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San Francisco Giants Willie McCovey Dead at 80

10/31/2018 5:32 PM PDT
Breaking News

San Francisco Giants legend and Hall of Fame first baseman Willie McCovey has died.

McCovey, who played 19 seasons for the Giants and is one of the franchise's most beloved players, passed away peacefully Wednesday at Stanford Hospital after battling ongoing health issues. 

Willie played for the Giants from 1959-73 and was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1986. 

The first baseman was one baseball's most feared hitters during the 1960s and '70s, and his 521 home runs are still tied for 20th on MLB's all-time list.

Willie was a 6-time All-Star and the 1969 National League MVP. His 18 career grand slams are the most in NL history. 

The Giants retired Willie's No. 44 and he has a statue outside the club's ballpark.

When the Giants started playing at AT&T Park in 2000, the area beyond right field was dubbed McCovey Cove, an homage to the many homers he belted to right field during his playing days.

Willie was 80. RIP. 

David Eckstein Barry Bonds Deserves HOF ... Despite PED Scandal

9/17/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Barry Bonds will be the first MLB player entrenched in baseball's PED scandal to make the Hall of Fame ... and he won't be the last -- so says former World Series MVP David Eckstein.  

Eckstein managed to have a great career despite playing in the thick of the steroid era -- he was never implicated or tested positive for anything ... as clean as they come. 

So, how does he feel about the possibility of juicers like Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens and others possibly being enshrined in baseball's holiest shrine? 

Doesn't seem like he's THAT opposed to it. 

"That will start with Bonds ... because Bonds was a Hall of Famer before this stuff. So, I think he'll be the first one," Eckstein says. 

"I think at some point in time, when the older writers [who vote for the HOF] get out and the younger writers get in, I think at some point in time, you might see these guys get in."

Still ... David isn't holding a grudge (dude did beat Barry for one of his World Series rings) -- and says, ultimately, Bonds deserves a bronze bust one day.

"Bonds was a Hall of Famer prior [to PEDs]," David says. "We'll see. I mean, who knows? You just wish no one ever did it." 

MLB's Derek Holland Apologizes ... For Offensive Asian Impression

8/23/2018 4:30 PM PDT
Breaking News

Derek Holland has issued an apology for doing an insensitive Asian impression on an MLB talk show ... saying, "It's embarrassing what I did."

The San Francisco Giants pitcher went on MLB Network's "Intentional Talk" on Wednesday and brought along Giants staffer Haro Ogawa to be his "hype man."

Yet throughout the interview ... Holland solely used Haro as a prop for the offensive jokes ... including using an Asian accent and several martial arts-style bows.

After the Giants' win over the Mets on Thursday, Holland apologized vehemently for the offensive bit.

"I want to be held accountable for everything I've done and caused with all of this," Holland said.

"It's embarrassing what I did. I was just trying to have some fun. Haro and I just entertaining and just trying to take it to a different level and make the interview a little more exciting and I obviously crossed the line with that."

"Whatever I have to do to take care of the situation, I will do it."

Holland -- who also said he apologized personally to Ogawa and Japanese bullpen catcher Taira Uematsu -- made sure to tell reporters the act was solely his idea.

"I want to make sure that it’s clear that that’s all on me,” the pitcher says.

MLB's Evan Longoria New Team ... Same Smokin' Hot Playmate Wife

12/20/2017 2:34 PM PST

Getting traded can be tough ... but don't feel bad for MLB star Evan Longoria -- 'cause his smokin' hot, Playboy model wife is coming with him to San Francisco!

Meet Jaime Edmondson ... January 2010 Playmate of the Month and better half of the other famous Longoria, a 3-time All-Star with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Jaime's resumé might be even more impressive -- she's also a 2-time "The Amazing Race" competitor, former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and police officer AND current full-time mom to 4-year-old Elle ... her and Longo's first kid.

The Giants just got a lot better -- and so did their WAGs club.

Jay Z Sued You Can't Use 'ROC NATION' Logo!!

5/1/2017 2:36 PM PDT

Yes, you read that right ... Jay Z is getting sued for slapping the logo for "ROC NATION" -- his company -- on a bunch of Major League Baseball apparel.

Sounds bizarre, but Iconix Brand Group says Jay does NOT own the logo anymore. In docs obtained by TMZ, Iconix says it paid a whopping $204 million for it, and therefore has control over where the logo pops up ... especially when it comes to merchandise.

Iconix has beef with the ROC logo appearing on MLB hats, shirts, hoodies, etc -- a deal it says it never approved. It's not only suing Jay, but also MLB, Roc NationNew EraLids and the San Francisco Giants

The company is suing all of the above for at least $10 million and other damages. We've reached out to Jay Z, so far no word back.

Iconix also owns and manages the Ed Hardy, Joe Boxer and Marc Ecko logos. 

S.F. Giants Rookies Cross-Dressing Hazing Hit the Club Dressed as Girls

9/19/2016 6:15 AM PDT

Here we go again ... another MLB club hazing the rookies by making them hit an L.A. nightclub dressed as women. This time, it's the San Francisco Giants

TMZ Sports has footage of rookie pitchers Derek Law and Albert Suarez at Hyde on the Sunset Strip -- in backless dresses with wigs. 

The guys seemed to have fun doing it ... but the cross-dressing hazing has been under fire from certain LGBT orgs for a while which say the practice sends a dangerous message to kids. 

In the past, everyone from the Oakland As to the Miami Marlins have taken part in cross-dressing hazing. 

FYI, the NY Mets found a different way to haze their rookies last year -- sending them out dressed as male superheroes in full costume. 

San Francisco Giants Sued Cart vs. Fan Collision ... At Beyonce Concert

8/8/2016 7:26 AM PDT

A woman claims she got run over by an electric cart at AT&T Stadium during a Beyonce show ... and she's pointing the finger at the S.F. Giants. 

It all went down in 2014 -- Jay Z and Beyonce were headlining the "On the Run" tour ... when Sateja Parulekar says she was mowed down by a staffer zipping around the venue on an electric cart. 

Parulekar says she suffered serious injuries in the crash -- and is holding the Giants and Live Nation responsible (she claims the driver was a Live Nation employee). 

In her lawsuit, filed in San Fran, Parulekar says San Francisco Giants Enterprises is responsible for operating the ballpark -- even during non-baseball events -- and should've been more careful with cart safety.

The woman is demanding unspecified damages. So far, no comment from the Giants.  

MLB Star Pablo Sandoval Drops $200,000 On Pimp'd Out Range Rover

12/7/2014 12:35 AM PST

Pablo Sandoval's sick car collection just got $200,000 sicker ... 'cause the S.F. Giants super star just tricked out his brand new Range Rover ... and TMZ Sports has the footage. 

Sandoval took his '14 Avorza Range Rover Sport to The Auto Firm in Miami ... where they hooked it up with a Lumma wide body kit and 22-inch Avorza AV7 rims.  

We spoke with Auto Firm honcho Alex Vega -- who's done work for stars like Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez -- who tells us Sandoval owns several Range Rovers ... but wanted this one to stand out. 

Check out the clip of Sandoval seeing his ride for the first time -- you can tell he's fired up ... and says it's his "favorite" of all his whips.

SF Giants Star Jake Peavy Turning Cable Car ... Into Mobile Bar!!!!

11/10/2014 12:45 AM PST

San Francisco Giants pitcher Jake Peavy is in the process of buying an authentic S.F. cable car to commemorate the big win ... and he's planning to turn it INTO A BAR ... TMZ Sports has learned.

How cool is that!?

We spoke with Jake's brother Luke Peavy, who tells us the whole thing is still a "work in progress" -- but they've already got the plans drawn out.

Here's the deal ... the Peavy family owns a 5,000-acre estate in Alabama called Southern Falls Plantation -- and the goal is to ship the cable car over to the property.

"Once it's in 'Bama, it will be turned into a mobile bar in Southern Falls," Luke tells us.

So, to make this clear ... if you're on the property, THE BAR WILL COME TO YOU!!!!

No word on when the Peavy's plan to have the bar in operation -- but the family is super-charging the process to get it done ASAP.


Madison Bumgarner Hey Jimmy Fallon ... Here's a Pair of My Undies!

11/4/2014 7:37 AM PST

Jimmy Fallon tried on Madison Bumgarner's underwear on live TV last night ... and it was hilarious. 

The World Series hero appeared on "The Tonight Show" -- armed with a gift for the talk show host ... a pair of the "Mad Bum" undies that Jockey started making in Bumgarner's honor. 

FYI -- the undies have quickly become collector's items ... since Jockey only made 2,000 pairs to commemorate the pitcher's historic World Series performance. 

Fallon was pumped about his new drawers ... and tried 'em on right on the set. 

Bumgarner couldn't have been prouder.

Cedric the Entertainer Giants Owe Kim K. & Kanye West Big ... For World Series Win

10/30/2014 3:25 PM PDT

Madison Bumgarner is getting all the credit, but Cedric the Entertainer says the San Francisco Giants had 2 other World Series MVPs -- Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

TMZ Sports spotted the comedian in Calabasas and he admitted he was pulling for the Kansas City Royals ... since the Giants whupped his beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

But Ced is buying into the not-so-widely held theory that Kimye was a good luck charm for San Fran ... considering they got engaged at AT&T Park last year and also attended the Giants' Game 5 victory in SF.

Watch Cedric explain why Kim's the queen of good luck -- gotta love a good backhanded compliment!

San Fran Police: 40 TOTAL ARRESTS 2 People Shot in World Series Madness

10/30/2014 12:22 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

The stats are in from the chaotic World Series madness in San Francisco, according to the SFPD, and it's pretty shocking: 

-- 40 total arrests
-- 9 police cars damaged
-- 3 officers injured
-- 2 people shot

We're told 29 of the arrests were for public intoxication.

As for the shootings ... the details are minimal, but we're told they both stemmed from the madness that ensued in S.F. after the Giants beat the Royals.

We're told both people who were shot are alive.

In the cases of the injured officers, we're told all 3 were hospitalized with injuries caused by flying glass bottles.

One officer suffered a "severe laceration" to the hand. Another was struck in the shoulder. And the third officer had an arm-wound.

The SF Fire Dept. also had a busy night -- putting out makeshift bonfires all over the city.

Good times.

Madison Bumgarner Hometown to Declare 'Madison Bumgarner Day'

10/30/2014 12:02 PM PDT

SF Giants hero Madison Bumgarner is about to get his OWN DAY in the town where he grew up ... with officials telling TMZ Sports there's even talk of a parade to honor the World Series MVP. 

We spoke with an official from Caldwell County, N.C. -- population just over 80,000 -- who tells us Madison is the talk of the town ... everyone is so proud of their hometown hero after his legendary pitching performance against the Royals. 

In fact, plans are already in motion to determine which day of the year will become "Madison Bumgarner Day."

We're told the only thing holding up the date selection is Madison's schedule -- because officials want to select a day when Madison is in town. 

Officials tell us there are talks of throwing a parade in Madison's honor -- but those plans are not set in stone yet. 

We reached out to Madison -- but as you can imagine, he's a pretty busy guy today. 

Meantime, officials have already put up a billboard to honor Madison. 

Pretty cool, right? 

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