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Nipsey Hussle Murder Suspect Allegedly Got Violent with Neighbor 1 Hour Before Shooting

5/21/2019 1:00 AM PDT

The man who allegedly killed Nipsey Hussle went off the rails shortly before the incident, and pistol-whipped a guy over a drug deal gone wrong ... this according to new witness statements submitted to prosecutors.

The L.A. County DA's Office got the account from 2 women who say a male friend told them he was attacked at his apartment by murder suspect Eric Holder ... just an hour before Nipsey's murder.

According to the statements ... Holder lived in the same building as the guy and they sometimes hung out and smoked pot. The guy's story goes like this -- Holder showed up at his place around 2 PM on March 31, and he was pissed. He accused the neighbor of selling him weed that was laced with some other drug.

They went into the hallway to talk, and according to the statements ... Holder was "breathing very heavily and appeared very excited and very agitated." When Holder got more hostile, the neighbor tried to return to his apartment but was allegedly pistol-whipped in the back of the head.

According to the statements ... the neighbor was knocked down, but still conscious and claims he saw the gun on the floor. He describes it as a "big silver gun" and "semi-automatic."

The neighbor got up and safely retreated to his apartment, but says Holder was "shaking and looked very nervous" before leaving.

The women -- repped by attorney Harley D. Breite -- claim their friend admits to selling Holder $10 worth of pot, but it was straight from a dispensary and not laced, to his knowledge.

The neighbor told the women he learned a few days later that Holder was the suspect in Nipsey's murder case, but he was afraid to report his encounter because he knows Holder's a gang member. Plus, he DID sell him marijuana.

We broke the story ... Hussle was shot around 3 PM in L.A. on March 31 and pronounced dead at 3:55 PM at a downtown hospital. Video of the incident shows a man -- believed to be Holder -- shooting Nipsey outside his Marathon clothing store.

Holder was arrested 2 days later and eventually charged with murder. It's unclear if Holder intends to raise the allegedly laced weed as part of his defense.

As we reported, he's been in the market for a new attorney since Christopher Darden quit the case after he and family members received death threats.

Jenelle Evans Stands by Her Man ... Shopping Trip with David

5/20/2019 8:53 AM PDT

Jenelle Evans and David Eason are sticking together -- very publicly, actually -- and now that their kids have been removed from their house, they're tending to home improvements.

The embattled couple took a trip to a Lowe's in North Carolina Sunday to pick up a shopping cart full of items ... looks like they've got a lot of chores planned.

David was dressed in all black, including a "Redneck Nation" t-shirt with a Confederate flag and the words "Family, Tradition, Heritage" on it. The "Family" part is interesting ... because theirs has been in turmoil since Eason shot and killed the family dog for nipping at their daughter.

Jenelle's wearing something interesting too -- her wedding ring. She's clearly showing she's standing by her husband despite the fact his actions have torn apart their family.

As we've reported ... Evans was fired from "Teen Mom 2" shortly after the dog killing incident, and her children have been removed from their custody under a judge's order.

She and David appeared together in court Thursday to fight to get the kids back, but it doesn't look like they were successful.

Eason didn't do anything to quell fears he's a dangerous dude while leaving the courthouse either ... he had a gun in plain sight on his dashboard as he drove away.

No sign he was packing heat on Sunday, but even if he wasn't ... we know Jenelle likes to travel while armed as well.

Sebastian Telfair Sister Arrested by FBI ... For Threatening NBA Star's Estranged Wife

5/20/2019 8:13 AM PDT

Sebastian Telfair's sister has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly making violent threats to the ex-NBA star's estranged wife ... TMZ Sports has learned.

We broke the story ... Samantha Telfair had gone to police in late April claiming she was getting frightening phone calls from Octavia Telfair, who threatened to "kill my kids and cut my face" all because she testified in Sebastian's NYC gun case. 

During Sebastian's trial, Samantha told prosecutors she had personally witnessed the former basketball star in possession of multiple weapons, including the gas-operated submachine gun he was allegedly carrying when he was arrested in June 2017.

Apparently, Sebastian's sister, Octavia, felt Samantha's testimony was treacherous -- so she allegedly called Samantha more than 50 times on the phone to express her discontent. 

The LAPD and NYPD were investigating -- since Samantha lives in L.A. and Octavia lives in New York -- but the case was kicked to the FBI, which ultimately decided to arrest Octavia. 

As we previously reported, Telfair -- a 33-year-old former high school phenom who spent 12 seasons in the NBA -- was arrested in June 2017 in Brooklyn when cops found several weapons during a traffic stop.

He was convicted and faces up to 15 years in prison when he's sentenced in June. 

Kodak Black Feds Say Gun, Fingerprints, Porsche Rental Link Him to March Shooting

5/20/2019 12:20 AM PDT

Federal prosecutors are laying out an overwhelming case connecting Kodak Black to a shooting earlier this year ... but the rapper's attorney says the feds are all bark with no bite.

Prosecutors say Kodak bought 3 weapons and more than 100 rounds of ammo back in February from Lou's Police Distributors -- a federal firearms licensee in Hialeah, Florida. That purchase, prosecutors allege, was facilitated after Kodak lied on a January gun application.

Kodak dropped $3,518.71 for a Mini Draco pistol, Sig MPX K 9mm pistol and Sig P238 .380 pistol. 

On March 7, prosecutors say, a Porsche Panamera rented by Kodak drove to Golden Acres -- a neighborhood in Pompano Beach where he grew -- and fired away. The feds say the intended target was a rival rapper, who was not hit but whose house -- filled with kids -- was littered with bullets. No one was hit.

Law enforcement responded to the scene and found several spent castings and the MPX K Kodak bought in February. Prosecutors say the weapon had Kodak's fingerprints and a live round in the chamber that jammed during the shooting.

Prosecutors also say cops found the Porsche abandoned 14 miles from the scene of the crime and heavily damaged. The SUV's GPS data was then downloaded ... pinpointing the SUV in the Golden Acres neighborhood at the time of the shooting.

In docs, the feds say multiple witnesses saw Kodak at the scene of the shooting. The rapper has NOT been charged with any crime and the investigation continues. 

As we first reported ... federal prosecutors wanna keep the rapper behind bars and deny him bail on the heels of his arrest at Rolling Loud for allegedly lying on 2 gun applications. While laying out their argument to keep Kodak behind bars, prosecutors brought up the March 7 shooting.

Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen, tells TMZ ... he's yet to see any type of reports that show Kodak's fingerprints on the gun. Additionally prosecutors admitted that the weapon found on scene never fired. He adds, "Witnesses came forward to us as well and stated they did not see Kodak Black at the scene that night." 

Jenelle Evans' Husband David Came to Court w/ Gun on the Dash ... Or So It Seems

5/18/2019 2:17 PM PDT

Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, showed up to court for their child services case with what appears to be a gun in plain sight on the dashboard of their car.

As we reported ... Jenelle and David went to court Thursday to fight a judge's order that removed three children from their home over the course of a week -- this, of course, following news that David had brutally killed the family dog when it nipped 2-year-old Ensley.

The kids were not returned to the couple by the end of it, and on their way out of the courthouse ... they got back into their vehicle, which looks like it was housing a pistol on the dash. You can make out what greatly resembles a firearm as they're driving away.

We pulled screenshots of this clip and heightened the resolution a bit -- there's no question in our eyes, the black object seen through the windshield seriously looks like a gun.

Seen at a different angle, the object still appears very much so like a gun. It sure doesn't seem like they were trying to hide it either ... the gun's openly on display, as you can see.

As we've pointed out in the past ... David is REALLY into guns, even going so far as to post multiple videos showing off his firepower after getting a visit from the Secret Service.

There's even been an alleged incident in which David was accused of chasing a woman down who drove by his house and brandishing a pistol at her. She claimed he told her, "That's right. I got a gun, I will shoot you." David denied the woman's version of events.

Still, it doesn't look great that a guy who's had the authorities on edge about his violent temper shows up to court locked and loaded. One thing he's made clear ... he means business.

Ex-Oregon Ducks Star Stops Gunman ... At Portland High School

5/17/2019 3:15 PM PDT
Breaking News

Former Oregon Ducks stud Keanon Lowe is being touted as a hero today ... Portland high school students are praising the ex-WR for stopping a gunman who was near campus Friday.

Lowe -- one of Marcus Mariota's favorite targets back at Oregon -- reportedly tackled a man with a gun near the tennis courts at Parkrose High School in Northeast Portland.

Unclear what the man's intentions were -- cops have yet to say his motive -- but Oregon Live reports, "a parent said students reported that the suspect, a fellow student, had brought a gun to the school with the intention of committing suicide."

Cops say they've taken the suspect into custody ... and school officials now say all students are safe.

Keanon -- who's reportedly the high school's football coach as well its track and field coach -- was a star with the Ducks, tallying 891 receiving yards and 11 TDs in 68 career games.

Lowe played for Oregon from 2011-2014, helping the team win 2 Rose Bowls.

Denver Broncos Hosting Grad. Ceremonies ... For Denver School After Deadly Shooting

5/17/2019 7:29 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Denver Broncos are doing an awesome thing to help local families in the aftermath of a tragic school shooting ... offering up their practice facility so students have a place to hold their graduation ceremonies.

Last week -- just days after a student opened fire at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado, killing one and injuring 8 others -- officials reached out to the Broncos for some help.

The school needed a place to hold its ceremonies for its graduating students ... and the Broncos stepped up in a big way -- happily giving away their UCHealth Training Center in Dove Valley.

"STEM School reached out to the Broncos late last week about the possibility of hosting its graduations at UCHealth Training Center," Broncos' executive vice president of public and community relations Patrick Smyth said in a statement.

"We told them we’d be happy to help the school, the students and their families in any way possible."

The Broncos played host to a kindergarten ceremony Thursday -- The Athletic's Nicki Jhabvala reported -- and are expected to play host to a bigger grad ceremony early next week.

For their part, Broncos players have also reached out in the aftermath of the tragedy, with superstar pass rusher Bradley Chubb saying, "Got a chance to meet the graduating seniors from the STEM School out here in Co."

"It was a blessing seeing smiles on those kids faces after such a tragic event. #STEMStrong"

'Jersey Shore' Star's Baby Mama Jen Harley Arrested

5/16/2019 4:05 PM PDT

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby mama, Jen Harley, has been arrested for a New Year's Eve incident when she allegedly threw an ashtray at the reality star ... TMZ has learned. 

Harley was arrested in Vegas early Thursday around 3 AM on a warrant that was issued last month. Law enforcement sources tell us ... Jen actually called the cops early Thursday morning and said someone had a gun. Cops responded, came to the house and when they did a background check found she had an outstanding warrant. 

TMZ broke the story ... Ronnie filed a battery report against Harley on January 3 after the two got in a blowout fight at a Vegas club on New Year's Eve. At some point during their argument, Harley allegedly hurled an ashtray at Ronnie, striking him in the face, and cutting his nose, lip and forehead. 

We obtained video from the club that night which showed Ronnie leaving and bloodied.

The fight didn't just end there ... when Jen got home that night, she allegedly found her home ransacked ... accusing Ronnie of smashing a flat-screen TV, picture frames and a vase. He was also recorded smashing the security camera at her front door back in December.   

Yo Gotti Tour Bus Riddled with Bullets After Nashville Concert

5/15/2019 2:43 PM PDT

Yo Gotti's got great timing because when his tour bus got sprayed with bullets in Nashville ... he easily could have been on board, and killed.

Cops responded to a shots fired call after 11 PM Tuesday night and found the rapper's bus had been shot up outside the hotel where he's staying. Police checked the bus and discovered nobody was on it, and no one had been hit in the hail of gunfire.

Bullet holes peppered the bus, and at least one tire was blown out. It's unclear if the motive was simply to vandalize the bus or worse ... cops are investigating, but no arrests so far.

Gotti had just performed earlier in the night at the Mercy Lounge. It's unclear if he'd ridden the bus back to his hotel room prior to the shooting. A witness tells us he heard rapid gunfire for about 6 seconds and then heard screeching tires as a car sped away.

Last year one person was shot and killed outside a Gotti gig in Kansas City, and in 2017 one of his friends was arrested for allegedly shooting Young Dolph.

YFN Lucci Car Shot Up In ATL Bullet Holes Everywhere!!!

5/15/2019 10:07 AM PDT

YFN Lucci might be in the market for a bulletproof ride now that his G-Wagon is riddled with bullet holes from a drive-by shooting that left one person in the vehicle injured.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... YFN Lucci's Mercedes SUV was shot up Friday night in Atlanta, and when police responded, they found a man suffering from two gunshot wounds. We're told the victim was not Lucci, and the rapper isn't listed on the police report.

Our ATL Sources tell us it's Lucci's whip, although his mother is the registered owner. 

We've obtained pics and video of the damage, showing bullet holes all over the place! The ammo ripped through the passenger windows on both sides, side doors, the rear window, the rear door, the bumper and even one of the rear tires.

Our sources say the gunshot victim told cops he was driving when shots started ringing out, piercing through the vehicle and striking him in his left shoulder. 

We're told he picked up his shot-up ride from a salvage yard earlier this week ... and it looks quite different than it did when he featured it in a recent music video. 

We reached out to YFN Lucci for comment ... so far, no word back.

Halle Berry Locked 'n' Loaded For High-Powered Close-Up

5/14/2019 11:09 AM PDT

Halle Berry went ALL IN training for her new role in 'John Wick 3' ... hitting up a gun range and trying out all kinds of firearms for some super intense target practice!!!

Check out of these clips of Halle unleashing a hail of bullets, lighting up targets and creeping through an obstacle course like a deadly assassin. 

Halle's no stranger to kicking ass and taking names on the big screen ... we've already seen her as a secret agent in a James Bond flick, and she killed it in a couple of superhero roles ... but we've never seen her unload a clip quite like this! 

She's co-starring in "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum" with Keanu Reeves, who seemed quite impressed with her marksmanship. Especially her double taps.

Halle, the action hero. Turns out she's just as hot as Halle the non-hero. Go figure.

Blac Chyna Hairdresser Blowout on Surveillance Vid In Alleged Soda Can/Knife Fight

5/14/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Blac Chyna's altercation with her hairdresser -- where a knife was allegedly pulled and soda cans hurled -- was caught on video, and there's a little bit of good news for BC.

TMZ has obtained the surveillance footage capturing the action outside of Chyna's San Fernando Valley home early Saturday morning. As we reported, she got into it with her hairdresser over payment ... the hairdresser filed a police report claiming Chyna got hot and wielded a knife ... something Chyna denies.

The video seems to back Chyna's claim the hairdresser threw soda cans at her Rolls-Royce. The stylist seems to be lugging something ... aiming for the expensive whip and launching what looks like cans.

You see Chyna and co. come out and confront the hairdresser. In classic Chyna fashion, she removes her shoes and throws them at the woman. And, then there's the obligatory shouting.

As for the knife ... no evidence of that from the video. It's possible, of course, Chyna could have pulled the weapon off-camera or inside the home. 

It seems like Chyna deescalates ... eventually walking inside while the brouhaha continues. 

As we reported, the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services got involved because 6-year-old King, the child she had with Tyga, was at the house when all the commotion went down. The police are investigating and will probably turn the case over to prosecutors who will decide what, if anything, to do.

NBA YoungBoy Rushes To Help Injured Girlfriend ... After Shootout in Miami

5/13/2019 4:33 PM PDT

NBA YoungBoy rushed to the side of his injured girlfriend after she was hit a by a bullet in a shootout outside their hotel ... applying pressure to her wound and trying like hell to get her to the hospital.

We've obtained video of the wild scene following an exchange of gunfire in front of the Trump Beach Resort near Miami ... and you see NBA YoungBoy jumping into action to help save his GF, Kay Marie, as she lies in the hotel lobby bleeding.

As we reported ... NBA YoungBoy and his entourage were on the receiving end of a hail of bullets in a Mother's Day shooting that left one man dead. 

NBA YoungBoy eventually helps Kay Marie into a waiting car, and they drive off before getting stopped by police arriving at the scene.   

In footage shot from an upper floor of the hotel, you see Kay Marie being taken out of a black SUV, placed onto a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... bullets started flying when a black Cadillac Escalade traveling northbound on Collins Avenue opened fire towards the entrance of the Trump International Beach Resort ... prompting NBA YoungBoy and his crew to return fire. 

We're told a 5-year-old child was grazed by a bullet during the shooting, and a Hertz employee at the hotel died from a gunshot wound.

NBA YoungBoy was in Miami for Rolling Loud, but the shootout and his girlfriend's scary injury didn't stop him from taking the stage at Hard Rock Stadium. Police beefed up security at the music fest, bringing in an extra SWAT team and more manpower, and we're told it was all in reaction to the shooting.

NBA YoungBoy was not one of the 11 people detained by police after the shootout... and we're told cops would still like to question him.

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