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Pete Davidson What a Beast ... On His Arm

3/8/2019 7:35 AM PST

Pete Davidson's got some new ink -- no, it's not Kate Beckinsale's initials or a giant portrait of her "Underworld" character on his back ... but it's still pretty majestic.

The 'SNL' star has a forever friend on his forearm now, thanks to a giant tattoo of the legendary mythical beast -- the unicorn.

Pete's pal and Top Shelf Tattoos artist, Ryan Mullins, shared a couple photos earlier this week of the making of the body art ... which appears to be Davidson's biggest tat yet.

It's unclear if Pete will be adding a flash of color to his unicorn, but the black ink version looks pretty impressive as is.

Also unclear if the comedian's tattoo is simply his spirit animal, or it is a secret love message to his latest boo, Beckinsale, but if he's learned anything from his past ... probably not.

Cardi B Gets Lip Pierced ... For Just $25

2/13/2019 5:17 PM PST

Cardi B is proudly showing off a new piercing ... and the tattoo artist who gave it to her had no clue she was a huge celeb!!!

Luis Vega, the owner of City of Angels Tattoos, tells TMZ ... Cardi randomly walked into his shop Monday looking to get her lip pierced. Luis says he didn't know it was Cardi -- amazing, right -- until they started talking. 

It's funny ... Luis thought he recognized CB's face, and initially figured she was just a former client. After Cardi told him she was from New York, Luis told her she looked and sounded like Cardi ... and that's when light bulbs started going off. 

Luis slowly realized he was dealing with an A-lister, but his suspicions weren't confirmed until he poked his head outside and saw Cardi's entourage in a caravan of luxury cars.

As for the piercing ... we're told CB paid a whopping $25. What a steal!!!

Luis has been so inspired by Cardi's visit, he's honoring her the rest of the month with a special $20 piercing for anyone who comes through. 

Ariana Grande Offered Million Dollar Deal For Tattoo Laser Removal

2/2/2019 12:50 AM PST

Ariana Grande might actually have a solution to a seemingly permanent mistake on her hand -- an offer to get it wiped clean -- and make more than a million bucks in the process. 

Grande took tons of heat this week when people noticed some new Japanese ink on her palm. The tat was supposed to say "7 Rings" -- like her new single -- but, when translated, actually said, "Japanese style BBQ grill." Ariana tried to fix the tat by adding characters, but now the tattoo says, "Japanese BBQ finger."

All might not be lost for the "Thank U, Next" singer ... we've learned LaserAway -- a company that specializes in hair and tattoo removal -- sent Ariana a massive offer Friday.

Sources tell us the deal is worth $1.5 mil, minimum.

The deal requires that Ariana participate in one photo/video shoot at a LaserAway location, which will be used in social media, print and viral campaigns. They're also asking Ariana for one post per month for a whole year of LaserAway content. 

The offer letter -- signed by company president, Todd Heckmann -- concludes with, "Thank u, next tiny barbecue grill."

We spoke with Scooter Braun, who said, "I can't speak for Ariana as we have not received this letter, however, if they're willing to send me the offer, I'm sure I'd be happy to get a tattoo and then remove it real quick ... for $1.5 mil. Hopefully, we can make this deal before her album comes out next week -- shameless plug."

NFL's Xavien Howard Tattoo Advice For Ariana Grande ... Here's What Ya Gotta Do!

2/1/2019 3:12 PM PST

Dolphins star Xavien Howard knows a thing or two about tats -- dude's covered!! -- so here's the defensive back imparting his ink wisdom onto Ariana Grande.

The 25-year-old was out at the EA Sports Madden Bowl on Thursday when we broke the news to him that Ariana screwed up her hand tat ... TWICE.

ICYMI ... Grande tried to ink "7 Rings" onto her palm -- but left out a couple characters and got "Japanese BBQ Grill" instead. When she tried to fix it -- it got worse.

You can tell the whole drama pains Howard (something tells us he's been there before) ... but fear not, Ariana -- the NFL star has a plan for how to move on from the tattoo disaster.

"Just get it covered up with something else different. Just forget about the slogan for your album."

Translation ... better say "thank you, next" to this one.

Ariana Grande I Fixed My Japanese Tattoo ... Oops, Maybe Not

1/31/2019 7:22 AM PST

Ariana Grande added a digit to her Japanese tattoo in an attempt to fix a translation faux pas, and the good news is it's slightly better -- but the bad news is it's still wrong. Pretty hilarious.

As we told you ... the "7 Rings" singer copped to messing up her palm tat -- which was meant to spell out the name of her new track, but because the tattoo artist forgot a couple characters, it actually translated to a Japanese style BBQ grill.

Grande shared an updated shot of her ink, though, adding ... "slightly better. thanks to my tutor for helping me fix and to @kanenavasard for being a legend. and to my doctor for the lidocaine shots (no joke). rip tiny charcoal grill. miss u man. I actually really liked u."

But, here's the thing -- Ariana's ink still doesn't say "7 Rings." We're told she added the character for "finger" to it in order to clear things up, but the placement is off. So, it now reads "Japanese BBQ finger."

Not sure if that's better or worse, but Grande's got a history of covering up regrettable tattoos ... so maybe third time will be the charm for her to figure this one out.

Or, maybe it's just time to say thank u, next.

Ariana Grande Give Her a Hand Tat ... Just Make Sure It's Spelled Right

1/30/2019 9:23 AM PST

Ariana Grande should brush up on her Japanese the next time she wants some permanent ink, 'cause she fell victim to a tattoo faux pas that paints her as Japanese BBQ's #1 fan.

AG recently debuted a new tat on the palm of her hand which featured Japanese characters that she thought spelled out "7 Rings" -- the title of her new single.

Unfortunately for her, the tattoo artist who did the job forgot a couple key characters ... and the tat actually reads "shichirin," which translates to Japanese style barbecue grill. Her fans quickly pointed this out and she deleted the photo from her Instagram.

Ari later admitted to the mistake in a since-deleted tweet ... saying she left out the characters, and added, "It hurt like f**k n still looks tight. I wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao. But this spot also peels a ton and won’t last so if I miss it enough I’ll suffer thru the whole thing next time." 

Most importantly, she said, "Also.... huge fan of tiny bbq grills."

Harry Styles My Face is Fit to Be Tatted on Singer's Cheek

1/28/2019 9:24 AM PST

This is NOT what they mean by turn the other cheek -- but a New Zealand-born singer couldn't pass on getting Harry Styles all over her face.

Singer Kelsy Karter carved out some serious real estate on her cheek for an in-your-face tattoo of the former One Direction singer's pretty mug. The 26-year-old called it a birthday gift for Harry, who turns 25 on Friday. Thing is ... it's unclear if she actually knows Harry but one thing's for damn sure -- she's hell-bent on working with him.

The New Zealand singer -- who has dubbed herself the musical female version of Harry -- once reportedly said, "Mark my words: I'm getting a song on his album."

She's so obsessed with Harry, her first post on IG is a video of him performing onstage ... and she just released a song entitled, "Harry."  

Kelsy got the ink work done in L.A. over the weekend and posted the results with the caption, "Mama, look what I made me do." An L.A. artist named Romeo Lacoste did the honors, but c'mon ... Harry's better looking than that!

Tongue in cheek? Maybe, but definitely ink on cheek.   

Cam Newton Gets First-Ever Tattoo On Hand ... No Peeking Allowed!!!

1/17/2019 3:10 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Cam Newton got his first-EVER tattoo earlier this week on his left hand ... but the Carolina Panthers superstar played it cool leaving the shop -- hiding the new ink in his swaggy jacket!!

TMZ Sports has learned Cam hit up Bang Bang Grand in New York City to get the piece done ... and, per a source, the art is engraved somewhere on his non-throwing hand. You can see the bandage in the post-sesh pic he took with his tattoo artist, Bang Bang.

But, the QB ain't ready to show off the work just yet ... and the tattoo shop tells us, "it's not our place to reveal tattoos." 

Still ... Newton getting ink is a big deal -- remember, ex-Panthers owner Jerry Richardson reportedly forbade the QB from ever getting a tat in order to keep up a wholesome image.

But, Cam shot that all down on social media Thursday ... writing, "Big lies! He never said I could not get a tattoo or grow my hair. I was free to do whatever I wanted to do!"

"I should have said something the first time this came out years ago but I can not let this fly this time!"

It all begs the question ... what DID Cam get for his first-ever tat?!?!

Stay tuned ... 

Farrah Abraham Getting Inked Up ... Before The Big Fight

10/20/2018 11:00 AM PDT

Farrah Abraham is making sure she looks her best when she steps into the ring to fight Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander ... we've learned she just got some new ink!

Farrah hit up Faces In The Dark Tattoo parlor in Austin, Texas Friday afternoon to get a microblading procedure ... shop owner Tye Harris tells TMZ, Farrah was in and out in about 30 minutes and the ex-'Teen Mom' star is thrilled with her new look. 

Tattoo and makeup artist Hilary Whitworith did the honors and used a special needle to apply ink to the skin between all the hairs on both of Farrah's eyebrows. 

The needle is dipped in ink -- which is the same pigment as Farrah's hair -- and then applied. The purpose is to make Farrah's brows appear fuller. 

We're told, Farrah will go back to the shop in a few weeks for a routine touch up. 

As we reported ... she's fighting Hoopz for a celebrity boxing match November 10 in Atlantic City.

Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande Ominous Sign ... Matching Tattoos

9/22/2018 7:53 AM PDT

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are doomed ... because they got matching tattoos. 

The tattoo reads, "mille tendresse" -- which translated means "a thousand tendernesses." It's actually from "Breakfast at Tiffany's," when Audrey Hepburn's character blurts out, "Bless you, darling Fred.  Please forgive the other night. You were an angel about the whole thing. Mille tendresse."

Here's the thing ... it was actually Pete who made the tattoo matching, because Ariana got hers back in 2014.  Both tats are on the back of their necks.

BTW ... that's not the only tat that binds the engaged couple. Davidson showed off a new tattoo this week of a baby pig he and Ariana adopted.

Offset's New Tattoo Let's Face It ... I Love Kulture!!!

9/1/2018 11:23 AM PDT

Offset loves playing the name game -- when it comes to tattoos -- and now he's got one on his cheek of his baby girl's name.

The Migos rapper showed off his new ink Saturday ... a giant "Kulture" tat on his face in honor of his daughter with Cardi B.

This isn't a first for Offset -- he's also got a tattoo on the other cheek with his youngest son's name and a big shoulder tat for his oldest son.

Cardi's not left out either ... he got her named inked on his neck earlier this year.

As for the couple's daughter ... we still haven't seen much of Kulture other than her name. Cardi did give us a glimpse of her last week in a pic with Offset ... and also shared a closeup her baby's lips on an Instagram story.

But, that's about it. Still waiting on the big reveal, but for now ... we'll have to settle for tattoos.

Michael Jordan Bulls Fan Gets Epic 'Crying Jordan' Tat

7/27/2018 8:47 AM PDT

The "Crying Jordan" meme will never die ... at least it won't for this dedicated Michael Jordan fan, who got an insanely realistic thigh tattoo of the viral pic!!

TMZ Sports spoke with the artist behind the work, Steve Butcher -- who's known for his unreal sports-themed tattoos --- who says the whole thing took about 10 hours to complete.

Butcher says the person is a MASSIVE Chicago Bulls fan ... and the dude is planning on getting the whole leg inked with Bulls tats.

You've probably seen Butcher's work before ... he worked on a dope Tupac piece for Matt Barnes back in June.

We're told the fan was totally thrilled with the finished product ... and we're assuming it had him crying tears of joy.

Eagles' Corey Clement I Wanna Be Like Mike ... So I Got Him Tatted on My Leg!!

5/4/2018 1:03 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Corey Clement is #30 on the field, but his new body art is all about #23 ... 'cause the Eagles star got a freakishly realistic tat of Michael Jordan on his leg!!

Clement clearly ain't afraid of the needle ... he got tats honoring his Super Bowl win just days after the game -- with an eagle on his forearm and 'SBLII' letters on his neck.

But it's just the beginning for the young RB ... 'cause the dude's following Odell Beckham's lead and getting his whole leg tatted with his favorite legends -- starting with His Airness!!

TMZ Sports spoke with CC's tattoo artist, Dan Czar ... who says he did a private 5-hour tat sesh at Clement's New Jersey home on Thursday.

BTW -- Czar's been blowing up in the sports world ... he's done work on stars like Johnny ManzielJihad Ward and Sidney Jones.

Czar says Corey wants to cover his leg with all his inspirations ... and reveals Jimi Hendrix will be the next addition to the sleeve.

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