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40 Glocc

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Cali rapper 40 Glocc is living the dream. He is signed to a deal with lifetime friends Mobb Deep - with whom he is about to embark on a national tour - on Infamous/G-Unit Records. He's recording his first album under that deal with some of the top producers in the business (Dr Dre, Alchemist, Havoc) and is traveling to places in the world he once only dreamed of seeing. It would seem that he has everything right now that an aspiring artist could ever want, and that is certainly true; but it certainly wasn't always that way. This is definitely no overnight success story. Born as Tory Gasaway in Galveston, Texas, 40 Glocc didn't know his mother until the age of 8. Instead, he was raised by his grandparents in Beaumont, along with 14 other children. His father was never around much either. During those eight years, 40 only knew his mother, and a younger sister he had never met, by the pictures his grandparents showed him. He only knew that they lived in California and that one day, his mother was coming to get him. His grandmother told him so. She did in fact come to get him and moved him to the MacArthur Park area of Downtown Los Angeles. 40 was so glad to see her and his sister, and he just knew that life was going to get better now that his family was reunited. After a time the family relocated to Colton City, San Bernadino, to an area also known as "The Zoo" and the problems at home began. 40 and his mother didn't get along at all. He didn't feel that she cared at all about what happened to him. His new friends did though and 40 started spending all of his time with them. His friends, unfortunately, were all members of the Colton City Crips. The deeper 40 got into that lifestyle, and its ensuing traps, the worse things became at home. Finally, at the age of 13, 40 left home for good, choosing instead to sleep in the cars of friends, or outside of grocery stores with the bums. It was a life he became adept at dealing with. His role models and father figures, such as they were, were gang bangers and drug dealers and 40 learned to survive through them and live by their street code, reaping all the rewards such a life inevitably has in store. Among other things, 40 was shot several times, ending up in a wheelchair for many months after one such incident during which he was shot by police. He finally caught a case from a home invasion charge he didn't commit. A charge it took him six months to beat. Through all of this though, 40 did have a dream. He also had a talent, that of rapping, and of telling vivid stories of the things he had been through and of his life on the streets. Narratives that people could relate to. People like him. Word didn't take long to reach the right ears; the streets are like that. By '97 group The Zoo Crew (40 Glocc, K-9 and Natural Born) had formed and were dropping their first album "Migrate, Adapt or Die" produced by Tony and Julio G. The album became an underground hit and 40 was recognized as one of the best hidden talents in the streets. Soon he was an integral part of the scene and recording with his West Coast peers. It was his manager and long-time friend Storm though that negotiated his first solo deal with Empire Music Werks who were distributed by BMG. It was through this deal that 40 Glocc released his first solo effort, "The Jackal" which featured a who's who list of West Coast talent - Ras Kass, Bad Azz, Kurupt, Spice 1 and Tray Dee - and production from the best Cali had to offer; long-time supporter Dr Dre, Battle Cat and Protégé. Empire didn't have their promotion game up to snuff though and after sinking much of what he had been advanced back into promoting the album himself, 40 decided to go his own way. At this time, manager Storm's other act, Mobb Deep had been making a lot of noise since their debut "Infamous" on Jive and it was only natural that they would take an interest in the career of their friend. First instincts said get 40 a deal at Jive but conversations went nowhere and Storm began to shop 40 Glocc at the other majors. Unfortunately, the West Coast had lost their hold on the rap game and no one wanted to take a chance that a West Coast artist could sell. It was a set-back, as was Jive's dropping of Mobb Deep but as life often so does, things took a sudden turn for the great. Mobb Deep was signed to G-Unit and suddenly they and their friend 40 Glocc were running around with rap's finest. This was a home 40 could live with and it wasn't long before that became a reality; he signed to Mobb Deep's imprint Infamous under G-Unit. Some things have remained the same however. 40 is still recording with Dr Dre and he is still writing stories that people his can relate to. That is his goal. To give hope with his lyrics to people who are coming up through some of what he has already lived to tell. To let them know that they too can achieve their dream. To believe in themselves when there is no one else to believe in you. 40 Glocc is pursuing acting as well. He recently wrapped a supporting role in a feature film entitled "Playboys" from directors Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore ("The Whitest Kids U Know"). He's also featured in a new AFI (American Film Institute) short film called "The Second Half". Being a part of a prestigious AFI Film was a great experience for him. 40 Glocc has also appeared in other feature films such as "Thicker Than Blood", "Book Of Love" and Snoop Dogg's "Tha Eastsidaz". With what he has already accomplished, what are some of 40 Glocc's other dreams? To make an album that touches peoples' souls. He feels that what he is recording now is his best work ever. He knows he can't rap forever though. He also hopes to make his label Zoo Life something he can grow old with. After all, right now, just the thought that he has made it to a point in his life where he probably will live to grow old is a major blessing.  See full bio on IMDb »

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