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DaBaby Posse Thrashes a Fan ... DB Bailed For Fear of Safety

5/18/2019 4:38 PM PDT

DaBaby bailed on a concert he was supposed to perform at because of an overzealous fan -- who allegedly became confrontational and handsy ... and, thus, got the crap beat of him by the rapper's crew.

The North Carolina-bred MC was all set to take the stage Friday night at Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, MA -- where he was headlining.  DB never made it in the building 'cause his security team and entourage were too busy beating some guy to a pulp outside ... according to Derek Lemire, who was promoting the event for NTS Entertainment.

We're told the fan wanted a photo with DaBaby, but got turned down. When the dude persisted by asking again, Lemire says he got swarmed by DB's posse ... and took a severe beating.

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Friday May 17 DaBaby Performing a full show

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You can see DaBaby looking on nearby as the dude gets thrashed. He's wearing his signature "KIRK" chain that he's always wearing on stage and social media. We're told the fan was carried away by stretcher and taken to the hospital.

To make matters worse, Lemire tells us that DaBaby completely flaked on the gig ... bouncing after the altercation and allegedly taking the money he was paid with him. Lemire says NTS shelled out $22k for DaBaby, and he's working on getting it back.

A police spokesperson tells us cops responded to the scene early Saturday morning -- but when officers arrived, none of the witnesses would cooperate. 

As far as how this went down from the DaBaby's point of view, we're told it was a classic case of look-but-don't-touch. The fan persisted on getting a photo, and when he was repeatedly denied ... the guy allegedly started talking smack and getting handsy with Baby's security. Our sources say the dude touched the hand of the rapper's bodyguard ... and then it was on.

We're told DaBaby left because of a contract provision that allowed him to bounce if he wasn't feeling safe. Our sources say DaBaby just felt the venue didn't have it together.

Herman Cain Black People Are Brainwashed To Hate Prez Trump

5/14/2019 10:52 AM PDT

Herman Cain -- one of President Trump's close pals -- insists POTUS has done a lot for African-Americans, but says black people still hate him because the media's messing with their minds.

We got the business exec and ex-Republican presidential candidate leaving Reagan National Tuesday in D.C., and asked why he continues to stand in Trump's corner, through and through. Cain says he looks at results ... not perception.

For example, Cain says Trump's been doing a lot for the black community behind the scenes -- like pushing forward criminal justice reform and lowering unemployment rates -- but insists those accomplishments are overlooked due to skewed coverage. Or, as the Prez puts it ... fake news.

When asked point blank why so many black people seem to despise the President, Cain dropped the b-word. Yeah ... brainwashed. He tells us they've been brainwashed by the media they consume, which he suggests is anti-Trump.

Despite Tiger Woods recently coming to the White House to accept the Medal of Freedom from Trump, Cain says other athletes and celebs who've opted to ixnay any WH visits are also brainwashed -- and should stick to what they do best ... entertain.

Some hot takes here from the Godfather's Pizza guy -- who, btw, recently withdrew from consideration to serve on the Federal Reserve under Trump. Maybe he was brainwashed outta the gig.

Kodak Black Arrested at Rolling Loud For Lying on Gun Apps, Feds Say

5/13/2019 3:03 PM PDT

Kodak Black got busted at the Rolling Loud music festival because the feds claim he falsified gun applications on two different occasions to buy firearms.

According to the two-count indictment filed against Kodak in the Southern District of Florida -- obtained by TMZ -- the rapper knowingly made a false or fictitious statement when he tried buying guns twice earlier this year ... once in January and again in March. 

Prosecutors say he acquired weapons in at least one of those transactions. 

The alleged lie ... that he was NOT under any indictment or information for a crime that could land him behind bars for over a year.

Of course, Kodak is in the middle of a criminal case that could easily land him a prison sentence of more than a year if convicted. Remember, he was indicted for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage girl in 2016.

His attorney, Bradford Cohen, tells us, "We need to see the evidence in order to fully evaluate the claims made against him."

His trial for that case was supposed to get started last month, but it's been postponed.

As we reported ... Kodak was picked up by local and federal authorities in Miami as he was just getting ready to take the stage and perform. We're told the officers who were waiting for him had warrants for his arrest, and that he was later taken to a police station.

Kodak is still in custody and will face the judge again on Wednesday.

NBA YoungBoy Reportedly Shot At in Miami ... Near Trump Beach Resort

5/12/2019 2:45 PM PDT
Breaking News

2:45 PM PT -- The Aventura Police Department -- which is a stone's throw away from Sunny Isles, where NBA YoungBoy was reportedly shot at -- tells TMZ ... another shooting happened in their jurisdiction, and investigators are looking to see if it might be related to what went down at the Trump Beach Resort. 

NBA YoungBoy and his crew were reportedly on the receiving end of bullets on Mother's Day outside the Trump Beach Resort near Miami ... and at least one person was killed.

Shots rang out Sunday near the beachside hotel, where YB and his entourage were later identified as being on the scene. It's unclear at this point what NBA YoungBoy's exact involvement might've been -- but multiple eyewitnesses say someone opened fire on him. 

We got video of the immediate aftermath, and it looks like a frenzied scene as people rush to attend to the alleged victims. We're told the prominent black vehicle seen here had NBA YoungBoy and co. inside. Our sources also say YoungBoy was staying at the Trump resort.

Lots of folks are reporting that YoungBoy was NOT shot himself, but many others suggest his girlfriend, Kay Marie, was injured with a gunshot wound. The only thing cops are saying at this point is that one person was left dead in the shootout -- we're working on getting more.

Other reports suggest that YoungBoy's security gunned down the alleged shooter. It's unclear if that's actually the case, but somebody was definitely taken away in a stretcher. It looks like YoungBoy was left standing on his own two feet by the end of it.

Crazy enough ... YoungBoy's in town to perform at Rolling Loud Sunday night. No word on if he'll take the stage at this point, we'll keep ya posted.

Originally Published -- 1:30 PM PT

Morehouse College Famous All-Male Campus Now Accepting Trans Men Students

4/14/2019 12:32 PM PDT

The historically black all-male university that people like Martin Luther King Jr., Samuel L. Jackson and other famous folks attended will now start accepting transgender men onto its campus ... but there's a catch that excludes other trans students.

Atlanta's Morehouse College announced this weekend that it would begin admitting transgender students who identify as male starting in the fall semester of 2020. The move comes as part of its new Gender Identity Admissions and Matriculation Policy. 

It also follows in the footsteps of neighboring Spelman College -- an all-female university -- which rolled out a similar policy for transgender women in 2017.

There's a caveat though -- Morehouse says its trans policy will only be applicable to students who identify as men throughout their academic careers. Any man who transitions from male to female during their time at Morehouse will not be eligible for enrollment.

It goes without saying, trans women won't be eligible for initial admission either. The good news ... the school says any already-enrolled students who identified as trans women before 2020 will be able to graduate. But, after 2020, that ain't gonna be the case.

Just to give you a sense of how historically important this college is, here's a brief list of some of its other famous alumni: Spike Lee, Herman Cain, Guru, John David Washington, Donn Clendenon, Fonzworth Bentley, Metro Boomin, Isaac Keys, Bill Nunn ... and many, many other guys who went on to great success. 

In short ... this is a huge deal. 

Lil Dicky DJ Khaled, Halsey, Katy Perry & More!!! Featured in Bieber Collab Music Video

4/12/2019 12:15 PM PDT

Lil Dicky's new track featuring Justin Bieber will have a KILLER music video to go along with it ...  and wait 'til the next paragraph when you read who are featured.

We found out the Biebs is joined by DJ Khaled, Katy Perry, Halsey, Shawn Mendes and Adam Levine. We're told those who have seen the music video say it's one of the best productions they've ever seen. That comes as no surprise if you've seen Dicky's "Freaky Friday" vid.

Dicky's 'Friday' video featured cameos with Khaled, Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran and Kendall Jenner ... with the HILARIOUS AS HELL music video portraying what life would be like for Dicky in CB's body. Chris also takes a few good-humored shots at his lifestyle in the video.

As for Dicky's latest masterpiece ... the new track -- set to drop next week -- features Bieber getting back in the singing game since the Biebs' "No Brainer" ... released last July with Khaled, Quavo and Chance the Rapper.

Justin retweeted Dicky's post earlier this week announcing a new song and video's coming next week, but failed to mention his part in the project. Suffice it to say ... CAN'T WAIT!!!

Justin Bieber My 2019 Return to Music Collab with Lil Dicky

4/10/2019 4:01 PM PDT

Justin Bieber is back in the game ... because we've learned he's recorded a track with Lil Dicky that'll drop next week. 

Sources familiar with the collab tell us .... he'll be featured on the single. The song with Dicky will be the Justin's first since "No Brainer," which was released last July with DJ Khaled, Quavo and Chance the Rapper.

Justin retweeted Dicky's post Tuesday which said, "New song and video next week," but didn't hint he'd be any part of the project, although we know he's on it.

Bieber hasn't released a solo of his own for more than 3 years -- his "Purpose" album dropped way back in November of 2015 -- and a massive tour followed.

Last month, Justin revealed he was taking a break from music to fix his "deep-rooted issues" ... but we're guessing the Dicky project was clearly finished before the announcement. 

Nipsey Hussle Memorial Service Tix ... Here's How to Snag Them for Free

4/8/2019 3:33 PM PDT

Nipsey Hussle's memorial service will be a free event for the public -- but tickets are limited, so you'll have to be up early Tuesday to get yours ... you'll have to live in Cali too.

The logistics for Thursday's event -- which has been dubbed "Nipsey Hussle's Celebration of Life" -- are up on Staples Center's website, and it breaks down how to gain entry to the ceremony. Complimentary tickets will be available Tuesday at 10 AM PT via A big caveat ... tickets will be reserved for California residents only -- and each household gets 4 max.

There are more stipulations for the event itself, which starts at 10 AM sharp and runs 'til noon. According to SC ... all guests in a group must enter the premise together with their tickets in hand, and everyone will be subject to metal detector screenings and bag screenings. 

No backpacks are allowed, nor are bags larger than 14" x 14" x  6". Out of respect for Nipsey's family, cameras and recording devices won't be allowed inside the venue either. Non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks will be available for purchase inside.

TMZ broke the story ... Nipsey's family and honchos at Staples Center got together Friday and discussed logistics on how to honor Nipsey there. LAPD officials were also present at the meeting to help plan for security and safety for this upcoming Thursday.

Nipsey was shot and killed a week ago Sunday in front of his Marathon Clothing store. His alleged shooter, Eric Holder, has been charged for murder ... for which he pled not guilty.

Cardi B Late to 'Money Moves' Beauty Panel ... Day After Milestone Gig

4/8/2019 6:56 AM PDT

Cardi B has come a long, LONG way since dropping her debut album last spring -- so if the woman's a little late to a scheduled speaking gig, so be it ... folks will wait for her.

The "Money" MC showed up a few hours behind schedule Sunday to the Beautycon Festival in NYC, where she was set to speak on a panel about "money moves" and the keys to success in the beauty world. Apparently, Cardi had people waiting for a good 3 to 4 hours.

She eventually showed though, and looked great as usual -- wearing a fur and wide-brimmed hat with matching heels. CB talked about success ... and she's had a lot of it lately.

Saturday actually marked the 1-year anniversary of her Grammy-winning album, "Invasion of Privacy," which she celebrated with a mega gig in Vegas ... performing at the new Kaos Nightclub at Palms Hotel ... alongside the likes of J Balvin and G-Eazy.

Considering Cardi's set probably ran late ... we're guessing the panel peeps were willing to cut her some slack for the late appearance the very next day.

Kanye West Honors Nipsey At Sunday Service

4/7/2019 2:40 PM PDT

Kanye West is the latest huge star to pay tribute to Nipsey Hussle ... and he did it with his Sunday Service. 

Ye was holding his weekly outdoor concert Sunday -- per usual -- but at one point during the show ... he played audio of Nipsey's voice delivering some inspirational words about encouragement over music that was beginning to build, courtesy of Kanye who was DJing.

The choir and live band take it from there, as they start to play out what sounds like a hymn for Nipsey. You can also see North West getting into the vibe too.

Kanye's shout-out to Nipsey follows J. Cole dedicating an entire song to the L.A. rapper during his inaugural Dreamville Fest Saturday. Big Sean held a special moment for Nipsey at the same event.

There's gonna be a memorial service for Nipsey at the Staples Center on Thursday. No word yet if music will be incorporated, but Nipsey's peers have had that covered so far.

J. Cole Performs 'Love Yourz' for Nipsey ... At Dreamville Festival

4/7/2019 11:35 AM PDT

J. Cole took a moment during his sold-out Dreamville Festival to honor the late Nipsey Hussle -- and it was quite a special sight to behold.

The North Carolina grown MC was in Raleigh Saturday night, where he packed out Dix Park with no less than 40,000 people who flocked to his inaugural music festival. At one point during the show, Cole performed his hit, "Love Yourz," which he dedicated to Nip.

It was a touching tribute, with video footage of the slain L.A. rapper playing on a giant monitor behind JC the whole time.

Even before Cole got a single line of lyrics out, the crowd took over and sang the opening verses of the track. It seems like a live band was used for the performance too ... which sounded great.

Cole ended "Love Yourz" with an explicit shout out to Nipsey, telling the crowd to make some noise him and to not put their lit cellphones down. The crowd happily obliged. 

Big Sean also paid a special tribute to Nipsey during his Dreamville Fest set, going in on what sounded like a fresh freestyle that he appeared to write specifically for the moment.

Sean sent a sweet message to Nipsey himself too, saying he could still feel his energy while going on to thank him for his talent and work in his community. 

A memorial will be held for Nipsey Hussle at the Staples Center in L.A. this upcoming Thursday. It's unclear if the event will feature any music, but if not ... Cole and co. certainly handled that here.

Slim Jxmmi Fights Dude in a DJ Booth ... Conflicting Accounts on Why

4/7/2019 1:03 PM PDT

1:02 PM PT -- Sources close to Slim Jxmmi tell TMZ that the guy Slim swung on in the DJ booth was a lighting guy that had gotten into it with Rae Sremmurds own personal DJ (who we're told wasn't actually DJ'ing for the night) prior to the altercation ... and that Slim was just defending his own dude. Our Slim Jxmmi sources say it had nothing to do with being mad about a song not being played ... it was simply retaliation for a lighting guy getting handsy with his crew.

We're being told differently by other people that were there -- who insist the guy with the hat who Slim Jximmit jumped on was, in fact, the DJ for the night ... not a lighting guy. Our sources say there was some sort of verbal back and forth between him and Slim right before the fight broke out.Slim Jxmmi wasn't about to stand for a DJ blatantly refusing to play a song he'd requested -- but he would fly for it ... right into the guy's booth with a clenched fist.

The Rae Sremmurd rapper got into it with an amateur DJ Saturday night during a paid gig at the University of North Florida's OZFEST Spring concert. In footage of the altercation, obtained by TMZ, you can see SJ leap into the DJ's area and start swinging.

Eyewitnesses tell us Slim was pissed the DJ wouldn't play a song he'd asked him to play during the performance, and that he and the guy even went back and forth a bit before this blowup.

We're told it was quickly broken up, and cops weren't called either. After Slim Jxmmi cooled down backstage for about 15 minutes, our sources say he actually reemerged to finish his set alongside his brother, Swae Lee, who was also there but didn't perform.

And, get this ... the DJ finished the set too! We're told everything carried on like normal afterward. So it was seemingly a happy ending. 

This isn't Slim Jxmmi's first dust-up BTW -- he was involved in a violent street brawl down in New Zealand just earlier this year ... where a woman appeared to be part of the battle.

A word of advice to Young Slim ... chill, bro.

Originally Published -- 11:08 AM PT

Ray J & Princess Love Offer $20k Reward ... To Find Missing Dog

4/7/2019 10:44 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Ray J and Princess Love are VERY serious about finding their missing pooch -- and by that, we mean they're willing to pay $20,000 to anyone who finds it.

PL announced Saturday night that one of the couple's Maltese dogs, Boogotti, had gone missing from Ray's parents' Calabasas home, and she pled with the public to give her a holler if anybody located it. Then on Sunday, she upped the ante ... by offering a $20k reward.

Princess Love says they believe Boogotti might be in the neighboring Woodland Hills area, and that anyone who thinks they might've found him should DM her with a photo of the pup.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ that Ray J's parents were dog sitting over the weekend when Boogotti escaped through a gate on their property around 3 PM Saturday. We're told RJ and PL are flying back from NYC Sunday to help track it down. 

If you're wondering just how important this little canine is to the family, just consider how much money's been spent on it ... including this $20k reward offer. Ray J dropped $30k on a party for the dog in 2015, and the couple's also dropped at least $5k in vet bills for their other dog, Coco.

Ray J explained Boogotti's significance to us on camera, and it's clear they love the dog. 

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