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Chief Keef Silent as a Church Mouse ... Over Shooting

6/3/2018 6:51 AM PDT

Chief Keef was mum as hell Saturday at LAX ... refusing to talk about someone who fired a shot at him earlier in the day across the country.

Our photog gently broached the subject ... someone took aim at Keef outside the W Hotel in Times Square around 6 AM Saturday. The shooter missed  ... the bullet struck a hotel sign.

Cops are on the hunt ... they're looking for 2 men. 

Keef's crew did their boss's talking for him, but didn't really clear up the situation.

Keef has beef with Tekashi69.

Nipsey Hussle Shots Fired At Album Release Party

2/18/2018 7:02 AM PST

11:45 AM PT -- Sources close to Nipsey tell TMZ he wasn't present for the shooting. We're told he was performing across town at the Shrine Auditorium for YG's concert, and planned to arrive to his own event afterward. Obviously, that got scratched. Shots were fired at a Nipsey Hussle album release party Saturday night in L.A., and someone got hit.

Someone started shooting in the parking lot outside World on Wheels, a roller skating rink in Venice.  One person was shot in the thigh.

Cops swarmed the area on the ground and in the air.  The shooter got away and police were left high and dry after the victim refused to cooperate. 

The shooting went down at around 11:30 PM.  We're told people inside the roller rink freaked out ... many fearing it was a repeat of what happened Friday in Florida. 

Police didn't see Nipsey after the shooting.  It's unclear if he had already left.

The party was unrelated to NBA All-Star weekend festivities.  It was a celebration of Nipsey's album, "Victory Lap."  

YG Cardi B Gets a Pass from the Crips .. During All Star Weekend

2/11/2018 6:52 AM PST

YG thinks Cardi B gets a pass from the Crips, even though she disrespected them by throwing shade on the color blue.

We got the rapper in WeHo Saturday night leaving Craig's, and he made it clear ...he's got nothing but love for Cardi and thinks she'll be perfectly fine during All Star Weekend.

It's a little weird ... despite his overture of peace next weekend, he yells, "SOO WOO" ... which is a rallying cry for the Bloods.

TMZ broke the story ... Cardi B's been on the receiving end of death threats after her throw down.

Offset Woman Claiming He Impregnated Her She's a Liar and an Extortionist!!!

12/30/2017 10:29 AM PST

Offset is threatening a woman who's been claiming all over social media he got her pregnant ... claiming she's trying to extort him for a fortune ... TMZ has learned.

Cardi B's fiance hired the powerful law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, which sent Celina Powell a no-nonsense cease and desist letter, revealing she has demanded $50k and in return ... she will get an abortion.

The letter goes on to say her claim he got her pregnant is false and that she has made similar false allegations she's hooked up with other celebrities.

The lawyers say Powell's rants on social media have cost Offset great financial harm ... some businesses have pulled the plug on deals he was making with them.

The letter claims she is not only making financial demands as a money grab, she's doing it to increase her social media profile.

The lawyers make it clear ... stop making any further statements about Offset ... or else. 

Ty Dolla $ign Shut Up, People ... I Own the Road

12/30/2017 7:20 AM PST

Ty Dolla $ign thought he was all that Friday night outside a popular West Hollywood club, blocking traffic and ignoring the protestations of angry motorists ... that is, until the cops entered the picture.

Ty rolled up at the Poppy at a snail's pace in his super sweet '64 Chevy Impala, after doing a number with the hydraulics. He turned a deaf ear to the angry motorists surrounding him who were being blocked.

He actually pulled the stunt both when he arrived at Poppy and when he left.

As he was leaving, cops came and in the loudest and sternest way possible ordered him to knock off the antics.

Cardi B, Migos Party Hard in Miami After BET Hip Hop Awards

10/7/2017 8:43 AM PDT

Cardi B looked frickin' amazing after she picked up her BET Hip Hop Award Friday night for Single of the Year.

Cardi went to an after-party at Story Nightclub in Miami to celebrate. All the guys from Migos -- Quavo, Takeoff and Cardi's BF Offset -- were also there to party. We are told the crew ordered more than 10 bottles of Ciroc and Migos performed. 

Check out the whips ... these guys ride in style -- 2 Lambos and a Ferrari.

Cardi also snagged awards for Best New Hop Hop Artist and Hustler of the Year. She was definitely the star of the show.

Meek Mill What a Welcome! Band Turns Up for Rapper's Bahamas Bday

5/6/2017 10:46 AM PDT

Meek Mill received a warm welcome when he stepped off his jet in the Bahamas -- a whole band was there to wish him a happy birthday ... and it was lit!

The rapper flew into Nassau early Saturday morning for the beginning of his birthday weekend -- he just turned 30 -- and was immediately feeling the island grooves. He even got a welcome banner.

Meek's not just celebrating in the Caribbean either ... he's there to put on a few shows on a mini-tour he's calling "MeekEND."

Nothing beats some good, beef-free birthday vibes.

50 Cent My African Mansion Was also BS

3/12/2016 12:30 PM PST

50 Cent is showing no shame in the money game ... now admitting he never had the keys to that house in Africa after all.

The rap star filed legal docs in his bankruptcy case, saying, "I do not, nor have I ever owned, any real property in Africa."  He included a picture of his Instagram post last year touting the mansion he claimed to have owned.

50's trying to prove to creditors he's not hiding assets ... claiming he only makes it appear his lifestyle is super lavish in order to "move the needle" for fans who idolize that "50 Cent" persona.

Blac Chyna Rob and I Have Our Own Song

2/14/2016 3:39 PM PST
Breaking News

Rob Kardashian's relationship with Blac Chyna has now been memorialized in song.

Blac Chyna posted video of a massive art piece she got from Rob ... emblazoned with lyrics from the couple's song, John Legend's "The Beginning."

And if that doesn't tickle your pickle ... he also gifted her more than 100 red roses.

By any other name, it's love.

Kendrick Lamar Receives Key to Compton Mayor Disses Drake

2/14/2016 6:55 AM PST

The sun was shining bright in LA Saturday, but it was decidedly shade in Compton as Mayor Aja Brown presented Kendrick Lamar with the keys to her city ... at Drake's expense. 

The Mayor made it clear ... a key from Compton is way better than one from Toronto, which Drake received Friday. 

She's not the first politician to favor Kendrick over Drake. 

Chris Brown My New Accuser is Just Too Ugly

1/3/2016 7:10 AM PST
Breaking News

Chris Brown has a theory on why the woman claiming he punched her in the eye is making her allegation -- he says it's because she's just too ugly.

Chris posted this video and then deleted it ... putting Liziane Gutierrez in his crosshairs.  As we reported, she claims he brutalized her in a Vegas club ... something he denies.  And, as we reported, she's gone after other celebs like Jason Derulo when she gets pissed off.

Chris also posted this threatening message, "I'm going to be hella rich after all the lawsuits I file from these crazy individuals who keep lying on my name.  Happy NEW YEAR!  Time for some of us to grow the f*** up.

Chris Brown Crowd Swarms Lambo Ragin' Against the Machine

12/19/2015 6:40 AM PST

Chris Brown's crew got into a scuffle Friday night with an out-of-control crowd outside a Hollywood club, with Chris smack in the middle.

Chris went to Argyle nightclub in Hollywood after his concert at the Palladium, and as he left the club in his Lambo someone knocked a cellphone out of the hand of one of Chris' friends.  That was enough to draw a crowd that got unruly as a frustrated Brown tried to drive off.

Just a night in Hollywood.

Al Roker NYC Cab Driver Was Racist!!!

11/23/2015 12:45 PM PST
Breaking News

2:10 PM PT -- The Taxi & Limousine Commission says it's giving the cab driver 2 options: pay a $500 fine or have a hearing where he could possibly have his license suspended up to 30 days.

The same cabbie already paid a $200 fine in May for refusing to pick up someone ... according to the TLC. Al tells us, "I appreciate the TLC's prompt attention to his matter and look forward to a proper resolution."

Al Roker was racially profiled by a NYC cab driver and got so PO'ed about it ... he filed a report with the city's Taxi & Limousine Commission.

Roker says he and his 13-year-old son Nick were trying to hail the cab when it passed them up for a white guy standing on the next block. 

The “Today” weatherman vented on Twitter about how painful it was to explain to his son why the cabbie dissed them. He added ... not all NYC taxi drivers are bad, but he wants to "weed out the bad apples.” 

Roker really hit taxis where it hurts though, by including the plug ... "Wonder why Uber wins?"

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