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Aaron Spelling

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Aaron Spelling graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Before that, he attended Forest Avenue High. He started as a writer and sold his first script to Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre (1955). He wrote for various television shows, including Playhouse 90 (1956). After he wrote his first pilot he became a producer for Four Star Productions. He partnered with Danny Thomas and formed Thomas-Spelling Productions. In 1972 he formed Aaron Spelling Productions, and then joined with Leonard Goldberg for Spelling-Goldberg Productions. In 1986 his company went public and formed Spelling Entertainment, Inc. In 1995, he became vice-chairman of Spelling Entertainment, Inc., and chairman of Spelling Television, a subsidiary. Spelling Entertainment owns World Vision (syndication), Hamilton Projects and Republic Pictures. It also owns a software company called Virgin Interactive. Hamilton Projects handles merchandising for Spelling's shows. The main office is located at 5700 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, California.  See full bio on IMDb »

Petra Ecclestone -- Get Candy's Stuff Out of My Mansion!

Get Candy's Old Stuff Out of My Mansion!

Petra Ecclestone is purging her $85 million mega-mansion of everything reminiscent of Candy Spelling ... from the expensive chandeliers to fireplaces and even wall lights ... TMZ has learned.… READ MORE >

Formula 1 Heiress -- Pick a Mansion, ANY Mansion

Formula 1 Heiress -- Pick a Mansion, ANY Mansion

Prepare to hate life. When 22-year-old Formula 1 heiress Petra Ecclestone couldn't buy a $125 million mansion ... she SETTLED for Candy Spelling's 57,000 sq. foot crib. Begin self-hatred ... now!… READ MORE >

- 2806 days ago
Is Tori Baskin' in 31 Flavors of Bacteria?

Is Tori Baskin' in 31 Flavors of Bacteria?

Why is Baskin-Robbins trotting out Tori Spelling to push its new line of soft-serve ice cream on other pregnant women when soft-serve is a known taboo for preggo women?Several sources in the know… READ MORE >

- 3925 days ago
Tori Spelling, 90049

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling has left the 90210.Banished from her 123-room childhood home by mommie dearest Candy Spelling, TMZ has learned that mom-to-be Tori and her man-wife Dean McDermott are about to… READ MORE >

- 4490 days ago
Spelling Denies Selling Mansion -- Not So

Denies Selling Mansion -- Not So

Candy Spelling's people are saying her mega-mansion is not for sale -- but here's the real deal. As TMZ reported yesterday, Spelling, whose husband Aaron died June 23, has given Westside Estate… READ MORE >

- 4610 days ago
Spelling Mansion Secretly On the Market

Spelling Mansion
Secretly On the Market

TMZ has learned that Candy Spelling, Aaron's widow, has quietly put the Spellings' legendary mansion on the market for $150 million. Sources in the real estate industry say Westside Estate Agency… READ MORE >

- 4611 days ago
Television Producer Aaron Spelling Dies

Television Producer Aaron Spelling Dies

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Aaron Spelling, a onetime movie bit player who created a massive number of hit series, from the vintage "Charlie's Angels" and "Dynasty" to "Beverly Hills 90210"… READ MORE >

- 4622 days ago
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