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Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci, also known as "The Mooch", is the founder of the SkyBridge Capital investment firm and briefly served as White House Communications Director under President Donald Trump. The Mooch only held the latter position for 10 days, 6 if you only count from his official start date. His dismissal came after an article published in The New Yorker went viral, where Scaramucci accused Trump's then-chief-of staff Reince Priebus of being a "leaker" and dropped the infamous quote: "I'm not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock," in reference to Trump's Chief Strategist at the time. Scaramucci never denied having the conversation with The New Yorker reporter, rather explained the next day in a tweet that he sometimes uses colorful language. Scaramucci now holds the record for shortest tenure for a communications director at the White House. 

The Mooch was born in Port Washington, New York in 1964. He graduated from Tufts University and received his law degree from Harvard. He's been married twice. His first marriage to Lisa Miranda lasted 23 years and produced 3 children. In 2014, The Mooch remarried again to Deidre Ball, with whom he has two children. Ball filed for divorce in July of 2017, just weeks before giving birth to their second child ... and his dismissal from the White House.

Anthony Scaramucci Leaves 'Big Brother' House In Surprise Twist

Anthony Scaramucci
Suprise ... I'm Not A Real 'Big Brother' House Guest!!!

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Anthony Scaramucci Says 'Big Brother' Brought Him Down to Earth

The Mooch on 'Big Brother'
It Brought Me Down to Earth ... After Just 6 Days!!!

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Anthony Scaramucci Says President Trump Can't Drain The Swamp in D.C.

Anthony Scaramucci
Trump Can't Drain The D.C. Swamp

Anthony Scaramucci keeps spilling White House tea in the 'Big Brother' house, and he says there's no way President Trump is going to be able to deliver on one of his biggest… READ MORE >

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'Celebrity Big Brother' Cast All Making the Same Money for Season 2 Start

'Celebrity Big Brother'
New Cast Making $$$ame Amount ... To Start Season 2

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Anthony Scaramucci Says Liberals Better Brace for Trump 'Nightmare' if GOP Wins Midterms

Anthony Scaramucci
Trump Won't Tone Down Rhetoric ... P.S. I Still HATE D.C.!!

Anthony Scaramucci is chalking up all the recent finger-pointing at President Trump to liberals being pissed they can't beat the guy, especially ahead of the midterms. We… READ MORE >

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Anthony Scaramucci Says Trump Can Say Anything, Omarosa Tapes Be Damned

The Mooch on Omarosa Tapes
Trump Can Literally Say Anything ... And Probably Be Fine

Anthony Scaramucci says Omarosa trying to burn President Trump with his own words is likely to backfire ... 'cause we've already been there and done that, and nothing happened. We talked to the… READ MORE >

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Anthony Scaramucci Says He Knows Who Trump Will Pick for Supreme Court

Anthony Scaramucci
I Know Who Trump's Gonna Pick for SCOTUS ... And I Know the Fate of Abortion

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Anthony Scaramucci Says Michelle Wolf's Sarah Huckabee Roast Was Ridiculous

Anthony Scaramucci
Shame on Michelle Wolf ... For Attacking Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Anthony Scaramucci says comedian Michelle Wolf crossed the line when she went after Sarah Huckabee Sanders' looks at the White House Correspondents' Dinner ... calling the roast… READ MORE >

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Anthony Scaramucci Says If John Kelly Lied About Rob Porter He's Gotta Resign

Anthony Scaramucci
If Kelly Lied About Porter ... He's Gotta Go

Anthony Scaramucci thinks Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly needs to leave The White House STAT if he lied to the Prez and the people about Rob Porter. We got The Mooch Sunday at LAX and he… READ MORE >

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Scaramucci, Lil Uzi & Other Celebs Make Super Bowl LII Predictions

Super Bowl LII
Scaramucci, Lil Uzi and More ... Who Ya Got: Pats or Eagles?

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