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Tisha Campbell Duane Shouldn't Get Joint Custody ... He's an Unfit Dad!!!

2/7/2019 1:28 PM PST

Tisha Campbell-Martin is firing back at her estranged husband, who claims she's an unfit mother -- insisting he doesn't deserve joint custody because he doesn't do any heavy lifting when it comes to childcare.

Tisha filed new docs Thursday, saying she is the primary caregiver to their 2 kids and tends to their basic needs on a day-to-day basis. She also says when the boys are with their dad, Duane Martin, he has either his brother or mother carry out duties like school drop-offs, custody exchanges and medical appointments. 

As we reported, Duane claims Tisha's lack of a college education is hurting their boys' schooling ... and says the neutral drop-off location at a police station should be changed.

In Tisha's docs, obtained by TMZ, she says when they were together, Duane mostly laid around watching TV, and didn't spend quality time with their children. She implies ain't a damn thing changed since their split.

Moreover, Tisha points out Duane hasn't denied her domestic abuse allegations. She insists the police station is necessary 'cause Duane makes her uneasy. She's already obtained a temporary restraining order against him.

On Duane's accusations that the kids' schooling isn't a priority for her ... Tisha says the divorce has put a financial strain on her and she hasn't been able to hire a new tutor.

21 Savage Totally 'False' Public Persona ... Says ICE Agent

2/4/2019 7:43 AM PST

21 Savage is a living, breathing example of that ol' saying, "fake it til you make it" ... at least according to ICE.

An ICE official told CNN on Sunday ... "His whole public persona is false. He actually came to the U.S. from the U.K. as a teen and overstayed his visa."

The arrest has totally shocked 21 Savage's fans ... who had NO CLUE about his British roots. We did some digging and to be fair, Sav has never claimed Atlanta as his birthplace. In multiple profiles on the rapper ... media outlets have referred to him as being "from" Atlanta or say he "grew up" there. 

That said, it sure doesn't seem like he's ever gone out of his way to correct any reports of him being an ATL native. 21 definitely reps Atlanta in his rhymes ... and he's told tales about getting expelled from an Atlanta school for bringing a gun to class.

Still, he's never said he was "born" there.

As we reported ... Sav was arrested early Sunday in Atlanta by what ICE described as a targeted operation. ICE officials say 21 Savage is actually a U.K. national and has been illegally in the U.S. since 2006. They say he came here as a kid in 2005.

His attorney, Dina LaPolt, tells us she and her team are working overtime to get him out of detention, and calls the whole thing a "misunderstanding." ICE says Sav could be deported.

Bill Bellamy Gov. Northam's Gotta Resign Now ... No Excuse for Blackface

2/3/2019 3:11 PM PST

Bill Bellamy says Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has no choice but to resign after admitting he'd worn blackface in his youth ... 'cause he thinks people don't really change.

We got the longtime comedian Sunday at LAX and asked what he thought of Gov. Northam denying he was pictured in an old blackface photo that surfaced in his medical school's yearbook but copping to wearing blackface for a Michael Jackson costume/dance contest.

Northam told reporters Saturday that while he does not believe he was in either of the racist costumes that showed up on his own personal yearbook page, he did explain how he once put shoe polish on his face to dance like MJ. He also said he wasn't resigning.

Bill thinks the scandal's too big for the Gov not to step down, despite his best efforts to wiggle out of the predicament. According to BB ... you simply can't serve as a state's representative with that in your history ... no matter how far back it goes, period. 

Northam apologized for the photos and his participation in the blackface, but Bill thinks there's no saving grace here. The way he sees it ... once a racist, always a racist.

'L&HH' Star Yandy Pepper Sprayed by Guards in NYC ... Protesting Jail Conditions

2/3/2019 4:06 PM PST
Exclusive Details

4:05 PM PT -- Lights have reportedly begun to come back on inside MDC, which got crowds still outside to cheer. 

'Love & Hip Hop' star Yandy Smith-Harris was on the front lines of protests taking place in NYC over inhumane prison conditions -- and she got pepper sprayed in the process.

The reality TV star -- whose husband, Mendeecees Harris, is currently locked up in the New York prison system -- led a rally Sunday outside of Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center ... where inmates have reportedly been without electricity and heat for days now.

It's a remarkable scene. Yandy uses a speaker system to ask prisoners if they've been given blankets or if their toilets work yet, to which they respond no by banging on the windows. Later, you see Yandy and other protesters rush the building, demanding to see their loved ones ... only to be driven out by pepper spray from the guards inside. 

Protests have been going on since at least Saturday, if not earlier, as families of prisoners have flooded the streets near MDC, demanding supplies be sent and that the power system quickly be restored. Prisoners have been using flashlights to signal for help at night.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons says a fire destroyed an electrical panel inside and prevented access to backup generators. It's unclear when power and heat is set to be back on.

The civil unrest did not go unnoticed on a city level. Mayor Bill de Blasio said Saturday that blankets and hand warmers were being sent to the prison, no matter what. 

As to how bad conditions inside really are, law enforcement sources directly connected to MDC tell us inmates have been peeing in water bottles and using those for warmth. We're told prison officials have been hesitant to let prisoners out of their cells out of fear for potential riots.

Originally Published -- 1:10 PM PST

Akon to Black Artists Passing on Super Bowl Doesn't Help ... And I'll Tell You Why

2/3/2019 12:40 AM PST

Akon's got a hot take on African-American singers and rappers blowing off the Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show, and it sounds like he's NOT exactly down with the boycott in support of Colin Kaepernick.

We got the singer/producer as he touched down in ATL, days ahead of the big game, and asked what he made of A-list celebs snubbing the NFL to stand in solidarity with Kap. Some are even calling for Travis ScottBig Boi and Maroon 5 to take a knee during their performance -- but don't count Akon among that group.

For him, it's about time and place and he believes the Super Bowl is just too big a stage to opt out of playing on it.

Watch the clip ... Akon says he's not anti social awareness campaigns, in general. He's just not down with mixing them with business. 

Cardi B Dances With Robert Kraft At S.B. Party ... Meek Mill Approves!!!

2/2/2019 1:27 PM PST

Patriots owner Robert Kraft is spending his final hours before the Super Bowl dancing his face off with rap stars ... hitting the stage and showing off his moves with Cardi B!!

Kraft looked anything but nervous the day before the Big Game ... joining the "Money" rapper on stage at the Fanatics Super Bowl party in ATL, which was hosted by Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin.

There was hopping. There was finger pointing. The crowd loved every second of it.

As if Cardi wasn't enough ... Kraft had Meek Mill for a hype man pumping him up on the side of the stage.

Think this guy's worried about the game?

BTW -- we're told Cardi's not just having fun with Kraft and Meek ... she also made a significant donation to Reform Alliance, the criminal justice reform org formed by the 2 along with Rubin, Jay-ZVan Jones and others.

We like it.

A$AP Rocky Come for the 'Peso' ... Stay for Drake & Travis Scott's Hit!!!

2/1/2019 8:38 AM PST

Travis Scott might be in Atlanta prepping for the Super Bowl ... but his music is alive and well in L.A., thanks to A$AP Rocky and Drake

A$AP played to a sold-out crowd at The Forum in Inglewood Thursday night, and his fans went nuts when Drizzy made a surprise appearance. Bringing out all-star guests isn't so unusual at hip-hop shows ... but, what was really shocking was the song they performed together -- Travis' "SICKO MODE."

You'll remember ... back in 2015, someone got it twisted and confused Travis with A$AP. Trav was PISSED and unleashed on the poor sap ... but if last night's show made it clear, there's no beef when it comes to Travis and A$AP.

In any event ... the Forum crowd was hyped to hear "SICKO MODE" and Drake left Rocky's fans wanting more after a couple of tracks. A great time was had by all. 

2 Chainz & Adam Scott Interactive Super Bowl Ad Helps You Make Ca$h Money!!!

1/28/2019 4:33 PM PST

2 Chainz and Adam Scott are partnering up to put cash in your pocket -- or at least to teach you how to get some green, and there's a Super Bowl connection.

The finance management company Expensify recruited 2C and AS -- an odd, but hilarious pairing -- to star in a new music video for the song, "Expensify This." The video/commercial has a cool interactive feature -- if you download their app and take pics of the receipts that show up in the vid ... you'll earn the chance to stack a little dough or win other prizes. 

The video itself is like a mock hip-hop video, but the tune's pretty catchy. BTW, the whole point of the app is to more easily manage your finances with just a snap of a photo. We're told the company also plans to run a Super Bowl spot during the second quarter, so they're dropping some coin on the campaign -- just north of $5 mil for a 30-second spot.

And, that's just to air it ... Adam and Chainz fees not included!

Blac Chyna Goes MIA ... When She's Supposed to Have Dream

1/28/2019 9:51 AM PST

Rob Kardashian got some unexpected QT with Dream when he learned Blac Chyna had jetted off for an island getaway without telling him ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us Rob was preparing to drop Dream off Saturday for her scheduled time with Mom but quickly realized Chyna was off the radar ... as he couldn't get a hold of her or her nanny. Remember, nannies handle their baby exchanges these days because Rob and Chyna don't get along.

We're told Rob reached out to the nanny, Chyna's team and even Chyna herself through a texting app they only use for emergencies. Bupkis. 

It soon became clear where the hell Chyna was ... on vacation with her new boyfriend, Kid Buu -- in Hawaii, no less. The dude was posting social media videos of the two of them "hanging out."

Our sources tell us Rob was not given any type of warning Chyna would be unavailable to care for Dream, and he was pissed ... not because he had to care for their kid longer, but because she was missing crucial Mommy time. 

There have been questions about Chyna's parenting abilities lately, especially after cops paid a visit to her L.A. home when an anonymous caller claimed she was drunk and neglectful.

'L&HH' Star Dream Doll Hard Core Homage to Lil' Kim ... During 'Funeral' Shoot

1/27/2019 2:34 PM PST

Lil' Kim's legacy is alive and well, even during a funeral ... just check out "Love & Hip Hop" star Dream Doll's living tribute to her hip-hop idol.

The 'L&HHNY' MC recently did a photo shoot recreating many of Kim's iconic looks as part of a music video she's doing for her new track, "Funeral," which features Lil' Kim. 

Check out the pics -- they're a dead-on impression of some of Kim's most stunning shoots and visuals, including her blue outfit and wig for the "Crush On You" music vid, Kim's "Got D***" campaign from '03, her "How Many Licks" album cover, her 1999 Interview Magazine Louis Vuitton cover shoot, and more. Lucky for DD, there was no shortage of inspiration. 

Dream Doll's manager KD McNair tell us production for the photo shoot and the music video -- which is still in the works -- ran her team upwards of $10,000 and took 12 hours to complete. We're told DD looks up to Kim and wanted to pay homage to her in this project.

She was styled by Looks by Lunden, BTW. Helluva job if we do say so ourselves. 

The Game Friends Warned Him to Cut Kim K Sex Lyric ... He Also Mentions Kylie

1/26/2019 11:18 AM PST

11:15 AM PT -- The Game's brought Kylie Jenner into the mix, too ... and apparently did it on the same track. 

DJ Akademiks shared another clip of Game's song Saturday, in which he raps about taking care of Kim's youngest sister. The lyrics go ... "Her sister made a billion in makeup. I used to make her Frosted Flakes when she wake up."

Still no response from Kanye or anyone in the Kardashian-Jenner clan ... but now there's another layer.

The Game had plenty of people in his ear telling him to drop the graphic lyric about sex with Kim Kardashian West ... but the rapper stuck to his guns, despite risking very personal relationships with the Kardashians. 

Sources close to Game tell us ... the single he just unveiled was wrapped weeks ago. The line that's causing friction ... "I held Kim Kardashian by the throat, n****. I made her swallow my kids until she choked, n****." 

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We're told before debuting the track, Game had both close friends and business partners urge him to 86 the Kim lyric -- because of a possible/likely ferocious reaction from Ye -- but he wouldn't budge. 

Our Game sources say he was advised, at the very least, to reach out to Kanye before dropping the track, but Game didn't feel a heads-up was necessary. We're told that, at the end of the day, Game chose to rap his truth regardless of the consequences.

You'll remember ... Kanye came down hard on Drake and Nick Cannon last year for bringing up ANYTHING about Kim Kardashian

Can't imagine the Game lyric is sitting well with Ye. So far, no reaction.  

Originally published -- 1:00 AM PST

The Game Raps About Rough Sex with Kim K ... Sorry, Ye!!!

1/25/2019 9:57 AM PST

The Game gets very graphic about his sexual history with Kim Kardashian West on a new track, and even includes an apology to Kanye.

The rapper held a listening party Thursday night for a new album which includes a song with these lyrics -- "I held Kim Kardashian by the throat, n***a. I made her swallow my kids until she choked, n***a."

The lyrics are gonna be a big deal -- not just because Kim might be pissed, but because Kanye will almost definitely go nuclear. We already know he doesn't take kindly to other dudes talking about his wife ... especially in a sexual manner.

Last year, he blasted Nick Cannon for doing it during an interview, and called out Drake for not squashing speculation she was Keke in "In My Feelings."

Game's lyric about Kim is followed by the line, "I should apologize cause Ye my folks, n***a."

Based on his history, we're guessing Ye won't give a crap about that apology.

For the record, Game and Kim did date in the past. He once claimed, on a track, to have banged all 3 Kardashian sisters, but they said he's lying -- he's only 1 for 3.

Meek Mill & The Game Bury Their Beef ... By Teaming Up For New Tunes

1/23/2019 12:40 AM PST

Meek Mill and The Game sure know how to bury the hatchet in a big way -- throw down the shovel and hit the studio, which is exactly what they've done ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close both MCs tell us that they recently got together to collaborate on new music -- this is after Game officially announced their two-year feud was over.

We're told Meek flew out to L.A. last week to record a new song for Game's forthcoming album. Our sources say the get-together proved to be super productive ... not just musically, but in repairing their once-fractured relationship. We're hearing Game and Meek chopped it up and even had a good laugh over the 2016 beef ... which seemed nasty at the time.

If you'll recall ... Game thought Meek had ratted him out to Sean Kingston after Sean was robbed one night in the summer of '16 at an L.A. nightclub they'd all attended. Game says Sean told him Meek claimed Game was behind the robbery ... which Meek denied.

It was basically a case of he said, he said and he said ... and in the midst of all of it, some harsh diss tracks were exchanged between Game and Meek.

That's all water under the bridge now though. Look out for their new collab to drop in the near future.

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