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Aaron Sorkin

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Aaron Sorkin grew up in Scarsdale, a suburb of New York City where he was very involved in his high school drama and theater club. After graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater, Sorkin intended to pursue a career in acting. It took him only a short time to realize that his true love, and his true talent, lay in writing. His first play, "Removing All Doubt", was not an immediate success, but his second play, "Hidden in This Picture", debuted in 1988 at the West Bank Cafe Downstairs Theater Bar. A longer version of "Hidden in This Picture", called "Making Movies", opened at the Promenade Theater in 1990. Despite his youth and relative inexperience, Sorkin was about to break into the spotlight. In 1989, he received the prestigious Outer Critics Circle award as Outstanding American Playwright for the stage version of A Few Good Men (1992), which was later nominated for a Golden Globe. The idea for the plot of "A Few Good Men" came from a conversation with his older sister, Deborah. Deborah was a Navy Judge Advocate General lawyer sent to Guantanamo Bay on a case involving Marines accused of killing a fellow Marine. Deborah told Aaron of the case and he spent the next year and a half writing a Broadway play, which later led to the movie. Sorkin has gone on to write for many movies and TV shows. Besides A Few Good Men (1992), he has written The American President (1995) and Malice (1993), as well as cooperating on Enemy of the State (1998), The Rock (1996) and Excess Baggage (1997). In addition, he was invited by Steven Spielberg to "polish" the script of Schindler's List (1993). Sorkin's TV credits include the Golden Globe-nominated The West Wing (1999) and Sports Night (1998).  See full bio on IMDb »

Aaron Sorkin Questions Babe Ruth's Career Because Of Segregation

Aaron Sorkin
Babe Ruth Asterisk? 'Only Faced White Pitchers'

Here's some real talk featuring Hollywood super heavyweight Aaron Sorkin ... a die-hard Yankee fan who's doing the unthinkable ... questioning the legitimacy of the career of BABE RUTH.… READ MORE >

Aaron Sorkin -- I'd LOVE to Write New 'Indiana Jones' ... BUT

Aaron Sorkin
I'd LOVE to Pen New 'Indiana Jones' ... BUT

If Steven Spielberg wants Chris Pratt to play a version of "Indiana Jones" who can talk someone's ear off in the rumored new movie ... then one legendary writer says he'd love to help. Aaron… READ MORE >

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Aaron Sorkin – The Greatest Movie Line of ALL TIME Is ...

Aaron Sorkin
The GREATEST Movie Line Of ALL TIME Is ...

"I'll be back" ... "You can't handle the truth" ... "Dude, where's my car?" ... some of the best movie lines in the history of cinema -- but Aaron Sorkin says the #1 quote is straight out of the… READ MORE >

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Olbermann's Next Move -- Getting Social with Sorkin?

Olbermann's Next Move --
Getting Social with Sorkin?

Write what you know, the old saying goes -- and Keith Olbermann might be about to do just that ... with the help of the most famous Hollywood writer around. Now that he's out of work, the former… READ MORE >

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