning ... and cops say it was all over an argument over a parking spot. 

46-year-old T.J. Cunningham was a wide receiver and defensive back at the University of Colorado back in the early '90s -- and was selected in the 6th round of the 1996 NFL Draft. 

But, cops say he was killed near Eaglecrest High School in Colorado after fighting with a neighbor over a parking spot. 

Officials say Cunningham and 31-year-old Marcus Johnson -- who lives across the street from Cunningham -- agreed to meet near the high school to settle the beef, but Johnson brought a gun. Cops say Cunningham did NOT have a firearm. 

Ultimately, cops say Cunningham was shot multiple times and died from his wounds. Johnson has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree attempted murder. Cops say they also found the gun. 

Cunningham is survived by his wife and 5 children. A GoFundMe page has already been set up to help out his family. 

Cunningham played in 9 games for the Seahawks before suffering a career-ending knee injury. 

V-J Day Kissing Sailor Dead at 95

2/18/2019 9:25 AM PST
Breaking News

The Navy sailor who passionately kissed a woman to celebrate the end of World War II -- captured by a photographer in what's easily one of the most iconic images in American history -- has died.

The sailor, George Mendonsa, died Sunday at age 95 after falling and suffering a seizure at an assisted living facility in Middletown, Rhode Island. George's daughter told the Providence Journal her father was living at the facility with his wife of more than 70 years.

The woman George kissed was Greta Zimmer Friedman ... a dental assistant. The pic, snapped by Alfred Eisenstaedt, was taken in Times Square on August 14, 1945, after Japan surrendered to the U.S.

As for what compelled George to kiss a perfect stranger ... George told CBS News, "The excitement of the war bein' over, plus I had a few drinks. So when I saw the nurse I grabbed her and kissed her."

Greta -- who died in 2016 at the age of 92 -- said, "I did not see him approaching, and before I know it I was in this tight grip." George said the kiss didn't last long.

The photog said he snapped 4 pics in 10 seconds ... symbolizing the end of WWII.

Lee Radziwill Jackie Kennedy's Sister Dead at 85

2/16/2019 7:19 AM PST

Lee Radziwill, the sister of Jackie Kennedy who was a world famous socialite ... has died.

Radziwill -- whose daughter-in-law, Carole Radziwill, is a cast member on "Real Housewives of New York" -- died Friday at her home in New York City.

Jackie and Lee were the most famous sisters in the world in the early '60s. She went by Princess Lee Radziwill. The title was bestowed when she married Polish aristocrat, Prince Stanislaw Albrecht Radziwill.  

The joke in the U.S. for years was that Lee wasn't really a princess, or if she was no one knew the country associated with the title. Gilda Radner famously mused as Roseanne Rosannadanna on 'SNL' that no one knew what she was princess of.

Lee circulated in high society, with friends that included Truman Capote, Rudolf Nureyev and Andy Warhol.  

Lee and Jackie were extremely competitive growing up, and Lee often said it was hard for her to measure up to the future First Lady. She recounted in her autobiography her dad favored Jackie, adding, "That was very clear to me but I didn't resent it because I understood he had reason to."  

Lee was married 3 times. Her third husband was film director Herbert Ross

Lee had 2 children.

She was 85.


Cardi B & Meek Mill Outrage Over Inmate's Death ... Prison Releases Details

2/15/2019 2:49 PM PST

The death of Anthony Myrie, a NY state prison inmate, has become a cause celebre -- with Cardi B and Meek Mill suggesting a cover-up -- which is forcing the prison to release new details about the mystery.

New York Department of Corrections spokesperson Thomas Mailey tells TMZ ... the death of Anthony Myrie on February 11 at the Greene Correctional Facility near Albany "appears to be consistent with sudden cardiac arrest."

Mailey says the prison typically doesn't provide facts about an ongoing investigation, but it's making an exception due to "the abundance of misinformation in circulation."

After news of Myrie's death came out ... Cardi and Meek both shared a message from Myrie's family, alleging prison guards may have been responsible for hurting him. They also accused prison officials of lying about where his body was being held to "buy time to cover this up."

According to Mailey ... Myrie was involved in a 3-on-1 fight with other inmates, but officers broke it up without using force. Mailey says Myrie was examined after the incident and the medical staff found no injuries.

However, Mailey says Myrie complained of chest pain shortly afterward while he was waiting to be interviewed by prison staff. When they took him back to the medical unit, he collapsed ... "unconscious and unresponsive."

He was given emergency medical services by the staff before being transferred to Albany Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

According to the prison's statement, preliminary autopsy results show he had no body trauma and "the cause of death appears to be consistent with sudden cardiac arrest."

Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio Demolished ... Preservation Effort Fails

2/11/2019 11:01 AM PST

Debbie Reynolds' famous dance studio, where tons of celebs rehearsed over the last 4 decades, isn't recognizable anymore -- because it's a giant pile of rubble now. 

The building that housed Debbie Reynolds' Legacy Studios was torn down over the weekend ... and as you can see, all that remains on the North Hollywood site are mounds of bricks. 

It's a super sad ending for a dance studio frequented by tons of A-listers ... Debbie opened the place in 1979, and it's where celebs like Michael Jackson, Cher, Bette Midler, Mariah Carey, Usher, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John rehearsed.

As we reported ... Todd Fisher, Debbie's son, planned on turning the building into a museum after she died of a stroke. Unfortunately, Todd's vision never materialized and in October the building was sold at auction.

A petition to get the building historical landmark status recently failed, allowing the new owners to move forward with the demolition. 

Angela Simmons' Ex Sutton Shot 13 Times in Driveway ... Autopsy Reveals

2/11/2019 8:01 AM PST

Angela Simmons' ex-fiance went down in a hail of bullets when he was murdered ... TMZ has learned.

We knew Sutton Tennyson was shot multiple times back in November, but now his autopsy reveals the exact number of fatal shots was 13 ... to his chest, stomach, legs and arms. The Fulton County Medical Examiner says 3 of the shots did an "enormous amount of damage" to his heart ... piercing several chambers of the organ.

Other shots were lodged in Sutton's lungs, and pierced his stomach and spleen. Nine of the shots penetrated his body, and 4 only cut or grazed him. 

As we reported, Sutton -- the father of Angela's 2-year-old son -- was in his Atlanta driveway when he got into an argument with Michael Williams, who cops say opened fire, then fled in a car. Witnesses told police the men were arguing about money.

Police ID'd Williams from his car's license plate. Although he turned himself in, and was indicted for murder last week ... he's denied pulling the trigger.

'Stargate' Actor Carmen Argenziano Dead at 75

2/10/2019 2:31 PM PST

Carmen Argenziano -- who's perhaps best known from "Stargate SG-1" -- has died ... TMZ has learned. 

Argenziano passed away Sunday, according to his personal appearance agency, Event Horizon Talent. His agent, who books him for conventions, confirms to TMZ that Argenziano had, in fact, died ... but the circumstances of his death remain unclear for now.  

The Pennsylvania-born actor has starred in tons of TV shows and movies over the course of his 5-decade career, including "The Rockford Files," "Lou Grant," "Heartbeat," "Booker," "L.A. Law," "Melrose Place," "Sisters," "CSI: NY," "The Young and the Restless" and, of course, 'SG-1' ... where he played Jacob Carter from 1998 to 2005. 

Argenziano also has lots of smaller roles in big productions like "Columbo," "Police Story," "The Godfather: Part II," "CHiPs," "The Greatest American Hero," "The A-Team," "Cheers," "Crime & Punishment," "ER," "Walker, Texas Ranger," "House" ... and many, many more. The man has 227 acting credits to his name on IMDb. 

Argenziano is survived by his children.

He was 75.


'What Are Those' Meme Creator Accidentally OD'd Cocaine, Ecstasy, Codeine Found in His System

2/10/2019 12:40 AM PST

Brandon Moore -- the man who created the viral "what are those" meme --  died after a night of ingesting a bunch of drugs, including cocaine and ecstasy ... TMZ has learned.

According to the Contra Costa County Coroner's report ... the exact cause of death was polypharmacy -- meaning he died as a result of ingesting multiple drugs. The coroner says Moore's blood tested positive for cocaine, morphine, codeine, methamphetamines and ecstasy.

What's more ... the report says Moore's wife, Noonie, told authorities he drank and possibly ingested cocaine the night before he was found dead. According to the report, there's no evidence to suggest Moore ingested the drugs with the intent to harm himself ... and lists the death as an accidental overdose.

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As we reported ... Brandon's wife told us his heart stopped while he was sleeping in their Northern California home ... and now we know why.

The internet comedian, known as Young Busco, made a huge splash in 2015 after mocking a police officer's shoes as a joke. You'll recall, while his friend was being arrested, Brandon joked about the cop's clunky boots, saying, "What are those?"

The meme caught fire online ... and the catchphrase even appeared in "Black Panther." Michael Jordan was also jokingly asked, "What are those?" during a Q&A session at a basketball camp.

Brandon, who was a father of 9, was 31.

'Y&R' Star Kristoff St. John Will Be Buried Next to His Son

2/9/2019 12:02 PM PST

Kristoff St. John will be laid to rest next to his late son ... sources close to the family tell TMZ.

"The Young and the Restless" star will be buried at Valley Oaks Memorial Park in Westlake Village, California ... in a plot right beside the grave of Julian St. John, who tragically died by suicide in 2014.

We're told Kristoff's autopsy has been performed and his body's been released to the family, but it's unclear when his funeral will be held. His cause of death is still unknown.

We broke the story ... one of the actor's friends found his body at his San Fernando Valley home Sunday. Paramedics pronounced St. John dead at the scene but said there was no foul play ... though one source tells us alcohol may have been a factor.

We were also told Kristoff had checked himself into UCLA Medical Center in January for depression issues ... and had just been released a few days before his death.

His depression was linked in part to his son's suicide. Kristoff was hospitalized and placed under psychiatric evaluation after allegedly threatening to kill himself with a gun in 2017, right around the 2-year anniversary of Julian's death.

Kristoff was 52.

Pop/Rock Singer Kyle Yorlets 5 Children Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Him

2/9/2019 8:01 AM PST

Cops have arrested 5 juveniles who allegedly shot and killed pop/rock singer Kyle Yorlets.

Cops say the children were attempting to steal the 24-year-old singer's car and shot him after he refused to turn over his keys.

The children range in age from 12 to 16.

Police say the 5 children were in a pickup truck in an alley behind Kyle's home when they saw him and allegedly decided to steal his car. They didn't get the car but did get his wallet. Kyle, who was dying from the wound, somehow made it inside his home. One of his roommates found him sometime later.

The eerie profile picture on Kyle's Facebook page was updated on January 21 with a bitmoji with his hands up in the air and labeled, "Guess I'll die."  

Kyle was the lead singer in the band Carverton. He had a side job as a bartender in Nashville.

A GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for his funeral. So far, it's raised nearly $27,000.


Albert Finney Dead at 82

2/8/2019 6:14 AM PST

Five-time Oscar nominee Albert Finney has died.

A family spokesman said the actor died after a short, undisclosed illness. Finney had kidney cancer back in 2011, but it's unclear if it was related to his death.

Finney was at the forefront of a British invasion of sorts ... a wave of British actors who hit the big screen in the '60s in the U.S.

The actor received Oscar noms -- Best Supporting Actor for "Erin Brockovich," and Best Actor in "Under the Volcano," "The Dresser," "Murder on the Orient Express," and the titular role in "Tom Jones." He didn't win, but 5 nominations are pretty impressive. He did nab a Golden Globe and an Emmy for the 2002 miniseries, "The Gathering Storm."

Finney started his career onstage doing "Shakespeare," and his first movie -- "The Entertainer" -- hit big in 1960. That same year, he rose to fame playing Arthur in "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning."

He played the iconic role, Ebenezer Scrooge, in the 1970s film "Scrooge" ... for which he also won a Golden Globe.

Finney's most recent acting role was 2012's "Skyfall." He also had notable roles in the 'Bourne' franchise and "Big Fish."

His family says he passed away peacefully with friends and family by his side.

Finney was married 3 times and had 1 son.

The actor was 82. RIP.

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