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Caitlyn Jenner Shout-Out to the Kardashian Dads ... But Not Tristan, Of Course

6/16/2019 4:13 PM PDT

Caitlyn Jenner would like all the dads in her life -- and, by extension, the Kardashians' lives -- to know she appreciates each and every one of them ... except one Tristan Thompson.

Kylie and Kendall's father posted a Father's Day tribute Sunday, honoring not only her own dad -- who was a WWII vet -- but also her two sons Burt and Brody (who are both dads) ... as well as Kanye West, Rob Kardashian, Scott Disick and Travis Scott

You'll notice that Tristan is absent from the group shout-out. He, of course, shares a kid with Khloe Kardashian ... but got kicked to the curb after cheating on her (again).

Clearly, Caitlyn's not a fan of the guy ... none of the Kardashians seem to be at this point, frankly. Also interesting -- Khloe posted some cryptic messages ahead of the big holiday that one could interpret as being aimed at her baby daddy.

On her Insta story, Khloe posted stuff like ... "stop having relationship problems with someone you're not in a relationship with" as well as, "reminder: you cannot change a person who doesn't see an issue in their actions." 

The good news ... Khloe seems to have a decent co-parenting relationship with Tristan for the sake of their daughter, True. She told Laura Wasser recently that she keeps it cool with him and tries to keep any bad energy away from the kid. 

Heck, she's even reunited with him since their split just to maintain the father-daughter relationship. When it comes to Father's Day though ... no love, apparently. 

Bella Thorne Ex-BF Mod Sun on The Passport Sitch ... A Well-Timed Lie!!!

6/15/2019 10:43 AM PDT

Bella Thorne's ex-boyfriend, Mod Sun, is setting the record straight over allegedly keeping her passport from her and damaging her career ... and he's calling BS.

The rapper was heading into Beauty & Essex Friday in Hollywood where our photog asked for his side of the story -- which Bella has been very open about in interviews since the couple split in April. According to her, MS withheld her passport and caused her to miss a flight ... and, ultimately, an important gig. She broke it down for Jenny McCarthy.

Mod Sun clarifies things a bit, telling us she called him out of the blue two months after they'd broken up ... and, essentially, told him she needed her passport back just a couple hours before she was set to take off to Paris. You can listen to the rest ... it's a doozy.

Oh, and as far as her captive laptop that she implies is still out of her possession -- Mod says she got it back the day she "broke in" to his place. 

As we first told you, Bella got the boot from Mod's place shortly after they'd broken up when she went to collect her stuff. Cops were called and no one was arrested -- but Mod says she didn't walk away empty-handed ... she left with her laptop. So he's not sure why she's talking that up.

We also asked about Bella questioning Mod's sobriety on Instagram. He tried celebrating being 32 days sober, when she hit him in the comment section with a, "But ur not sober."

Check out his response ... sounds like her jab left him on the verge of a damn-near relapse. He also explains what substances he's off of at the moment and fighting to avoid.

Wendy Williams' Ex I Didn't Make Her a 'Show Pony' ... She Was Too Lazy to Go Out!!!

6/13/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Wendy Williams' estranged husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., says her claim he kept her pent up at home is a lie and adds ... she was too lazy to give a damn -- but Wendy says believe nothing her ex says.

Kevin is firing back at the beloved talk show host after she told us she "was cooped up only to be a show pony" during their marriage. Sources close to Kevin say that's a bald-faced lie, and he claims her memory is just off.

The way Kevin sees it ... Wendy orchestrated her schedule and chose, primarily, to do her talk show and go home. We're told Kevin feels Wendy just didn't want to hit red carpet events or put in any effort outside of the on-camera work for her show. 

A source close to Wendy is doubling down though ... calling Kevin "extremely controlling and sneaky" during the marriage, and "nothing he says is the truth."

When it comes to business decisions ... sources close to Kevin say Wendy took a hands-off approach and willingly left everything up to her husband -- trusting him for 22 years to handle her career. 

As for Wendy's young, new arm candy ... we're told Kevin isn't jealous and understands why she wants to go out and have some carefree fun. 

He does, however, take issue with Wendy saying he “had a full baby with a woman he was involved with for 15 years.” We're told he calls that a gross exaggeration because he didn’t meet his mistress until 2008.

We get the feeling the nitpicking is just beginning -- and even though Wendy thinks they'll eventually make peace -- it feels like their divorce is gonna be a long, drawn-out affair.

Barbara Corcoran Brother Died in Dominican Republic Hotel ... Mysterious Tourist Death Total Rises

6/12/2019 9:35 AM PDT

Barbara Corcoran's brother was found dead in his hotel room in the Dominican Republic, and the circumstances sound eerily familiar to the 6 mysterious tourist deaths in the country over the past year ... TMZ has learned.

The "Shark Tank" star tells us her brother, John, was in the D.R. with a friend in April on his yearly vacation when he died of a heart attack. At least, that's what she was told. As far as she knows, there's been no autopsy.

Barbara says her brother's friend -- who was staying in the same suite -- discovered the body, but nobody knows exactly what happened.

Corcoran tells us John was retired but owned a successful roofing company in New Jersey. She calls him "my favorite brother" among her 9 siblings and says he had a larger-than-life personality and would have been great on TV.

We're told John loved visiting the Dominican Republic and was awaiting the arrival of his girlfriend before he died. There's been no funeral yet, but a memorial service is planned soon.

On the surface, a 60-year-old man dying of a heart attack might not be shocking ... but John's death comes amidst a bizarre and troubling trend of American tourists dying in D.R. hotels.

Six U.S. tourists have been found dead since June 2018 -- 2 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, and 4 at various Bahia Principe resorts. Three of the deaths were reportedly due to heart attacks, but one also lists pulmonary edema -- an accumulation of fluid in the lungs -- according to the death certificate.

A recently engaged couple from Maryland was found dead in their room in late May, and an autopsy reportedly found they also had respiratory failure and pulmonary edema.

The cause of death of the other tourist is unknown.

So far, the deaths are considered isolated incidents by D.R. tourism officials, but Dominican authorities are investigating and have asked the FBI for assistance for "further toxicology analysis."

Theories are beginning to circulate on what's causing the mysterious deaths -- including poisoning -- partly fueled by 2 other couples who stayed at Bahia Principe resorts and claim to have gotten violently ill.

One couple claims there was a "moldy, mildewy smell" in the room like the air conditioning system hadn't been clean, and another is suing the resort chain claiming they were exposed to insecticides.

It's unclear at this time where Barbara's brother was staying, or if he had anything from his room's minibar ... like some of the other deceased tourists.

Nicki Minaj Not Dropped From Chris Brown's Tour ... She Never Signed On

6/12/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Nicki Minaj wasn't dropped from Chris Brown's upcoming tour, but ya still won't see her onstage with him -- because she's putting her music before life on the road.  

Here's the sitch -- people freaked out on Monday after Chris officially announced his IndiGOAT Tour that's set to kick off this summer ... because Nicki was left out of the lineup ... a lineup that includes Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla $ign and other big names.

Why that matters, you may ask? Two months ago, a report came out claiming Chris and Nicki were going on tour together in the fall ... which Chris himself seemed to confirm by responding with the following social media message. 

Sources with knowledge tell TMZ ... Nicki never signed on to Chris' tour in any capacity.  We're told the two artists did discuss touring together after their G-Eazy collab, "Wobble Up," but talks never materialized into a deal.

We're told Nicki's the one who decided the tour wasn't for her, but not because she had beef with Chris. Her reasons were several ... she was working on music and a tour would have cut into her studio time, and she just wrapped her European tour and going out on the road again was too much.  

Post Malone Jet's Emergency Landing ... Blown Tires to Blame

6/12/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Post Malone's private jet made an emergency landing in New York last August because of blown tires and a bunch of errors by the flight crew ... according to the FAA. 

TMZ obtained the incident report ... and the FAA says multiple safety procedures were ignored, resulting in a super scary situation for the musician and his travel party.

According to the report ... after the plane's initial takeoff for a London-bound flight, the pilots were alerted one of the doors wasn't closed properly, so they decided to land to check things out ... everything got worse from there. 

According to the FAA ... when the plane took off a second time, 2 tires on the left side of the aircraft EXPLODED. Turns out they were overdue for maintenance -- forcing the pilots to make another emergency landing but only after circling NYC for several hours to burn off fuel. 

As for why the tires blew ... the FAA says Post's plane was way too heavy -- 12 passengers, 2 pilots, 1 flight attendant and tons of baggage -- and the flight crew ignored safety procedures after the first landing by only waiting 20-30 minutes before taking off again, hardly enough time to allow the plane's brakes to cool down.

Tire maintenance wasn't the only problem ... the plane itself was overdue for a maintenance check by 50 hours. 

Air travel is stressful enough ... so no surprise Post told us he needed a cold one after living through the ordeal. 

Maybe try first class next time, Post. Hey, the drinks are free!

Cuba Gooding Jr. Cops Say Heavy Drinking Involved Before Alleged Groping

6/11/2019 7:42 AM PDT

Cuba Gooding Jr. was inebriated before he allegedly got handsy with a woman who was trying to do him a solid ... at least that's how it was reported to cops.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the actor's known for hanging out at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge in NYC, and Sunday night he was throwing back several drinks.

We're told the alleged victim brought Cuba a water while he was partying and singing karaoke because she thought he was drunk. While they were talking, Gooding allegedly grabbed her breast ... and a "heated argument" broke out.

Our law enforcement sources say the altercation got so intense, security had to step in to squash it, but Cuba still didn't leave for another hour and a half. We're told the alleged groping incident went down around 10 PM, and the woman called 911 just before midnight to report it.

Police arrived shortly afterward to interview the bar staff who confirmed Cuba had been there and said he's a regular. Cops say they also checked security footage, which showed him leaving the club.

Our sources say cops haven't seen any footage of the alleged groping, but the investigation remains open.

As we told you ... video of Gooding Jr. at the venue on the night in question shows him having a good ol' time with pals. At one point, he appears agitated with someone. It's unclear if that person is the alleged victim.

We've reached out to Cuba's attorney ... no comment.

Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy 'When They See Us' ... We'll be at Sofia Grace's Graduation

6/11/2019 7:03 AM PDT

Felicity Huffman's fresh off playing a villain on Netflix -- and in federal court -- but in real life, she and William H. Macy are celebrating getting their kid into a cap and gown.

The couple attended daughter Sofia Grace's high school graduation ceremony Monday, as the L.A. High School of the Arts Class of 2019 was honored. The proud parents showed up dressed for the occasion ... for which they've been preparing for a couple weeks.

We've seen Sofia's mom and dad buying graduation balloons and flower arrangements, and now the big day was finally here. It couldn't have come at a better time for Felicity ... who's been going through it professionally and personally.

She officially entered her guilty plea last month in the college admissions scandal, and is now looking at the possibility of up to 4 months in prison when she's sentenced in September.

And, then there's all the buzz around Felicity's role as Linda Fairstein in the Netflix limited series, "When They See Us." 

The series paints the former Manhattan prosecutor as the mastermind behind the false convictions of the Central Park 5 -- and Fairstein's been publicly lambasted since the series debuted.

Felicity plays her pretty brilliantly, but PR-wise -- on the heels of her federal case -- a Disney fairy godmother role might have been better. Timing. 

Like we said, at least she's got something to celebrate now.

'NCIS' Star Pauley Perrette Alleged 'Assault' Was a Body Check ... By Costar Mark Harmon

6/11/2019 12:50 AM PDT

Ex-"NCIS" star Pauley Perrette stunned fans of the show when she alluded to a "physical assault" at the hands of her costar, Mark Harmon -- and now we have some clarity about her allegations. 

Pauley went on a Twitter rant last Friday vowing to never return to "NCIS," saying she was terrified of Mark attacking her ... and accused him of an actual assault.

In a since-deleted tweet, Pauley wrote ... "You think I didn't expect blow back? You got me wrong. THIS happened To my crew member and I fought like hell to keep it from happening again! To protect my crew!"

Then came her allegation ... "And then I was physically assaulted for saying NO!? and I lost my job."

Quick backstory ... that was all a reference to Mark's dog biting a crew member on set back in 2016, which left the guy with 16 stitches. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Pauley is now claiming that Mark body checked her on set in 2017 in what she perceived as payback. We're told Pauley felt it was an attempt to intimidate her after the dog fiasco.

Our sources tell us Pauley strongly objected to the dog being on the set after the bite and lobbied CBS brass to make it happen. We're told CBS eventually caved, telling Mark the dog would have to stay in his trailer unless it was leashed.

After CBS's new rule, we're told Pauley felt Mark only trotted the dog out when she was around -- which made things tense -- and their relationship was never the same. They hardly filmed any scenes together after that.

As to Pauley's claim she "lost" her job, our sources tell us it's unclear what she means exactly. We've been assured Pauley quit "NCIS" on her own accord in 2018.

CBS and Mark's team both had no comment about the alleged body check.

Andy Cohen Rips Straight Pride Parade 'Dumbest F***ing Thing'

6/10/2019 4:53 PM PDT

Andy Cohen is blasting the upcoming Straight Pride Parade ... calling it the brainchild of absolute morons!!!

We got the TV host Monday in New York City and our photog asked his thoughts on the small group of straight men in Boston planning to march for straight pride ... and Andy didn't hold back, ripping the idea as the "dumbest f***ing thing" he's ever heard!!!"

The parade, an apparent retort to June being LGBTQ Pride Month, is being touted by organizers as a celebration of "the diverse history, culture, and contributions of the straight community."

Check out the clip ... Andy thinks any straight man whining about oppression is living with their head up their ass.

Woodstock 50 Planned Venue Pulls Out!!! Festival in Jeopardy Again

6/10/2019 1:46 PM PDT

4:55 PM PT -- A rep for Woodstock tells us, "We are in discussions with another venue to host Woodstock 50 on August 16th - 18th and look forward to sharing the new location when tickets go on sale in the coming weeks. It's not looking good for Woodstock 50 again -- the music festival doesn't have anywhere to set up shop.

The hammer dropped Monday afternoon when Watkins Glen International -- an upstate NY race track -- terminated Woodstock 50's site license ... leaving the troubled concert without a home. The racetrack cited its contract with Woodstock 50 as its reason for scrapping the permit. 

It's terrible news for fans who were still holding out hope the festival would actually get off the ground on the heels of major money issues nearly shutting it down. 

As we've reported ... Woodstock 50's previous financial backer, Dentsu, tried canceling the event altogether. Woodstock 50 recently found a new partner to bankroll the project, and organizer Michael Lang has vowed the show will go on, but Monday's news appears to be the knockout punch. 

The clock is ticking, and right now you'd have to say ... it's gonna be difficult to host a music and arts fest in August without a venue. 

'Pose' Actor Indya Moore Stomps Trump Supporter's Sign ... Fight Breaks Out!!!

6/10/2019 11:24 AM PDT

"Pose" actor Indya Moore went after a President Trump supporter, who decided to fight back ... and then all hell broke loose.

Video of the incident starts with Indya stomping on a "Re-elect Trump" sign in NYC. They tried to walk away with it, but the owner of the sign, Dion Cini, stepped in to grab his property. Both struggled over the sign for a bit and then Dion started shoving Indya and another guy.

The scrap lasted a few moments until another man got in between them to calm things down ... or at least he tried. Indya reached back in to knock off Dion's 'MAGA' visor. Cops eventually stepped in and lectured Indya.

We reached out to Dion, who tells TMZ ... he's filed a police report for larceny. He says the sign's custom-made and ran him about $250. Indya, who plays Angel Evangelista on the FX show, took to Twitter to thank fans for the support and explain the confrontation.

Trump, of course, kicked off Pride Month by saying we should celebrate and "recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people have made to our great Nation" ... while his administration announced a proposal that would essentially allow health care providers to discriminate based on gender identity.

The Trump administration's also essentially re-instituted a "don't ask, don't tell" policy for trans service members.

All of that is obviously not sitting well with Indya -- however, the actor might have to answer to cops now.

Rob Kardashian Pulls HALFWAYDEAD Merch After Accusation He Stole Design

6/10/2019 10:25 AM PDT

Rob Kardashian is pumping the brakes on a new fashion line, because he's been accused of stealing a crucial design for it -- so now he's gotta pivot.

Fans of independent street artist Rx Skulls -- who is well known for a signature toothy skull design -- recently alerted him directly to a new line of hoodies and pins that Rob's own line, HALFWAYDEAD, was advertising on social media. 

Check out the side-by-side comparison ... the skull logo Rob slapped on his sweaters looks eerily similar to the Rx one -- and, apparently, Rob thought so too. 

Sources close to Rx tell TMZ ... he and Rob's team got in touch with each other, and put the issue to bed amicably. We're told Rx was even offered an explanation about how his skull design ended up on the hoodies and other merch.

It all worked out in the end though... our sources say Rob's company deleted the photos of the hoodies and pins that featured the skull design, and promised Rx it wouldn't peddle the merch.

No harm, no foul ... we're told Rx was good with that.

Rx Skulls itself alluded to the situation as well, saying the issue had been resolved ... and went on to thank their fans for the overwhelming amount of support and help. 

As for Rob? Back to the drawing board, we guess.

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