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Al Franken

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Al Franken is best known for nearly two decades of work on Saturday Night Live (1975). During that time he wrote, performed in and produced hundreds of sketches, including "Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley" and "The Final Days," a piece about the last days of Richard Nixon's presidency. A noted political commentator and satirist, Franken also produced and starred in the NBC sitcom LateLine (1998) and wrote four books about politics, including "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot." A graduate of Harvard, Franken lives in Minnesota with his wife and two kids. In 2008, Franken ran for the Senate as a Democrat, and won after an extremely close race.  See full bio on IMDb »

Bill Maher and Bob Saget Mock Al Franken Groping Photo

Bill Maher
Anything Al Can Do, I Can Do Better ... Or, Is That Worse?

Bill Maher couldn't contain himself, or his hands, and decided to mock Al Franken's infamous mid-air groping photo. LOL? Maher was flying private with Bob Saget when he snapped the shot reaching… READ MORE >

Sarah Silverman Saddened by Al Franken's Last Day in the Senate

Sarah Silverman
Torn Up Over Franken ... He's Kissy, But At Least He Admits It

Sarah Silverman is sad Sen. Al Franken was forced to resign, and pissed President Trump hasn't had the decency to do the same. We got Sarah at LAX Monday and asked her… READ MORE >

- 383 days ago
Senator Joe Manchin Wants to Give Al Franken a Chance to Stay

Senator Joe Manchin
Dems Rushed Al Franken Out ... Let's Give Him a Chance!

Senator Joe Manchin is breaking with his own party over Al Franken, saying they jumped the gun in forcing him to resign ... and suggesting he be given a chance to stay. We got the West Virginia… READ MORE >

- 397 days ago
Newt Gingrich Says Al Franken's Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Newt Gingrich on Al Franken
Innocent Until Proven Guilty ... But Stay Outta Politics!

Newt Gingrich knows how to sit on a fence -- 'cause he's now defending Al Franken ... while also bashing him for thinking he could go the distance in politics. We got the former Speaker of the… READ MORE >

- 405 days ago
Senator Al Franken Resigns In Wake of Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Sen. Al Franken
I'm Resigning Jabs Trump, Roy Moore On His Way Out

Senator Al Franken is resigning, but still insists some of the allegations against him are not true, and he thinks the Ethics Committee would agree he's done nothing wrong while in the… READ MORE >

- 409 days ago
Weird Al, Hey Fox News, Stop Calling Franken by My Name!!!

Weird Al
Hey Fox News ... Stop Calling Franken by My Name!!!

Weird Al is pissed off that people are associating his name with a pervert. We got Al Friday leaving Bristol Farms in WeHo and he seems miffed Fox News Channel has been referring to Franken as… READ MORE >

- 414 days ago
Al Franken 'Groping' Photo Gets Slapped On Zendaya Movie Billboard

Al Franken
Getting Handsy with Zendaya On a Billboard, Anyway

Al Franken's infamous groping photo briefly co-starred with Zendaya on a movie billboard ... in the name of art. Street art. The cropped image of Franken reaching his hands out -- over… READ MORE >

- 416 days ago
Al Franken Smiles and Poses for Photo with Students Amid Harassment Allegations

Al Franken
See, They Still Love Me!!!

Al Franken's still Mr. Popular in D.C. ... at least to a group of students eager to take a picture with the Senator. We got Sen. Franken on Capitol Hill Tuesday looking to be in good spirits as… READ MORE >

- 418 days ago
Senator Marco Rubio Offers Lesson and Al Franken Should Listen

Marco Rubio
How Not to Grab Ass Posing for Pics Ya Listening, Al Franken?!

Marco Rubio's dishing advice on how politicians should properly pose for pictures ... that's how bad it's also gotten in D.C. We got the Senator at Reagan National Airport where we bring up… READ MORE >

- 418 days ago
Elliott Gould Defends Al Franken Amid Groping, Harassment Allegation

Elliott Gould
Al Franken's a Good Guy 'We All Make Mistakes'

Elliott Gould doesn't think Sen. Al Franken's career deserves to be sunk by Leeann Tweeden revealing he groped her in 2006 ... because that mistake doesn't define his friend.  The… READ MORE >

- 429 days ago
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