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Dennis Rodman Accused of Slap Attack ... Cops Investigating

5/23/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Dennis Rodman allegedly slapped a man at his own birthday party in Florida last week ... and cops say the key witness in the case is DAVID LEE ROTH!!!

... unfortunately, it's just not THAT David Lee Roth

It's all spelled out in the police report obtained by TMZ Sports ... in which the Delray Beach Police Dept. describe an alleged battery on May 17 at the Buddha Sky Bar. 

The alleged victim is 30-year-old Jeff Soulouque -- who says he was hanging at the party when Dennis "unprovokedly turned around and smacked him," right in the face. 

Soulouque claims Rodman immediately began apologizing for the incident and invited him out to dinner the following night in an attempted peace offering. 

But, Soulouque tells TMZ Sports he was really hurt -- and went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a left corneal abrasion. He went to cops the day after the incident and filed a report. 

Cops launched an investigation and called up a witness named David Lee Roth -- who, shockingly, is NOT the Van Halen singer. Still, cops say DLR corroborated Soulouque's story. 

"Roth stated he was about twenty feet away and he saw Rodman turn around and open hand smack Soulouque two times," the report states. 

Cops are now on the hunt for video of the incident and have listed Rodman as an official suspect in an alleged battery. 

As for Rodman, his attorney, Lorne Berkeley, denies his client slapped anyone, telling TMZ Sports ... “I’ve spoken with people who were with Dennis the entire night of the alleged incident at Buddha Sky Bar. No one saw any such incident occur and Dennis was sober the entire night.”

“Currently the matter is in its preliminary stages but we fully expect after a thorough investigation that no such incident will be substantiated. Dennis denies any such incident occurred.”

It's just the latest in a string of bizarre incidents involving the NBA legend -- who is also being investigated in California for his role in an alleged clothing heist at a Newport Beach yoga studio. 


Logan Paul Knocks Man Out With One Slap!!! Pulls Out of Competition

5/22/2019 12:12 PM PDT

Logan Paul laid the smack down on a dude ... knocking him unconscious with a vicious right-hand slap!!!

Ya gotta see, and hear, the video ... Logan winds up, cocks his right hand back with an open palm and connects with a brutal blow to the cheek that immediately sends his target tumbling to the ground! 

After the one-slap knockout, Logan turns to the camera with a grin and FLEXES!!! 

It all went down Tuesday during Logan's training session for an upcoming slap competition in Russia ... but the whole incident derailed his planned trip ... and now he's not going to compete. 


Logan announced he's pulling out of the competition due to an "unforeseen and unfortunate" event that took place at practice. He says he no longer has the "desire to participate in any event that can result in serious injury to virtually anyone competing."

He further explained his decision on Mark Dohner's 'Livin' Large' Podcast. 

Logan adds, "I feel my decision will preserve the health and wellness of everyone competing."

Translation ... you don't want it with Logan!!!

Nelly I Love My Fans, But ... Don't Untie My Shoe!!!

5/15/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Nelly had to hit pause on his show in Las Vegas after one of his fans did something that totally messed with his flow ... untied his shoe!!!

We just got this wild video from inside Nelly's Thursday night gig at Drai's Beachclub ... and you see him cut the music and go on a long rant after someone in the crowd reached onstage and tugged on his shoelaces!!!

Check out the clip ... Nelly was NOT having it. He paused the show for a few minutes, ranting about being too grown to have people untying his kicks, and ripping an overzealous fan for getting too close for comfort. 

Fortunately, Shoelacegate didn't derail the whole show ... folks at the club tell us Nelly got back to rapping after addressing the crowd. 

So, if you're trying to grab Nelly's attention the next time you're at one of his shows ... stay away from his footwear.

Side note ... looks like Nelly's no longer stomping in his Air Force Ones. 

Gun Confiscation Tons Of Firearms Seized in Exclusive L.A. Neighborhood

5/8/2019 4:23 PM PDT
Breaking News

6:10 PM PT -- We're told one man was arrested inside the house for the crime of selling, possessing or transporting illegal assault weapons. We do not know if he was a squatter or had permission to live in the home. As we reported, the owner hasn't lived there in years and is now in Europe.  

4:23 PM PT -- The ATF now says, "Pursuant to an anonymous tip ATF and LAPD became aware of an individual conducting illegal firearms transactions outside the scope of the federal firearm license that the individual possesses." The ATF says they have seized more than 1,000 firearms, adding the public is in no danger. 

A massive stockpile of firearms has just been confiscated in a super rich area of Los Angeles ... and the sheer number of guns is jaw-dropping. 

The weapons were recovered after a search warrant was served at a home in Bel-Air ... and the huge pile of guns are currently being laid out on the street. 

It's all going down right now, near the Playboy Mansion and close to the estate where Michael Jackson died.

Cops got a tip that someone was in the house selling and manufacturing weapons. They are on scene right now. 

There are 3 SUV's in the driveway and we know at least 2 are registered to a Cynthia Beck, who also owned the home and may still own it. We do not know if there is any connection between her and the weapons or the search warrant.

A person familiar with the neighborhood tells TMZ, Cynthia hasn't been seen at the house in years, and may be in Europe. The person adds there have been "caretakers" coming and going at the estate. It well could be ... someone knew Cynthia wasn't in the country and squatted in the house.

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is the lead agency. We're told they were doing surveillance Wednesday morning before making their move and they are still on the scene. 

Our LAPD sources tell us as far as they can see they have not had any problems associated with the residence in question. 

Originally published -- 3:20 PM PT

Chris Brown Scary Home Visit ... From Lady Claiming He Cursed Her Son

5/7/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Chris Brown got wrapped into some bad juju after cops say a woman trekked across the country trying to get him to remove a curse she believed CB inflicted on her son. 

Cops responded to a call Saturday night reporting a strange woman with a preteen who was seen wandering around Chris' L.A.-area property ... throwing a bible over his wall, no less.

Officers responded, and they got quite the tale from the woman. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... she said she had flown into town from Texas that day with her boy -- all in the hopes of convincing Chris to lift some voodoo. We're told she felt the presence of a bible on his lawn would help lift the curse. 

As for why she thought all of this -- pretty clearly, cops figured she might have mental health issues. She was taken in for evaluation, and her son was taken into protective custody.

Chris wasn't directly involved in the incident ... he wasn't home at the time. 

We know Chris luckily dodged the encounter because he was partying it up with Jake Paul, Lamar Odom and a bunch of his celeb pals in Calabasas on Saturday night for Desiigner's 22nd birthday.

This weekend's incident is eerily similar to one in 2015 ... when a woman broke into CB's home and vandalized his place with what Chris called "voodoo things." Chris himself found her lying naked in his bed.

MLB Nightmare Swarm Of Bees ... Interrupts Game!!!

5/6/2019 10:40 AM PDT
Breaking News

Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati turned into a nightmare scene straight out of "My Girl" on Monday ... when a swarm of bees invaded the stadium -- forcing officials to delay the start of the game.

The Reds were gearing up to take on the San Francisco Giants when the bees came ... you can see in photos and video there are THOUSANDS (maybe millions?) of the flying insects on the field. 

In one shot captured by NBC Sports Bay Area, you can see just how close the bees came to the Giants dugout. Scary stuff. 

At one point, Reds outfielder Derek Dietrich grabbed some beekeeping stuff and charged out on the field -- jokingly trying to help officials get rid of the bees. 

No word if it actually helped ... or not. Also, unclear if anyone was stung. 

The good news ... officials say the swarm eventually moved on and the game is now underway. 

Cincinnati is currently up 6-1 on the Giants. Talk about a rough day at the office ... 

Racism in America Ohio HS Student Banned from Prom For Racist Promposal Sign

5/2/2019 3:35 PM PDT

A high schooler in Ohio just joined the ranks of hardcore U.S. racists by asking a girl to go to prom with unspeakable words ... and now he's banned from the event.

The student's invitation or "promposal" to his potential date -- which he posted to his social media account -- was a sign reading, "If I was black I'd be picking cotton but I'm white so I'm picking u for prom."

The online backlash from his fellow students made its way to school officials at the Clear Fork High School, and Superintendent Janice Wyckoff banned him from attending the prom.

She claims the student was sorry for what he did and deleted his posts touting the sign.

As for his intended prom date featured in the photo ... she's reportedly a student at a different school. We don't know if she said "yes" or "take a hike."

It's unclear if the student behind the sign will face further disciplinary action, but Wyckoff says she doesn't believe this incident is reflective of the student body. She says ... "This is one person making a bad decision that's going to reflect on everybody. This is actually a terrible day in the Clear Fork Valley."

Sadly, a quick internet search of this particular racist promposal yields several results ... a number of white students from many different schools over the course of years have used the same promposal.

Scary times. 

Baby Burro Suffers Ass Injury On Barbed Wire Fence

5/2/2019 11:16 AM PDT

Remember the puppies dumped in a Coachella trash bin??? The same team that helped rescue them is at it again ... rescuing this baby burro which is proving to be a real, tough ass.

Riverside County Animal Services tells TMZ ... the 3-day-old female donkey was found in the middle of the road Wednesday in the San Jacinto Mountains, about 3 hours southeast of L.A. We're told the person who found it brought it home after noticing a big cut ... on the burro's butt.

The good Samaritan -- who said he coaxed the animal to follow him home -- told officials the donkey was alone and its mother nowhere in sight. A veterinary team from Animal Services scooped up the animal and treated the laceration. Officials think it was cut on a barbed wire fence.

The burro's now in the hands of veterinarian Sharon Gonzales, who volunteered to foster the beast ... no burden. Turns out she already has 2 others at home.

Of course, Riverside County Animal Services got the public to help identify the heartless bitch caught on camera throwing a bag of 7 puppies in a dumpster last month. Authorities ultimately arrested Deborah Sue Culwell, who faces 7 felony counts of animal cruelty.

Barbara Corcoran Death Becomes Her For Creepy 70th Birthday

4/30/2019 3:01 PM PDT

We had no idea Barbara Corcoran from "Shark Tank" was THIS twisted ... but ya gotta love a birthday party that doubles as a funeral!

Yes, that's Barbara all snug as a bug inside a casket -- her idea of a surprise for her friends and family members who had shown up to celebrate her 70th birthday last weekend. Once the shock wore off ... it looks like everyone was in on the creepy and totally morbid bash thrown in Manhattan.

Her fellow Sharks, including Mark Cuban and Daymond John and Robert Herjavec, gathered around her casket to pay their respects. Daymond even gave her a kiss! 

Barbara eventually popped up to join the party ... in a Carolina Herrera gown no less. Think "Finnegans Wake" (look it up) -- she IS part Irish, after all.

As funerals have often been described as the best party you don't get to attend, BC decided to design a workaround. As she put it, "What the heck, you only die once, you might as well be around for it!"

Okay, we admit it ... we're dying to see what she does for 71.

Zak Bagans Adds Haunted Rocking Chair to Collection ... From 'Devil Made Me Do It' Case

4/28/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Zak Bagans is at it again -- his Haunted Museum now has another terrifying piece of furniture ... this one connected to an exorcism and an infamous murder.

The "Ghost Adventures" star has purchased the "Devil's Rocking Chair" -- a chair with ties to famed paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren and the notorious "Devil Made Me Do It" Case -- to display at his museum in Las Vegas.

The story goes like this -- Lorraine and her husband, Ed, helped exorcise a possessed 11-year-old boy named David Glatzel in the early '80s. During his exorcisms, the chair would allegedly rock on its own, levitate, and even vanish and reappear. David and Lorraine also claim to have seen the devil sitting in it.

Witnesses say the final exorcism concluded when the demon fled David's body and entered Arne Cheyenne Johnson, a man who killed his landlord months later during an argument and claimed it was due to his demonic possession.

The Warrens backed him up ... but the judge didn't buy it and he was convicted of first-degree manslaughter. The story's the premise of the 1983 book, "The Devil in Connecticut" and is rumored to be the plot of "The Conjuring 3."

Anyway ... Bagans dropped $67,000 to add the creepy chair -- which still has holy oil stains on it left by Ed Warren -- to his collection.

Zak bought it from Carl Glatzel, David's brother. We're told Carl decided to sell the chair because he's moving and doesn't want to take it with him ... even though it's been in his family since the '50s.

Carl says the family heirloom has mostly been avoided due to its bad juju. He claims those who have been brave or stupid enough to sit in it have paid the price with back pain afterward ... one of his friends even had to have surgery!!!

BTW -- we're told Bagans bought the "Devil's Rocking Chair" from Carl just hours before Lorraine died. As we reported ... she passed away last week at the age of 92.

Kylie Jenner Goes Big for Travis Scott's Bday ... Billboard Big

4/26/2019 3:57 PM PDT

Kylie Jenner's letting all of L.A. know her man's birthday's coming up ... and she and Stormi want him to have a happy one.

Travis Scott got a huge bday shoutout from Kylie Friday in the form of a billboard on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in West Hollywood -- Santa Monica and La Cienega.

The billboard features a huge headshot of their 1-year-old daughter along with another pic of her and Mom, with the message ... "Happy Birthday Daddy." It's signed, "Love, Mommy & Stormi XO."

As if this was not enough, Kylie also threw Travis an 'Avengers'-themed bash Thursday night, which included a private screening for 'Endgame.'

Scott's actual birthday isn't until Tuesday, April 30 ... but who is keeping track? He'll be 28.

BTW -- Travis' bday billboard is directly across the street from another one with a giant face on it ... Taylor Swift's. As we reported ... she's got something important she want's to advertise, as well.

NFL, NBA, MLB $12 MILLION IN FAKE TEAM RINGS ... Seized In Customs Bust!

4/23/2019 1:19 PM PDT
Breaking News

Nearly $12 MILLION worth of fake championship and team rings are now OFF the market ... so say U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials -- who say they just seized 177 counterfeit pieces!

CBP officials announced Tuesday they found nearly 200 fake rings during an inspection of a March 11 shipment from China to the U.S.

The faux bling included Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots Super Bowl rings, New York Yankees World Series rings and much more.

And, we gotta say ... they do look pretty awesome.

But, officials say they caught the stuff before it could be sold to Americans -- claiming they saved U.S. consumers $11.7 MILLION with the seizure!!!

"This most recent interception of counterfeit sports rings demonstrates the ongoing vigilance and commitment to the mission by our CBP Officers and Import Specialists," officials said.


Wendy Williams Cops Investigated Anonymous Claim Husband Was Poisoning Her

4/23/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Cops paid Wendy Williams a visit to check on her after a random caller alleged her husband, Kevin Hunter, was poisoning the talk show host.

According to the police report ... the outrageous call, made back in January, came from someone claiming to work for Williams' production company. The caller believed Kevin was slipping Wendy something harmful, and he or she wanted cops to check on her.

The report says 2 officers went to Williams' New Jersey residence and were greeted by Hunter, who was hesitant to let them in for the welfare check because he said Wendy was sick and recovering from a health problem.

Cops say they explained to Hunter they were required to speak with Williams due to the anonymous call. When he allowed them to enter, they found Williams in bed "with the blanket covering from neck to toe."

According to the report ... one of the officers asked Kevin to leave the bedroom so they could talk to Wendy alone, but he didn't want to leave her side. As for the health problem she had -- Wendy told cops she was recovering from a broken shoulder.

An officer eventually asked her if there was any truth to the anonymous tip she was being poisoned, and Wendy responded with something like ... "Well, I'm very popular." When the cop repeated the question, the report says she became tearful, but denied there was any truth to it.

The cops left after Wendy told them once more she was okay.

As we reported ... Williams filed for divorce from Hunter this month amid cheating rumors, and just weeks after she returned to her show and announced she was living in a sober home and getting treatment for addiction.

She was on hiatus from her show at the time cops performed that welfare check.

Kevin -- who was also an executive producer -- has now left the show in wake of the divorce filing.

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