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Oprah Her 'In My Feelings' Challenge ... Is One for the Ages

1/19/2019 2:53 PM PST

Oprah's a little late to the Drake party, but she's got her own take on his viral dance challenge that'll definitely have you feeling some type of way ... weak with laughter.

O was doing a photo shoot this weekend for the new cover of February's Oprah Magazine issue, and it looks like there'll be a spread that captures some of her best dance moves to "In My Feelings."

Her official Oprah Magazine IG account even had a message for Drizzy ... "#Drake, we think it's time to remix #InMyFeelings to, 'Op-rah, do you love me? Are you riding?'" 

Her version is certainly a lot safer than other people's spin on it, and perhaps unsurprisingly ... Oprah's got some killer moves in the old tool belt! 

No official word from Drake yet, but ya know he's gotta be loving the huge plug from O herself. #ScorpionSZN continues it seems ... even 6 months later.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Lil Jon, Jermaine Dupri Involved ... Says Jazze Pha

1/17/2019 12:20 AM PST

Two more huge names are helping out with the Super Bowl 53 halftime show -- Lil Jon and Jermaine Dupri -- this according to mega-producer Jazze Pha

Pha is a producing legend who's from ATL and is one of the most plugged-in people in town -- and when we saw him at LAX, he told us he had just come back from halftime show rehearsals. 

The big bombshell here ... Pha strongly suggests Lil Jon and J.D. are now a part of the show -- but he wasn't specific about what their roles will be. 

"I think Lil Jon and Jermaine Dupri and everybody gonna make it hot," Pha says ... "They gonna make it live. Maybe I let the cat outta the bag, I don't know!"

The issue ... there are huge stars calling for African-Americans to boycott the show -- including Common, who says the NFL doesn't support black people

In fact, Common said he wishes Travis Scott would pull out from the show over the way the league has treated Colin Kaepernick.

Now, with two gigantic hip-hop legends seemingly signing on -- ya gotta wonder what the reaction will be. 

Either way, Jazze says he was super impressed with what he saw at rehearsals and expects the show to blow people's minds! 

We'll see! 

Juice WRLD Sued for Jacking 'Lean Wit Me'

1/16/2019 10:51 AM PST

Juice WRLD is getting squeezed for allegedly ripping off a kid who claims his beat is the same one as one of the rapper's biggest songs ... this according to a new lawsuit. 

Jerome Willisch -- a minor in Colorado who goes by Fly Jxy -- just filed suit with his parents against the Chicago MC, claiming his 2018 tune "Lean Wit Me" is a blatant rip-off of his own song, "Ice."

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Willisch says the producers of 'LWM' lifted his song by copying the essential beat and foundation of "Ice" ... without giving him credit, and without getting his permission.

It's worth noting ... Willisch says he just filed for a copyright to his song this month, but hasn't yet secured the rights. Still, he argues that "Lean Wit Me" is basically stealing his work, and he wants justice.

Willisch is asking a judge to pull the song from the airwaves and for damages as well. 

Rae Sremmurd Everyone Relaaaaax ... Slim Jxmmi's Not Going Solo!!!

1/14/2019 1:43 PM PST

Rae Sremmurd is here to stay. That whole Slim Jxmmi episode hinting he was leaving the group? Chalk it up to just a squabble with his bro that is, apparently, water under the bridge now.

The Sremmurd-panic started when Slim went on a mini Twitter rant over the weekend ... saying he was no longer living the "SremmLife." He also strongly insinuated he was going solo when he tweeted he would "sink or swim by myself."

But, now our sources say Slim's not going anywhere and he'll remain half of the duo with his bro, Swae Lee

It's unclear what exactly triggered the rant, other than some sort of brotherly squabble. We're told Slim and Swae are all good now.

So good, in fact, Slim posted a throwback pic of the duo and captioned it, "Sremm 4 Life."

Brothers. Even the famous ones get on each other's nerves.

R. Kelly He Knew Aaliyah's Age at 14 ... Lawyer's Claim Debunked

1/13/2019 2:13 PM PST

R. Kelly knew good and well that his one-time protege (and future wife) Aaliyah was a 14-year-old child the same year he married her -- which debunks a claim put forth by his lawyer that the singer was oblivious to her being a minor.

An old video of a documentary about R. Kelly from 1994 has resurfaced online and in this section ... Kelly clearly acknowledges Aaliyah's age (apparently, 14 at the time this was shot) as she records a song in the studio, with him serving as producer.

In the YouTube clip, you hear Kelly say clear as day ... "Right now I'm producing a very talented lady -- a young lady. She's 14, Aaliyah. She's real street." 

Kelly went on to marry Aaliyah that same year, which reportedly got annulled shortly after. Despite this evidence of Kelly clearly being aware of Aaliyah's age, the singer's new attorney, Steven Greenberg, insisted to ABC News last week that his client was unaware of her being 15.

He says she must've lied about her age to legally marry Kelly, and that Kelly had "no idea."

R. Kelly hasn't said much about his marriage to Aaliyah or her age, but he told GQ in 2016, "I can tell you I loved her, I can tell you she loved me, we was very close. We were, you know, best best best best friends."

Kelly and Aaliyah appeared together for a BET interview in 1994, where they denied they were in a romantic relationship ... and played coy about her age, calling it a "secret."

In light of this new video, Greenberg tells us ... he misspoke during the ABC interview, and probably shouldn't have put words in R. Kelly's mouth, as he says he never spoke to Kelly about Aaliyah specifically. 

Greenberg also says ... "That was 20 years ago. I didn't know him 20 years ago, I didn't represent him 20 years ago. And, I wasn't invited to any wedding." That said, Greenberg insists that Kelly has told him that he has never "been with" with an underage girl. 

Blac Chyna Allegedly Threw Drink at Alexis Skyy ... Come Out & Fight Me!!!

1/13/2019 10:44 AM PST

'Love & Hip Hop' star Alexis Skyy says Blac Chyna threw a drink at her out of nowhere at a party, and AS apparently waited for her outside in an attempt to square up.

The story's pretty crazy ... from Alexis' side, anyway. She claims she and Chyna were at the same party Saturday night, and BC invited her over to her section. Alexis says she obliged and the two of them had a couple drinks, which is when things went south.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Alexis says Chyna flipped out and asked Alexis to leave her section. Then ... Alexis claims BC threw a drink at her, and s*** hit the fan.  

Alexis says she started swinging at Chyna and ultimately got kicked out of the party. What's even more wild is that she apparently waited for Chyna outside for quite a long time ... or at least that's how it seems from the messages she was posting on IG.

These messages were posted early Sunday morning, in which she accuses Chyna of drug use and dares her to come outside to fight in hand-to-hand combat. 

Unclear if BC ever did that, as she didn't have a thing to say about the altercation on her own social media ... but Alexis ended things with a warning shot to Chyna.

We've reached out to Chyna's team for comment ... so far, no word back.

Rae Sremmurd Slim Jxmmi Hints it's Over ... Going Solo for Good?

1/12/2019 11:17 AM PST

Rae Sremmurd is no more ... at least that's what one half of the hip-hop duo's suggesting.

Slim Jxmmi dropped some disheartening Twitter bombs on fans of the "Black Beatles" rappers Saturday morning, including 3 he later deleted implying he's parting ways with his brother, Swae Lee.

One said, "Y'all won it's a wrap," while another was even more telling, with Slim saying ... "I'm not Rae Sremmurd I'm slim jxmmi and ima sink or swim by myself."

Jxm also boasted he'd bought his mom a home off the money he made from his own work ... which is a tweet he actually left up.

The 2 have both done recent solo work but confirmed they have a new album coming out in early 2019 ... called "SremmLife4."

This isn't the first time there have been rumors of a breakup, but they've denied them in the past and maintained all was well between the siblings. It seems like it could be different this time.

Interesting note -- the last time we heard from the rappers was last week when they were in New Zealand, but only Jxmmi was seen ... getting involved in a bloody street brawl.

Looks like Swae's avoiding this confrontation for now too.

Grandmaster Flash R. Kelly's My Friend But I Will NOT Play His Music!!!

1/11/2019 8:41 AM PST

Even R. Kelly's longtime friends are turning on him, like hip-hop icon Grandmaster Flash, who says you won't hear him play a single Kelly hit song from now on.

We got Flash Thursday at LAX and asked him if DJs, in general, should join the #MuteRKelly movement. Little did we know that Kelly and Flash are pals. The Bronx legend told us, "I've been knowing him for a very long time."

Still, he didn't hesitate to say, "I can't play his music." Now, the question Flash really wrestled with was ... what happens the next time he sees his "friend?"

Despite his stance on Kelly's music, Flash says he wouldn't turn his back on him, personally. He has some thoughts on what kinda help Kelly needs.

Now, taking a photo with Kelly??? Grandmaster Flash says that's a different story.

Watch ... as he puts it, "It's looking kinda bleak for Robert."

Omarion It's Fine If My Baby Mama Hooks Up With Lil Fizz ... Just Don't Do It At The B2K Reunion!!!

1/8/2019 12:40 AM PST

Omarion says he's not losing sleep over his baby mama's situation with Lil Fizz ... just as long as they don't get down on the B2K reunion tour!!!

Omarion sat down with our Raquel Harper for Tuesday's episode of "Raq Rants" on BET, and he made it clear he's not trying to get involved in his BM's love life ... but if Apryl Jones bangs his bandmate on tour, Omarion says that's a different story!

Omarion's ex was snuggling up with Lil Fizz on New Year's Eve, leading to speculation over their relationship. Judge for yourself, but Apryl and Fizz look pretty close ... even if they say they're just friends. 

Whatever's going on ... Omarion's making it clear he doesn't want any drama during B2K's upcoming tour

For the full interview ... watch "Raq Rants" Tuesday at 11 PM on BET. On the West Coast, if you have Dish or DirecTV, it's on at 8 PM.

Gucci Mane, Lil Pump & Smokepurpp We're Gucci Gang Hip-Hop's New Super Group

1/7/2019 2:32 PM PST

Gucci Mane, Lil Pump and Smokepurpp are performing together for the first time at Coachella under the stage name Gucci Gang ... and we're told the trio will use the gig as a springboard to become rap's next big thing.

Sources close to the rappers tell TMZ ... Gucci Gang is in talks for future performances beyond Coachella. We're told they'll soon be working with some of the hottest upcoming artists, producing tons of new tracks. 

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Lil Pump was just seen in the studio with superproducer Scott Storch and surging artist Blueface ... and we're told they're working on a future collab for Gucci Gang.

When Coachella announced its lineup featuring Gucci Gang, everyone thought it was a typo for Gucci Mane or Lil Pump, but it turns out this new group has been in the works for years. 

Pump and Smokepurpp have been buds for close to 7 years, and Gucci Mane has been a major influence on Pump's career. Pump and Gucci collaborated in 2017 and '18 ... and we're told the trio first started calling themselves Gucci Gang as a joke, but it's since morphed into a full-fledged group.

It sounds like Gucci Gang is aiming to unseat Migos -- as one source put it, they've got the talent to take over as hip-hop's next supergroup.

R. Kelly Facebook Removes 'Surviving Lies' Page

1/7/2019 1:27 PM PST

1:27 PM PT -- The page has been pulled after posting alleged text messages between Kelly and one of the young females, where she repeatedly called the singer, "daddy." A spokesperson for Facebook tells us, "The Page violated our Community Standards and has been removed."

The rep continues, "We do not tolerate bullying or sharing other’s private contact information and take action on content that violates our policies as soon as we’re aware.”R. Kelly is vowing to expose his accusers for what he calls blatant lies being spewed on Lifetime's docuseries -- and he's going down the list one by one ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Kelly tell us he and his camp are in the middle of launching a new website called, which we're told will attempt to expose all of his accusers as liars as well as reveal their true motivations behind their allegations. 

For now ... there's a Facebook page dedicated to the new cause -- the site itself is not live yet as of this post.

It appears R. Kelly's first target is Asante McGee -- one of the women who's spoken out and claims was one of Kelly's "sex slaves" ... but his team has put out a video that they say contradicts her story. 

The Facebook page links to a YouTube video which claims Asante's daughter has debunked her mother's claims of sexual abuse and control at the hands of Kelly in a leaked phone convo with her BF, allegedly telling him she often raved of a luxurious lifestyle and the perks of being with him.

We have not independently verified the identities of either person in this audio -- this is just what R. Kelly's page is claiming. It also goes on to list Asante's previous arrests and claims she's in cahoots with Joycelyn Savage's father to extort the singer.

As we reported ... tons of celebs have spoken out against Kelly in wake of the six-part docuseries that aired last week. Kelly has denied all the allegations.

Regarding this new mission of his ... there are a lot of accusers to get through. Buckle up, folks.

Originally Published -- 8:06 AM PT

Kanye West Recording New Music in Miami ... Weezy, Migos & Timbaland in the House!!!

1/7/2019 12:50 AM PST

Kanye West is swinging for the fences as he works on his new album in Miami ... because we've learned the music mogul is bringing together a hip-hop dream team to deliver huge hits.

Ye's lineup of talent is insane -- we're talking Lil Wayne, Migos, Timbaland and 2 Chainz. He's also working with rising stars Tee Grizzley and YNW Melly.

After working on 5 albums last year ... Yeezy's keeping his foot on the pedal in 2019, and the roster of heavy hitters makes it clear lots of people are dying to collab with Mr. West.

We're told the Miami recording sessions are a big reason Ye surprised Kim Kardashian with their new $14 million condo on South Beach.

The superstar couple looked over the moon Friday on their new balcony, as Kanye took a break from producing beats with Timbaland and Weezy to lock lips with wifey. 

Our sources say Kanye and Kim plan to split their time between L.A. and Miami. The new South Beach pad is in a super exclusive building dubbed "Billionaire Beach Bunker" -- so, that should effectively remove any potential sting from coast-to-coast travel.

No word on a release date for Kanye's new album. 

Snoop Dogg on Gov't Shutdown Y'all Some Dumb MF'ers If You Vote for Trump After This

1/6/2019 1:38 PM PST

Snoop Dogg's got thoughts on the government shutdown and a message for furloughed workers who might still be team Trump after this ... Trump doesn't care about ya.

Snoop posted a hilarious video this weekend in which he directly comments on the shutdown that's now in its 16th day with no end in sight. He says everyone who works for the government that aren't being paid right now must reconsider their POTUS pick in 2020.

He goes on to say that any federal worker who still votes Trump in a couple years are some "stupid motherf***ers." He says furloughed employees are being treated unfairly, and the fact that DT can't (or won't) come to a resolution can only mean one thing ... "this punk motherf***er don't care." 

The MC urges potential Trump voters to seriously reconsider and even makes an appeal to blue-collar workers whom he says are still suffering. 

Snoop ends with one last F-U to Trump ... at least he's consistent on that front.

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